Oh My! Oh My! Could it Be?

We’ll eat some cake… and ice cream too!

Annabelle is Turning 3!!
We’ll have tons of fun, That’s what we’ll do!
A birthday party, I’m so excited, and you, my friend, are invited!

com . could you. The party is at 12:00 Hope you can come and play! 2345 Kennedy Street 234-567-8910 0r Email@yahoo. would not want to miss A celebration quite like this! So would you. can you go? RSVP and let us know.September is the month. The 19th is the day. You could not.

Thanks low and thanks high. . Nutrition Serving size: 1 bar Facts Amount/Serving % DV Happiness 100% Fun 100% Calories: Friends 100% Family 100% SAMPLE watermark will be removed once purchased. We’re so glad you came by. Thanks left and thanks right.Thanks for joining our fun.

This what the front of the candy bar will look like This what the back of the candy bar will look like .