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The Power of Women: Then and Now

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My Divine Fashion and Tips
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Whether it be
racism or rights,
the women of
our past have endured similar
They've also accomplished
much success by
setting precedents for not only the great
women of our
present, but society as a whole.
Two of those
women in particular dedicated
their wisdom and timeless humility that we credit
them for today...
Thin mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs...names that
sound familiar to cookie lovers around the world.
The credit however, is not solely due to the bubbly
little girl down the street trying to encourage your
purchase. Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl
Scouts of America in Savannah, Georgia in 1911 as
a vice to empower young women all over the world,
no matter her background. It teaches honesty,
courage, confidence, compassion, fairness, sisterhood and citizenship through activities like camping, community service and first aid skills. The ages range from Brownies (ages 7 through 9), Intermediates (ages 10 through 13), and Seniors (ages
14 through 18). Throughout the years, the group
has not only participated in the empowerment of
women but the human race as a whole, by actively
encouraging equality and desegregation during the
Civil Rights movement. What started out as an organization of 18 members, has now turned into 3.7
million members and deemed one of the largest
charity/non--profit organizations in the world.
What was once Low's dream of bringing together
"something for all the girls" has now become a re-

Abigail Magazine

ality for millions of young women and girls all over

the world.
Fast--forwarding from some of the most monumental and unforgettable accomplishments made by
women in the past, there are still major positive
changes taking place in order to motivate and empower women all over the world. A prime example
being Oprah Winfrey, also highly noted not only
for her media expertise but for her philanthropy as
well. Because of her past encounters with sexual
abuse, an unstable family and poverty as a child,
adversity, sexual orientation and drugs, she has
dedicated millions of dollars and hours of her life
to helping other people better themselves. She's
dedicated over $400 million to education, charities
and non profits nationally and internationally.
Just as Juliette
Gordon Low
dedicated her
life for the betterment of
women, Oprah
Winfrey too
shared a likeness in establishing the
Oprah Winfrey
Academy for
Girls in South
Africa. Despite
their race and
the time period of their lives, both Juliette Gordon
Low and Oprah Winfrey shared the same intentions. Their generosity and ambitions have created
a means of success for countless generations. Very
different in their upbringings and environments,
they found a common need to not only help themselves and their families, but an entire nation.

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Name: Relesha Thompson

Location: Spartanburg, SC
Age: 27
Title: U.S. Army Veteran, AFAA Certified Personal
Trainer, Owner of WomenKnowlogy Incorporated
Contact: Personal
Personal-- Relesha Thompson
Business-- WomenKnowlogy
Personal IG: @xquisitedelite
Business IG: @womenknowlogy
Phone: (864) 415

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Three things I do to motivate me are....
-Although I may not be where I want to be in my fitness journey or in life I look at where I came from,
how much I've improved and grown and that helps
motivate me to keep pushing and striving for better.
I'm in competition with myself so everyday I wake up
I'm motivated to be better than I was yesterday.
-I write out monthly goals for my fitness journey and
for me as an individual and that helps motivate me
(ex: I'm going to work on controlling my emotions,
having more patience and not raising my voice to my
children, and I'm not going to eat any bread this
By me looking at this everyday in my journal it helps
me to stay on track, stay focused and stay motivated.
-I'm always studying other people who do the same
thing that I do. Whether it's on FB, IG or YouTube I
stay looking up other fitness professionals because
who better to study than someone who is where you
want to be in life? Me seeing people with my profession that are successful motivates me and reminds
me that anything is possible.
-Fitness myths: You can eat what and how you want
as long as you workout. Wrong, you can't workout
your bad eating habits. Your body is 70% your eating
and 30% your workout meaning your eating habits
are more important than your workout regimen.
-Women shouldn't lift weights because they'll look
like men. Wrong, women and men both should always incorporate weight training into their workout.
If you only do cardio and no weights then you will
have loose, saggy skin. So ladies weights is a must!
-If women workout too much they are going to lose
their butt. Wrong, I workout all the time and my butt
has actually gotten bigger. You just have to know
what exercises to do.
**I grew up in a small, country town full of dirt
roads, pastures, farm land, and farm animals right
outside of Spartanburg SC called Foster Grove. Everyone in my neighborhood were relatives just about.
When I was 15
years--old we moved to the city of
Spartanburg where I was introduced to city living. I
graduated from Dorman High School in 2005 and
entered into the U.S. Active Army. I stayed in the
military for five years. My last duty station was Ft.
Hood, Texas where I finished my enlistment in 2010
and then [had a] son after I moved back home to
South Carolina.

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People always say that the way to a

mans heart is through his stomach.
I think we can all conclude that to be
true. This months recipe is going to
be every mans dream dinner. I call
this the hearty mans meatloaf. This
meatloaf in a way is a big BBQ hamburger and what man does not like
hamburgers. Were taking a BBQ
style twist on the traditional meat
loaf. The recipe is as follows.

Once that is done set aside to

let it rest before placing it into the
oven. While that is resting we will

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

make the BBQ glaze.

Wash and slice the portabella

Whisk together the brown sugmushrooms to your desired thickar, ketchup and Worcestershire
ness. Set aside.
sauce together.

Slice half of the red onion to the

Once the sauce is complete
desired thickness and toss into a
spread it over the meatloaf. Then
saut pan with olive oil and just let
wrap the meatloaf pan in aluminum
them cook down for about three
foil and bake for 30 minutes.
minutes then add the mushrooms to
Once the 30 minutes are up
Hearty Mans Meatloaf
the saut pan. Once they are both
take off the aluminum foil and cook
cooked together for one minute or
uncovered for an additional 15

1lb of ground beef preferably

so, remove from the heat and let
80/20 fat
them cool.

1lb of mild ground sausage

Using a bowl, whisk together

This meatloaf is a show stopper in

2 eggs
milk, eggs, salt, pepper and garlic.
my home. The men chow down like

2 tbsp milk
Put to the side.
there is no tomorrow. If you would

Half of a red onion

In a separate bowl, mix the sau- like to add a complementary side I

One 8oz container of portabella sage and ground beef together .

would suggest red skin mashed potamushrooms

Once mixed together add in

toes. Which are so simple to make:

2.5 cups original panko bread

your egg wash, then slowly add in
dice up red potatoes, boil them until
the bread crumbs and mix until the they are soft, add garlic, milk, butter

1tbsp of salt
meatloaf will hold a ball shape.
and a little sour cream. They will be

1tbsp pepper

Add in the sauted mushrooms a perfect side item! More is to come

2tbsp garlic
and onions to the mixture before
from Caitlins Culinary Corner. Be

10 thin strips of bacon

sculpting into a loaf form.
on the lookout here in the next AbiBBQ glaze

Set your meatloaf in a meat loaf gail Magazine. If you have any recipe
pan or on a baking sheet.
ideas or any questions please feel

cup of brown sugar

Slice by slice add the bacon in

free to email me at

cup of ketchup
rows on the top of your meat loaf.

Abigail Magazine

1tbsp of Worcestershire sauce


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So your boo boo, shuga wuga, honey pie, love of

your life has popped the question. After the initial
shock and excitement dies down a million and
one thoughts start to run through your mind. 'Do
we want a spring or fall wedding? Where will it
be? Will all of my family travel? Who are my
bridesmaids? What colors do I want to work
with? What style of dress do I want my bridesmaids in? Dress? My dress ...what kind of dress
do I want to wear?' The moment you think of
your dress whether you know the style you want
or never have thought about it, you immediately
picture yourself in a dress. Then one of two things
happen. One, you immediately get excited at the
thought of being able to wear your dream dress
that you have had picked out since you were 17 or
two your hands gravitate to your mid
mid--section and
grimace at the thought of squeezing into a wedding dress. Whether this is your thought process
or not most brides
to--be make the declaration to
Abigail Magazine

be some what smaller than what they currently

are. My goal is to outline a few things that can
help make this process a little less intimidating.
Start off by making your fitness plan a priority
with all of your other wedding plans. If it's not a
part of your routine you need to find a realistic
time slot where it can go. You want to give yourself about five to six months before the wedding
day to have healthy results. Remember you're not
looking for a quick fix for a fitness plan you want
to make sure that this is carried over into a lifestyle v.s. a crash diet just to fit in a dress. Incorporate this fitness plan in your budget if working
out and nutrition are not your area of expertise,
then you are going to have to hire someone or pay
for a class of some sort that is going to give you
knowledge in this area. Treat this as an investment for your well being. Some people are paying
$1500 for a photographer but think that $500 is
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too much for personal sessions. We spend so
much money on material items such as cars,
phones, the best designer clothes but then we
want to be cheap when it comes to healthier food
and gym memberships.

nuts, protein drinks, natural peanut, almond, or

soy butter
-Lean meats like fish and chicken are easier to
-At dinner stick to a meat and a veggie. No pasta
and bread at dinner time.
Workout classes are a great way to get you start- -One cheat day a week!
-Stick to foods that grow from the ground that
ed, plus it allows you to get together with girlfriends and the bridal party to discuss a few
you have to cook. Processed and frozen foods
plans and a great stress reliever at such a hectic only slow the process down.
-Eggs work for any time of the day and are a
time. Also with your fianc, that can be great
couple time! You could even purchase a group
great source of protein.
package from a personal trainer that you and the -Use the internet! There are so many websites
girls could go in on together if being in front of
with healthier recipes on making your favorite
strangers is too intimidating. Getting together
for group walks/jogs is another option. What
ever route that you decide to go make sure you
Planning a wedding and preparing yourself to
start two to three days a week. Get with the
blend families and households with another
group once a week, then the other two days do
person can be extremely stressful and an
something different so that you don't get bored emotional experience, which can take a toll on
with your routine. The moment you get bored
your overall health. You want to give your body
switch it up. Eventually you're going to want to the best foods as possible and exercise the body.
incorporate strength training because that is
Treat the inside of your body as good as you
going to burn fat faster. Experiment with
cover the outside. Don't take the cheap route for
different workouts, do not do the same thing
your health. Even though you may be starting
every time you work out that will only maintain this journey because of the wedding, doesn't
your weight instead of helping you lose and tone. mean it ends the day of the wedding. That's why
you want to start five to six months out so that it
Now that we have the workout component,
becomes a pattern and a habit to eat well and
naturally we have to talk about nutrition. The
exercise. You only get one body and what you do
two go hand in hand. One without the other can with it is your choice. Choose a healthy lifestyle
make the process longer than it needs to be. Plus and blend that lifestyle with the groom to be, so
neither one has to be too strict if you find a good that if children come into the picture you are
balance between the two. Here are some helpful passing down such a great message. Remember
nutrition tips that you want to start using along if you live in the New York City area feel free to
with your new fitness plan:
contact Curvy Chick Fitness, so we can tailor a
fitness package for you or your whole bridal
-Drink plenty of water everyday this will help
with skin care and digestion.
-Always eat breakfast even if it's only a half an
Twitter @curvychickfit @charitylynette
apple, you have to get your metabolism jump
Facebook: Curvychickfitness
Model: Charity Lynette
-Snacks are your friend. Do not be afraid to
Photo Credit: Kendra Martin
snack just snack on good foods.
MUA: Brittany
*fruits & veggies, hummus, low
low--fat yogurt,
Abigail Magazine

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Diet and exercise: Your body is your tool so look after

it. Doing a little exercise also helps to keep your heart
and lungs in good shape, and keep you toned
some flexibility exercises to keep you supple.
Skin--care/Hygiene: Find a good skin
skin--care routine
which suits you, and try to stick to it. We all get outbreaks, but you want your skin to be as good as it can
be. If possible try cleansing your face 3 xs daily. Its
especially important when modeling to be hygienic.
Makeup: Invest in good make
make--up. Pharmacy brands
are OK, but the best are brands that specialize in make
-up for make
make--up artists. (MAC/Clinique)

Tattoos: Tattoos can look great in moderation and when thought through properly,
but they can also limit the work you can do
because many photographers dont like
them. Models without tattoos are more
likely to get work over those with tattoos.
What to pack: When traveling, its important to think about what you need to
pack. Ask the photographer in advance to
give you an idea of any styles of clothing
they want you to bring, and pack according
to the length of the shoot. Clothing, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, deodorant, baby
wipes, and skin moisturizer. And dont forget your business/comp cards!
These are some things to get you started on
your photo
photo--shoot journey.
Sherrell "Divine" Washington

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AH: It's my lifestyle ... Proud to be a South CaroliniYOU'VE BEEN INVOLVED IN ETC, I WOULD SAY
an with a smooth style of my own.
AH: Thank you! :) I like to stay true to myself. Versatility is my thing! I don't care to be the same everyAH: Definitely a high grind. A lot more traveling,
day. I've never been one to follow the crowd, but alseminars, and reaching out to the youth and young
low others to inspire me.
adults as well as getting back into acting.
AH: Facebook, IG, Twitter, Model Mayhem ... Social
Media is everything right now! I will be launching my
AH: I hate talking about myself, guys! Lol. Well, I'm
website in late Spring 2015 as well.
a very passionate, loving, artistic, fireball.
Passion: I didn't get into modeling just for fun or
pretty pictures. I do it because it's apart of who I am.
It's my life and I live for each moment in front of or
behind the camera.
Love: When I love, I love hard whether it's an intimate relationship or a friendship.


WHERE ARE YOU FROM? By the way of Summerville, South Carolina


Artist: I am a creative woman, always have been since FOR? Work that is classy, yet sexy. Never doing too
a child. So I often find myself dabbling in anything
that gets my creative juices flowing.
Fire: It's me. As a fire sign, I live up to the element. I have and I am currently! It's a beautiful thing when
can be the sweetest thing on the planet or the total
you realize there was a part of you missing that you
opposite, but it all depends on how I'm approached.
didn't know was missing ... and they're right in front
of you. I could talk about the subject of love forever.
My nationality is Native American (Blackfoot, Cherokee, Seminole) and African American ... That's what I TELL US ABOUT YOUR LIFE GROWING UP IN
know of so far.
AH: My mom actually sparked my interest in modeling when I was a little girl. She modeled for years and
I got to see first hand what the industry was all about.
Thanks to her, my first runway experience was at the
age of 5 ... I have a recording somewhere. lol

Abigail Magazine


AH: Me not trying hard enough. I don't like to blame
my struggle on the color of my skin or gender. They're
both gifts I was given that I would never change, but I
can change the perception that others see in me as a
woman of color. We all have the power to make our
dreams of success a reality, we just have to go for it!

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Michele Lawson who has appeared on such shows as the popular drama series Law and Order/Law
and Order SVU, CinemaTherapy- WE TV, and Three DENZEL WASHINGTON films "Manchurian
Candidate", "The Taking of Pelham 123" and "American Gangster". As well as several web based
medical videos. Michele has shown herself to be a dedicated actress and model, and has walked the
runway for Runway the Real Way, Jersey City Fashion Week, Harlem Weeks "A Great Day in Harlem
Fashion Event," New York Fashion Week, Fashion on the Hudson Fashion Show and Caribbean
Fashion Week in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
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ABIGAIL MAGAZINE: Hi Michele how are you?
Michele: I am doing well.

ML: I have appeared in (three) Denzel Washington movies. I appeared on Law and Order and
AM: When did you decide you wanted to be an
Law and Order, SVU. I am a published plus size
model with experience in runway, fit and catalog/
ML: I always wanted to be an actress, since I was print work.
five-years -old. Then I actually had the chance
and I knew I wasn't ever going to stop. LOL
AM: Which actor would you love to work with in
the future?
AM: Being a black actress , has race ever played a ML: This is such a hard choice. I would love to
part in you not getting a role?
work with Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union and
ML: I do not believe so. I have always submitted Angela Bassett. Im sorry. I tried to narrow it
or been submitted for a role in which they were
seeking an African American Actress. The situation may occur for others. But for me I really went AM: You are also a model, between acting and
after the roles that called for my description.
modeling, which would you say is your favorite?
ML: I love modeling, it's really a chance for me to
AM: You have appeared in many leading TV dra- give a non verbal expression of my talent. but if I
mas including Law and Order, tell us about that
had to choose it would be acting. That is when I
can really show talent and enjoy the talented peoML: It was an awesome experience to be called in ple I can be around.
after submitting my headshot for another role. I
was able to meet the leads, Christopher Meloni
AM: What other projects are you working on?
and Mariska Hargitay. They are so personable and ML: I am working on a few fashion shows in 2015
laid back. Working with the late great Robin Wil- but my main focus will be commercial, commerliams was great. We had a great time.
cial print and hopefully TV Hosting. I have gone
on a few auditions for some print work and I hope
AM: How do you prepare for a role ?
to get the roles.
ML: I study the script and research the role. If it
is a period piece set in a specific time period. I
AM: Tell us something about you, that may surmake sure my wardrobe is appropriate. I try to
prise us?
become the person I am playing and live in that
ML: When I'm not acting I am a school teacher
and have worked for the city for many years, while
juggling acting and modeling. You have to work
AM: Tell us about some of the roles you have
hard to make your dreams become real.
ML: I have played the role of Pauline Oberdorfer AM: Where do you want to see yourself in the
in a documentary called, The Black Sorority Pro- next five years?
ML: I see myself in television commercials, some
The role of a police officer in an industrial film,
commercial/lifestyle print work, a role in a few
upcoming films and hosting a show on HGTV.
I played myself on the show, Cinematherapy. I
played the role of Shelby, a songwriter in the play, AM: Well thanks for chatting with us, hope to see
A Troubled Little Angel
you on the big screens in 2015.
AM: What are some of your greatest accomplish-

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I feel both males and females face some of
the same battles in the industry. It all boils
down to hard work no matter what sex
you are , because being an artist is not
easy and sometimes its very hard, but my
love for my music and what I do, over
powers any hurdles I may face. As a female in the industry, I have learned that
its all about the energy you put out, thats
what you receive.
AM: What other talents do you have?
LI: Im a master loctician and natural hair
stylist. I have worked with many celebrities, to get a glimpse of my work check out
Ying Yang Twins video with Wyclef
AM: What projects are you currently
working on?

Name: Lady Impress

Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Age: 30
Title: Songwriter/Performer/ Musician
contact: Sakeenah Hasan

LI: Currently, Im working on a live album

where I can show more of my acoustic and reggae
songs. It's a new sound that Im experimenting
with and I cant wait to release it. My band and I
are currently working on a great show that we will
soon showcase around the east coast.
AM: What struggles have you survived to be where
you are today?

ABIGAIL MAGAZINE: What motivated you to be a

reggae artist?
LI: I remember my days in ATL where I have waited hours outside in the cold just to perform. I even
LADY IMPRESS: From an early age I was drawn to gave up everything to go to Jamaica for months
reggae music. I remember watching Caribbean
just to push my music. To be an artist, struggles
Rhythms on Bet , and being hooked to the feel of
are a part of the game, but its all to build you for
the music. This was my first introduction to regwhats to come. Nonstop driving from city to city
gae and the Jamaican lifestyle. Over time I slowly or flying to different countries, I've done it and will
engulfed the music and came from being a fan of do whatever I need to push my music.
reggae music to being a reggae artist.
AM: I'm loving some of the tracks on your reverbAM: Is it easier or harder being a female in the reg- nation page. Which one is your favorite and why?
gae genre?
LI: If I had to choose one, it would be My Boat,
LI: Overall the music industry is male dominated, right now! I love this song because of the live band
so sometimes there are obstacles as a female artist. feel it has in it. I really love the live sound in tracks

Abigail Magazine

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Abigail Magazine
lovers rock reggae. I love bringing the audience
into my world of music and seeing them enjoy
AM: Any music videos we can check out?
LI: Check out my first video Private Dancer now
on Youtube and playing on Caribbean Stations.
AM: Why did you choose that song to to do your 1st
video on?
LI: I chose this song to do my first video on
because, I felt it was a great crossover record. I
worked with Augusta Massive which are reggae
producers out of Italy, and I love the blend we made
together on this single.

versus computerized riddims.

AM: Does the Charleston market have a big reggae
LI: I feel Charleston has a lot of reggae lovers, but
there are not a lot of venues that cater to this
market. As the love for reggae grows worldwide Ive
noticed more people are looking for reggae events.
AM: When is your next live performance?
LI: TBA, please check my website for future show dates.
AM: What can the audience expect from seeing you
LI: You will be definitely entertained with many
originals or cover tunes in dancehall, roots, or

Abigail Magazine

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Abigail Magazine

Award-Winning Writers Cynthia

Horner & Darryl James Release
Book on Celebrity Relationship
Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud
featuring Queen Latifah, Fantasia, Keyshia Cole,
Jennifer Hudson, Preachers of L.A.s Myesha
Chaney and Love & Hip Hop Hollywoods Masika
In Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud, Black
female celebrities talk about finding and/or
maintaining love while living a public life. EditorIn-Chief and Publisher Cynthia Hornerteams
with Author and Publisher Darryl James to ask
the difficult questions of Black Women who face
certain challenges while pursuing their love lives
under the microscope of the public eye.
Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud is an anthology of modern relationship discussions, examining the relationship perspectives of famous
Black Women, including Queen Latifah, Fantasia,
Keysia Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Myesha Chaney
(Preachers of LA), Masika Kalysha (Love & Hip
Hop) and more.
According to James, we always hear about the
really crazy side of relationships when it comes to
Black female celebrities. I wanted to talk to some
of them and get their real perspective on love and
I think that this is an important project because
so many Black female celebrities are marginalized, said Horner. They need to have a voice to
speak to the young women who only see them in
their job as celebrities.
That voice is delivered in the form of Real Divas:
Living & Loving Out Loud from Horner and
James, two entertainment industry veteran writers.
Abigail Magazine

Who leads? Who makes more money? How do

Black Men view Black female celebrities? What
are the challenges Black female celebrities face in
love? What about children? These are the issues
Black female celebrities face--issues that are reflected by the average Black Woman.
Through his writing and his work as a relationship coach, Darryl James, who founded Rap
Sheet in 1992, has given balance to the relationship discussion landscape and has been researching and writing about Black Love for more than
ten years. Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud
is an extension of that work.
Cynthia Horner has been a strong presence in entertainment media since the 1980s. As a Black
woman, she has a desire to present perspectives
from Black female celebrities that have yet to be
seen. Those perspectives will be showcased in her
alliance with Darryl James.
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Abigail Magazine
the nation. As a relationship coach, James has
provided relationship insight for Ebony Magazine, the NAACP, the National Urban League and
the National Council of Negro Women.
About Cynthia Horner
Cynthia Horner is a writer, magazine editor, and
entertainment industry entrepreneur. Cynthia is
currently the Editor-in-Chief of Hip Hop Weekly
magazine, a glossy celebrity bi-weekly awardwinning newsstand entertainment magazine
which is published every two weeks. Over the
years, as a celebrity journalist she has interviewed virtually every African-American entertainer, including such luminaries as Michael
Jackson, The Jacksons, Janet Jackson, Prince,
Aaliyah, Beyonc , Queen Latifah and thousands
of others. Horner frequently makes appearances
on talk shows, including the E Channel, Reelz
Channel , BET and MTV, and is the co-author of
several books, including the New York Times best
seller, The Magic Of Michael Jackson. She is recipient of the Journalist of the Year Award from
the International Association of AfricanAmerican Music, and has received countless
awards and citations for her contributions to the
Real Divas: Living & Loving Out Loud is available music industry.
in both eBook and paperback formats on, and RealDiCynthia Horner is the CEO of her own
tainment company, Cynthia Horner's Independent Production Services (Cinnamon CHIPS),
which is a media relations company under which
she spearheads public relations , photography
About Darryl James
and publishing projects. Horner continues to
provide expertise in the young adult entertainDirector, writer and producer Darryl James, is an ment field through Word Up! and Right On!
award-winning author (LA RiotsRevolution), Magazines. Miss Horner has contributed pieces
publisher of Rap Sheet Magazine, lecturer, syndi- to the National Enquirer, The Star, The Amstercated columnist and the publisher of Tenacious
dam News and various other media outlets. Visit
Books, a boutique-publishing house for selfher on the web at
publishing authors. James has lectured for the
National Council of Negro Women, the National
Urban League, The Black American Law Students
Association (BALSA) and the NAACP, in addition
to radio stations, colleges and universities across
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