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About welfare facility


Research Methodology


Data analysis and tabulation


Observation and conclusion





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Welfare means faring or doing well. It is a comprehensive term, and refers to the physical, mental, moral and emotional well-being of an individual. Further, the term welfare is a relative concept, relative in time and space. It therefore, varies from time to time, region to region and from country to country Bank of India is one of the premier banks in the country providing welfare facility in addition to a good salary. Bank is spending lot of money on the employee welfare. The expenses spent by the organization are less in return to the benefits which it receives from the employee’s hard work. Welfare facility provided by organization is unique for all the employees. The only difference is that the top level officers receive some additional facility along with routine one. With the help of the project on attempt is made to study the welfare measure provided to employees. What is the procedure, time required for sanctioning welfare facility and such other basis policies of the organization. The study is based on the information collected from respondent through questionnaire. The data analyzed is presented in the form of graphs and on the basis of that conclusion are made. In the last, the required suggestions are given. After analyzing the data it is found that the employees are satisfied with the welfare facilities provided to them by the bank.

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Visit for more project reports, presentations, notes etc.

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Welfare is based concept employees welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities offered by the employees thought such a generous fringe benefits the employers makes life worth living for employees the welfare amenities extend in addition to normal wages & other economic rewards available to employees as per the legal provision. The various welfare measures provided by the employees will have immediate impart on the health, physical & mental efficiency, alertness, moral & overall efficiency of the workers & there b contribution to the highest productivity. Welfare measures may also be provided by the government trade unions, and non-government agencies in addition to the employer. The basics purpose of welfare facility is to enrich the life of employees and keep them happy and contended. 1) SCOPE The labor investigation committee- anything done for intellectual physical, moral and economic betterment of the workers, weather, by employers or government or other agencies over and above what is normally expected on the part of the contracted benefits for which workers may have bargained. The committee on labour welfare- today, welfare is generally accepted by employers. The state steps into widen the area of the applicability only. Welfare is being looked at as social right of workers. The committee described it as a social security measures that contribute to improve the condition under which workers are employed in India. (1969 report) labour welfare includes both statutory as well as non statutory activities undertaken by the employers, trade union & both the central & state government for the physical & mental development of workers.

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Workers fare lot of adjustment problem where they take up factory work. 3) To provide qualitative work environment and work life 4) To provide security to the employees against social risks like old age benefits and maternity benefits 5) To protect the health of the employees and to provide safety to the employees against accidents 6) To create a sense of belongingness among employees & to retain them. dust or lack of sanitation and pure air. for more project reports. call for extra inducements in the workplace. Such changes known as the social invasion of the factory. The scheme of labour welfare may be regarded as a wise investment because these would be the profitable returns in the form of great efficiency. Slum area. These have to be contained through preventive steps aimed at improving the lot of workers. the worker signs of indiscipline. Another reason in fovar of welfare work is called as social invasion of the factory. fringe benefits are called for more project reports.blogspot. fumes. presentations. To escape from such trying condition. 3) OBJECTIVES OF THE WELFARE PROGRAMMES The important objectives of the welfare are. noisy machines. The longest environment. notes etc. Hence. In addition to normal wages. The working environment in a factory adversely affects excessive heat or cold. presentations.Visit hrmba. notes etc. so that the workers begin to enjoy a fuller and richer life. . 1) To boost up employees moral 2) To motivate the employees by identifying and satisfying these unsatisfied needs. Such oppressive conditions create health problems for workers. 2) IMPORTANCE The benefits are of great importance to the worker which he is unable to secure by himself.blogspot. Visit hrmba.

medical aid. Many employers. . INTRAMURAL & EXTRAMURAL WELFARE ACTIVITIES Intramural Drinking water Toilet Crèches Washing & bathing facility Rest shelter Uniform & protective clothing Recreation facility Canteen Subsidies food Medical aid Extramural Housing Educational Facility Maternity benefit Transportation Sport facility Leave travel Vocational training Holiday homes Co-operative stores Fairprices shops Social insurance Labour welfare may also be divided into two categories 1) Statutory welfare work comprising the legal provision in various pieces of labour legislation 2) Voluntary welfare work includes those activities which are undertaken by employers for there worker voluntarily.blogspot. library. crèches. child welfare. notes etc. after the following welfare amenities voluntarily 1) EDUCATION A scheme of worker’s education was envisaged on an all India basis by the government of India. credit societies. subsidized food. notes etc. the Visit hrmba. transport to and from the place of work etc. rest centers.blogspot. way back in 1957. co-operative stores. canteens. shift allowance etc. leaves travel facilities. presentations. 4) TYPES OF WELFARE FACILITY Welfare service may broadly be classified into two categories 1) Intramural activities which are provided within the establishment such as latrines & urinals. vocational for more project reports. holiday hams. presentations. After assessing the for more project reports. 2) Extramural activities which are undertaken outside the establishment such as family planning. uniform. nowadays.Visit hrmba.

1969 (NCL). felt that the scheme is not protect and requires improvement the committee on labour welfare (CLW). annual fee etc. Many employers so far have been generous in meeting the cost of books.blogspot. the programme of workers education should be formulated administered and implemented by the trade union themselves. National Commission on labour. 1969 recommended the provision of transport facility to workers so that they can reach the workplace punctually and comfortable. Visit hrmba. The low income group housing scheme (1954). presentations. on a voluntary basis.companies like NIIT and TISCO have appointed a chief fun officer to take care of parties and functions held on every for more project reports. rural house-site-cum-hut construction scheme for landless workers (1971) has also been introduced to reduce the housing shortage to workers. Education facility for workers children are usually in industrial town ship in the form of school.Visit hrmba. there is no statutory obligation in respect of education for workers children in any industry except in plantation. notes etc.blogspot. subsidies housing scheme for economically worker section of society (1952). dating allowances. college set up by the government or by employers. notes etc. recommended that trade union should assume on active role in educating workers and run schools for promoting literacy among the children of workers. To be effective. 2) HOUSING An industrial housing scheme was introduced in 1952 under this scheme. 1969. presentations. . 4)RECREATION Through there is no statutory stipulation in this area progressive employers both in the public and private sector consciously offered facility for recreation sports and cultural activities for example. In addition to holiday for more project reports. the central government offers loans to industrial workers for constructing houses at concessional rate. 3) TRANSPORTATION The committee and worker labour welfare.

notes etc. The banking system of India should not only be hassle free but it should be able to meet new challenge posed by the technology and any other external an internal factors for the past three decades India’s banking Visit hrmba. CHAPTER 2: PROFILE OF THE BANK BANKING SYSTEM Without a sound and effective banking system in India it cannot have a healthy economy. 5)OTHER FACILITY These are basically intended to improve the comfort level of workers while at work & include the following  Canteen. leaves travel  Consumer cooperative stores. games and competition and weekend & eating session. . presentations.Visit for more project reports. restroom and lunchroom  Washing facility. presentations. medical aid. notes etc. for more project reports. birthday gift.blogspot.blogspot.

[The government of India come up with the Banking Companies for more project reports. BOI continuous its winning performance in a year of Accolades & Awards. notes etc.blogspot. of deposit of money from the a body corporate constituted under the banking companies act.Best PSU bank BT-KPMG best bank study. ACCOLADES & AWARDS NDTV profit business leadership awards 2008. This is one of the main reasons of India’s growth process. The bank is doing the business of banking which means the accepting of deposits for the purpose of lending or investment. ] The Bank of India has undergone various phases in its growth path over the last one hundred years the “Growth of Bank of India was phenomenal. draft. Today. emerging as the largest nationalization Bank of India in terms of aggregates business volume for 2008-09 with an unbroken record of profits since its for more project reports.blogspot. especially after nationalization in the year 1969 attaining the status of a national level player in term of geographical reach. BOI occupies a premier position in the committee on Indian banks. Bandra-Kurla Complex. withdrawal by cheque. Mumbai -400051. notes etc. . In fact. The most striking is its extensive reach. 1949. order or otherwise in addition to the business of banking bank is also engaged in other forms of business as contemplated under sec 6(1) of the Banking Regulation Act. 1970. which its head office at star house. Indian banking system has reached even to the remote corner of the country. presentations.G block. Bank of India . presentations. Bandra East. The Bank of India was founded in 7th sep 1969 now.India’s best bank Visit hrmba. It is no longer confined to only metropolitan or cosmopolitan in India. plot no C-5. system has several outstanding achievement to its credit.1949 which was later changed to Banking Regulation act 1949 as per amending Act of 1965 Reserve Bank of India was vested with extensive power for the supervision of banking in India as the central banking authority.Visit hrmba. repayable on demand or otherwise.

best education loan provider-runner up Over the years. promoting rural development. serving. BOI has made a distinctive marks in various corporate social responsibility. but also one with an obligation of helping in every possible manner to improve the economic condition of the common people”.com for more project reports. These insightful words of the founder continue to resonate even today in serving the society with a purpose The bank strongly belives that the next century is going to be equally rewarding and evenful not only in service of the nation but also in helping the bank emerge as a “global bank with best practices”. enlightened leadership and a family like work culture. VISION Visit hrmba. notes etc. namely. the bank has been improving the market position to emerge as a major “financial conglomerate” with as many as nine subsidiaries/ sponsored institutions/ joint venture in India and abroad. presentations. D & B-Rolta corporate Award 2008-Top Indian companies CIO green IT awards “The Most Trusted Brands” (MTB) 2009 as follows NDTV profit business leadership Awards -2009. customer centricity. The bank has a pan India presence. presentations.blogspot.Visit hrmba. spearheading financial inclusion objectives etc.blogspot. in fact deeply rooted in the banks founding principles “A good bank is not only the financial heart of the community. national priorities. . enhancing rural self employment through several training for more project reports. with over 2672 branches across all geographical segment & 337 bank’s ATMs & also including cover 12500 networked ATMs in India & bank has also providing internet & mobile banking services and most of the branches offering ‘Anywhere Banking’ PSU bank Outlook money NDTV profit award-2009. notes etc. This justifiable belief is founded on strong fundamental.

Visit hrmba. . risk management & expanding the global reach MISSION To provide quality banking services with enhance customer for more project for more project reports.blogspot. BANKING SCHEME 1) STAR DHANVANTARI SUVIDHA SCHEME Visit hrmba. notes etc. To emerge as a best practice bank by pursuing global benchmarks in profitability operational efficiency. higher value creation for stakeholder & to continue as a responsive corporate social citizen by effectively blending commercial with social banking. asset quality. presentations. notes etc.blogspot. presentations.

with relaxed term/ condition 4) STAR LAGHU UDYOG SUVIDHA Borrowers whose unit enjoys limits in excess of Rs. up to Rs.50 lacs. 15. including for the purpose agriculture and higher education. . to meet temporary liquidity constraints. on the application rate. 3) SCHEME FOR TAX RETURN PREPARER A new scheme introduced with a view to providing employment to educated youth who are trained as tax return prepares. 6) JANASHREE BIMA YOJANA Visit hrmba.10 lacs and having net profit at least during the last 8 years and annual turnover in excess of Rs. expansion of existing clinic.75. besides other relaxed term/ condition. 5) NORMAL GRAM YOJNA As a part of our corporate social for more project reports. notes etc.Visit hrmba.50 lacs. Loan for the medical professional to set up now clinic.000/.02 crore. professional & self employed. are eligible for an additional advance facility of 50% of the regular limits enjoyed. presentations. notes etc.50 lakhs. etc. payable in EMIs within 7 years 2) PRIYADARSHANI YOJNA Scheme for all types of women entrepreneur engaged in economic activities such as micro and small entrepreneur. presentations. for more project reports. One can avail loan up to Rs. We offer concessional rate of interest up to 11. subject to maximum Rs. purchase of equipment.blogspot. our bank has launched rural sanitation scheme to provide civic and personal lygines facility by providing assistance for construction of low cost toilet in rural areas. The outstanding under the scheme is Rs. Our banks has so far sanctioned 24364 rural household for construction of toilets and ensured 100% sanction in 312 villages in the state of Maharashtra.blogspot.

.com for more project reports. institutions.blogspot. The standard will get scholarship of Rs.2009. For its clearing at question through banks star speed cheque collection scheme free at cost which save time as well as cost. etc) financing up to 85% of the lost of the project.5000/- Visit hrmba. It provides life insurance cover to the rural and urban poor person living below poverty line and marginally above poverty line. The minimum AQB is kept at Rs. hospital. The equipment has to be purchased from B) DEPOSITED SCHEME 1) STAR SURAKSHA SAVING BANKS DEPOSIT SCHEME:An unique account for individual (excluding NRI) with host of benefit including accidental death benefit and one DD free of cost every month which helps to remit money to our door once every month. notes etc. presentations. non commercial organizations/ commercial organization ( for more project reports.per half year per child for a maximum period of 4 years. The minimum balance is kept at Rs.06.blogspot.Visit hrmba. presentations. 7) SCHEME FOR SOLAR WATER HEATERS Solar water heater with both flat plate or evaluated tubular collectors (of the size) for any end users such as individual. a death-cum-disability insurance scheme for the member of self help women group credit linked to the bank is being implemented. Janashree Bima Yojana. This helps in purchasing goods/ row material and facility of depositing cheque at any branch of BOI having BOI Br.500/2) STAR BENEFIT CURRENT DEPOSIT SCHEME A unique product for every one especially for trader & manufactures with 2 tree DDs in a month. The bank has signed move with LIC to implement the scheme through our brands upto 30.600/. notes etc. Additionally a scholarship allowance (Under Shiksha Sahyog Yogana) is also available to the children of the members of women SHG. Bank has covered 52410 women 8 HG members under Janashree Bima Yojana.

(PRIVILEGE CUSTOMER) Convenience of saving account and return of fixed deposit star saving plus offer a host of benefit in a minimum balance of just Rs. companies.Visit hrmba. .blogspot. notes etc. C) BANK LOAN SCHEME 1) STAR EDUCATION LOAN The student of Indian nationality having good academic record who has secured admission to professional/ technical course in India or abroad.5000 in TD 4) DEPOSIT SCHEME FOR GLOBAL INVESTOR/ NRI/ PIO’S Yield enhancing scheme products for global Investor/ NRI’s/PIO’s available. 3) STAR SAVING PLUS: . for more project reports. We also have other regular host of demand & time deposit scheme at the most competitive rates yealding high returns.5 lakh for a lenure of 91 days to 5 years will earn variable interests. society. trusts & other corporate bodies. deposit of minimum amount Rs. presentations.20 lakh For purchase of plot Rs. 2) STAR HOME LOAN For construction/ purchase of house/ flat Rs. notes for more project reports. 5) STAR SUPREME FLOATING RATE DEPOSIT SCHEME For high net worth individual firm.blogspot.300 lakh For repairs/ renovation/ extension/ addition Rs.30 lakh 3) STAR PENSION LOAN For regular pensions or family pensions drawing regular monthly pension through bank. Visit hrmba.000 in SB and Rs.25.

. notes for more project reports. B) ONLINE BOOKING OF INDIAN AIRLINES TICKETS Travel ticket booking made easy. Customers can select there flight.Visit hrmba. Pension delivery to the pensioner to be made at their place of residence through post offices. The service provide to across your account in one or more branches under a single login. railway pensioners. Visit hrmba. provide necessary details and pay through internet banking. family pensioners are not eligible.blogspot. D) OTHER SERVICES 1) STAR POWER SALARY ACCOUNTS SCHEME For the employees of institutions with 25 or more employees in the net salary brackets of Rs. 4) PENSION DELIVERY AT DOORSTEP Bank of India introduced a friendly initiative for the convenience of pensioner. banks. presentations. military/ defense. presentations. 000 per month or more 2) INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CUM ATM CARD For the saving current and overdraft account holder who are authorized to operate open there account singly 3) PENSIONS CREDIT CARD For all principle pensioners during pension through Bank of India branches who are below the age of 70 years. Pensioners include for more project reports. 5) ONLINE BANKING SERVICES A) STAR CONNECT INTERNET BANKING a customer friendly facility available free of cost to all the retail and corporate customer of cover 1200 care banking solution and multi branch banking enabled branches. central. notes etc.10. for more project reports. presentations. . notes etc.Visit hrmba.08 Visit hrmba. Gharkahnd & Maharashtra BOI SHAREHOLDING LTD A joint venture with Bombay Stock Exchange to manage the BSE clearing house activity SECURITY TRADING CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD Bank is the single largest stakeholder with 29. presentations. Orissa.07 first branch of the subsidiary was opened in Das-es-salaam on 22.P.07. BANKS SUBSIDIARIES/ ASSOCIATED REGIONAL RURAL BANKS (RRBS) Regional Rural Banks sponsored by our banks in 45 districts in the state of M.95% stake in its equity BANK OF INDIA (TANZANIA LTD) The wholly owned subsidiaries was incorporated on 16.blogspot.. notes for more project reports.blogspot.

blogspot. health resort & other countries with low charges of accommodation. presentations. CHAPTER 3: ABOUT WELFARE FACILITY BOI provide the following welfare facility to their employees .blogspot. presentations. . 3) HOLIDAY HOME BOI established holiday homes at a number of hill station. 4) REIMBURSEMENT OF EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT The scheme is intended to reimburse educational expenses incurred by employees for educating his/ her children and/or by self for persecuting higher studies. notes etc. Visit hrmba. 1) Canteen 2) Housing rent allowance 3) Holiday home 4) Reimbursement of educational benefit 5) Good working condition 6) Reimbursement of expenses towards medical check-up 1) CANTEEN A good and well maintained canteen facility is available at the bank for more project reports. Also foodstuff are supplied at subsidized prise in canteen 2) HOUSING RENT ALLOWANCE BOI is provide cheap & recent house rent allowance facility to there employees and also bank average for housing loan to employees and encourage them to construct house. so as to encourage employees to use this facility for rest in a salubrious for more project reports. for employees. notes etc.Visit hrmba.

. premises gardening is done so that greenery is there the pleasant environment of bank keeps employees fit & fine 6) REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES TOWARDS MEDICAL CHECK-UP Employees above 40 year of age are covered under the scheme reimbursement is permissible toward medical check-up of spouse also.Visit hrmba. An employee claiming for reimbursement has to submit the bill and a certificate from the doctor stating that the employee/spouse has/ have undergone total medicalcheck for more project reports. This facility is 1) OFFICIATING ALLOWANCE Visit hrmba. 5) GOOD WORKING CONDITION working condition in bank are excellent the environment is neat and clean everywhere & at. BOI provide the following special welfare facility. Reimbursement is permitted once doing the year. notes for more project reports. presentations. presentations.blogspot. provide to the top level officers only 1) OFFICIATING ALLOWANC 2) DEPUTATION ALLOWANCE 3) MEDICAL AID 4) DEPUTATION TO TRAINING CENTER 5) REIMBURSEMENT OF TRAVELING EXPENSES ON MONTH CONSOLIDATED BASIS. notes etc.

750/.for officer up to scale III and for charges incurred over the aforementioned amount zonal authority may recommended to H. for sanctioning charges for officers for treatment of self.1000/. 2) DEPUTATION ALLOWANCE if an officer is deputed to serve as a member of the facility in any teaching establishment of the bank he shall be eligible to a deputation allowance at 4% of his BP subject to a maximum of Rs.blogspot. Provided the period of officiating is not less than 7 days in a calendar month or a continuous period of 7 days. if deputed to an outside organization and does not opt for the scale of that organization then the deputation allowance will be 7.for officer in scale IV & above and up to Rs. up to Rs.2000/.60/.O. for more project reports.per day for Mumbai & Delhi (Noida) Rs. notes etc.blogspot.75/. presentations.Visit hrmba.1500/.per day for the other centers Visit hrmba. Bed charge on hospitalization involving admission in ICU/ for more project reports.Per day.Rs. 6% of BP however.per day and up to scale III Rs. This allowance will rank for PF only.75% of the basis pay subject to a maximum of Rs 1500pm 3) MEDICAL AID The reimbursement of bed charges.750/. 4) DEPUTATION TO TRAINING CENTER I) Load Trainees:. zonal manager has to authorized. notes etc. scale IV and above Rs. for reimbursement 100% reimbursement for office who dies in harness. .

CHAPTER 4: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Visit hrmba. presentations. 5) REIMBURSEMENT OF TRAVELING EXPENSES ON MONTH CONSOLIDATED BASIS. notes etc. Eligible officer who own and use a vehicle for bank’s works have option to claim reimbursement of traveling expenses either or monetary basis or in term of consumption of petrol per month. presentations.Visit hrmba. they may be reimbursed actual expenses incurred by them. Promotee officers during the probationary period and DRU’s during the first year of probation are not eligible. .blogspot. However. notes etc.blogspot. Optioned can be exercised only once and will not be allowed to be change in type of vehicle and/ or place of for more project for more project reports.

Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. presentations. “when we talk at research methodology we not only talk of the research method but also consider the logic behind the methods we use in the contest of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method or technique and why we are not using other so that research results are capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by other”. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only the research method as technique but also the methodology. notes etc. Through each research study has its own specific purpose. . situation or a group.blogspot. notes etc. 3) To determine the frequency with which something occur or with which it is associated with something for more project reports. OBJECTIVES The main aim of research is to find out the truth which is hidden and which has not been discarded as for more project reports. 1) To gain formality with a phenomenon or to achieve new insight into it. 2) To portray accurately the characteristic of a particular individual. we may think of research objectives as falling into a number of following broad grouping. In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted by the researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them. NEED OF RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Visit hrmba.blogspot. 4) To test a hypothesis of a casual relationship between variable. presentations. Thus.Visit hrmba.

blogspot. absentism. 3) Tabulating computing and analyzing the data and information. job satisfaction and behavior surveys 2) Collecting data and information regarding wages. strikes. cost-benefits analysis of training. Visit hrmba. . OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY Main objective The main objective of carrying out line topic is to study welfare facilities provided by Bank of India to the employee. HR research is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of human resources. working hours. presentations. procedure. It include 1) Conducting morale. and programmer of personal.blogspot. 4) Report writing and submission to the line managers 5) Finding out the defects and shortcoming in the existing policies. attitude. employee turnover. shifts etc. accidents. OTHER OBJECTIVES a) To analyze the procedure regarding how the welfare facilities are provided to the employees by the bank. presentations. productivity. notes etc. policies and practices and developing more appropriate once. benefits. operations. practice etc. 6) Developing more approximate policies.Visit for more project reports. b) To know the satisfaction level of employees about welfare facilities & view towards the bank policies of providing welfare facility HYPOTHESIS The employees are satisfied with the welfare facilities provide to them by the bank a) Welfare facilities provide by the Bank of India are best b) Welfare facilities in this organization are quite wide for more project reports. notes etc.

RESEARCH DESIGN “A research design is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. Visit for more project reports. the design of research study is descriptive as it is intended to describe to factor study is descriptive as it is intended to describe to factors that management is likely to be interested in such as employees feeling as opinion towards organization.e. presentations. notes etc. there are total number of 30 employees were interacted to study this topic . Infact. presentations.hence the sample size of the study is 30.Visit hrmba. once an item is selected for the sample it looks can not appear in the sample again.blogspot.blogspot. and also about organizational employees welfare and organizational establishment RESEARCH INSTRUMENT Questionnaires are used as a research instrument in the for more project reports. as it is also known as” random sampling” under this sampling design. Thos applies to sampling without replacement i. notes etc. Sample size of study Sample size is part of total unit. . Random sampling from a finite population refers to that method of sample selection which gives each possible sample combination an equal probability of being picked up and each item in the entire population to have an equal chance of being included in the sample.which comes into respondent group . every item of the universe has an equal channel of inclusion in the sample. Primary data is collected through personal interview method. Method of sampling Probability sampling method is used for the study.

com for more project reports.blogspot. . notes etc. DATA COLLECTION PRIMARY DATA Personal interview method is used for collected information from the employees through questionnaire SECONDARY DATA Secondary data is collected from referring books and websites of Bank of India THE SAMPLE Questionnaire were prepared by keeping in mind the facility that are extended to employees the research instrument used has helped personally knowing the feeling of employees.blogspot.Visit hrmba. notes etc. for more project reports. For completing the project study more emphasis is given an primary source of data and its analysis for maintaining the accuracy. Visit hrmba. reliability and for good result regarding the project study undertaken. presentations.

com for more project reports. editing. notes etc. presentations. classification and tabulation of collected data so that they are amenable to analysis the term analysis refers to the computation of certain measure along with searching for pattern of relationship that exist among data group thus .” The concept of processing and analysis. relationship or differences supporting or conflicting with original or new hypothesis should be subjected to statistical test of significance to determine with what validity data can be said to indicate any conclusion.“In the process of analysis. uniformally entered. . can now proceed with the explanation of all the processing operations1) EDITINGEditing involves a careful scouting of the completed questionnaire add/ or schedules.blogspot. as completed as possible and have been well arranged to facilitate coding & tabulation Visit hrmba. consistent with other facts gathered. CHAPTER 5: DATA ANALYSIS AND TABULATION Data analysis Process of data can be categories into : 1) Editing 2) coding 3) classification 4) tabulation The data after collection has to be proceed & analyze in accordance with the outline laid down for the purpose at the time of developing the research plan this is essential for a scientific study and for ensuring that we have all relevant data for making contemplated comparison and analysis Technically for more project reports. notes etc.Visit hrmba. processing implies. Editing is done to assure that the data are accurate. presentations. coding.

3) CLASSIFICATION The necessities classification of data which happen to be the process of arranging data in group or classes on the basis of common characteristic of data having a common characteristic are placed I one class and in this way the entire data get divided into a number of group or classes.Visit hrmba. notes etc.e.blogspot. In a broader sense. .com for more project for more project reports. Visit hrmba. 2) CODING Coding is necessary for efficient analysis and through it the several replies may be reduced to a small number of classes which contain the critical information required for analysis. notes etc. 4) TABULATION Tabulation is the process of summarizing row data & displaying the same in compact form (i. presentations.blogspot. in the form of statistical tables) for further analysis. Coding decision should usually be taken at the designing stage of the questionnaire. presentations. tabulation is an orderly arrangement of data in columns & rows.

presentations. . presentations.blogspot. notes etc. and reset of 40% & 10% employees saying that they are availing 1 to 5 and 5 Ques 2: How many special welfare facilities have you availed? Visit for more project reports. notes etc.Visit hrmba. DATA INTERPRETATION Ques 1: How many Welfare facility are you availing on routing basis? 0% 40% 50 % 1 to 5 5 to 10 1 & above 0 1 0% Observation All the employees of Bank of India availing routine Welfare Facility 50% employees say that they are availed 10 & above Welfare Facility to 10 Welfare facility for more project reports.blogspot. for more project for more project reports. presentations. notes etc. . Ques3: How much time it will take sanctioning a routine welfare facility? Visit hrmba. 20 % 1 to 5 Not Availed 80% Observation 80% employees says that they are availing 1 to 5 special welfare facility rested 20% employees are not availing any special welfare facility.blogspot. presentations. notes etc.Visit hrmba.

notes etc. presentations. all employees says that for sanctioning a routine welfare facility time require is 1 to 2 week.Visit hrmba. Ques 4: How much time it will take sanctioning a special welfare facility? Visit hrmba. for more project for more project reports. . 1 to 2 week 2 to 3 week 1-2 month Observation From the chart it is observed that. notes etc.blogspot.

com for more project reports. & 10% employees says that time required for sanctioning welfare facility is 3 week Visit hrmba. . presentations.blogspot. notes etc. 1 0% 1 to 2 week 3 week 90% Observation From the above chart it is observed that 90% employee’s say that for sanctioning a special welfare facility time required is 1-2 week.blogspot. notes etc. presentations.Visit for more project reports.

Visit hrmba. Ques 5: Briefly explain the procedure of availing routine welfare facility in point? 20 Making an application submit proof & immidiate sanction it Only application is required 80 Observation 80% employees says that to make the application submit proof & it sanction & rest of 20% employees say that only application is required Visit for more project for more project reports. notes etc. presentations. presentations. notes etc. .

notes etc. . for more project reports. notes etc. presentations. Visit hrmba.blogspot. Ques 6: Briefly explain procedure for availing the special welfare facility ? 10% Make an application submit proof & sanction it Length process 90% Observation 90% employees says that they have to just apply.blogspot. submit proof & take approval of higher authority and only 10% employees says that the procedure is lengthy .com for more project reports.Visit hrmba.

Ques7: How much are you satisfied about procedure of availing routine welfare facility? 10 Highly satisfied 50 40 Partly satisfied satisfied Not satisfied Observation The 50% employees of the bank are highly satisfied with the procedure of availing routine welfare facility while 40% employees are partly satisfied & the remaining 10% of employees are satisfied. .Visit for more project reports. notes etc. Visit hrmba. presentations.blogspot. notes etc. for more project reports. for more project for more project reports. presentations. presentations.Visit hrmba. Ques8: How much are you satisfied about procedure of availing specific welfare facility? 4% 0 6% 0 Highly satisfied Satisfied Partly Satisfied Not Satisfied Observation The 60% employees of the bank are satisfied with the procedure of availing special welfare facility and remaining 40% employees are highly satisfied. . notes etc. notes etc.blogspot. Visit hrmba.

presentations. notes etc. notes etc. . presentations. Ques10: kindly suggest the methods of improving/ adding welfare facility? Visit for more project reports. Ques9: Does welfare facility provided by the organization plays as a motivational factors? 40 % Highly agree Agree Just agree 6 0% Do not agree Observation 60% employees are agreed that the welfare benefits plays as a motivational role.Visit for more project reports. While 40% are highly agree on this issue.

CHAPTER 6: OBSERVATION & CONCLUSION Visit hrmba. 0% 20% Adding same more welfare facility No suggession 80% Observation 20% employees say that to add some more welfare facility & 80% employees is not giving any suggestions. presentations. notes etc. notes etc. for more project reports. .blogspot.Visit for more project reports.

 More than 70% employees are availing routine welfare facility an routine basis. which they are availing on regular basis. .Visit hrmba.  The employee are not getting in storage facility for outdoor clothing  The routine welfare facilities are availed by every one in the organization & time required is also nominal.  The process of availing special welfare facility is very lengthy & hence it can be availed by simple for more project reports.  The employees of Bank of India are highly satisfied with the routine welfare facility.  More than 30% employees are availing special welfare facility according to the need arise  The time required for sanctioning the special welfare facility is maximum 2 week. notes for more project reports.  The employees of Bank of India are satisfied as they are getting special welfare facility with a simple process. presentations.  All the routine welfare facilities are availed by all the employees in Bank of India in different proportion. notes etc. presentations.blogspot.blogspot. Suggestion 1) The employees should be provided with storage facility for external clothing Visit hrmba.

. notes etc.blogspot. notes etc. & sub staff. officers. CHAPTER 7: BIBLOGRAPHY Visit hrmba. clerk.Visit hrmba.e. 2) Sanctioning times of special welfare facility should be reduced to 1 week Limitation 1) The study may not cover each & every facility provided by the for more project for more project reports. presentations. 3) The study does not cover entire workforce 4) The study is based on a particular class of employees i. presentations. 2) The result may be depended on the answer received from respondent.blogspot.

&Pers nnel New Manag o Delhi Research Methodology Ppa C. New Delhi TataMc GrawHill Publishing 446.S.Kothari 1997 HR. 447 3 1985 NewAge TIME 1.30PM 2.goole.8 International Publishers Deep&Deep Publication Pvt. presentations. .com www. Rao 2005 Human Resource management D Excel books 405 .R. notes etc.Ltd 14 4 P. BOOK REFFERRED for more project reports.30PM DATE 10/11/09 29/12/09 29/12/09 Visit for more project reports. Authors year Tital Cityof publishing New elhi Publisher Pages 1 V.Visit hrmba.452 2 www.blogspot.ARYA 2002 New Delhi WEBSITES NAME www. notes etc.00PM 2.

notes etc. .blogspot. notes for more project reports. B) Lengthy process C) Not availed 7) How much are satisfied about procedure of availing routine welfare facility? A) Highly satisfied B) Partly satisfied C) Satisfied Visit hrmba. for more project reports. presentations. submit proof of sanction it.Visit hrmba. CHAPTER 8: QUESTIONNAIRE PLEASE TICK THE ANSWER OF FOLLOWING QUESTION 1) How many welfare facility are you availing a routine basis? A) 1 to 5 B) 5 to 10 C) 10 & above 2) How many special welfare facility have you availed? A) 1 to 5 B) Not Availed 3) How much time it will take sanctioning routine welfare facility? A) 1 to 2 week B) 2 to 3 week C) 1 to 2 month 4) How much time it will take sanctioning routine welfare facility? A) 1 to 2 week B) 3 week C) 1 to 2 week 5) Briefly explain the procedure of availing routine welfare facility in point? A) Making an application submit proof & immediate sanctioning B) Only application is required 6) Briefly explain procedure for availing the special welfare facility? A) Make an application.blogspot.

8) How much are you satisfied about procedure of availing special welfare facility? A) Highly satisfied B) Satisfied C) Not satisfied 9) Does welfare facility by the organization plays as a motivational factors? A) Highly agree B) Agree C) Just agree 10) Kindly suggest the method of improving/ adding welfare facility? A) No suggestion B) Adding some more welfare for more project for more project reports. notes etc. presentations. presentations. notes etc. Visit hrmba.blogspot. presentations. notes for more project reports. Visit hrmba. .blogspot.Visit hrmba.

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