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WHAT IS NATURISM? Ask 50 people and you get 50 different answers. Whilst there i
s no official definition, it could be said: "Naturism is a way of life in harmon
y with nature, expressed by communal nudity with the aim of furthering the respe
ct of oneself, of others and that of the environment." Others describe naturism
as "a sensible approach to wearing clothes".
Naturists come in all shapes and sizes and of all ages â from the newly-born to th
ose over 80. Many of us are interested in sports or outdoor living but others pr
efer just to relax. We are laborers, managers, clerks, civil servants, artists,
farmers, doctors, etc.: we represent all walks of life. By undressing, you strip
yourself of any false attitudes and of any outward signs of your social positio
n in daily life. Without clothes, the employee is on the same level as the boss,
and for many this turns out to be one of the most beneficial elements of Naturi
Naturists are also more relaxed about the human body. We are more aware than oth
ers that human beings are born with soft skin which wrinkles later in life, that
some are fat, others thin, some are tall, others short; having been struck by i
llness or accident, some remain scarred for life â we are simply men and women. Na
turists don't worry about how they are made â they prefer to let their true person
ality radiate.
We have in common our deep love of nature and the respect of all beings and thin
gs. What then is a naturist? Probably someone just like you and us.
WHAT DOES NATURISM BRING? Better physical health through direct contact with the
natural elements. Good moral health through the spirit of tolerance, brought ab
out by the practice of communal nudity and the invigorating atmosphere of the na
turist environment.
AND THE CHILDREN? By nature, all children are naturists from birth: children dis
like wearing clothes, they enjoy going around nude. Children who have been broug
ht up as naturists become adults without all the hang-ups which can hit their no
n-naturist friends. Their natural curiosity is already satisfied as they know an
d accept the human body, because they are used to seeing everybody in the nude,
from the youngest to the oldest.
WHY BECOME A NATURIST? Everybody who swims nude in a private pool or in quiet sp
ots along the coast, those who sunbathe all over on their balconies, those who l
ike to sleep, read or even do the housework nude, they all know how pleasant it
is to be without clothes from time to time. Nudity is as old as mankind itself â n
obody waited for the swimming costume to be invented before learning to swim!
WHY CLUBS AND HOLIDAY RESORTS? Card players prefer to play bridge in foursomes,
to playing patience on their own. Frankly, isolated naturists are missing out on
numerous advantages: they are deprived of contact with their friends whilst the
y remain without clothes. They are also at the mercy of voyeurs and those who do
not appreciate our way of life.
Naturists go on holiday to dedicated naturist resorts for the benefits of protec
tion and the consent of the authorities. It is a pleasure to find oneself among
others who share the same motivations and can add to the enjoyment of a holiday
for which we work and save all year.
One could say that we find among ourselves nude and happy people with interests
like everybody else: we practice (or do not practice) sports, volleyball, badmin
ton, table-tennis, swimming. We cook, we quench our thirsts, we appreciate music
, a good book or a work of art, we sleep like everyone else. Our children play o
r squabble as everywhere, but here they are more natural, less nervous, and thei
r education progresses more easily... We are also capable of doing nothing and,
thus, to have the time to enjoy quietly the protected nature which surrounds us.
.. all this in a spirit of freedom, relaxation and natural respect.
HOSTED GROUPS? For company, and to save on supplements, many single people find
someone to travel with, as we cannot double them up. Our hosted holidays are a p
opular alternative. On a hosted Peng holiday, you know that you don't intrude wh
en you approach other group members for a chat or a drink. And when you go for a
swim or a walk along the beach, you can often ask fellow group members to look
after your belongings.
An experienced leader (naturist, of course) hosts the holiday. They liaise with
the resorts management and staff; arrange a welcome party to break the ice, and
outline a proposed program of optional group activities, competitions and excurs
For 2004, there are hosted holidays to Cap d'Agde (France) and to Vritomartis (C
HOW POPULAR IS NATURISM? Britainâs naturists can be counted in hundreds of thous
ands, those on the continent in millions, 20 - 25 million! Numbers are increasin
g rapidly.
NATURIST SITES from basic to very luxurious. Whatever your standards or tastes,
you will find a naturist site to your liking: you can stay overnight or spend th
e day there. There are small club sites, pleasant and rustic, where one lives cl
ose to nature, among friends, under canvas or in caravans. Everybody participate
s in life as a group and, if necessary, in maintenance work. Here, one does not
look for creature comforts but a simple and natural life amongst a group of frie
At the other end of the scale there are sites, mainly holiday centres around the
coasts of France, Spain and Croatia which are small towns with shops, banks, ma
rinas, cultural activities and complete sports facilities, bungalows and sometim
es apartment blocks. Many people come into Naturism from holidays.
Apart from these extreme types of sites, there are many in between, from the far
m where you milk the cows and help in the fields, to a small sun trapping paradi
se in an extensive mountain range, or old castles. The majority of naturist site
s have a swimming pool, and all have at least one volleyball court. Other usual
facilities include a tennis court, sauna, a heated and filtered pool and a club

IT SOUNDS GREAT but how will it feel the first time? Whilst the first seconds af
ter a dive into a pool take your breath away and maybe give you a shock, you fee
l much better for it afterwards. It is just like that when you become a naturist
. The children immediately feel at home in the playground. You may be a little s
hy, but after a tour of the grounds, you will be surprised to find that all fear
has gone. Dressed, you attract attention; nude, you are not noticed.
What do I do in bad weather?
If you feel cold, you cover up; if it rains, you seek shelter; if the sun burns,
you protect yourself: we are naturists not simpletons!
Will the children be shocked during their first visit to a naturist club?
Not at all: children take to it like fish to water.
What do I bring?
Nothing in particular, except perhaps a towel to sit on. If you have a camera, y
ou had better leave it in your car until you know the rules in this respect.
My body is not perfect can I become a naturist?
Few people are perfect and anyway this does not matter: you will be accepted as
you are, and not for your appearance.
Is nudity compulsory at all times?
Well, you are coming to get undressed! At certain times, the ladies will want to
keep bottoms on, bikini bottoms, of course; this will give away certain persona
l information... that they are alive, normal and healthy.
In most holiday resorts, you may shop in the nude. If you sit down anywhere, e.g
. a restaurant, ice-cream parlor, etc., the general rule is that you dress casua
lly indoors, but need not do so on open-air terraces. However, for hygienic reas
ons, always bring a towel to sit on.
Do men get visibly embarrassed during their first visit?
Most unlikely: nudity in naturist clubs is not sexually stimulating.

Will naturism have a psychological effect on the relationship between husbands a

nd wives?
The psychologists have studied this question. They conclude that well balanced p
eople, leading a happy married life, find that naturism enriches their family.
Are there religious implications to naturism?
No, Naturists come from all denominations. Furthermore, men and women from all c
ontinents are welcome.
Will my friends and colleagues at work find out that I am a naturist?
Not if you do not tell them: membership lists are confidential.
Can I expect my health to improve, as a result of naturism?
You will benefit from the relaxing environment, away from the problems of daily
life. Furthermore, any sporting activity always brings benefits if you do not ex
ceed your limitations.
We know that naturism is addictive, and once you have experienced the exhilarati
on of swimming without a costume, you will never go textile again.
We look forward to seeing you back on our holidays again, and again, and again