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Mixed conditionals

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Elsewhere on LearnEnglish we have dealt with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd conditionals, the zero
even touched on mixed conditionals when explaining different uses of would.

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Sometimes conditional sentences are mixed, which means that the time in the "if" clause is not the same as the time in
the main clause. The following types of mixed conditionals are possible:
Past/present - present/past

If you hadn't taken so long getting ready, we'd be there by now.

If we liked shellfish, we would have eaten the lobster.

Past/future - future/past
If I had saved a bit harder, I'd be going to Jamaica with them next week.

If I didn't have to work this evening, I would have gone with them to the game.

Future/present - present/future
If he didn't have to study tomorrow, he wouldn't be depressed.

If she didn't like travelling, she wouldn't be going to the Amazon next weekend.

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