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Trimester2MockExaminationsfor Grade 11 DECEMBER 10 13 (Monday Thursday) Location: B208 (TBC)

Notes for students Pleasereadcarefully

This will be the first set of two concentrated multiple subject examinations sat in Grade 11 . This follows end of Grade 10 trial examinations sat in Chinese, English, Maths and Science. Mock examinations allow you to build up experience and confidence with testing / IB style papers/ and the routines of writing exams. It also supplements regular ongoing assessment done in class throughout the year. The second mock examination period in Grade 11 will be during ELP II week (May 1016). You will also complete a final set of mock examinations in January of 2014 (year 2)

1) Study Leave and Homework

THERE WILL NOT be any study leave prior to the examination period. The week before the examinations there is a PD day (5 December) and also a BLD (7 December) which will give you an opportunity to work on revision. There will be a study period of two hours built into each day at school No assessment (IA etc) deadlines/ assignments will be set in the week prior to and during the mock examination period. Homework if set, should focus on revision only You willnotattendsubjectlessonsduringtheexamperiod (Monday- Thursday). However,YOU ARE expectedtobeinschoolforthewholeoftheday, to revise and participate in your CAS interviews

2) Length and focus of Mock Examination I

Each subject (apart from Theatre and Visual Arts) will be assigned 2 hours for a written examination (no oral / practical at this time) Each examination will relate to work done in the first and second trimester. Your subject teacher will brief you on the nature and focus of the examination

3) Marking and follow up- WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT

MarkingwillbecompletedbytheendofthefirstweekofJanuarytofeed into the SHORT TARGET REPORT process (Issued January 9) YOU WILL RECEIVE WHOLE CLASS AND INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK ON EACH EXAM BETWEEN JANUARY 2 JANUARY 11 You should complete target setting for each of your subjects following the mock examinations The mock examinations will be an important piece of evidence used when making judgments about your ability to cope with the Diploma Programme and when submitting predicted grades (UPG) later in the academic year

Trimester2MockExaminationsfor Grade 11

SCHEDULE GRADE 11 MOCK EXAMINATION I Monday 8:3010:30 Tuesday Wednesd ay Biology Design Technolo gy Study Period + CAS Interview s Thursday Economics

Mathema Chinese tics (all (all levels) levels) Study Period + CAS Interview Study Period + CAS Interview s

10:30 12:40

Study Period + CAS Interviews

Lunch 12:40 1:20 1:30 3:30 English (all levels)

Geograph Physics y Psycholo Chemistr gy y Music Business

ALIS testing (all students)