Three of Us by Julya Oui

INT. HOTEL ROOM - PARLOR - DAY CARMEN sits staring at the window on the single seater biting her nails. She looks down to the street in a daze. MRS. LISTRUM is rocking herself back and forth at the edge of the bed muttering to herself something inaudible and looking as pale as the white sheets on the bed. JOHN is pacing up and down the breadth of the hotel room as though going for a stroll. He heaves and sighs at every point of turn. The door handle rattles and all three of them turn their heads simultaneously to watch it wriggle. Before they could react to the sound the door flies open and a medium-sized man with average height fumbles in and slams the door shut. Carmen jumps out of the seat and reaches out her hand to make a stop gesture. CARMEN (screaming) Don’t do that! Don’t close the doorWALT whips up his gun, points at them and growls. WALT Nobody moves. CARMEN (screaming) You fool! MRS. LISTRUM It’s useless. We’re never going to leave. WALT Shut up! Walk swings his gun at the old lady. JOHN Do you have any idea what you’ve done? WALT Didn’t I tell you to shut up? Now he points his gun at John.


They watch him fiddle with the gun and place his ear on the door but his eyes on them. Carmen continues looking out the window and Mrs. Listrum trembles on the bed, flicking her eyes everywhere for answers. John just stands and stares at Walt, waiting anxiously to speak but he holds himself back as he waits for Walt to calm down. WALT I don’t want anyone to make any noise. When he is satisfied that he is not being followed he faces them again. MRS. LISTRUM One of us will have to go now. Walt points the gun at Mrs. Listrum as he walks around her. JOHN Are you dumb or something? You think an old lady’s gonna jump you for the gun? WALT (to John) Just stay where you are. CARMEN That’s what we have been doing all this time you idiot! Walt ignores her. WALT I’m just going to hide out here for just a moment. Once the coast is clear I’ll be gone. So don’t do anything stupid. CARMEN Stupid? You’re the stupid one. You fucking idiot! WALT What’s with the mouth bitch? JOHN (sarcastically) Don’t you wanna know.


MRS. LISTRUM (nonchalantly) You’re not going to get out. WALT What do you mean? CARMEN What do you want her to mean? Don’t you understand English? Walt walks up to Carmen and hits her with the butt of the gun and her head flies to the walls with a thud. WALT I hate girls like you. Carmen holds her bleeding cheek and starts crying. watches indifferently. JOHN It’s not gonna do you any good hitting her like that! WALT Yeah, she ought to know when to zip. MRS. LISTRUM Will you be okay Carmen? CARMEN (screams) I’ll be okay when I get out! WALT Why is your girlfriend so hysterical? JOHN She’s not my girlfriend. (sighs) If you only knew, you’d be hysterical too. WALT What are you talking about? JOHN The three of us are strangers to one another, except for the stiff in the bathroom who used to be Mr. Listrum. The rest


Walt looks nervously at him. JOHN (cont'd) You don’t have to look at me that way. I didn’t kill him. MRS. LISTRUM Oh my poor dear. He died of heart failure. He never had a bad heart before. Mrs. Listrum cries into her hands. WALT Why didn’t you call 911? CARMEN You think you’re so smart waltzing in here trying to hide from whoever’s chasing you! WALT What’s it to you? CARMEN If it hasn’t hit you right between your eyes yet, no one’s getting out of here alive. WALT What are you saying? CARMEN Your chances of staying alive in here is as good as Mr. Listrum’s, stupid. Walt approaches Carmen again and she shields her face with a raised arm. MRS. LISTRUM Stop doing that to her! WALT I’ll do as I please. JOHN She’s just telling you the truth man. WALT What truth?


MRS. LISTRUM No one’s getting out of this room. WALT Huh? JOHN Try the door. WALT What? CARMEN Go on. Do it. Walt begins to feel a little uncomfortable with the bunch of weird people around. He reaches for the door knob and starts to twist but it wouldn’t budge. WALT Who’s got the key? JOHN What key? It locks from inside. MRS. LISTRUM There’s no way out. WALT The door’s just jammed. CARMEN Yeah, believe what you want. We’ve been in here forever and we can’t find a way out. WALT What about the window. JOHN Shut tight. MRS. LISTRUM We’re completely sealed in. WALT Front desk? JOHN As if the phones would work. WALT How is it possible?


CARMEN Your gun’s no good here stupid. We’re trapped in this room for good. Walt looks at them suspiciously and tries the window but it is shut tight. INT. HOTEL ROOM - BATHROOM - DAY He runs in the bathroom and sees a lump of thing beneath the covers. He steps closer, leans forward to look and then snatches off the cloth. An old decaying man lays there like a half eaten carcass. WALT Fuck! INT. HOTEL ROOM - PARLOR - DAY Walt runs back out coughing and reeling from the sight. CARMEN Happy now? WALT What the fuck’s going on here? JOHN Mr. and Mrs. Listrum thought it was their room and they came in by mistake. Carmen heard someone screaming and she opened the door to help. And I, well I was drunk. And now, we’re all here together. Ain’t it quaint? WALT How long have you guys been here? MRS. LISTRUM We don’t really know. JOHN All the clocks and watches are dead. Walt slumps into the available chair and frowns. CARMEN There were two other guys who died before Mr. Listrum.


Walt raises the gun to Carmen’s head. WALT What kind of a sick game is this? CARMEN Blow my brains out if you want! I don’t give a shit anymore. Walt cocks the gun and presses the nozzle closer to her head. JOHN Don’t do it! WALT (to Carmen) I want out of here! CARMEN (screaming) Go on! Shoot! There can only be three of us in the room at the same time anyway. WALT What the fuck are you talking about? MRS. LISTRUM Before Fred, my husband, died, there were others. One choked to death on a glass of water. The other slipped in the bathroom and cracked his skull. WALT What kind of bullshit is this? JOHN Every time there is a forth person, someone will have to die. WALT This is insane! He took the gun off Carmen’s head and swung it around like a lasso. CARMEN (taunting) You’ve got the gun. You decide who goes. Walt glances around with the gun taking aim.


MRS. LISTRUM It doesn’t work that way. We can’t decide who to kill. The room takes who it wants to take. CARMEN (laughing) Yeah asshole! This room is cursed that way. WALT Shut up! Walt points the gun back at Carmen. WALT (cont'd) Just shut the fuck up! He dashes to the window and tries beating it with the butt of the gun but it keeps bouncing back. JOHN You’re wasting your strength. Walt ignores him and runs to the door and starts to pound and the rest watches him indifferently. Walt is about to break down when he stops hitting the door to pull himself together. JOHN We’ve tried everything. MRS. LISTRUM I don’t know what kind of room this is but it has a mind of its own. WALT What about the bodies? I don’t see bodies piling up? He tries a last resort to make sense of the situation while pacing up and down the room. JOHN They just disappear. WALT You expect me to believe that? JOHN We don’t make the rules.


CARMEN By the time the dead body vanishes one of us will have to take it’s place. Carmen taunts him by pointing to the direction of the bathroom while sniggering. MRS. LISTRUM It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes. They just vaporize into thin air. WALT You people are fucking mad! CARMEN If you stay here long enough, you’ll get there. Without warning Walt fires a shot at the window and it ricochets back into the room. Hitting the wall and the lamp and then it disappears. Everyone in the room tries to dodge it without seeing where it went. When it quietens down Carmen is the first to react. CARMEN You fucking idiot! What the hell do you think you are doing? WALT What? And get someone killed? Walt starts laughing. JOHN You are really a piece of shit! WALT Hey, watch your mouth dickhead! JOHN You do that one more time and I’m going to kill you myself! WALT With what? Your bare hands? Walt laughs hysterically. JOHN If I have too.


CARMEN And mine too. John and Carmen stare at Walt as though they are waiting for the right moment to pounce. WALT Not if I shoot you first! Walt aims the gun at them alternately from one to the other. MRS. LISTRUM Stop it, all of you! You’re making it worse. WALT How can anything be worse than this? Carmen screams when she sees blood gushing out of Mrs. Listrum’s temple. John and Walt are just as shocked at what they see. Mrs. Listrum doesn’t realize she has caught the stray bullet in her head and looks at them curiously. MRS. LISTRUM What’s wrong? Carmen cringes and looks away. JOHN You’re bleeding Mrs. Listrum. MRS. LISTRUM Bleeding? She raises her trembling hand to feel the spot they are all glaring at. MRS. LISTRUM Oh my. Oh my. They watch her as she holds out a few chunks of her gray matter and then fall flats onto the bed. CARMEN (to Walt) You stupid fucker! You stupid stupid fucker! EXT. BIRD’S EYEVIEW OF THE CITY STREET - DAY The busy traffic continues it’s awkward flow and the people imitate the confusion as they go about their daily routine.


The camera retreats back to the window of the hotel room that is holding some humans hostage, and straight into Walt’s eyes. INT. HOTEL ROOM - PARLOR - NIGHT A knock on the door startles the three of them from where they are. On the bed, in the chair and standing by the window. BELLHOP (O.S.) Room service. The door swings open and a young intern walks in with his geeky smile.


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