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Newsletter 2010.06

Newsletter 2010.06

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Published by mindysue87

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Published by: mindysue87 on Aug 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Connection
Connecting Ministry Partners with the Mission June 2010 Volume 1 Issue 4
Mindy Sue Colvin
Mindy.Colvin@uscm.org ~ (269) 908-06111111A Parker Place, Charlottesville, VA 22903To donate online: http://give.ccci.org/give/0593522
Grace + Truth + Time = Growth : Acadia Summer Project ‘10
I just returned from four of the most exhausting weeks of my life, arguably. I love summer project because it is a spiritualgreenhouse. It is a concentrated time of grace and truth that is hardto find and practice in every day life. It is hard because it is unnatu-ral and it is exhausting because it is hard - both emotionally andphysically.It was surreal returning to the same place I was just twoyears ago as an intern, re-reading the same materials to prepare forthe summer but joining an almost entirely new group of people withwhom I would be experiencing it.The first two weeks were a training for a group of eighteencoaches and new staff. The coaches put us through outdoor pro-gramming in sea kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and hik-ing. Later they would teach us how to create and facilitate the sameprograms for students. We wanted everyone’s experience to be oneof grace and truth, challenging others to take steps of relational trustby being vulnerable, bringing up conflict in the group and challeng-ing ourselves to move towards people in those moments.There were just six student who attended the project. Itwas overwhelming for them at first as all 18 staff stared them downduring every debrief.
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Support Update : What can $5.00 buy you? 
For just five dollars you can buy a drink at Starbucks, five songs on iTunes, twohours of parking, or a McDonald’s Happy Meal among other things. You canalso, for just five dollars a month help change the lives of students for eternity. If everyone who receives this letter either starts giving just $5 a month or increasestheir giving by $5 a month then my goal will be met and I will be done raisingsupport! I am currently at 86% of my goal, will you prayerfully consider helpingme finish the last 14 percent?Now that project is over I am back to working on finishing my support in hopesto report to campus for the fall semester.It was such a blessing to be able to go on summer project. Typically for newstaff you have to be done raising financial support in order to attend. In my casethere were a number of reasons why it would be beneficial for me to go. Aftertalking to my Missional Team Leader and Support Coach they decided to let mego! I had enough funds in my staff account, thanks to all of the faithful donorsover the past several months, to go without additional expenses on my part. Youare a huge blessing to me and this ministry and all of the students who are ef-fected by it. I cannot thank you enough!
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