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Multi-Genre Paper Assignment

A multi-genre paper arises from research, experience, and

imagination. It is not an uninterrupted, expository monolog nor a seamless
narrative nor a collection of poems. A multi-genre paper is composed of
many genres and subgenres, each piece self-contained, making a point of its
own, yet connected by theme or topic and sometimes by language, images
and content. In addition to many genres, a multi-genre paper may also
contain many voices, not just the author's. The trick is to make such a paper
hang together.
Tome Romano, Blending Genre, Altering Style
Each piece in the paper utilizes a different genre, reveals one facet of
the topic, and makes its own point.
A multi -genre research paper contains:
Title Page
Table of Contents
"Dear Reader Letter". This introduces the topic and gives the writer
the chance to speak directly to the readers. This does not need to be
in the form of a letter.
Two to three multi-genre pieces (The genres have been carefully
chosen. The pieces have been written very carefully.)
A bibliography (to credit any and all outside sources)

A multi-genre paper presents different perspectives on a topic or event and

various pieces can be written using different voices. You should not only
include writing pieces that relate to a general topic or event, but you should
ensure that the genre you choose is relevant to the information you want to
The multi-genre paper will include at least 9 documents (including a title
page, an Introduction, Table of Contents, at least 5 documents of different
genres, and a works cited.
The title page will be catchy to the eye and will hint to the content of your
project either literally or abstractly.
The introduction serves helps the readers understand the issue(s) youre
addressing, offering them insight into why you chose the genres you chose

and what you want the reader to get out of your paper. The introduction is
your chance to help the reader understand why this topic is important and
how he/she should read your documents. The intro may be written as a
letter to readers, an advice column, an editorial, etc.

The main section of your project will be a minimum of two to three

documents, each representing a different genre that helps your audience
understand the message you want to get across. Aim for a good balance of
genres and ensure that your genres are appropriate for the information that
you are giving your audience. The information contained in each piece
needs to have a factual base but can be imaginative in presentation. The
order in which you present the pieces is as important as the individual pieces
The final page will be a bibliography. You must cite all sources from which
you get your information, no matter how small the fact(s) seem. They must
be written using the proper format.
The multi-genre project will be presented in a theme that best fits
your purpose. Ways in which you can package your project include a CD,
a scrapbook, a photo album, a patient file, an employee handbook, a
manual, a newspaper, a magazinethe options are endless and lead you to
use your imagination! Just be sure to offer us a table of contents (TOC) that
provides an overview of and title for each document.

A Brief List of Genres:

Journal Entries

Personal Letter

Greeting Card

Schedule/Things to Do List

Inner Monologue Representing Internal Conflicts


Personal Ads

Personal Essay or Philosophical Questions

Top Ten List/Glossary or Dictionary


Song Lyrics

Autobiographical Essay

Contest Entry Application

Business Letter

Correspondence/Persuasive or Advocacy Letter

Biographical Summary

Critique of a Published Source

Speech or Debate

Historical Times Context Essay

Textbook Article

Science Article

Business Report

Lesson Plan

Encyclopedia Article

Short Scene from a Play with Notes for Stage Directions

Short Scene from a Movie with Notes for Camera Shots

Dialogue of a Conversation among Two or More People

Short Story

Adventure Magazine Story

Ghost Story

Myth, Tall Tale, or Fairy Tale

Talk Show


Panel Discussion

Recipe and Description of Traditional Holiday Events

Classroom Discussion

Character Analysis

Case Study

Comedy Routine or Parody

Liner Notes

Picture book

Chart or Diagram with Explanation and Analysis

Brochure or Newsletter

Time Line

Chain of Events

Map with Explanation and Analysis

Magazine or TV Advertisement or Infomercial

Restaurant Description and Menu

Travel Brochure Description

How-To or Directions Booklet

Receipts, Applications, Deeds, Budgets or Other Documents

Wedding, Graduation or Special Event Invitation

Birth Certificate


Local News Report

Pop-Up book

Review for a Movie, Book, or TV Program

Poster for a Movie, Book, or TV Program

Comic Strip

Graphic Novel excerpt

Power Point Presentation

Informational Video

Web Site

Future News Story

Letter to the Editor

Newspaper or Magazine Feature/Human Interest Story

Obituary, Eulogy or Tribute

Birth Announcement

News Program Story or Announcement

Tabloid Article

Add other genres here as the class thinks of them: