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shitthatdidnthappen.txt 05

shitthatdidnthappen.txt 05

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Published by Snapperiffic
05 - Archive of Troper Tales: My Moment of Crowning Awesome is where I wear my Badass Longcoat and brush my Anime Hair, then I do a backflip and Deadpan Snark my way out of a group of socially well-adjusted Blonde Cheerleaders and Dumb Jocks to join my breathen of Lolicon Nakama.
05 - Archive of Troper Tales: My Moment of Crowning Awesome is where I wear my Badass Longcoat and brush my Anime Hair, then I do a backflip and Deadpan Snark my way out of a group of socially well-adjusted Blonde Cheerleaders and Dumb Jocks to join my breathen of Lolicon Nakama.

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Published by: Snapperiffic on Aug 31, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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** '''The Mad Bride.''' One fan that springs to mind actually believedshe was in an intense online love affair with him. When that went sourin her head, she became a Vocal Loyalist. To a lesser degree, therewere others who claimed to have an "insider" in their pocket who toldthem all kinds of TMI stuff about him, which always seemed to fitwhatever crackpot theory they espoused, and others who were convincedhe was reading and taking cues from the discussion forum, even to thepoint where they were taking credit for things he said in interviews.It got especially precious when two Mad Brides would get intoarguments with each other over who's "insider" information was morecorrect. "My contact said this!" "Oh yeah? Well, MY contact said..."** '''The Insane Avatar.''' May quite possibly be the person the MadBride mentioned above was talking to online. Also, there were at leasttwo MySpace users claiming to be him.** '''The Monomaniac.''' The point where The Purist, The VocalLoyalist and The Mad Bride intersected.** '''The Fragger.''' Some took this to a downright sociopathicdegree, to the point of digging up personal, identifying informationon a fan they had in the cross-hairs with the intent of threatening orjust humiliating that person publicly.*** The actor in question wasn't Orlando Bloom, has it?*** Yep, that's who it was. I take it you spent some time on his IMDBdiscussion board.* God, where to even start on this in my accusations!? Well, forstarters there was this one duche that joined a forum that I'm amember of and saying that I "Ruined ______ for him" just because Iloved it so much, or to the fact that I was heavily intrested in saidgame/anime/manga/what-the-fuck-ever but never reallywatched/played/read it. Keep in mind that this female Troper isn't ayaoi fan and will never be.* This troper's friend is a Protectionist when it comes to''HarryPotter''. When I learned she was a huge fan of the series, Imentioned that I loved it too. Her reaction? "It's MY thing! You can'tbe as obsessed as me!" She calmed when I told her that I wasn'tobsessed, but it still stops me from mentioning the series much aroundher.** I used to do this with everything I became a fan of, to the pointthat I started to tell my friends they wouldn't like something beforethey could even watch/read/listen to it, just so I could remain thebiggest fan. After getting my first internet connection(at the age of12), and finally joining a fandom, I realized how goddamned idiotic Iwas being. Feeling like you have to be the biggest/only true fan inthe world of something is a poisonous, and down-right exhaustingfeeling!* This troper cannot help but laugh at all those Ne'er do wells whoare whining about developers pulling away from the PC due to all thepiracy, and yet they admit to having ''never'' paid for a PC gamesince they learned how to pirate it. AND these include people whopetition Blizzard to allow a private server (which is a violation ofthe Terms of Service) after they give them a cease and desist letter.AND the people who whine about how the company they bought their PCfrom won't repair it because they upgraded a bunch of parts. AND the
banned-from-Xbox-live crowd who thinks that they should have beenallowed to mod their Xboxes. AND the people who whine about how thegame developers aren't catering to their Softmodding market...whenthat demographic is usually hated by developers and publishers becausethey don't usually ''pay''.** ''Frostsabre.'' Well to be fair, you ''are'' allowed to take anXbox or PS3 and mod it; you aren't allowed to take that online. As forprivate servers 9-3/4 times out of 10 they do dishonorable stuff suchas [[AllegedlyFreeGame selling]] [[InfinityPlusOneSword overpoweredgear]] on the server, which can be more expensive than having acharacter on retail WoW. And I've never heard from [[DigitalPiracypirates]] who claimed not to buy video games. Mention the Humble IndieBundle and most of them would jump and say "I'll buy it."* This troper tried to play through a friend's copy of Final FantasyVIII, and was forced to give up in a fit of rage after repeatedlybeing berated for "playing it wrong." I didn't get to finish the gameuntil a couple years later when I bought my own playstation and a copyof the game.* This troper likes {{ARMA}}. He, however, does not like its fanbase.He's seen idiots hate other {{FPS}}es because, apparently, the single-player campaign's long periods of inactivity, compared to the "instantgratification" and "no learning curve" of other games, make it thebest game EVAR! The "if it's not realistic it sucks" crowd is alsoannoying. -facepalm-* This troper is a fan of a Japanese rock band that is quickly gainingin popularity. She encounters Fan Dumb so frequently that it makes hervery embarrassed to even be a fan of said band (even though they arean excellent band), and is only a member of about two LiveJournalcommunities so she can keep up with the news in regards to the band(being on the other side of the world and not being great at readingJapanese and all). Within this fandom, you will find the EasilyImpressed, the Willfully Blind, Chicken Little (esepcially consideringhalf of the Fan Dumb sees the band's label as Satan), the BloodthirstyEvangelist and the Misplaced Champion, and a number of Mad Brides. Thefandom regularly bitches about how much they hate the covers of thelatest singles and concert [=DVD=]s, complain how this next song isthe WORST EVAR THEY'VE CHANGED TOO MUCH/HAVEN'T CHANGED ENOUGH (nevermind that the band has a very distinctive style of song that they dovariations on for every album and why aren't people expecting it atthis point?), and then once the video comes out, will not stopsqueeing about how awesome it is and how, if you dare to dislike it,YOU'RE NOT A TRUE FAN. Everything any member of the band touches orsays is gold - especially the vocalist (who is seen as a creative ~*~genius~* ~). tl;dr: great band, scary as hell fanbase.* This troper used to have a raving Hate Monger for a LiveJournalfriend. Although this person claimed to be a "fan" of a popular mangaseries, her journal basically consisted of nothing but rants about howmuch she hated a character called "Hanako" (let's pretend that is thename.) According to her, Hanako is a piece of evil, misogynisticpropaganda designed by the mangaka to show young girls that theperfect woman is a submissive ExtremeDoormat with large breasts.Hanako's every interaction with the protagonist was taken as
ShipTease, even though their relationship in canon is more of aLikeBrotherAndSister thing. From bashing Hanako alone, the Hate Mongermoved onto bashing the Hanako/Protagonist ship and finally themangaka, digging up quotes from old interviews to "prove" that he isan evil woman-hater. The troper eventually got so fed up that it wasone of the reasons why she deleted her journal. Having switchedjournals, troper now has a new Hate Monger on her friends list, whosecurrent target is ''KamenRiderDouble''. It never ends.* The ''KingdomHearts'' FanDumb seems to be currently ruled by aHateMonger for Kairi, who has written several entire essays on whyKairi is a bitch, and has done her darndest to gather followers andnot allow Kairi any fans on a certain forum. When Kairi defenders callher out on this crap elsewhere, she whines about how it's "just heropinion" or "just her view on the games" as a means of copping out ofa debate, which she can't really handle without [[FanHater insultingKairi fans themselves.]]** Speaking of KingdomHearts and SquareEnix, this troper found a[[http://asmilingmalice.deviantart.com/art/STAMPS-Square-Enix-107371683 classic case of RuinedForever on DeviantArt.]] It's fine ifyou don't like the series/company anymore, but the stamper has madeother stamps that essentially say in the description (about the sametopic): "If you disagree and/or don't think like me, [[OpinionMyopiayou're wrong.]] No wonder this troper is beginning to turn away fromthe so-called "opinions" of stamp artists on DA!*** This troper has yet to encounter any semblance of open-mindednessor even intelligence from pretty much the entire Kingdom Heartsfanbase. It's HateDom fueled by FanDumb: Disagree with this dude onthat forum there, you're banned. Don't like that one game over yonder,you're a troll. If you like all the games released, you're a hopelessdrone. No matter which road you take, you'll end up pushing''someone's'' BerserkButton, and the entire community follows suit.**** And on the flipside, I've yet to encounter any semblence ofintelligence from the KingdomHearts HateDom, either. If you like onegame, you're a hapless drone. Say you prefer one game. you're a troll.Say you like the series ''in general'', and you're somehow gay orretarded. And I see idiots who trash the game series merely because''there are people writing fanfiction or drawing fan art of it''. Ifthey hate stuff merely because of that stuff, then I guess it's safeto say they hate entertainment in general! And I've seen intelligentKingdomHearts fans too, as well as stupid ones so no I'm not justComplainingAboutPeopleNotLikingTheShow.***** [[FanHater There's no such thing as an intelligent KingdomHearts fan.]]****** This KH fan troper would like to disagree. I have no reason tothink that I'm unintelligent.****** I would also like to disagree. What, just because we like agame with a sizable Fan Dumb and/or silly concept means we're allidiots? You're no better then the Hatedom yourself.******* [[NoTrueScotsman Then you're not fans]]. CONVERSE TIME![[spoiler: [[InsaneTrollLogicBecause there are two types of people:KingdomHearts fans and people who like]] KingdomHearts.]]*** Sensors indicate InsaneTrollLogic.