1. Recruiting people to the Den is part of your role as the Managing Director. What would your recommendations be to make the process effective, efficient and fair.

2. Training and Development is currently not a particularly high priority for the Den. What are the implications of the strategy and what would you recommend to the Board in terms of T&D for the next 12 months.

3. What do you think the Managing Director should adopt as a driver for his/her strategic vision for Human Resource management? Should She/he chose one of the four classis models such as Best fit, Configurational, Resource Based or best Practice?

4. If the Management were to adopt a less structured approach to the workload of the workforce, what do you think the implications of this would be and why?

5. What recommendations would you like to make as far as a coherent grievance and discipline policy for the Den is concerned? What are the relevant Acts you need to be aware of?

How do you think the introduction of flexible working impact on the workers. As the new Director how would you propose to link the strategic development of the centre with a new HR strategy? You may wish to consider the different approaches you could take including Best Fit. Resource Based and best Practice? 3. Give the nature of The Den’s productions. Configurational. What do you consider to be the key areas to be examined by the CEO in terms of creating robust Performance Management system at The Den? What would you consider to be some of the objectives for such a system? 5. How would you address the current issues with the regard to staff retention? You may wish to consider the work of Marslow and other models in your answer.Answer any three questions: 1. 4. how could equality of Opportunity and Diversity policy assist with further developing the Centre? What would be the Key legislation to be considered by the new Director to ensure The Den was legally Compliant? . managers and productions staged by the Den? How might Atkinson’s Model affect the Den if implemented? 2.

how might Flexible Working Affect the Den if implemented? Handy’s portfolio Worker may be a useful concept to consider. 2.Answer any Three Questions: 1. Configurational. What would you consider to be the main issues when examining the motivation of the staff? You may wish to consider the work of Hertzberg and other models in your answer. What would be the key legislation to be considered by the new Director to ensure the Den was legally compliant with regard to Equality of Opportunity? How could a proactive Diversity Policy impact on the Den? . 3. Resource Based and Best practice and make reference to how these approaches might be affected by your general strategic intent for the Den. 4. What would be your recommendation for a new HRM strategy. How do you think a Performance management System would impact on the Den? What would be the main features of such system? 5. Given the current interest in work life balance and the varied demands placed on the den. consider the different approaches you could take including Best Fit.

volunteers and management. Marslow or Hertzberg to your response? 2. . What role do you think the Managing Director should play in the Performance Management Cycle? What are the basic components of this cycle and what responsibility does the employer have for ensuring it is effective.RESIT 1. The case study makes reference to the current levels of motivation of the staff. What would you do to improve their motivation – try to relate the work of Mayo.

Configurational.the HR strategyor the General Mission & Vision of the Centre. Resource Based and best Practice as possible models for the HR strategy.3. 5. If you felt that one of the employed members of staff was incompetent at their job. . How do you think the Managing Director’s HR strategy will impact on the overall strategic direction of the centre? Consider which should come first. You could also think about Best Fit. could you sack that person? What legislation do you think you would need to consider before taking action? 4. What a “psychological contract” and what relevance has this construct to the Den? You might wish to consider the differences between the employed staff and the volunteers as part of your answer.

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