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Recognition Day is the culmination of all hard work and a year of study.

It is the day when us, students

can say, “I’ve done it”. It is a milestone in our life. It is also a day when we gather and celebrate

It is the most important date in our academic calendar as it is the time when our faculty and staff can
gather with us, students to celebrate our academic achievement. Remember that each recognition day
is not the end but a new beginning to a new horizon of our career.

Visitors, our dear parents, our unrelenting and dynamic mentors, Welcome to the 9th Recognition Day
Program of Sta. Elena high school SY 2008-2009.

Today, mark another milestone in the history of Sta. Elena High School, as we push the boat out on this
9th Recognition Day program. To start with today’s culmination, ladies and gentlemen, the processional.

Approaching the stage are-

The 1st year honor students, headed by the 1st year ESEP, together with their parents.

The 2nd yeah honor students, headed by the 2nd year ESEP, also with their parents.

The 3rd year honor students, headed by the 3rd year ESEP, also together with their dear parents.

Teachers ---------of the 1st year level, headed by their year level chairman, Mrs. Vilma Mariano.

of the 2nd year level, headed by their year level chairman, Ms Roselle Lazaro.

of the 3rd year level, headed by their year level chairman, Mrs. Rose Alonzo.

of the 4th year level, headed by their year level chairman,

The school administration, together with our school principal, Mr. Elizalde Q. Cena

The PTA Officers, headed by the PTA president, Mr. Raul Batica.

[other guests.]

Please remain standing for the entrance of colors.

To formally start the program, let us remain standing for the opening prayer to be lead by Jaira Jane
Torres of 2-ESEP, followed by the national anthem to be led by Jobelle Ariola of 3-GOLD.

Indeed, we are celebrating a very momentous event especially to our talented and diverse students and
also teachers who will be marching on their way to the stage and receive their awards and recognition.

We believe that the secrets behind this significant event are the teachers who have rendered their
invaluable service and shared their ideas and wisdom to us, their students, who had guided us to the
right path and able to sit down in this quadrangle and soon walk up the stage in just a few minutes time.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us all welcome and listen to the opening remarks to be given to us by the
consistent top and honor student of the Regular 3rd year, Lance Reenan Bitong.

[quote a part of his speech.]

Let us all give him a resounding round of applause.

At this moment, we believe that not only the students should be given recognition but also the parents
who have worked so hard, gave their best to their children no matter how hard life is, they kept on
working even if their chin touches the ground because of hard work. Let us all take this chance and give
a warm applause to our dear parents.

Honor students aren’t just good in academics; they could also be good in other things! Let us see their
other side. Please welcome, the regular 3rd year honor students followed by the 3rd year honor students
of ESEP to give us their electrifying special number.

Thank you for that fabulous special number. In every endeavor, there are always victors and underdogs
but it doesn’t mean that if you lost it is already a defeat as attested by as one of my favorite quotes run
like this “Losing is not always a defeat and winning is not always a victory. Today, not everybody made
it to the top, but those who did are the ones called the “the cream of the crop.” At this moment, ladies
and gentlemen, let us proceed to the awarding of Academic excellence to students of the different year
levels. To start with the 1st year level, may we call on the year level chairman, Mrs. Vilma Mariano, and
_________ to assist on the awarding of certificates to academic excellent awardees of the first year

[then 2nd year, finally the 3rd year]

Now, let us proceed to the awarding of the honor students. To start with the 1st year level, may we call
on the year level chairman, once again, Mrs. Vilma Mariano and Mr. Cena for the giving of certificates.

Let’s clap our hands once again for the first year honor students.

Perhaps, all would be a success to a teacher to see his former students in the school grounds once
again; who are now enjoying their lives on a new lifestyle; but never fails to remember. They have in
one way or another, their own little way to contribute, inspire, and give back to their Alma Mater. Ladies
and gentlemen to introduce to us our speakers, may we call on their former adviser, _______.

[quote a part of their speeches.]

Thank you for that inspiring message.

Let us take this opportunity ladies and gentlemen to witness the intelligent and talented students of Sta.
Elena High School. May we call on the first year honor students as they will render their exciting
intermission number.

How about another round of applause? Thank you for that wonderful number.
Let us move on to the next level. The 2nd year level honor students, to be awarded and called up on
stage by no other than their year level chairman, Ms. Roselle Lazaro.

How about another special number? Please welcome, the selected 2nd year ESEP Students.

That was awesome! Let’s give them another resounding round of applause.

Moving on, let us now proceed to the awarding of the 3rd year level honor students. May we call on our
stunning year level chairman, and also our adviser, Mrs. Rose Alonzo.

Let’s clap our hands, once again, to our fellow 3rd year honor students. Congratulations!

We’ve seen their faces on stage just a while ago. Now, let’s see them up on the stage once again for a
special number. Please welcome, the 2nd year ESEP honor students followed by the Regular 2nd year
honor students.

Thank you for that wonderful number.

Many wants being recognized, but a few I mean five are worthy of recognition. Let us proceed to the
awarding of the top 5 students of each year level and sections. To start with the first year level, down to
the third year level to be awarded and called up on stage by their year level chairmen.

Once and for all, let us clap our hands for the awardees. Congratulations colleagues!

To break the monotony of the program, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, a fantastic intermission
number care of no other than, the very energetic, Mrs. Cristy Cantalejo.

A recognition day is not just plainly for the awarding and giving certificates, from the root word,
recognize, we can say that it is also a time, once in a year, that we take time to give credits to our
mentors and that they are appreciated. Genuine praise is wonderful to receive and simple to give, but
none of us do it enough. Today can also be the perfect day to say a ‘thank you’.

This day is of giving praise for their job well done, to recognize their kindness shown and other things
that make our teachers extraordinary, exceptional and incomparable. Let us take them to the stage that
will simply tell them that they have made an impact. Please welcome, Ladies and gentlemen, the
awarding of the outstanding teachers to be awarded and called up on stage by no other than, our
principal, Mr. Elizalde Cena.

Let’s give our dear teachers a round of applause of warm appreciation. Congratulations, Sir, Ma’am.

Now let us lend our ears and open our hearts to the inspirational message of the 1st honor of the 3rd
year ESEP, Zenon Pestaño.

[quote from the speech]

Thank you very much for that stirring message.

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do
it,” this was the line uttered by the late American President Dwight Eisenhower which have had helped
us move on. At this point, let us pay attention, pin our ears back as we call on the head, the father, and
a true leader, no other than our endearing Principal Mr. Elizalde Cena, for his closing remarks.

[quote from the speaker.]

Thank you very much sir. We are so pleased and delighted to your words.

As we end today’s affair, we would like to leave a thought for all of you and all of us. Abraham Lincoln,
the 16th US president, once quoted, “Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy
of recognition.” It’s hard not to be recognized…when you feel like you deserve it, when you feel like it’s
been left up to you, when you have been given responsibility, when you feel like you have aced the
test, when you feel worthy of it, when you think it couldn’t have been done without you, when you know
that you gave 100%, when it cost you a lot, when you sacrificed, and when you want it. We may not be
worth of the recognition in human eyes but remember, God will always be our great audience in
everything, He knows best, more than giving a certificate, a medal, or a shake hand, it is His glory, His


In every occasion, the presence of the guest of honor and speaker makes the occasion more significant
and memorable. By his words of wisdom we can be able to get ideas that will help us progress. “I like to
listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen,” a famous line
uttered by one of the popular American novelists and poets Ernest Hemingway. Ladies and gentlemen
to introduce to us our guest of honor and speaker on today’s affair, may we call on the ever vibrant and
full of enthusiasm, _________________________

Ladies and gentlemen let us all stand and welcome the man of the hour, a man dedicated to public
service and a man with philanthropic attitude, let us all give an echoing applause to our beloved

We are very much honored to have here with us our very supportive and dynamic ______ as he will
inspire us with his inspirational message.

Thank you very much sir for that stirring message.