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7B: Spira

Ms. Malzone
Crescent Academy International
Spira: A Legendary City
Benvinguts a Spira! That is Catalan -Spira’s main language- for ‘Welcome to Spira!’
Spira, once known as Barcelona, is a province located in Spain. Barcelona’s name was changed
due to the city’s immense growth and transformation. From the beautiful sights of the Sagrada
Família, to the streets of Ramba; Spira has always been gazed upon for its alluring charm.
Spirans enjoy the city’s beauty by visiting parks and community gardens scattered around Spira.
The complexity of farming within Spira adds to its innovative design.
With help from many engineers, the metropolis of Spira is now an urban agricultural
legend. It began with 1.6 million people, and expanded over the course of 150 years to over 1.82
million. Consequently, farmers struggled to feed the masses of malnourished people within the
city. To solve this, a simple solution was put into effect: growing one main vegetable and protein
for Spira’s citizens. The vegetable is Brale, Kale and Broccoli grafted together; it is grown with
golden bamboo to increase growth speed. The protein is Quinoa, a plant similar to rice. The
vitamins and amino acids that Brale and Quinoa do not allocate are supplemented through milk,
pasta, and seafood. Spira’s urban farm design includes underground and vertical farms which use
hydroponics, composting, smart sprinklers, algae water-purification farms and soil-drones.
Another way Spirans farms is by using the hover train system. Each train has mini-domes
placed onto the roof of the train to grow Brale and Quinoa. Regular trains produce massive
amounts of pollution, but Spira’s trains use magnetic levitation and turbines with a solar powered


engine to maneuver, so they don't generate toxins. All other transportation methods use a similar
non-toxin system. Floating color-coded laser lights, unaffected by weather, direct all means of
Spira’s advanced drone technology transports goods to and from the marketplace. Drones
are powered by solar energy, and fly using physics similar to planes. They are also used to scan
the city for any crimes and emergencies.
Along with keeping safety a priority, Spirans also have to stay healthy. Each citizen is
provided with a scanner and mini tablet with information on thousands of viruses and signs of
diseases. Spirans scan themselves at home, and the data is sent directly to their doctor. If any
sign of diseases is detected, a diagnosis will immediately be sent to the tablet. This ensures that
the patient can be treated before the illnesses can occur.
Education is very important in Spira. Education is free for all minors, and is mandatory
for children 6-18. Part of schools’ curriculums is to focus on awareness of agriculture and its
effect on health by implementing student research centers which use graftoponics, a mixture of
grafting and hydroponics. Interactive agricultural museums which have 3D exhibits, are located
around the city to help educate young people.
Spira is brilliant and green, but the future lies in the next generations; we invite you be a
part of the urban agricultural legend.