For a safe and pleasant travel, we appeal to you to abide by the following guidelines:
At the bus stop/bus terminal 1. 2. 3. 4. Queue up while waiting for a bus Do not jump queue Stand on boarding platform Signal the bus in advance to stop

Getting on the bus 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Wait until the bus has stopped properly before boarding Board the bus in an orderly manner Allow passengers to alight before you board the bus Do not take such items on board buses that may cause inconvenience to other passengers Ensure that your luggage do not exceed 10 kg and is not bulky Do not board the bus from the Emergency doors

While on the bus 1. Take the first seat available in order to allow other passengers to board the bus 2. Be courteous and offer your seat to the elderly, the disabled or those travelling with young children 3. State your destination and, as far as possible, tender the exact amount for your fare 4. If you are a student, a disabled or pensioner, show your pass to the conductor 5. Keep your luggage safely and do not obstruct the passage 6. Hold on firmly to the handrail or stanchion pole when standing 7. Do not stand on the door steps 8. Do not smoke, eat or drink in the bus 9. Do not throw litter on the floor of the bus 10. For the comfort of all passengers, do not damage the seats 11. Report any unusual incidents to the bus conductor 12. When so requested by a ticket examiner, please hand over your ticket for examination Getting off the bus 1. 2. 3. 4. When you want to get off the bus, ring the bell to signal the driver to stop at the next bus stop Ensure that you do not leave anything behind Do not attempt to alight from the bus while it is still moving Do not get off the bus from the Emergency door.

000.000. failing which.GUIDANCE FOR BUS OPERATORS Time-table 1. A fine not exceeding Rs 5. a fine not exceeding Rs 5. All services should be provided strictly according to the approved time-table Any change in time table should be brought to the notice of passengers before implementation Bus features All buses should – • • • • • be constructed and maintained to ensure safety of passengers be properly ventilated and lighted be clean both inside and outside carry only the authorized number of passengers provide comfortable seating arrangements for passengers Bus crews All bus drivers and conductors should – • • • • be professional. polite and helpful ensure passengers’ safety and comfort be decently dressed and tidy in appearance wear their identification badge conspicuously PENALTY FOR OFFENCES IN PUBLIC BUSES (as provided in the Road Traffic (Conduct of Passengers ) Regulations 1967) Offence • Failure to show ticket Penalty Pay twice the amount of the fare. liable to prosecution and if found guilty. 2.000 and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months . • • Use of obscene language or conduct in a disorderly manner Smoking in public buses A fine not less than Rs 300 and not exceeding Rs 5.

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