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Al Selden Leif - Articles of Opinion - Afterlife

Al Selden Leif - Articles of Opinion - Afterlife

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Published by LuschersUnderworld

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Published by: LuschersUnderworld on Sep 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Death is the black hole of biology. It's an event horizon, and once you go over that eventhorizon, no information can be passed back out of the hole. So people can stand aroundthe edge of the hole and say, Well it was this or that, but in fact, it represents some kind of limit case in the thermodynamics of information. You just can't hand messages back over that threshold. So get yourself pointed right, do not your mantras bungle, and that's aboutit. When you're actually dead, all bets are off. The best answer I've gotten yet out of thisis from Don Delillo's Underworld, where the nun discovers that when you die you become your website..."
Compiled by: Terry McCombsAdiri:Melanesian dead go to Adiri, the Land of the Dead. Some say it is an island, others saythat it is a mountain located in the west beyond the sunset.The dead are said to go though a journey past dire obstacles and grim gatekeepers beforethey can enter Adiri where they will be young forever and free of pain. Those who fail tomake it cease to exist. And even those who make it can fade from existence if the livingforget them.Ama-No-Hashidate:According to Japanese Shintoism there is a staircase that links earth to the afterlife. Thisis the Ama-No-Hashidate.Asamando:This is the afterlife of the Ashanti people of Africa. They say it is just like an Ashantivillage on earth, only better. No drought, famine or the like. Though the dead still have tofarm and tend animals.Asgard:The Norse dwelling place of the gods. It is a complex city of rich places, jewelled walls,and great banquet halls. and Valhalla. Like many afterlifes it is reached via a bridge.Astral Plane:The idea of the Astral Plane has been around for some time. Here I am referring to theafterlife that is described in a partially channelled book titled War In Heaven by KyleGriffith. (1988 S/R press) In the afterlife described by Mr. Griffith the Astral Plane is asharsh and dog eat dog and the breathing world. And you don't live forever but can only
exist for as long as the energy you build up during life holds out (30 to 80 years) you thenhave to reincarnate or fade away.BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! It seems that thousands of years ago a group of spiritsfound a nefarious way to prolong their Astral lives without reincarnating. They inventedreligion and appear to the newly dead as Jesus, Muhammad or even Elvis. Whom ever ismostly likely to pull them in.They then continue to exist by draining the energy from those followers of that religion.(starts to channel Criswell) YES FRIENDS! Can you stand the horror of cannibal spiritswho take the form of Elvis!He calls the groups that do this The Theocrats. However they are not without opposition.It seems there are other groups of spirits he calls the Invisible Collage.His basic suggestion is that once you die, if you are greeted by the Buddha (or Mary, or Saint Paul, or the Angel Moroni) punch him in the nose and say no thanks!Avalon:Also called The Fortunate Isle, this is the paradise of the ancient Celts. And was said to be a place of compleat timeless happiness, filled with music, feasting and dancing.Bralgu:The afterlife of the Australian Aboriginals. When a person dies the soul is ferried toBralgu in an enchanted boat that sails upstream where you are reunited with deadrelatives and friends.Chalmecacivati:If all the Rug-Rats were to die on one of their adventures this is where they would go,even Angelica. If they were Aztec.Chalmecacivati is where the Aztecs believed babies and young children went in theafterlife. It is an earthly realm free of pain, want or human frailty.Ching Tu:This is a paradise described in one form of Chinese Buddhism.It is said to be to the West beyond the sunset. This is a place to take refuse from the cycleof birth, live, death and rebirth by entering this land of pure consciousness, enlightenment& liberation.Chinvato Peretav:According to Zoroastrianism after a person dies the soul stays with the body for 3 days.On the forth day angles of protection accompany it to the north to Chinvato Peretav, or asit is also called Al-sirat, or the Bridge of the Separator.
The bridge in question is as thin as a hair and as sharp as a razor and spans a chasm filledwith monsters. At the foot to the bridge the angels and some demons debated the worth of the dead soul. You can guess the rest.City In The Sky: A common belief among a number of African tribes is that the dead goto a great city in the sky, it is like regular village life only in reverse. People rise as thesun sets, and sleep during the day, men to women's work and women do men's work etc.The City is connected to earth by rainbows.Dilum:The oldest recorded afterlife is Dilum. We know about it from The Epic of Gilgameshfrom around 2500 B.C.E. Dilum means Place of sunrise and is said to be a lush gardenfull of fruit and game where favored souls live forever.Djanna:Djanna or Al-Janna is the paradise of the Islamic religion. In the "garden of Allah" thefaithful enjoy delicious food, fruit in abundance, and freedom from pain.There also they indulge in everything that was forbidden on earth (I have to wonder whythe hell was it forbidden in the first place?) In it flow four rivers filled with milk, water,wine, & honey.Each inhabitant is served by Houri (it's where our word whore comes from) beautifulvirgins with ebony eyes, creamy completions and purple nails who exist to serve their masters.Whether this means Djanna is an exclusive men's club you will have to ask a Muslim.Elysium:At first the Greek afterlife was pretty grim. Just take a look at Ulysses's conversation withthe resent dead in the Odyssey.Later however they talked about the Elysian Fields. Which depending of the persontelling about them are to be found on the Moon, Underground or elsewhere in thekingdom of Hades.Most it seems are doomed to the gloomy afterlife that Ulysses heard about. However for the most deserving souls there is a secret road that leads to a land of endless delight.Where "souls take ease among the blessed groves."Gwenved:

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