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Monthly news and upcoming events of Primo Kozmus August 2012

Olympic Silver for Kozmus London, 5. 8. 2012
Slovenia is richer for another Olympic medal. Primo Kozmus, three times Slovenia's sportsman of the year, continues his victorious medal triumph. After the Olympic gold from Beijing and three medals from the athletic world championships he returned to his homeland with a London silver around his neck. With this achievement he became the only Slovenian track and field athlete to stand at the Olympic podium twice and put the date 5 August into the history of Slovenian sport. 32-year old athlete from Breice thus became one of the few legendary Slovenians who have more than 2 Olympic medals in their collections. Since 2007 he brought home a medal from every big competition where he competed. These are his fourth Games and his third final of the Olympics. After the unsuccessful start of the season he withdrew from the competitions to prepare himself as good as he can to the only goal of this season a medal at the 30th Olympics. Kozmus was a big puzzle for his competitors this year because of the lack of the competitions and his 31th result according to the IAAF statistics did not raise many expectations. But again he has shown most when most needed. He entered the finals with the third result of the qualifications. Already with his first throw he improved his seasons best to 78.97. Due to technical faults his next three throws were not valid, while he ended the competition with 79.36 m in the fifth series and 78.59 m in the last series. This placed him after the Helsinki European Champion Krisztian Pars and ahead of the last year's world champion Koji Murofushi. I'm very excited. After this year's preparations in San Diego the spring preparations were unsuccessful, which caused changes in my team and training. The Olympic medal is a good proof that I pulled some right decisions and I would like to thank all who helped me, stood at my side and enabled me to prepare myself. This season was one of the hardest this year and the medal is the best payment for all efforts and decisions. This time Pars was too strong, but he well deserved this gold and I'm very happy for him as he was No 1 throughout the whole season. I felt I could pull a meter more, but I couldn't finish one throw over 80 m. The best three at the podium did not surprise me, the strongest won.

Home receptions for the Olympic Vice Champion Brnik, Breice, Ljubljana, August 2012
Numerous receptions and celebrations were awaiting the Slovenian Olympic medalists upon returning home. Primo was warmly greeted already at the Brnik airport, where a crowd of his closest family members, friends and fans welcomed him to be among the first to congratulate him. The loudest reception was prepared in his hometown Breice, where more than thousand excited people filled the center to greet their champion. This was a fifth reception for Primo, who has brought home a medal from every big competition where he competed since 2007. Primo greeted his friends, neighbours and fans with the following words: "Thank you, Breice. I knew that the biggest joy is waiting for me after my return, once again you haven't disappointed me. This medal is dedicated to all of you who supported me. I received a lot of support already before the competition, which gave me a lot of motivation to toss the hammer as far as possible. The fight has been very tough this season, but at the end, everything was paid off with this medal." After the official ceremony Primo again joined the crowd and celebrated with his supporters a new remarkable success of Slovenian sport

On Wednesday two other ministerial receptions followed. First the reception was hosted by the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Dr iga Turk; which was followed by the reception of the Defence Minister Ale Hojs for the Olympic team, employed in the Slovenian Army.

Visit of the Pomurje Fair Gornja Radgona, 27. 8. 2012

Also after the Olympics Primo knows no rest. He is spending the post-Olympic period in his preparation base in Croatia, where he is training for his September performances. This week he also paid a visit to the Pomurje Fair where he met among other with the Agriculture Minister Bogovi and the current wine queen of Slovenia.

UPCOMING: Performances in Zagreb and Celje

Primo Kozmus will compete for the first time after the Olympics at the 62th Hanek memorial meeting in Zagreb on 4 September at 4 pm. The IAAF Meeting is one of his favourite competitions, since he is traditionally accompanied by a big number of fans due to the proximity of his hometown. Last year in Zagreb he threw his season's best and the only 80 m mark in the season. A day later he will perform at the meeting in Celje, which starts at 17.30.

The most numerous Slovenian Olympic team was also greeted by the capital of Slovenia. The President of Slovenia Dr Danilo Trk, who also visited the Olympics for the first time, received the athletes at Brdo pri Kranju, and stressed in his speech that the reception "symbolically represents the gratefulness of the Republic of Slovenia for the work of athletes". The Olympic team then visited Ljubjana, where they were received by the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Jankovi, who also address them at the reception at one of the biggest Ljubljana squares.

Presreen sem. Po letonjih uspenih zimskih pripravah v San Diegu je bil spomladanski del