“Undeniably Ossington”?

zoning  bylaw   max  height  

ar2st’s  concep2on  of  east  side  of  Ossington  Avenue  from  Argyle  St  to  south  of  Bruce  St   if  “109OZ”  is  built  as  proposed   —  based  on  architectural  plans  for  “109OZ”,  city  zoning  maps,  and  photographs  


Has  not  been  approved  

109OZ …

•  • 

Blasts  through  the  zoning  height  limit  by  11m  (36  feet)  
bothering about community consultation

–  Stands to profit $13–19 million on a $7 million land buy — will a gold rush threaten small business on Ossington? –  Zoomed straight to the planning department — not

Jams  60  more  cars  into  the  block  —  more  than  twice  the   current  number  for  all  residents   One,  maybe  two  retail  spaces  —  in  all  those  nine  storefronts?   Has  a  ‘green  roof’  no  one  can  access  
–  Looms up above one-third of the block — nine storefronts

•  •  • 

–  Has not made public its shadow study, arborist report, planning rationale, or parking review –  86 units — but slams the door on families, seniors, and live-work space –  Promises ‘great neighbourhood views’ from those balconies — hey, what about our view?  

Hangs  more  than  40  balconies  up  over  the  backyards  of  our   neighbours  on  Givins     Just  might  be  the  future  of  Ossington???  

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— Maybe not, if the city hears from you at the Community Consultation Meeting — Monday 25 June 6:30 Trinity Rec Ctr, 155 Crawford

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