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The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue where men can share knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another as the 1. Marriage: A study published in the Journal of Obesity Research in 2002 revealed that older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. men gain a significant amount of weight after marriage, surprisingly; they lose some Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications. weight after divorce.

Issue 6 - August 2012 CAUSES OF THE POT BELLY

One on One
What are your thoughts on the Beer Belly aka Pot Belly? People who have Pot Bellies have watched them grow because it doesnt grow over night and am trying to make sure I dont get one Why are you trying to make sure you do not get one? It is uncomfortable, it is ugly and sometimes it communicates a lack of discipline in terms of eating habits and lack of exercise How have you eluded the Pot Belly all these years? I watch the volume of what I eat. Also by virtue of my personality and work I am a very active person always moving up and down and therefore I burn a lot of calories in the process. I also used to be disciplined about exercises and I would love to resume .

2. Social Status: Culturally, those with pot bellies were considered as wealthy, comfortable, powerful, satisfied in life and generally doing well. Such beliefs discouraged many from taking corrective measures such as physical exercise that help cut the pot belly. 3. Age: Reduced calorie needs, reduced physical activity, wasting of bones and decline of hormonal level in the body are responsible for gaining weight with age. As the hormone levels decline in men and women with age, theyre more likely to store fat around the middle section of the body 5. Stress: Stress triggers stress-response network in the brain that induces secretion of glucocorticoids (hormones which increases desire for food) and secretion of insulin, which promotes food intake and obesity 6. Wealth: An increase in wealth is accompanied by sedentary lifestyle and intake of high calorie foods. These two (sedentary lifestyle and high calorie foods) are key contributors to abdomen obesity. 7. Beer: A key constituent in beer is alcohol. Alcohol is very high in calories. 1 gram of alcohol contains approximately 7 Calories. Drinking beer also leads to heightened appetite. Beer drinking can also lead to a knock-on effect, by causing a drop of blood sugar levels, which leads to lethargy. Lethargy leads to reduced activity which implies that less calories are burned. All these lead to accumulation of fat and hence pot belly.


1. Eat right: As a rule of thumb, eat less calories than you burn. This is the single most important step towards cutting belly fat. Reducing calorie intake involves the obvious; eating smaller portions of food, cutting fried foods, reducing sugary beverages, processed carbohydrates especially all white starchy products, fatty meat and fatty dairy products. 2. Avoid excessive drinking 3. Burn Calories: Burning calories requires a physically active lifestyle involving regular exercises such as running, brisk walking, aerobics and other various physical exercises. Two other considerations that must accompany a regular exercise regime are: healthy foods and calorie-controlled diet.


It is evidently clear that belly fat can lead to severe health consequences such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Without doubt, this demands investing in behaviour that eliminates the belly fat. The proven way to cut the belly fat is controlling the calories. The second thing is increasing food considered to be healthier and rich in nutrients and fibre such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low fat foods, fish and poultry products. The third and the last but most important is to increase physical activity. Physical activities are not only good for cutting belly fat but also for overall wellbeing.

Ps. Andrew Mwenge

As a young man, how do you feel having Pot Belly? I feel good. It makes me feel like a real man. When I go for functions, I am treated with respect and honour unlike many of my peers who do not have a pot-belly. I am also referred to as mister and yet many of my friends are called by their names, so its good. Are you doing anything about your Pot Belly? No. I love it and in fact, I maintain it.

*Do you want to have a Pot Belly in future?

88% - NO 12% - YES

*26 young men of secondary school going age participated in this poll

Joshua Tamale
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If a man cannot take care of his body, then it puts question marks on his discipline in taking care of other things - Ps. Andrew Mwenge

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