Drugs Name hydrocorti sone

Generic Name hydrocorti sone

Brand Name Cortef

Classification Therapeutic: Antiasthmatics, corticosteroids Pharmacologic Corticosteriods (systemic)

Indication Management of adrenocortical insufficiency; chronic use in other situations is limited because of mineralocortic oid activity.


Side Effect/ Adverse Reaction Supress CNS: inflammati depression, on and the euphoria,headac normal he,increased immune intracranial response. pressure Replacem (Children ent only),personality theraphy changes, in adrenal pyschoses, insufficien restlessness cy. EENT: cataracts, increased intraocular pressure. CV: hypertension GI: Peptic Ulcer, anorexia, nausea, vomitting. Derm: acne, decreased wound healing, ecchymoses, fragility, hirsutism, petichiae Endo: Adrenal suppresion, hyperglycemia. Hemat: Thrombophlebiti s, Metab: Weight gain MS: Muscle wasiting. Misc: Cushingoid apperance


Nursing Consideration _Assess patient for swigns of adrenal insufficiency. _Monitor intake and output ratios and daily weights. Observe patient for peripheral edema, steady weight gain, rales/crackles, or dyspnea. _Children should have periodic evaluation of growth. _Assess involvrd systems before and periodically during theraphy

Patient Teachings _Instruct patient on correct technique of medication administration. _Caution patient to avoid vaccinations without first consulting health care prifessionals. _Review side effects with patient. Instruct patient to inform health care professional promptly if severe abdominal pain or tarry stools occur.Patient should also report unusual swelling, weight gain, and tiredness, bone pain, bruising, none healing sores, visual disturbances, or behavior changes.

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