Boiler Operations: SODA BOILING Detailed Procedure: 1.

ISOLATE INSTRUMENTS AND VALVES as per P&ID Status for Soda Boiling. 2. INSPECT. Clean steam drum and heater by wiping off dirt and dust. 3. FILL DEAERATOR with Demineralized water. 4. PRE-FLUSH WITH WATER downstream lines. Deaerator to BFW Preheater. 5. REPLACE TIP for diesel firing operation. 6. OPEN AIR VENT valve of the boiler steam drum. 7. FILL STEAM DRUM with water until level appears at site glass bottom. Take sample. 8. INTRODUCE CHEMICAL to steam drum via 2” nozzle flange. Take sample. For 1 HP Boiler: 69.1 tons DW 69.1 kg Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3) 362.775 kg Trisodium Phosphate (Na3PO4·12H2O) 10.365 kg Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) 6.91 kg Nonylphenol 9. START FIRING procedure • • • FD Fan: low rate firing status (<16.6%) Fire lower burner Monitor temperature. 25OC per hour (2-3 mins per 1OC)

10. TAKE SAMPLE on 2-hour interval. 11. DRY-OUT. Maintain temperature for 3 hours. Monitor pressure (less than 2.5 barg). 12. CLOSE AIR VENT VALVE when pressure (PG 3383) reaches 2-2.5 kgf/cm 2 (1.96-2.5 barg). 13. INCREASE STEAM DRUM PRESSURE to 9 bar.

See step 7. INCREASE STEAM DRUM PRESSURE to 9 bar. 16. 15. 18.14. Drain boiler into blowdown drum until level reaches bottom line of level gauge. START DRAINING WATER into container. 22. 19. 24.If soda boiling has passed inspection and sample analysis. TURN-OFF BOILER AND COOL DOWN boiler naturally . FILL STEAM DRUM WITH WATER. TURN-OFF FIRING burner procedure: • • • Isolate fuel. 17. Purge the furnace. Maintain pressure for 3-4 hours. 3rd and 4th blowndown. TURN-OFF FIRING burner. 21. 20. FIRST BLOWDOWN. See step 9. Take sample. Stop the FD fan. BLOWDOWN until level reaches bottom line of level gauge. SODA BOILING. 23. 26. Take sample every hour. START FIRING procedure. See step 15. MAINTAIN PRESSURE for 2-3 hours. REPEAT STEPS 17-22 for 2nd. Step 14 25. when boiler has cooled to ambient temperature. PERFORM VISUAL INSPECTION AND VALIDATE BY SAMPLE ANALYSIS RESULTS. Steps 1213 Steps 1516 Steps 1724 Step Steps11 910 Steps 1-8 .

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