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The Sherando Times: August 4, 2010

The Sherando Times: August 4, 2010

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Published by Dan McDermott
The Sherando Times is the local newspaper for Stephens City, Middletown and Kernstown, Virginia.
The Sherando Times is the local newspaper for Stephens City, Middletown and Kernstown, Virginia.

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Published by: Dan McDermott on Aug 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Sherando Times
The Sherando Times
Stephens City • Middletown • Kernstown
August 4 - 10, 2010Volume II, Issue 31
Raising awareness
Exchange programa success
NARFE honors
while keeping memoriesalive
Page  • Te Sherando imes • August 4 - 10, 010Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.Sherandoimes.com
o advertise in Te Sherando imes please contactAngie Buterakos: angie@sherandotimes.com • 540-683-9197or Alison Duvall: alisond@sherandotimes.com • 540-551-07
Local school hosts South Korean exchange students
 New Mountain View Christian Academy program is considered a success ater frst year 
By Rachel HammanTe Sherando imesLast summer, Mountain View Christian Academy embarked ona new program—one that wouldbring South Korean students intothe amily o MVCA and helpthem on their way to a broaderunderstanding o another cul-ture. Last summer, our highschool students let their ami-lies in South Korea and bravely came to be immersed into a new culture, one that would hopeully widen their perspectives and helpthem excel both spiritually andacademically.In the beginning, MVCA didnot initiate this venture. Mr.Kim came to the academy andbroached the idea to Dr. MintaHardman, the administrator o MVCA. Mr. Kim acted as a liai-son between Mountain View andthe South Korean students andtheir amilies. Mr. Kim’s brother-in-law was an administrator o aChristian school in South Koreaand Mr. Kim helped acilitate thetransitioning o the students toMVCA and he touched base withthem throughout the year.For the 009-010 school year,the South Korean students werecomprised o one senior andthree ninth graders. In South Ko-rea, a baby is considered one yearold when he or she is born. Soeven though these students wereconsidered older in their coun-try, they were in essence com-parable in age to students herein the same grade. Te studentseach went to live with a dierentamily. wo o the students eachhad a sibling at another Christianschool in the area. Te goal wasor the South Korean students tobecome immersed in the Ameri-can culture and understand andspeak English better. Te liaison,Mr. Kim, did not want the stu-dents to stay to themselves andonly speak the Korean language.A truly new cultural immersionwas best achieved by splitting upthe boys into dierent amilies sothey could each have a diverse ex-perience. Te students are givenAmerican names in addition totheir Korean names. One o thestudents who came this past year,however, preerred to be calledby his Korean name.Because any good teacherwants to eel that he is gettingthrough to his students, the sec-ondary teachers at MVCA beganthe new school year unsure o how successul the Korean ex-change student program wouldbe. Te biggest challenge provedto be how to help the Korean stu-dents understand the material,while not holding up the rest o the class. Brenda Heselton, thescience teacher at MVCA, wasconcerned about the commu-nication actor. Because scienceis challenging enough or many students without adding a lan-guage barrier, Heselton was wor-ried that the new South Koreanstudents would have diculty inunderstanding the material. Inorder to do her best to help themachieve success without slowingdown the whole class, she madesome adaptations. One o theseadaptations was allowing thestudents to use their electronictranslators in her class. She alsohad them sit in the ront row.In the beginning o the school year, Heselton also gave the Ko-rean students both an Englishand Korean version o tests. Shesometimes gave participationgrades on dicult projects suchas the science air, which is notan optional project or secondary students at MVCA. By the endo the year, Heselton was able tocommunicate moderately wellwith two o the Korean students.When secondary awards weregiven out at the end o the school year, one o the Korean ninthgraders, Stephen, tied an Ameri-can student or the highest gradein earth science. Heselton saidthat one o the main things shehas learned as a result o the ex-change program is that “kids arethe same no matter where they’rerom”. She also learned how tomake modications in order orall her students to have the op-portunity or personal academicachievement.O the our students who cameto MVCA last year, three are de-initely coming back to the statesthis school year. One is going tocollege in Pennsylvania and twoare returning as tenth gradersto MVCA and the same amilieswho hosted them last year. So ar,there are six additional studentscoming rom South Korea orthe 010-011 school year. wowill be in ninth grade and our inseventh grade. Tere may also benew students coming later on inthis school year. Tis year, the co-ordinating organization in SouthKorea is Global Vision ChristianSchool. Teir U.S. representativeis Samuel Pak, who helps coor-dinate the transitioning o stu-dents to Christian schools herein America. Pak was ormerly theprincipal o GVCS. Tis schoolwas started in a remote area inSouth Korea with the leaders de-siring to eect students spiritu-ally and at the same time, helpthem get a good Christian educa-tion. Tere are close to 500 juniorhigh and high school students atGVCS in South Korea. Tey alsohave an intensive language schoolwhich unctions as a boardingschool. In addition to the num-ber o students who stay in SK,another 00 or so come to Amer-ica to receive their education in
MVCA students enjoy the view from Massanutten Resort. Pictured here from leftto right are Hannah Hardman, Sarah Sederstrom, and Korean students DanielKwon and Benjamin Han in the background
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August 4 - 10, 010• Te Sherando imes Page 3Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.Sherandoimes.comChristian schools on the east andwest coasts. Pak noted that someprincipals o public schools inKorea send their own children toChristian schools there. Te Ko-rean language, tae kwon do, theBible and modern Korean history are an important part o the cur-riculum at Christian schools inKorea. When asked why the Ko-reans seem to excel at math abovethe average U.S. student, Pak ex-plained that it is emphasized inschool and students are also tu-tored in math in the evening. Healso said that the Korean systemo learning math is inuenced by the Japanese system. GVCS oper-ates under the auspices o ACSI(Association o Christian SchoolsInternational), as do many o theChristian schools in the UnitedStates. MVCA is a ully accred-ited K-1 ACSI member school.For students who come to theU.S., the minimum requirementis they must stay with their hostamily or one year. Tey canchoose to return to the U.S.,as two o the students have orMVCA, and can even decide tonish their high school educa-tion here. South Korean studentsmust go through a screeningprocess beore they can be ap-proved to come to the U.S. asstudents. Teir behavior must beappropriate. Tey are “western-ized” beore coming here, whichessentially means that they areeducated about American cul-ture. Students are taught Englishbeginning in elementary school.Global Vision Christian Schoolinvites teachers rom Christianschools in the U.S. to come toSouth Korea during the sum-mer to help prepare the studentsor their time in America. woteachers rom MVCA went toSouth Korea this summer andparticipated in the program. Joy Presley, the th grade teacherat MVCA and Judy Burkey, thehistory teacher at MVCA, bothrecently returned rom SouthKorea. For Judy Burkey, it was agreat opportunity to experienceanother culture. (O course, ithelped that the trip expenseswere covered by GVCS.) Burkey was impressed with how respect-ul the Korean students are toteachers. Te name, “teacher” isconsidered to be a respectul ti-tle. Students bow when meetinga teacher. In South Korea, educa-tion is held in high regard, Burkey said. Te Korean students have aregimented school day which last14 hours. Tey have a mandatory study hall in the evening rom 7-9:30 P.M. Students have six nalsin one day in Korea, whereas atMVCA, nals are spaced out dur-ing the last week o school to givestudents time to study or each.When students receive demeritsin Korean school, the sanctionsinvolve physical punishmentsuch as push-ups or maintainingthe push-up position or a certainamount o time. For good behav-ior, Korean students can earnextra tae kwon do training time,which the students seem to en-
Stephens CityKernstownMiddletown
Press releases should beemailed to:news@sherandotimes.com
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Daniel P. McDermott(540) 692-9636dan@sherandotimes.com
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o advertise in Te Sherando imes please contactAngie Buterakos: angie@sherandotimes.com • 540-683-9197or Alison Duvall: alisond@sherandotimes.com • 540-551-07
“Dr. Kim” checks on a “patient” during the MVCA spring drama production, “Mys-tery at Apple Valley Lake Resort”
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Classes at 153 Narrow Ln.Mt. View Christian Academy Stephens City, VA
Classes at Holiday Inn Express 142 Foxridge Ln. Winchester, VA 22601
Sun. August 15, 9:30AM - 6:15PMSat. August 28, 8:00AM - 4:45PMSun. September 12, 9:30AM - 6:15PMSat. September 25, 8:00AM - 4:45PM
1. ADVERTISING:What productdid Tony the Tiger sell in advertise-ments?2. GEOGRAPHY:What is the high-est waterfall in the world?3. LANGUAGE:Who coined thephrase “wild-goose chase”?4. BIBLE:Which book of the Biblecontains the longest name mentioned — “Mahershalalhashbaz”?5. MOVIES:What was the name of the male lead character in “Love Sto-ry”(played by Ryan O’Neal)?6. ANATOMY:About how long isthe human small intestine?7. TITLES:What is the abbreviatedtitle of a veterinarian?8. COMICS:What comic-booksuperhero is sometimes known as“The Caped Crusader”?9. MEDICAL TERMS:What is amore common name for somnambu-lism?10. ASTRONOMY:What are mostof Uranus’27 moons named after?
1. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes2. Angel Falls in Venezuela3. Miguel de Cervantes in “DonQuixote”4. Isaiah 8:15. Oliver Barrett6. 16-20 feet7. D.V.M. (doctor of veterinary med-icine)8. Batman9. Sleepwalking10. Shakespearean characters
©2010 King Features Synd.,Inc.

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