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Published by: Avinash K. Saurav on Aug 30, 2013
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Telephone: +91 9022855172 E-mail:- deependradubey.09@gmail.com +91 8109248138 ______________________________________________________________________________ Carrier Objective: To secure a challenging role in a multi-dimensional organization where I can effectively utilize my knowledge as an Engineering Professional possessing competent technical skills. Educational qualifications:    B.E (Electronics & Communication) Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal (M.P) 2009 -69.96% 10+2 MPBSE,Bhopal 2005 –- 81.78% 10th MPBSE,Bhopal 2002 -- 79.80%

Current Profile:   Currently working in Mumbai on Ericsson India Pvt Ltd. Mumbai, BSS (O&M) (for RCOM), from Feb 2012 to till date. 2G/3G BSS Engineer and Alarm monitoring for Reliance Communication , Mumbai

Working Experiences: Total 4.2 years of experience in Telecom domain.
 Working with Manpower services (I) Pvt. Ltd for Ericsson India Pvt Ltd,(Rcom MS) Mumbai in BSS,3G O&M Engineer from 01 may 2013(Migration of R.Com MS) to till the date. Worked with Avion systems Pvt Ltd. For ALUMS (I) Pvt Ltd for Reliance communication as a 3G O&M Engineer From 06 Feb,2012 to Apr,2013 Mumbai location Worked with Aarvi Encon Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai. for ERICSSON India Pvt LTD from Jan 2011 to Jan 2012 as a RAN implementation Engineer. Worked with Delta Telecom (I) Pvt. Ltd. Bhopal. for ALU on BSNL 2G/3G Project from July 2009 to Jan. 2011 as a Integration Engineer & Project Co-ordinator.

Technical Skills:
                    Telecom Networking 2G/3G RAN Alarm monitoring through M-2000 & LMT. Huawei Bsc 6000 card Physically & logically description. Troubleshooting of BSC & RNC . Knowledge of Trouble ticket & Fault Ticket. Give technical support to the Field Engineer. Integration & Commissioning of Ericsson 6000 Node-B Series. Huawei RNC alarm monitoring. Huawei Bsc 6000 Alarm monitoring & addition of TRX. Knowledge of basic call-flow of 2G network. Done commissioning & Integration of ALU BTS 9100. GSM/UMTS architecture. More than 2 years of Experience on 3G/LTE Technology. Types of Channels in GSM Make daily outage report of Huawei BSC & RNC. BSC card swap & installation activity. Configuration of Huawei Switch CX200 Series. Ericsson 3G Node-B series 66o1,,66o1E and 61o2. GSM interfaces architecture like as A-bis,A & Gb link interfaces. Alarm Management for the assigned Network Services

Handling Faults which required onsite support.  Huawei BTS. Able to install and maintain solid state equipments and electrical control systems. A Interface. Knowledge of 2G/3G RAN & RF KPI Responsibilities Undertaken:  Commissioning & Integration of Ericsson 3G Node-B series 3000.5 years of Experience in the RAN project & MS.  Troubleshooting of hardware /software problem in BTS.  Integration & Commissioning of NEC equipment for Videocon & Tata Docomo MP-CG circle. Huwaei GSM/UMTS BTS 3900.  Team management and coordination with Ericsson engineers.WCDMA router.  Integration.                  New Site Creation & deletion of Node-B sites in Huawei RNC 6900.  More than 2. E1/T1. Creation of Trouble Tickets and work order for field related issues Sound knowledge of HLR & VLR.  Knowledge of Ericsson KLM routing from Hub to dependent site.  Measuring VSWR and return losses with site master (bird meter& Anritsu).  EMF Survey by calculation method for Reliance Network  Involved in Migration of Huawei BSC 6900 from RDN to MEN network. Good understanding of transmission principles PDH & SDH.BCH.  Huawei Switch Cofiguration. 18GHz). DCCH Good understanding of GSM/UMTS architecture and functionality. Basic knowledge of Transmission.  Configuration microwave of Ericsson (15 GHz. CCCH. Logical channel concept like.  Good Knowledge of TCP/IP & VLAN.  Migration of Ericsson Minilink to Traffic node.  Configuration of HSD . 3012. 3900A.  Ericsson Combo BTS 2G/3G software & Hardware upgradation.  Preventive maintenance of BTS & Microwave. Ericsson transmission equipment like MINI LINK.  Operate PRI Tester. Troubleshooting of 2G/3G RAN resources & services.  Coordination with the BTS team in installing indoor electrical equipment & outdoor tower works. Traffic node & 3G node B.  Find out the problem in a particular cell/sector for call related issue. site master & E1 tester.  Manage teams of Installers and Commissioners.  Installation of TMA & Band pass Filters on live sites.  Done Alarm Monitoring & Fault management of RNC & BSC.  Knowledge of IP routing.  Integration & Commissioning of Huawei NodeB 3900/3900A/3012. Knowledge of IP network.  TRX addition and configuration from BTS 3900/3900A & BSC 6900 side for Huawei. A-bis. Technical Tools Expertise: Huawei LMT  Ericsson RBS Element Manager  M2000 Huawei performance monitoring tool  Ericsson Mini-Link craft  Netterm  Alcatel-Lucent B10 .  Ericsson Traffic Node configuration & Software Upgrade.  Done commissioning & Integration of ALU BTS 9100. Commissioning & Acceptance Test of Ericsson Node-B for IDEA project. More than Two years of hands experience on UMTS network. Ability to provide technical assistance & back office support and resolution for 2G/3G n/w NEC Microwave I&C.6000.DBS and IBS site commissioning & Integration. Interface knowledge UM.

Passport no. NEC PNMTJ Extra-curricular Activities:    State Level Player of Volleyball Team.: K0958517 Passport Valid till 2022 Date: Aug 29.K. 1987 Father’s Name : Kasi Prasad Dubey Sex : Male Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Unmarried Languages known English. Personal Details: Date of Birth : November 08. Akhil Bhartiya G. Exam got first position Certificate of State level Environmental Awareness with ‘A’ Grade. Hindi.2013 Place: Mumbai .

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