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Practicum Report Format Restaurant Phase

Practicum Report Format Restaurant Phase

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Published by J.S
(c) DLSU-D official. OJT - Requirements
(c) DLSU-D official. OJT - Requirements

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Published by: J.S on Apr 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The culmination of the student’s practicum training is the preparation of their practicum report. This reportshould contain a summary of what was learned during the practicum training, and an analysis of learning and theappropriate recommendations.
A Restaurant Practicum ReportOn
Name of Institution Address
Training Period :
From to
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the courseBHRM230P: Practicum 1for degree inBachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant ManagementHotel & Restaurant Management DepartmentCollege of International Hospitality ManagementDe La Salle University – DasmariñasDasmariñas, CavitePresented to:
Name of the Practicum Coordinator
Presented by:
Complete Name of StudentsDate Submitted
Part 2Table of Contents
Indicate all major sections or chapters, and their corresponding pages for easy reference.
All chapter heading should be types in all caps.
For subheadings, only first letter of major words should be capitalized.
Include a list of all exhibits, (forms, picture, etc…) with appropriate numbering
Part 3Acknowledgment
Limit the acknowledgement to one page only
 Names of those who assisted the student in the preparation of the report should be included.
 Names of those who inspire the student during the training, as well as during the report preparation mayalso be acknowledged.
 Name of the establishment and personnel of the training venue may also be included.
Persons who were paid for their professional services i.e. typist, should now be included.
This is part of the report and should be phrased properly and professionally. Avoid very personal formsin the acknowledgment
Part 4Introduction
General informationAbout the establishment is presented in this section. The following should be included in this section:
 Name and General Location
Complete name, address, location map, historical backgroun
Objectives / Institutional Philosophy
Company’s Mission / Vision, General Philosophy
Ownership / Management
 Name of the owner, holding company, affiliates
Organizational Chart
 Describe the organizational chart of the establishment as the whole, identify people holding position.
Facilities, number of rooms and type, function rooms.
Outstanding characteristics of the establishment.
 Awards and recognitions received 
Restaurant Phase: Discussion of Findings, Analysis, and Recommendations1: Pre-production Stage
Organizational Set-up
 Describe the organizational set-up of this section. Discuss the functions of each area under this section. Discuss positions as well as how each person in the department interrelate and is able toaccomplish his/her assigned task as against the function of the department.
 A. Menu Planning, Costing and Standardization
1.Who plans the menu?2.What factors are considered in menu planning? Are the 4 cardinal rules in menu planning applied?3.How often is the menu planned/changed?4.Are different menus used for each meal?5.5.What items are included in the menu? Appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, beverages, breads, sandwiches, others?6.How menus communicated to the kitchen personnel?7.Are menu prices ala carte or table d’ hote?8.Who determines the prices? How are prices determined? How often are priceschanged?9.Are kitchen tests as butcher’s test, canned or bottled goods test, dry goods test, etc. performed? Who is responsible for this?10.Are recipes standardized?11.What problems in menu planning have you identified? What are yourecommendations?
B. Purchasing
1.What are the organizational set-up of the department?2.Who are the different purchasing assistants and what are their functions?3.What is the Standard Operating Procedure in purchasing? Who are the other peopleinvolved and what are their roles in the course of purchasing?4.What purchasing procedures are employed? ( open market quotations, sealed bids,standing order, emergency purchase, etc. )5.How are purchase specifications determined?6.How is the best price determined?7.Where are the following items purchased : meat, fish, poultry and dairy products, freshfruits and vegetables, canned and bottled items, bakery products, other staples?8.What purchasing records are used and how do they ensure quality and cost control?Who prepares these records?9.How are items to be purchased classified?10.How are emergency purchase handled?11.What items are imported? What is the procedure for importation?12.What problems in purchasing have you identified? What are your recommendations?
C. Receiving

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