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Yin and Yang - Kritika Narula

Yin and Yang - Kritika Narula

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Published by: Pratham Books on Sep 18, 2012
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Dear the unparalleled beauty, thy flamboyance charm me, I in anticipation of thee, Halt! Tarry! I beg you, lend an ear to me. Cognize that I, with all the sentience pure, For love, I swear, that for thy sake, I abjure All that’s evil, pardon me for any felony that mine ever was, For dipsomaniac, I am not, just heartily insane at your loss. I know my loyalty shall take great pains to qualify, To be able to reciprocate your love I am desirous to die. Come to me, my ladylove, I yearn desperately for thy touch, And hear you mellifluous voice just as much. Come and fill the vacuum, the void, For I am just a human with feelings, not an android. I exist for namesake alone here on this panoramic orb called earth, And hence for me, it possesses not no beauty’s dearth. Lugubrious face have I, sans you- my pride Bereft of you, my ship lost lighthouse to guide. Grown morose have I, each day passing, Sick am I with surfeit, yet starve with nothing. Remember, I do, the first time our eyes exchanged glances, The first we realized the love and the nuances. As regards the last time, there isn’t much to say, In excruciating anguish, I live today, The bitter moment swayed you from me, away. Whence amidst those dilapidated ruins, your corpse lay I remember that day, the nature’s fury, the wretched play, There was fire all around and its ferocity,

Emerged victorious over my audacity. I could see you for sure, but preferred hallucination, For anytime the flames could claim you in atrocious annihilation. And then suddenly as if comatose, Few hours later, I arose Why? Not to see that deserted thou had Your corporeal possession as fire got bad. Rendered me in a concoction of compunction and guilt, For I did not deliver, as the yang that I was built. Yet you infallibly played the yin, What done could be by no kin? Like the waters (yin) you shielded me in fire, Unmindful of it catching your attire. And burnt yourself in love’s desire, Desolated me forever with last words “live, for my sake” in a need dire. I failed to save you from fierce flames, What ignominy! What unfathomable shame! The moments left us asunder and myself lame, And soon the wildfire, the people could tame.

Now some forty years later, I, a coward, a victim of debility, But, assure I do, you near can be a victim of my senility. For love is beyond a price. To reciprocate yours, no feelings, no acts suffice. Your given life is a blessing on earth, I grew in your love’s unparalleled mirth.

That was sacrificial, Not superficial.

For today, yang moans under a sky azure The despair of your loss it had to endure For which is found no panacea, no solace, and no cure. And then the yin does respond, “I complement you; of you I am fond, O my counterpart, keep alive this unbreakable bond.”

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