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OTM Award

Month and Year: May 2009

Nominee’s School: UNC Wilmington
Category: Spotlight
Nominee: Ms. Stultz Nominator: Aly Mack
Address: 601 S. College Road Address: 601 S. College Road
Phone: Phone: 704-651-9857
E-Mail: E-Mail:
On-Campus Population: 3,100
Chapter Size: 31
Description of Contribution:

Ms. Stultz was assigned to be my advisor my freshman year of high school. She was
always there to answer my questions on what classes I should take and encouraged me on
any endeavors I wanted. I first arrived to UNCW with the plan to major in marine
biology. Ms. Stultz encouraged me to pursue it, but she didn't say anything about how
hard it was. I found out how difficult Marine Biology was for myself, which was good
because it was a good learning experience. I decided to major in psychology and she
talked me through all of what was expected. It was easy to talk to her about the subject
because she majored in it also. As I got into my major, I got a new advisor specifically
for my major, however I still missed the talks, personal and academic advice Ms. Stultz
would give. So even now, I still go back to her to make sure my classes seem in check
and to talk about things. She has always been able to fit me into her very busy schedule
and always seems to be in a great mood, even when I blabber on about my other activities
around UNCW.

Ms. Stultz has gone above and beyond the call of an advisor, especially since I'm not a
freshman anymore and I actually know what my major and minor is. I know I can always
go to her if I have academic troubles and I always seem to breathe easier after I leave her
office I love that feeling. I know she does that for all the students that come to her they
are in very good hands.

Word Count: 279

3-4 Sentence Summary of this OTM:
Ms. Stultz served as an Academic advisor for Aly Mack at UNCW. She went above and
beyond the call of duty. She continued to mentor Aly even after Aly had changed her
major and was no longer under the official care of Ms. Stultz.