Younique 2015 Incentive Trips

Jamaica & West Indies

Earn a luxurious vacation in the Caribbean…or two!
Check the Caribbean off your bucket list this year!
We are thrilled to announce the third annual Younique Incentive Trips to Jamaica and the West Indies! Any
active Presenter who earns one, or both, of the trips by completing the qualifications by May 31, 2015, will
be invited to travel with the Younique Founders. Read on to learn how you can qualify to attend one or both
of these unforgettable vacations through your qualifying monthly PRS, Paid-As Status, and First Level New

Jamaica Cruise
“Fill the Boat!”

West Indies

October 17–22, 2015

February 5–10, 2016

6-day, 5-night cruise
to (Falmouth, Ocho Rios)

6-day, 5-night Four
Seasons Resort getaway
to Nevis, West Indies!


2015 Incentive Trips

Who’s eligible?
All active Younique Independent Presenters. That’s you!

What is the qualification period?
The qualification period is from January 1, 2015 (12:01 a.m. PT) through May 31, 2015 (11:59 p.m. PT).
Incentive Trip qualification points will be totaled by Monday, June 8, 2015, and are subject to change
until that time.

How can I track my points?
The qualifications are easy to check in your Back Office. On January 1, 2015, we will provide you with a
tracker in your Back Office. Your points are not real-time; rather, they will be shown at the end of the month.
For example, starting February 8, 2015 you will see all your points from the month of January and your
bonus points for registering for convention if you registered before January 2015. Your incentive trip tracker
will not update throughout the month. Instead it will update on the 8th of each month, showing you the totals
from previous months.


2015 Incentive Trips
JAMAICA CRUISE “Fill the Boat!”
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:

Earn 10,000 points, receive pack of 10 catalogs
Earn 15,000 points, receive $75 in Y-Cash
Earn 20,000 points, receive Younique-branded makeup trunk
Earn 25,000 points, receive Cruise for self
Earn 40,000 points, receive Cruise for self + one

Ways to earn Incentive Trip Points:
Personal Retail Sales Points
For every 1 PRS, you earn 1 Point.
Paid-As Status Points
These are the points you earn for your “paid-as status” for a given month.
e. Purple = 4,500
a. Pink = 1,000
f. Black = 5,000
b. Blue = 2,000
g. Black Level 1 = 6,000
c. Green = 3,000
d. Orange = 3,500
First Level New Advancement Points
As a Sponsor, you will earn points when one of your First Level Presenters advances in rank during the
qualification period.
a. Pink: 250
e. Purple: 1,200
b. Blue: 500
f. Black: 2,000
c. Green: 750
g. Black Level 1: 2,500
d. Orange: 900
Bonus Points
a. Earn 1,000 points when you register for Convention.
* Look for additional ways to earn Bonus Points in the months ahead!

1. Achieve all the requirements to earn the Jamaica cruise.
2. Be paid as Black Status Level 1 twice during the
qualification period.


2015 Incentive Trips
What is this “Fill the Boat!” all about?
Unlike past Younique Incentive cruises where we’ve shared the cruise ship with strangers,
we plan to “Fill the Boat!” ONLY with Younique presenters! For the Jamaica Cruise, the whole
ship will be devoted to you. Every single guest on the cruise will be part of the Younique family!
Depending on the number of Presenters that earn the cruise, we will then fill the remaining spots
with the “plus ones” that earned Level 5: 40,000 points (the cruise + one). Depending on availability, we
will give first dibs to those with the highest points to fill the remaining spots on the ship. After all “plus ones”
have been given the opportunity, we will then open it up for paid guests to join Presenters.

Are First Level New Advancement Points cumulative?
Yes, these points are cumulative. In other words, if you are the sponsor of a First Level Presenter who
advances from Pink to Orange, you (the Sponsor) would receive 2,150 points (500 points for Blue +
750 points for Green + 900 points for Orange = 2,150).

Are Paid-As Status Points cumulative?
No, these points are not cumulative. These are points you earn for being Paid As a certain status for that
given month. For example, at the end of January 2015, if you are Paid As Purple, you would earn 4,500

How do I earn Personal Retail Sales (PRS) Points?
PRS stands for Personal Retail Sales. This is the sum of the retail value of commissionable products
sold to a Presenter or her individual customers. The PRS points are earned by sales you personally make.
Sales that Presenters in your Company make can apply to Circle Wholesale Sales but not to PRS.

How do I earn points to qualify for one or both of the Incentive Trips?
You can find all of the trip qualification information above. At the end of the qualification period, those who
earned the trip will receive an invitation to attend one or both of these Incentive Trips with our Younique
Founders. Do what you can to earn an invitation to these trips of a lifetime!

Is there a minimum point requirement for each qualification for the
Jamaica Incentive Trip?
No. You may earn the incentive trip points in any combination you choose. The only requirement is that the
combination of points, regardless of how they are earned, must total the overall points needed to qualify.
The points can be earned in the way that is best for you and your business.


2015 Incentive Trips

If I earn enough points and qualify for one or both of Level 1 and Level 3 of
the Jamaica Cruise qualifications, when will I receive my free catalogs and
Younique-branded makeup trunk?
All prizes will be finalized on June 8, 2015. Those who earned Level 1 and Level 3 prizes will receive their
prize(s) with their next order after the qualification period has ended. Level 2 qualifiers ($75 in Y-Cash) will
receive the Y-Cash in their account on June 8, 2015, after the qualification period has ended. If you earn one
or all prizes before the qualification period ends, the prize(s) will not be sent until after the qualification period.

Are the point requirements different across the different markets?
No. The required points are the same across all markets.

Can Younique Presenters in all markets (United Kingdom, Australia,
New Zealand, United States, and Canada) earn the Incentive Trips?
Yes. Presenters in all markets are eligible to earn one or both trips.

How will I be notified if I qualify?
After June 8, 2015, you will receive an email letting you know you have qualified for the trip.

When will Younique announce who earned one or both Incentive Trips?
We will announce all who earned one or both Incentive Trips after June 8, 2015.

Who will earn the incentive trip to the West Indies?
To earn the trip to the West Indies you will need to achieve all the requirements to earn the Jamaican cruise
and be paid as a Black Status Level 1 twice during the five-month qualification period.

Can I earn both the Jamaica and the West Indies Incentive Trips?
Yes! It is possible to earn both trips. You must meet the qualifications for both in order to earn both trips.


2015 Incentive Trips
Can I earn just the Jamaica Cruise and not the West Indies Getaway?
Yes. It is possible to earn just the Jamaica Cruise and not the West Indies Getaway.

What will my cruise include if I earn the Jamaica Cruise Incentive Trip?
You will be invited to attend the cruise of a lifetime with Younique Founders, Derek and Melanie,
exploring the beautiful islands of Falmouth and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Please note that you will be responsible to get yourself (and your guest) to and from the Miami port, where the cruise ship docks and launches.
There is no airfare allowance for this trip.

Can I pay to bring a guest on the cruise if I don’t earn enough points?
Yes, you will have the option to pay to bring a guest; however, it will be based on availability. There is
no guarantee there will be enough room on the cruise for all who desire to bring a guest who have not
earned it.

What if I earn the “Self + Guest” option to Jamaica but I am unable to bring
a guest. Can I be reimbursed for the “Guest” portion of my trip?
No. There is no reimbursement for the “Guest” portion of the incentive trip if you are unable to bring a
guest. We bet that if the original person you intended to bring can’t come that you will have no problem
finding another friend to bring along!

Can I upgrade my interior cabin to another room on the Jamaica Cruise?
Upgrading your cabin will be entirely based on the availability of rooms on the cruise ship. Younique has no
control over which rooms will be available for you to choose from. In addition, you will be required to cover
any cost associated with the upgrade.

What is included in the West Indies Getaway Trip?
You will be invited to attend a vacation of a lifetime with Younique Founders, Derek and Melanie, in the
gorgeous West Indies for 6 days and 5 nights at an all-inclusive Four Seasons resort. You will be responsible for your own airfare but will be given $1,000 (USD) spending money, which you can choose to apply to
airfare or for anything else.


2015 Incentive Trips
If I earn the West Indies Getaway, can I bring a guest?
Yes, if you earn the West Indies trip, you have also automatically earned it for you and a guest. Your guest,
however, cannot be another Younique Presenter. You will have your own resort room, which you can share
with your guest. You will be responsible for any additional fees that are incurred by your guest. Your guest
will not be provided with any goodies or gifts from Younique.

What do I do once I’ve earned the incentive trip?
First of all, celebrate! At the end of the qualification period, you will be extended an invitation to attend the
Incentive Trip you earned. That invitation will then be followed with details about how to register.

How much of my airfare will Younique cover?
There is no airfare allowance for earners of the Jamaica Cruise Incentive Trip. You will be responsible to get
yourself to and from Miami. Airfare will also not be covered for you and a guest to the West Indies; however,
West Indies Getaway qualifiers will be given $1,000 (USD) spending money to use any way you choose.

What happens if I earn one or both of the Incentive Trips and I am unable
to attend? Do I still get to go on a cruise or getaway another time, or will I
be compensated?
If you are unable to attend, you forfeit your spot on one or both of the trips for the dates selected. No other compensation, rescheduling, or transfers will be available. You also forfeit any gifts, swag, and spending money.

Will I need a passport and how do I get one?
Yes, you and your guest will need a passport to attend either Incentive Trip. Citizens of all countries will be
required to provide information for themselves and any guests. Information on obtaining passports and the
fees required can be found at your local post office. Because obtaining a passport does take time, we recommend that you start the application process as soon as possible after qualifying for the Incentive Trip.
The value of any incentive trip may be considered taxable income, and all taxes are the sole responsibility of the Presenter who qualifies for and receives the incentive trip. It is the responsibility of the Presenter to provide airfare, gratuities, pre/post meals and lodging, ground transportation, and any other fees relating to the incentive trip. Additional exclusions apply.