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Weekly Report

EDT593 Applied Project

Weekly Report Week #3: January 31, 2016 - Takako Kobayashi

Keep a running total of hours spent: 5 hours this week total to date 150 hours
Work completed: I had a valuable meeting with Dr. Bitter. My SOW is finalized.
Successes and struggles:
This week, I was able to clarify the details of this applied project by meeting with Dr. Bitter. In
Week#2, I was very upset due to lack of understanding about the project details and
communication with my project team. After discussing details with Dr. Bitter, I understood what
I would be responsible as an instructional designer in this project. In addition, I found that Kim
also has been working on the same project, which made me feel relieved because we can help
each other by sharing information. Now, I am more confident about my finalized SOW. Another
success was that I was able to settle things regarding my visa status down. I talked to ISSC and
Robin, so I will be able to focus on the project itself thoroughly instead of consuming time and
labor for the extra tasks as an international student. In terms of struggle, I only have a vague
understanding of completing Step 2 (Situated/Audience Analysis). Through meeting with Dr.
Bitter, I acknowledged that there are two main instructional design tasks in this applied project
design of a social networking marketing plan and APP formative assessment plan. It seems that
audience in both plans could be the same, but I need more information. First, I will take a careful
look at the student sample. In addition, I started investigating social media such as YouTube,
Twitter, and Facebook, but I have not come up with any marketing idea yet. I will continue
communicating with Dr. Bitter and sharing information with Kim to overcome these struggles.
Development of professional skills and knowledge
My goal: Explore and discover how APP can work to form a comprehensive resource for users
and investigate social media such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to design a marketing plan
for APP. I will continue exploring how social media has been used for marketing while working
on Step 2.
Workplace communications
My goal: Develop strategies to efficiently work with multiple stakeholders from different
organizations and to consistently communicate with project team how the project is progressing,
in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of the project given their areas of expertise. I will
discuss details of Step 2 with Dr. Bitter as well as checking the student sample.
Leadership skills
My goal: Keep the project on schedule by meeting deadlines and communicating results in a
concise yet complete way. Follow up via email with team members in a respectful way to make
sure things move along. My SOW should be approved by my mentor, Mr. Paul Skiera.
Ability to influence and/or impact change or forward movement in the business or organization
My goal: Empower users in coaching positions by supplying APP specialized for provision of
feedback in institutional settings. Develop the marketing plan via social networking to introduce
APP and help improve the quality of APP based on a formative assessment of prototype. The
development of this project will also contribute to sales promotion as well as further use of APP.
I will continue inquiring questions until I am confident about the project tasks.