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Bataglia’s Peek of the Week

March 24-28, 2008
Monday 3/24 Tuesday 3/25 Wednesday 3/26 Thursday 3/27 Friday 3/28

Day 6 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Spelling Pre-test Spelling Test

NO Homework Due

Classroom Information Weekly Reminders Upcoming Events

Reading: Yunmi and Mar. 24-26 PV Artist in
Halmoni’s Trip  Just another reminder to send a Residence
healthy snack with your child to Apr. 4 No School
Skills: Predicting outcomes, school. Examples might be April 15-16 MCA Math
possessives, analogies, and object fruit (apples, oranges, pears, April 22-23 MCA Reading
pronouns. grapes, and bananas),
vegetables (celery sticks and
baby carrots), fruit cups, yogurt, Birthdays
Math: Fractions and MCA
Test Prep
and granola bars. 3/31 Charlotte Trygg
4/2 Kayla Kirchoff
Skills: Introduction to fractions
and basic math skills review.

MR. B’S PHONE: 651-407-7600 extension 1615

OFFICE: 651-653-2847
ROOM: 204