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December 2008 Uptown Neighborhood News

December 2008 Uptown Neighborhood News

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Published by UptownNews
Almost Famous, Obama and Dfl’ers win Big in Uptown, Senior Center Unveils Mosaic.
Almost Famous, Obama and Dfl’ers win Big in Uptown, Senior Center Unveils Mosaic.

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Published by: UptownNews on Feb 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cre & safety
Be & Real Etate
specal Holday Gde Pllot
CARAG Report
ECCO Report
Evet Caledar
December 2008 • Volume 4, Number 12
Handmade Ornaments at Urban Earth. (See pg.7)
Photo (left) by Bruce Cochran
Your Community-Supported News Source Covering the Neighborhoods of 
and the Uptown Area
Yu Sp Up!
 Minneapolis Youth Convene to Proclaim“No Decision about Us without Us”
With infectious energy, this Youth Step Team opened the Town HallSession of the Minneapolis Youth Convention on October 28, producedby the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board. Topping an engagedsymposium on city issues and youths’ ideas and comments aboutthem, the Town Hall Session wrapped up the break-out ses-sions with proclamations by various groups assigned totackle issues such as Crime, Housing and Transporta-tion. The Town Hall panel included representativesfrom the MPD, MPRB and Mayor Rybak.
“They have to hear they can succeed and have to be responsible as well.”
- Mayor Rybak
Sav gas, Sav Tm anMayb evn Sav Yur S(s)?
Bust Out The Holiday Guide pgs. 7-10 
obm ad Dfl’rs w Bg i Up
 By Gary Farland
Barack Obama and Joe Biden won an overwhelming 85.5% of the vote in the seven precincts near the centerof Uptown. Al Franken (DFL) won 70.8% of the Uptown vote (with that close race now going to a manda-tory recount). 5th District U.S. Representative Keith Ellison (DFL) won re-election with the help of 79.8% of the Uptown vote. 60A State Representative Margaret Anderson Kelliher (DFL) won 82.5% of the Uptownvote, and will once again be Speaker of the Minnesota House. And 60B State Representative Frank Hornstein(DFL) won re-election with 84.2% of the Uptown vote.
 By Bruce Cochran
Wh h crw f “A srMa”, h a C rhr’fm, akd Ja sar f hycd h a c a upwV, h had  da wha xpc. o h crr f 36had Hp, Ja sar adhad Dr. Mark sar hav c-wr f upwV fr 19 yar. Drgh p prc h adm
Sr Cr Uvs Msc
 By Mary AnnSchoenberger, Director
Volunteers of America - Minne-sota’s Southwest Senior Centerunveiled its 100 square foot mosa-ic located on the exterior of thebuilding on Saturday, November15. Over 120 seniors, studentsand neighborhood resi-dents helped to create theoval that featuresscenes fromSouthwestMinneapo-lis. Themorning included the unveilingof the mosaic, mosaic activities,refreshments and a slide show of the process and the participants.“This process was a great exam-ple of how art can bring peopletogether. People of allages worked witheach other to cre-ate this beautifulpiece. I think everyone who seesthe mosaic will be inspired by thework and its celebration of ourneighborhood,” said Mary AnnSchoenberger, Director of South-west Senior Center. The mosaicfeatures images of the neighbor-hood and its residents that werebrought up during the four vision-ing workshops. Key components
a hry f g a g pf rg a. i h CARAGghrhd a h unn hapk wh fr ar acvyvvd  fm ad hr r-am mda.
erc Rc
i 2000 Rch cam  f hprdcr fr tC Mzq, hd rg v mc hw h wrd. oc a wk  M-ap ca cha- 17 vrythrday a8p.m. hv rck ‘’r mchw hafmd p-d whad cha FhyDv,DgrFr adMchabad f ha h fm crw wa vry c-dra, rgazd ad gr.thy crdad wh hr c- chd, adcapd ad hyv agrd  a a w gafr h h. th d “upwV Cc” g wa mprar-y rpacd y a “Gra bar D-a” g fr h h. sar adh wa “paay rprd”y h wh prc. th C’wrappd p h fm ad f wfr h x p  prdc.Ahgh makg a a-mprdc chag  h hr upw rqrd day  kay adhr  p, h rf h wh1960’ ra vag am w mard  mr m. bupw’ xprc wh fm mch radr ha ha. i has Aym. i’ a a v-r aff ad ahgh h dcmpr graphc ad ch frh hw, a prdcr h ayh prmary r  “mr cw.” s mr a www.cmz-q.rg.i 2010 h’ rag a prj-c cad “A Wrd f tar”.i’ a haf hr frma wh 13pd ad far r f 
Photo by Bruce CochranPhoto by Bruce Cochran
  C  e     e   b  r  a  t  e    l  o  c  a        y  !
   D   i  g   i   t  a   l   i   l   l  u  s   t  r  a   t   i  o  n   b  y   B  r  u  c  e   C  o  c   h  r  a  n
Jean and the rest ofUptown Vision gather
ʻround Team Coen
Uptown neighborhood news
         
UPTowN NeigHBoRHood NewS
Uptown Neighborhood News
is a monthly publication of Calhoun Area Residents ActionGroup (CARAG) in cooperation with the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO).UNN covers the news of and is delivered free to households within the area bounded byLyndale Ave. S. and Lake Calhoun, between Lake Street and 36th St. W. Extra copies aredistributed to businesses in the Uptown area, along Lake Street, and Lyndale and HennepinAves. Circulation is 5,100, with a pass-along readership of 10,000. Publication and distribu-tion is before the first of every month. Subscriptions are available for $30 per year, prepaid.Send check to: UNN, 3612 Bryant Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409.Contributors are area residents who volunteer their time to bring the news of the area to resi-dents. Articles, letters to the editor and story ideas are welcomed and encouraged. The editorreserves the right to edit for length, clarity, relevance to the area, or other reasons. Editorialand advertising guidelines are available. Please contact the editor:
newS, tiPS & letteRS to the eDitoR
UNN3612 Bryant Avenue SouthMinneapolis, MN 55409612.259.1372
Phyllis Stenerson
aRt DiReCtion & PRoDUCtion
Bruce Cochran
Susan Hagler612.825.7780susanhagler@earthlink.net
ManaGinG BoaRD
Appd/ecd Rp:
Ted Ringsred,
(ECCO)612.824.6474Anna Matthes,
Vice Chair
(CARAG)Jill Bode,
(CARAG)Gary Farland,
(ECCO)Ralph Knox (ECCO)Kay Nygaard-Graham (CARAG)
Vr Mmr
Mary Ann Knox
ContRiBUtinG PhotoGRaPheRS
Bruce Cochran, Courtney Cushing Kiernat,Kat Singer
ContRiBUtinG wRiteRS
Roberta Avidor, Jill Bode, Bruce Cochran,John Darlington, Gary Farland,Ellan Meyer, Cecilia Michel, John Munger,Mary Ann Schoenberger, Phyllis Stenerson,Jessica Wicks, Allison Zank
newSPaPeR CiRCUlation
CARAG/ECCO Circulation:Bill Boudreau 612.825.0979
MinneaPoliS CitY CoUnCil
Tenth WardRalph Remington, 612.673.2210ralph.remington@ci.minneapolis.mn.us
CRiMe PReVention SPeCialiSt
Tom Thompson, 5th PrecinctSAFE Unit, Sector 2, 3101 Nicollet AveMinneapolis MN 55408Serving the neighborhoods of;CARAG, East Harriet, ECCO, Kingfield,Linden Hills, Lyndale, West Calhoun
5th PReCinCt CoMMUnitY attoRneY
Lisa Godon 612.673.2005
Uptown Neighborhood News reserves the right to refusepublication of articles or advertisements as it sees fit.But we will see fit to publish most things, don’t worry.Copyright © 2008 Uptown Neighborhood News.
Rums o Prps eg
 By John Darlington, Minister, Joyce Church: A Reconciling Congregation
Why do so many “Christian” people fear same-sex marriage? They claim that the Bible makes it clear thathomosexuality is an “abomination ‘ before God. I assure you that the Bible is not clear on the subject. Yes, whenyou search you may find four isolated biblical injunctions against homosexuality. But, given the scripture’s per-vasive emphasis on humbleness, kindness, faithfulness and justice, the passages which render a verdict againsthomosexuals are not only isolated, they are few-and-far-between and ambiguous.Californians buckled under when they voted yes on Proposition Eight. They succumbed to caution and fear.There is of course nothing intrinsically wrong with Californians. To be sure, they are better known for theiropen-mindedness. My point is that if even Californians give way to the promoters of fear and hate, perhapseven free-thinking Minnesotans are not far behind.May people of faith try again, and embrace what we have learned from childhood -- that God is love! Love isever the context in which living creatures experience newness of life and joy. The committed love between twopersons, whether they are of the opposite sex or the same, gives beautiful expression to the miracle of love andthe blessing of God that goes with it.Fear of the unknown, on the other hand, serves only to deny love and the very God who adorns the universewith it. Why are religious people so bent on fear? Is it because they are afraid that God will send them to hell if they allow their hearts and minds and doors to open wider?If so, they mystifyingly discard the underlying biblical injunction that God is love.
 John Darlington is pastor of Joyce Church and Simpson Church and a member of the CARAG board.
Dr Unn edr
I am writing this letter to informmembers of the neighborhoodabout Minneapolis’ unattendedanimals ordinances. I was movedto call the city by an experience Ihad one dark fall evening recently.Coming home after dark, I wasstopped at a traffic light in theCARAG neighborhood – a fairlybusy intersection with two cornerstores and a popular neighborhoodcafe. I look over, and there, in thedark, sits a beautiful golden lab,attentively waiting for his person,tethered to a street sign.As I drove off, I was struck by thedog’s expectant expression and thefact that it was after dark and hewas sitting pretty close to a curb.I went around the block andparked across the street where Icould see him - it was 15 minutesbefore his owners came out of thecafe to get him. No bags of take-away food so it appears they satand ate there.How long had the dog been sittingthere?Where he was tethered it wouldbe impossible to see him from thecafe’s windows which seems to mereally unsafe.I queried Minneapolis AnimalControl to see if they had any rec-
Dr ngbrs
I saw the greatest play last night.“Souvenir” at the Jungle Theaterstars our neighbor Claudia Wilkinsand is directed by Joel Sass. Thisis an unsolicited endorsement of the performance. I am not affili-ated with the Jungle, other thanas a loyal and satisfied audiencemember. This play is hystericallyfunny and like nothing you willhave seen before. I think Claudiais a jewel of the Twin Cities’ the-ater community, and have enjoyedher for many years, but I havenever seen her like this. I laughed‘til I cried. And then I cried realtears at the touching finale. Thisis one of the most satisfying andfun performances I have seen in awhile, and I urge you all to checkit out. It plays until December 21.If you have never been to the Jun-gle, you are missing out on some-thing great––the intimate size andalways-exquisite sets create theperfect tableau for the talentedacting and directing always seenthere. We are very lucky to havethem within walking distance.Support your local theater!
 Mary Ann Knox, CARAG
ommendations should I see thisagain and found out there are twoordinances on the city’s books. Oneprohibiting unattended animals inpublic spaces and tying off animalson trees, plantings or signage.Tethering your dog during the dayto run into a corner store or takinghome some dinner is one thing, buttethering your dog in the dark forclose to an hour just seems a littleunfair to that pet.Just thought the UNN is the per-fect place to let neighbors knowthat the city does have ordinancesabout it. Thank you.
 Julie Michener, CARAG
Up is Mu-Prs
 By Phyllis Stenerson
America’s history made anothersignificant turn in the Novemberelection.Electing an African American asPresident has deep meaning interms of our country’s progressiontoward living out its declaration of independence and justice for all.After eight years of a Republicanadministration and the Congresscontrolled by Republicans for sixof those years, Democrats are incharge.Commentary on the impact of the election and predictions forthe future are almost as pervasiveas speculations before the ballotswere cast so I won’t add to the ver-biage here. Suffice it to say changeis on the way.As you’ll see elsewhere in this issue,most people in Uptown voted forDemocrats. BUT NOT EVERY-ONE. Many of our Uptownneighbors are conservatives, mod-erates, Republicans, Independentsor whatever political identifica-tion they choose. We DFL’ers aredominant and vocal but I’m prettysure we don’t have all the goodideas and I know we’re not theonly good guys.I’ve been involved in politics inMinneapolis and Minnesota for along time and have fond recollec-tions of many outstanding lead-ers and activists from BOTH theRepublican and DFL parties. Weearned a reputation for good gov-ernment that was largely the resultof visionary public servants whoworked together, mostly, for thepublic good instead of clinging topartisan ideology.It was easy and pleasant to have aconversation with most folks aboutpublic policy and popular culturewithout pre-screening them forpolitical biases. Die hard Republi-cans and Democrats actually com-mingled amicably!Let’s restore that sense of commu-nity and shared purpose startingright here in Uptown. Let’s havea conversation about our sharedfuture that welcomes everyone.Uptown Neighborhood Newswants to hear from people of allpolitical persuasions about how wecan work together for the good of our community and nation. Writeto uptownnews@yahoo.com orEditor, Uptown NeighborhoodNews, 3612 Bryant Avenue South,Minneapolis, MN 55409 with yourthoughts.We must be thankful for so much.We have a responsibility to futuregenerations to build on our legacyof good government and a safe,caring community.
 Phyllis Stenerson is Editor of theUptown Neighborhood News andlives in CARAG.
Divine LiturgySunday 9:30 amFr. Paul Paris
RnC Cv Rcp
“Terrorizing Dissent: ElectionCut,” an exposé of events at the2008 Republican National Con-vention in St. Paul, Minnesotaproduced by independent mediaactivists. For information and tocatch or host a screening go towww.terrorizingdissent.org
Uptown neighborhood news
f ubmn t T Utn Nb N  
the 15th ofDeCeMBeR
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City CouncilpersonRalph Remington
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Mayor R.T. Rybak
612.673.2100 rt@minneapolis.org 
State RepresentativeMargaret AndersonKelliher
State RepresentativeFrank Hornstein
State SenatorD. Scott Dibble
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U.S. CongressmanKeith Ellison
612.522.1212 www.ellison.house.gov 
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651.645.0323 www.coleman.senate.gov 
U.S. SenatorAmy Klobuchar
202.224.3244 www.klobuchar.senate.gov 
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These percentages are computedfrom the accompanying tableshowing the vote totals for Ward10, Precincts 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10 and 11.The table shows the totals for theraces voted on by these precinctswith several exceptions to keep thetable within space limitations. Inaddition to the races shown, threeindividuals were elected as Soiland Water Supervisors: they wereKim N. Boyce (District 1), JamesWisker (District 3), and Jeffrey A.Beck (District 5). Also, the onlyjudicial races shown are for Min-nesota Supreme Court.The Uptown area strongly votedfor the three referendum ques-tions that passed. 82.8% of Uptownvoters approved the MinnesotaConstitutional Amendment thatdedicates funding to protect drink-ing water and the environment, topreserve our arts and cultural heri-tage and to support our parks andtrails. To do this, it increases thesales and use tax rate beginningJuly 1, 2009 by 3/8 of one percentuntil 2034.Uptown also voted strongly forthe two Minneapolis School Boardreferendums. Question No. 1 onthe ballot increases the presentreferendum levy from $615 perpupil to $1,200 per pupil begin-ning next year and for eight years.It will also be increased with thefederally-determined rate of urbaninflation. This passed overall with70.9% of the vote, while Uptowngave it 77.5%.Question No. 2 on the ballot chang-
es the composition of the Min-neapolis School Board. Instead of having seven at-large members, itwill consist of six members electedfrom districts geographically thesame as the Park Board, plus threeat-large members. This changewill be implemented beginningwith the 2010 election and be com-pleted in the 2012 election. Thisreferendum passed overall with65.9% of the vote, while Uptowngave it 67.6%.The School Board election (offi-cially non-partisan) went to thethree candidates endorsed bythe DFL: Jill Davis, Lydia Lee(ECCO resident and present chair)and Carla Bates. The Uptown per-centages followed the City totals,with Lydia Lee being the top Cityvote-getter and even more so inUptown.
Gary Farland is a board member for ECCO and the UNN and lives in ECCO.

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