I. Objectives 1. Define the word origami
2. Appreciate origami as an art

3. Follow directions to create origami projects

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Origami Reference: Instructional Materials: 1.

Square papers for each student Powerpoint presentation of the lesson

III. Procedure

A. Review • Recap the past lesson “Asian Art Forms.”

B. Motivation • • Introduce the new lesson “Origami” by letting them see a sample. Ask the class to identify the origami form presented.

C. Presentation

Discuss origami and it origins through a powerpoint presentation.

D. Application • Distribute the square paper to each pupil and tell them that they are going to make a paper swan.

Evaluation 1. IV. Create a diorama of a life of a swan.• Help the pupils follow a step by step procedure of making a paper swan. Assignment 1. V. . Create a paper fortune teller.