Concept note 2012

 Development of a quality program for buyers related to vendors Quality program is important to ensure consistent quality in the the products of a buyer which is produced by different vendors. This will include:Evaluation of all vendors based on different categories of a particular buyer to develop a strong vendor base. Development of a set of of quality procedures that every vendor related to the buyer will have to follow in order to ensure consistent quality through its products throughout.  Reducing lead times for any XYZ e-commerce website. The various e-commerce websites always have set delivery dates about 7 to 8 days after you have completed ordering and sometimes even more in case of apparel. This will include:Reduction of inventory cost by setting up of inventories in various big cities with a bigger customer base. Showing the customers the content which is available at the inventory according to their city. Streamlining of various merchandising procedures using critical path method The merchandising process is a very important and it includes various processes. Theses processes are often carried out haphazardly and not in a specific manner. This leads to various problems for a company. This will include:different procedures will be evaluated and the a procedure will be adopted which reduces cost and is time-effective. The tool used for this will be CPC.
Submitted By:Rajeev Kumar M/BFT/09/21