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Teh Mardiana binti Abu Bakar J 2.

3 My Ideal Future Husband Everyone in the world needs life-partner to complete their destination of life. Moreover, everyone wants a perfect future spouse and become too choosy to get married. However, I am not too choosy because I know that every human not perfect at all. My ideal future husband must have these quality such as understanding and tolerant, eternal loyalty and loving. First and foremost, my ideal future husband should be understanding and tolerant. He must understand my job as teacher and did not force me to quit after married. He should also understand my behaviour because I am unpredictable person. Hence, he must showing patient to live together with me until the end of life. In addition, my ideal future life-partner should exhibit eternal loyalty. He must not get married more than one. He should also not get close with other women. I want my marriage to be like Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnun and Edward and Bella in Twilight. Next, loving is very vital qualities to become my spouse. He is not say love just a words, but from deeply heart. I am a youngest in my family and surely I am pampered and I want my husband love me very much. As a conclusion, my admirable future husband must be tolerance, undying loves until the end and romantic. I feel like I have found my knight is shining armour, but only me know.