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95 ‘There are 45 questions, The last page of this question paper cain a Hist of ) ‘A sone lirovm vertically upwards and it filly falls back to the physics formulae which you may find useful starting point, Assume air resistance is negligible. Which of the following statements is/are true throughout the motion ? Uf necessary, take g = 10 ms, (1) The acceleration of the stone is constant. [All the cells are assumed to have negligible internal resistance, @) The toil energy of the stone is conserved. ) The momentum of the stone is conserved. 1 Which of the following pairs of physical quantities has the sume units ? A. Q)oaly B. G)only ‘A. Charge and curreat C.— @) and @) only JBL”. Frequency and time D. —@)and G) only + C. Kinetic energy and eat EB (1), Q and) D. Moment and momentum E. Work and potential difference . 4. Ambject stats from rest and moves with uniform acceleration along & . straight in. “Which of the following graphs concerning the motion ofthe 2 object isfare correct ? s . (© = displacement, v = velocity, ¢ = time) 4h 2 F < Ms wo? m+ smooth horlzontalsurfice C C ' e Inthe above diagram, te to blocks are connected by a light tring S. | ° ° . They move with uniform acceleration of 2 m #? under the action of x Oo, constant force F. What will the accelerations ofthe blocks become if 5 suddenly breaks ? , 2g block 4g block A 6mst Ooms? 1 B. 6ms? 2ms? oO c. Qmst Oms? D. 2mst 2ms A. ()only EB Ooms? 3ms* B. G)only o C— Q)and @) only D. — @)and G) only . ~ . EW @and@) 1H BSACEPHY HB ) 5. wooo ieat ates lee om lathe sae ih 1. Acarmowé wit speed 30m. Theda the rae a ‘Assume sir resistance is negligible. Which of the following statements the car is stopped in a distance of 12m. If the car is moving is/are correct ? at 60 km br, what is the stopping distance ? Assume that the same constant braking force is applied in both cases. (1) A greater gravitational force is acting oa the abject with greater mass, A 2m @) They take the same time to reach the ground. Bm @) They have equal velocities when they reach the ground. i © #m : Dd 2m A Woaly t BE 6m BQ) only It C.— ()and (3) only i D. . Q)and @) oaly i EB (), @and @) velocity fm ! ‘A woley spaced on a brn grond. A fore Finding stan gle | 4 fo the horizooal ats oa the trolley. What is the horizontal component, of F that pals the tolley towards the right? A FS Bo Fsind : Cc Feost ! Po Rae “The above diagram shows the variation of the velocity of an object with BE time, What is the distance travelled by the object in the first 3 eos * Ae Sm . Bo OiSm cm D. 30m vo EB 45m ee-ce-pnv ca i ss-ce-pnv 8s -4- > %. it 1 t 450 mst 4 Figuce (0) Figure (6) A bullet of mass 0.02 kg travelling at 450 m s* enters a wooden block 1s shown in Figure (a) and leaves it wth a speed 400 ms. In Figure (), what isthe maximum number of identical blocks thatthe same bullet can pass through ? A Bo 4 a 5 D. E10 10, : = A tcolley nuns down a friction-compensated runway as shown above. Which of the following statements is true ? ‘A. The kinetic energy of the teolley increases with time. B. The potential energy of the trolley increases with time. C. The sum of kinetic and potential encrgiés of the trolley remains unchanged. D. _* The frictional force acting on the trolley is z2r0. E, The resultant force acting on the trolley is zero. SS-CE-PHY 18 -5- ‘The above diagram shows a block resting on the ground, Let W be the weight of the block, F be the gravitational force acting on the earth by the block, and be the force acting on the block by the ground. Which of the following pairs of forces is/are action and reaction pair(s) according to Newton's aw Rand W . @) Wand F @) FandR A (only B @only © G)only D. (and @) only B. — @)and G) only 95-CE-PHY He7! L =6E [on roe next page