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Grade Level: Kindergarten Goal: Provide a holistic learning opportunity

Big Ideas:
Personal/Social: 1. identify and use social skills in play and other contexts
Emotional: 1. demonstrate a sense of identity and a positive self-image
1. Communicate by talking and by listening and speaking to others for a variety of purposes and in a variety of
3. Use reading strategies that are appropriate for beginning readers in order to make sense of a variety of
ritten materials
!. Communicate in riting" using strategies that are appropriate for beginners
Assessment: #ake anecdotal notes throughout to assess their oral language skills" reading
comprehension" social skills and ability to follo both one and to step instructions.
Lesson Description Materials
1 Have a conversation with the students
about the fact that we are all important
people in this class. We all look similar
and diferent.
Encourage them to talk about how they
are similar and diferent to their friends
(Think !air "hare#.
Talk about important features of our
bodies that are similar and why we are
born with them (i.e. noses help us smell
eyes help us see hands help us feel
things etc$#.
%reate a mind map with the students and
display it in the classroom.
%hart paper
' (efer back to the mind map and have
them remind you about what parts of
their bodies are similar and why they
are important.
Talk to the students about how
important it is to love themselves and
the way they look. )t makes them
uni*ue and special.
)ntroduce the book+ ,The -est !art of
(ead the story and stop throughout
the book to discuss what parts each of
the children like the most about
themselves and why.
&ind map from
previous class
-ook+ The -est !art of
-y+ Wendy Ewald
/ (eview and discuss the book ,The
-est !art of &e..
-ook+ The -est !art of
Have the students make a circle and
invite each child to come into the
circle and share what the best part of
them is.
Take a picture.
0evelop or print the pictures.
-y+ Wendy Ewald
1 !aste each child.s picture to the
writing template.
While the students are at Work
"tations greet the group at the
writing table and have them write on
the sheet with their picture about
what the best part of them is.
0uring consolidation period for the
day+ Have the children shared their
work with their peers.
Writing Template
"tudent.s pictures
3 !artner each 4.5. student with an ".5.
student and have them move around
the room to the music with their
Every time the music stops
encourage them to share in a group of
four their work.
&usic !layer
The best part of me
6 %reate a bar graph of the diferent
parts of the body the students felt
were their favourite. 7llow them to
see who shared the same idea as
%hart paper
8!ut the students work on display in the hall so their work and ideas are shared with
Holistic Qualities
the students are encouraged to
write about their work
develop oral language skills
through their presentations
begin to understand bar graphs
learn how to retell information
from a book
re9ect on what they like most
about themselves
create positive self:images
milling to the music gets the students
up and moving around the room
creates positive self:image
improves self:con;dence
learn to take turns and listen
to their peers< partners