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Classroom Management Plan: High School Classroom management is vital in any successful classroom.

To ensure structure and order in my classroom, I plan to enforce the following procedures 1) Begin each class at the beginning of the term or year by explaining classroom rules clearly. Let children ask questions about any of the rules. 2) Demand attention whenever I begin to speak- method for doing so will be to ring the bell at my desk. 3) If any student disobeys an instruction or classroom rule, the student will receive a warning from me. If the same student repeats the offence, the student will stay after class to discuss his/her behavior and necessary punishment. No student will be disciplined without first talking with the student about the offence. 4) Any student who disobeys a major school/classroom rule (physical assault, cursing, stealing etc.) the student will be immediately reprimanded. I will pull the student aside, or outside the classroom and have a one-on-one talk with the student discussing his or her offence. If the student seems to have learned his/her lesson and has understood why what they did was wrong, they will be allowed back into the classroom, but still have any privileges revoked for a week. If the student is not cooperative, the student will have to be separated from the rest of the class, and held after class for a serious discussion about the offence and the punishment. 5) I will respond positively to good behavior- I do not believe in drawing too much attention to the whole class if just one child is going beyond what is expected (such as opening the door for someone.) I will thank and praise the student to the student- not announce it to the entire class. However I may point it out when a child is following instruction in order for the rest of the class to observe the behavior and follow along.

Classroom rules: 1) Everyone in the class is your neighbor- treat them as you would treat yourself. Be polite and nice to your classmates.

2) Share. We will be sharing a lot of materials in this class so it is important that everyone is a good sharer. If you need something that someone else has, ask politely to borrow it when they are finished using it. Remember- everything in this classroom belongs to everyone else. Unless you bring something in from outside the classroom, everyone is expected to share. 3) CLEAN and PUT AWAY anything you use in this classroom. Ask if you need something ask where it is located and remember where you found it- YOU will be responsible for putting it away. Your participation in classroom clean-up will affect your grade. 4) Listening is the key to a good, cooperative class. If I (the teacher) am talking to the whole class, then everyone must be quiet and listen to me. I will ring my bell if I need your attention right away. If a classmate is answering a question or speaking- no one else may talk. Be polite and listen to your classmate. 5) Keep your hands to yourself- to do not touch or bother your neighborsuse your words to communicate. 6) NO running with scissors! No mishandling of any art materials. You will be shown how to properly use new materials- there is no excuse. 7) NO using the materials for anything other than art. 8) Absolutely NO one is allowed to draw or make the likeness of a weapon in class. 9) Any student who breaks a classroom rule will receive a warning from me. If they continue the disruptive behavior- they will be pulled aside and spoken to one-on-one. Privileges and assignments/jobs will be revoked.

I will enforce all these rules and procedures with the intention of improving my classroom so that it is a safe and conducive environment for learning for every child.