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History behind the Logos of top companies

History behind the Logos of top companies

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Published by Macinfosoft
History behind the logos of top companies
History behind the logos of top companies

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Macinfosoft on Sep 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kodak was the first company to integrate its name and looks into one symbol in 1907. First time theKodak name was completely written in the logo in 1935. In 19 60, they tried to show a flip page as alogo, but were changed to a box and graphic 'K' element in 1971. Again, like other companies, Kodak decided to simplify their logo in 1996 and removed the boxes.IBM was earlier known as The International Time Recording Company (ITR), whose major productswere mechanical time recorders, invented and patented by Willard L. Bundy in 1888. The old logo of the company had ITR inscribed on it. In 1947, IBM decided to bring lot of changes. The logo was notthe only change in 1947,it was accompanied by a change in business from the punched-card tabulating business to computers.Tom Watson, Junior decided to project the beginning of a new era in the company, for that he changedthe company's logo as well as the actions. Paul Rand designed the new logo which represented that thechanges in the company would be subtle and will not disrupt the continuity. Also, the new logo lookedmore solid, grounded and balanced. Another change in the logo was designed by Paul Rand which hadstripes instead of the solid font. It depicted 'speed and dynamism' of the company.
Google's first logo was created by Brin, after he taught himself to use the free graphic software GIMP.Later, an exclamation mark mimicking the Yahoo! logo was added. In 1999, Stanford's Consultant ArtProfessor Ruth Kedar designed the Google logo that we find today.In the early years, Brad made custom logos for the brand as it became more famous. Walter Mack, thenCEO of Pepsi, came up with the idea of a new bottle design, with a crown having the Pepsi logo. The'Pepsi Globe' emerged when USA was in WWII to support the country's war efforts. Pepsi had a blue,red and white logo at that time. During the 1960s, the script was changed from the curly red and themain attraction was on the bottle cap in the logo. We see the first appearance of the Pepsi Globe insteadof the bottle cap in 1973. The globe now had 3D graphic and larger than earlier versions.The globecame on top of the script in 2003.
The company has tried out various colours and variation of the word Walmart over the years. In 1962,when Sam Walton started, the company logo had simply the word spelled in a very basic design. Thelogo was changed in 1964, when a hyphen was added and the color was also changed from blue to black. The font of the current logo differs a little from the original and become more stylish, but the'Walmart' word without a break appears for the first time after 1962. They keep the star from 1992.Caroline Davidson designed the Nike logo for just $35 in 1971. The main part of the logo didn't changeover a time. As the brand gained recognition, the company name was dropped from the logo. Thecompany has different variations of this logo for its various departments.

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