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Essay: The Science of Self

Essay: The Science of Self

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Is the study of the self a science or not? Many would say not.
Is the study of the self a science or not? Many would say not.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Apr 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Essay: The Science of Self 
Francois O'Haly - 4/12/2010
I have studied these things — you have not.
Reported as Newton's response, whenever Edmond Halley would say anythingdisrespectful of religion, by Sir David Brewster in The Life of Sir Isaac Newton(1831). This has often been quoted in recent years as having been a statementspecifically defending Astrology. Newton wrote extensively on the importance of Prophecy, and studied Alchemy, but there is little evidence that he took favourablenotice of Astrology. - Wikipedia 'Isaac Newton'
Newton was not the first of the age of reason. He was the last of the magicians,the last of the Babylonians and Sumerians, the last great mind that looked out onthe visible and intellectual world with the same eyes as those who began to buildour intellectual inheritance rather less than 10 000 years ago.
 John Maynard Keynes, Address to the Royal Society Club (1942)
Well apparently spirituality doesn't actually exist because it can't be provenby the scientific method. I'm not even really sure how to answer this. Iguess if you've ever had spiritual experiences you don't need scientists totell you whether they're real or not. Or maybe you do. Maybe you're justcrazy like the materialist would have you believe. Apparently, again,humanity has lived in ignorance for ages and it was only with the advent of science that some people have had that great ignorance lifted. Never mindthat some of the greatest minds that illuminated science, Isaac Newton,Copernicus, Pythagoras, Einstein, Da Vinci, etc. were all philosophershamans who made their great discoveries in communion with the GreatSpirit. And I'm not just saying this myself this is according to their owntestimony. Never mind that science itself at its furthest reaches of understanding only brings us back into a total state of wondermentconfronted with the beauty and the greatness of the infinite, of theuniverse, of creation. The ancient Egyptians were an extremely scientificpeople. Every stone they laid had mathematical and astronomicalsignificance. They even had a science of the afterlife that somehow not onlycorresponds with other ancient culture's understanding of the afterlife butalso with the experiences of those who have had near death experiencesaccording to the most modern research. Look at the Mayan calendar. Theancient world is a wonderful place filled with lots of questions that modernscience has still not answered. Can you tell me how the ancient Egyptiansknew the exact diameter of our planet? I'm sure there's an explanation andI'm sure it's a very scientific explanation. Didn't they know how many milesaway the sun was as well. How about how the Dogon tribe in Africa toldresearchers the location in the sky where the star that they came from was?A star scientists discovered afterwards by looking for it where they weretold it was. Holger Kalweit who has travelled the world studying shamanic
culture has found that shamans around the world are all essentiallystudents of the almost exact same beliefs and practices. The shamanicinitiation for example in which the shaman faces madness, great personalcrises, as a means of losing the limited mind and integrating into a highershamanic consciousness is common from Siberia to the Amazon, is found inIrish myth, is found everywhere in the world even in the modern world withpeople who know nothing about shamanism. The spiritual path itself whichfinds itself expressed in so many different schools of thought from thepresent back into the depths of antiquity is the same everywhere it isfound. How is this not a science? If what i've experienced spiritually is thesame as what Pygmy shamans, Greek philosophers, and yes what some of the great founding fathers of science itself have experienced then excuseme if I think of this as a science. There are ancient archetypes hardwiredinto our psyches, into our DNA. Your third eye is a reality, it is a half formedreptilian eye located in your skull that serves as a telepathic conduit outinto the universal mind. The highest chakra the crown chakra has beenproven to produce DMT. Just another example of science discovering whatthe ancients already knew? So the ancients who understood chakras bystudying their own internal energy systems are stupid but scientists whodon't really understand chakras and have just discovered something aboutthem through the study of anatomy are way smarter? The vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs are derived from the active compounds of plants thatscientists were led to by herbalists and medicine people. How is it thatschizophrenics who in ancient times became great healers through greattribulation are now simply just over medicated and told that there is nohope for recovery. Science is still in its infancy. Science has accomplishedgreat and wondrous things obviously. But in regards to the science of theself, of the mind, of psychology, the ancients laugh in our faces. Themodern man is a mere shadow eclipsed in all ways by the understanding of the great ancient philosophers. If science is just now figuring out thatvitamin D for instance is vital for your well being then how advanced isscience? We think of ourselves as being so much more advanced than theancients because we can rape and pillage our own ecosystem so rapidly inthe name of consumerism. We have lost the most important science of all,the science of self. We are pushing this planet to the very limits of its abilityto survive because we have lost our connection to this all importantscience. Just because you have never examined your own inner self and theworkings of your consciousness doesn't mean that you are somehow rightin this argument. Sir Isaac Newton the founding father of science was adevout student of alchemy. It was his journey into the great universal mindthat brought about his great insight that led to the formation of scienceitself. Just as it has been this great universal mind that has given us all of the creative works of humanity. The greatest creative masters have onlycreated what they have by tapping into this source. By being a conduit, a

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