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Candidate: Grace Creech Date & Time of Lesson: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 9:00-9:30 School: Long Cane

Primary Subject: Science

L#: 00171692 Grade Level: Kindergarten

Cooperating Teacher: Marie South Lesson Title: Four Seasons

1. Curriculum Standards Addressed: K-4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of seasonal weather changes. K-4.2 Compare the weather patterns that occur from season to seasons. 2. Instructional Objective(s) Criteria: Students will be able to correctly categorize items from each season. 3. Assessment(s) of the Objectives: Pre-Assessment: Ask children the question, how many seasons do we have? During: Ask children if they can tell me something we could wear during the season I ask them about while reading the book. Ending-Assessment: Large Group Have children come up to the smart board and help the person get dressed for the season. There are four different pages, one for each season. Small Group Call children in groups of four during center time and have them categorize items from each season. 4. Materials/Resources: The Four Seasons for Little People by Josep M. Parramon, smart board, poster board, and season cards. 5. Prerequisites (Prior Knowledge): knowing how to dress for the weather 6. Procedures: 1. Remind students of when we talked about how many seasons that we have. 2. Tell students that today we are going to be reading The Four Seasons for Little People. 3. Point out and talk about that today is the first day of spring. 4. Ask the class if they can tell me the season by raising their hands. 5. Read children the book. 6. Ask children throughout the story if they can tell me what they should wear during the seasons. 7. Tell the children that we are going to do a fun activity on the smart board called, getting dressed for the seasons!

8. Call on every child to come up to the board and help dress the person for a particular season. Make sure every child gets a turn. 9. Once finished, tell the children that I will be calling them in small groups during centers to do a fun activity with me. 10. Dismiss the children to centers. 11. Once in centers, call children in groups of four to assess children on categorizing items from each season. 7. Accommodations: Each child will be called from centers; therefore, I will have no early finishers. If any child struggles with the small group activity, I will work with them one on one. 8. References: South Carolina Science Academic Standards and my cooperating teacher, Marie South.