Exhausted Day.

Its 11 o’clock in the morning, me and my parents just arrived at the main gate of and were greeted by the seniors with smile and sweaty face. But now the clock showed 4 pm, I lay down my body on the bed after very tired and complicated registration process. Today is my first day in under. I departed from my home a day before and have a sleep at my sister house at. On my first step at, I saw a hangar which contains aircraft like helicopter, aeroplane and so on.

My impression when I saw that, I feel so exciting and impatient to study all those aircraft.Then, I took all registration documents to the administration block to do all registration process myself because my parents went to parents briefing. I thought that all registration ways getting easy but worse. I had to take a very long time about 5 hours to complete all those process. After that, I took my entire luggage to my hostel to take my accommodation place. On the other hand, this was my new experience in my life. Phew! Thanks to God, registration process finishes already.

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