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Hour ___________ Due Date _____________

Ethical Design Checklist

Please make sure you have all the following in your Ethical Design. Each checklist item
is worth two (2) points each. Ten (10) points total.

After watching the videos, reading the articles and viewing the images for
inspiration you picked Global Warming or Amnesty International for your design.
(Circle one).


Images are used to inspire so make sure you do not PLAGIARIZE. Please write
done the design you used as inspiration: _______________________________
If none, than please write down how you came up with your design: _________


Create a piece of work that is a symbol that relates to your topic, either Global
Warming or Amnesty International. Think of connections like the earth for Global
Warming and hands for Amnesty International. Write down the symbol(s) you are
using here ________________________________________________________


Your design needs text. Write what your text says here: ____________________


Your design has balance and unity to it. Your design has achieved this by: