Getting French, Pt.

2: Short Bibliography
© 2010, T. Michael W. Halcomb | 1. Central to any study of a language are resources. In Pt. 2 of my Getting French notes, I offer a concise bibliography of study aids. Here they are:

• Biname, J. J. & Socken, P. G. The French They Never Taught You: Tips for • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Teachers & Advanced Students. Booth, Trudie M. French Verb Tenses (PMP). Crocker, Mary E. C. French Grammar: 578 Exercies with Answers (SO). ______________. French Grammar (SO). de Sales, R. de Roussy. French Verb Drills. Duffy, Jean H. Using French Vocabulary. Hawkins, Roger & Towell, Richard. French Grammar and Usage. Heminway, Annie. Better Reading French: A Reading and Guide to Improving Your Understanding of Written French. ______________. French DeMystified: A Self-Teaching Guide. ______________. Complete French Grammar (PMP). Kurbegov, Eliane. French: Sentence Builder (PMP). _____________. French: Grammar Drills. _____________. Must-Know French: 4,000 Words That Give You the Power to Communicate. Lang, Margaret & Perez, Isabelle. Modern French Grammar: Workbook (RMG). _________________________. Modern French Grammar: A Practical Guide. Lonsdale, Deryle & Le Bras, Yvon. Frequency Dictionary of French: Core Vocabulary for Learners (RFD). Mercado, Amilcar S. Beginning French for the Utterly Confused. Nisset, Luc. French: In your Face. Offord, Malcolm. A Student Grammar of French. Ritch, Janet K. Reading French: A Guide for Students of Religion and Theology. Sandberg, Karl C. French for Reading. Stein, Gail. French I (CQR). ________. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning French on Your Own. Tippet-Spirtou, Sandy & Edelston, Briggi & Andrews, Alison. A Vos Marques! An Accelerated French Course. Wise, Hilary. The Vocabulary of Modern French: Origns, Structure and Function.

Also See: • • French: 60-Second Grammar Workouts: 140 Speed Tests to Boost Your Fluency. • Dictionnaire de L'Académie francaise. • Robert-Collins Dictionaire Francais-Anglais, Anglais-Francais. • French Vocabulary (SparkCharts). • Declan’s French Flashcards (software) • iSpeak French (software) • Who Wants to Learn French Vocabulary 1.7 (software game) • Pimsleur: French (software) • French with Michel Thomas / Speak French: For Beginners (audio)

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