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SECTION C –STARTING PLANNING by SUMMARISING RESEARCH FINDINGS Summary of all Research Findings- preparing for the formal proposal A. Summary of Research done into general information about music magazines

Music magazines are current and recent. They reflect what is happening around the world at that time of year/month/week as every time a new magazine is released there is new and current information coming out to. For a pop magazine I would have to record all the gossip about bands in the charts and news at that moment in time. For a magazine to see and be successful the magazine must give the audience what they want and desire, by asking your target audience how to improve your magazine this can help for the magazine to become bigger and better. For a pop magazine the audience would like to see the chart music and who is the next rising star to look out for. In the magazine there has to be good articles reflecting the type of magazine that it is. The type of articles you would see in a pop magazine would be rising stars and chart music articles. For the magazine to be successful it has be different and unique. It has to stand out from the others on the shelf. For a Pop magazine to be successful it needs Fun and energetic. A magazine also needs to deliver exclusive news and gossip keeping the reader happy and entertained.

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Most significantly the magazines market must be aware of AIDA
A – Attract audience, use of bright colors, image and text I – Interest, articles and sell lines should entice the audience. D – Desire, lure the reader by adding competitions, posters or give freebies A – Act – people to buy your product, motivate them into purchasing, for example, creating a sense of urgency with a limited-time offer or limited supply. B. Research into real music magazines (summary of findings) generic conventions of music magazines

Front covers must have;

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The Masthead is located at top- big and bold and noticeable for the reader. It needs to be in a fun stylish way for a pop magazine. A Barcode/price/date- This I so the magazine is sellable for the customer. Striking image- (pop related image) this being the focal point of the magazines front cover.

Contents pages have
Word “contents” at top- so they know what they are looking at. date/issue number- so they can keep up to date with new issues Range of images al anchored with text and page number- the images are there to advertise other things happening in the magazine, then a page number next to it so it is easy and simple to locate. Use columns for text with subheadings such as features/gossip/gig guides etc- this is an easy way to separate topics of the magazine and making it easy for the audience to locate the different pages. Tile of magazine is to be found somewhere on page- reminding the audience of the magazine Contents clearly links with cover in terms of style and genre- the house style colors will run throughout the magazine so it all links and looks professional.

The Double Page Spread Article
Very image dominated with image anchored with text- the image will relate to the interview and be about the artist who is being interviewed.

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A mast head- The written heading summarizing what is happening in the magazine and the main heading is short and snappy grabbing the reader’s attention. The copy/text is written in paragraphs (generally between 2-3)- these paragraphs will have the main features of the interview from the artist in question.

All 3 parts of the magazine are clearly connected using a range of elements including:

• • • •

Same font choices throughout (generally around 3 types)- this is so the magazine flows and links altogether. The magazine will look neat and tidy not messy. Same colour scheme/themes- linking all of the magazine together. Having the same colour scheme people are able to easily locate and find the magazine on a shelf. It also singles itself from the other magazines out there. Magazine title/slogan is on all 3 pages- The reader needs to be reminded of the title of the magazine. Info on front is carried through into contents and then onto article- This is a main point as what is on the front cover HAS to link and roll into the articles which are in the magazine, if they didn’t do this then the magazine would be muddled and wouldn’t make any sense. Contents are consistent with the chosen genre- i.e Pop bands/artists will have Pop music/ gig information and correct props. Same style of language/attitude throughout- ie Pop is fun and simple so words such as “Wow” and “Cool” will appear on this type of magazine.

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Summary of Research into genre: My chosen genre is POP and I found that:

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Pop music is short for popular, so the music in my magazine has to be current and in the charts. It has elements of urban, dance, rock and country music! It has a general aim to appeal to a general audience. It has been dominated by the American and British music industry’s.

Summary of research into my chosen style model for my magazine (which is eg Billboard…….) Below are images of my chosen magazine on which I would like to base my magazine: Covers



I have also found that fashion is in many music magazines and I would like to include these elements in my magazine. Types of images found in Billboard magazine


C. Target audience research Overall conclusion of my target audience research using questionnaires. (NB the points below are just examples. You must change these to reflect what you found out from your target audience research) I can conclude the following and will summarise how this will affect the making of my magazine:


THE COVER SHOULD BE: • Fun, stylish and energetic the colors should be bold and bright, like purples and pinks.

Feature images of top pop the most popular artists were Lana Del Ray and Beyonce so i will base my fictional artist on them. They are fun, stylish and sophisticated. Offer exclusive news and gossip that the audience will only find in this magazine as well as exculisve interviews. have gossipy sell-lines ( “You have to check this out”, “ you have to read this” as well as pop related cover lines such as “ Beyoncé’s only interview” Have a header summarizing main contents- “such as exclusive news with the artist…” Attractive with unusual images/shots etc -unique, sophisticated and different the images should be their own as they have never seen them before.

• • • 2.


• • • • • • • 3.

Gossip such as… exclusive news about celebrity’s lives, break ups and new music band info- what bands are new, the rising stars lots of variety of pop images and info- this is an introduction to the magazine, advertises the articles in the magazine be fun/with attitude- making the slogans cool and fun to keep the reader excited to read on further in the magazine. minimum of 50 pages- enough information to be a successful magazine the reader needs to be entertained and satisfied. gig guides- all the latest bands and artists in the chart right now with their latest gigs and concerts. interviews with bands such as- One direction, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran etc.

THE ARTICLE SHOULD BE: • Casual, chatty and include lots of information for the reader.

• • • •

Include questions and answers so it’s simple and easy to follow as a pop magazine should be simple and fun and not boring with too many words. Have lots of images advertising the interview- the images should link to the interview and who it is about. It also should link in to the image on the front cover. Use sub-headings to break up writing- this is so it doesn’t look too much and daunting to the reader. Be about the music but interesting-possibly with fashion and gigs.



None of my potential target audience have ever brought a music magazine and I would like to change this, if the magazine was aimed more at them and was at a reasonable cheap price they would then consider to buy it. They were all happy if the price was around £2 and suited them personally. At the moment in the UK there is a gap in the market for a Pop magazine to be targeted and aimed at young adult girls aged around 15-19 who are interested in Pop and chart music. I will analyse the questionnaires I gave out to the target audience and focus group in lots more detail, so I am able to analse the results and come to a conclusion on what they want and what will attract them to buy the magazine.
Having summarized these results I am now ready to complete my formal proposal and start planning my own music magazine.