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Off the capitalist system

1. Termination of all ownership over natural resources and production.
2. This planet is ours and everything on it is ours too and no one was given the right to sell it to us and thus enslaves us for eternity.
3. Work, rent, price and wages are the painful expression of our misery and modern slavery.
4. By terminating the state and capitalism we bring to an end all human suffering on earth.
5. Without any authority or hierarchy, without money and classes we will end the unnecessary hardship and suffering of billions of people
living now on earth.

Economy / politics (capitalist, socialist, fascist) are the cages designed for us by our self-chosen masters. They are the cages we are put in
since birth and there we exist: a cage we call home, a cage we call work a cage we call poverty and marriage, a concrete cage of psycho-
physical torture we call the lottery of normality.
Capitalism is a big jail for the majority of the populace, the state is a big prison, a well guarded highly equipped working and punitive /
reward prison for the inhabitants, operating on Pavlov’s principle but stripped of its socialistic connotation.
Capitalism and the state imprison both the rich and the poor, hiding them each in their respective places. A prison that they themselves
participated in creating, some willingly others through enforced labor. Society’s self designed jail based on the objective conditioning of
modern alienation and the deterministic enslavement of humanity – a ramified historical necessity.
Break the chains of the past, break the chain of ignorance and submission and join the anarchic social revolution. The future is their for
the making, lets enjoy in creating it.

The system that destroys mind and matter

The capitalist system is the cause of all modern barbarism. Capitalism is an economical cannibalism; it kills and devours people for profit.
Capitalism is a mass killing machine just like the Romans and Chingis Khan but in the disguise of finance and personal investments.
Capitalism is an amalgamation of pain, blood and sweat. Capitalism is the concentration of stolen labor and confiscated land. Capitalism
is the primary cause of disease, mental and medical. Capitalism causes 90% of all violence in the world, the blood/sweat thirst of capital.
The toxic fangs of capital, the vampires are the ruling class and their lackey’s, the parasite lurking over other people’s labor, the
executioners of freedom and love.
Capitalists are sucker parasites feeding on humanity, predation on all collective benefits, accumulating their loot for further infinite
expansion called the business cycle.
The rich and their banks and stock exchange will have learned to live without them; their parasitic practices will be terminated for ever.
No more excuses for neither buying nor selling.
The people of the world will take control over their food and shelter and all the rest of it and get rid of the leaders of capital and terminate
their beloved pyramid the state.
Capitalism makes the world ugly and by its nature it is greedy and stingy. On the ruins of modern capitalism we will have free people
living without barter or exchange, without a need for a symbolic mediation, living through direct conscious distribution of production and
God and capital and the state are dead, anarchists have killed them in the last 200 years. We have killed them because they deserve to
vanish from our existence, what they have left behind in their glorious historic march is nothing but slavery, global misery and
We destroy capital and the state to liberate humanity from its hypnotic social grip and its desperate repulsive reappearance as a spectacle
of the negative dimension.
Capitalism is an historical perversion and the state is a manic deviation. Anarchism defeats the state and capitalism and offers humanity
something that is worthy of their posture, a labor of love or the love of labor, beauty instead of horror
C I A – Communist Individualist Anarchism

Dear revolutionaries – Greetings still from the hell of the future

The “development” of capitalism is a total and permanent human crisis, physically and psycho-emotionally.
The forces of politico-economical powers are one and the same thing but in different periods and faces, operating within historical
conditioning on a global scale.
The head, body and tail of the capitalist beast which is humanly sick and perverted in its social relations, based on usurers, conmen and
speculators. Under the disguise of post-barter exchange they legalize their stolen profit and labor loot.
A system of universal suffering wars and poverty, a global system of robbery of all resources, exploitation and then after ruining the
planet and human life they hide in remote country sides or well hidden bunkers.
A system of violent and viscous powers ruled and conducted by politico-fiscal tyrants and rich megalomaniacs, who swindled humanity in
controlling its entire human and natural resources.
Crimes against humanity what this system does because it is based on a capitalist legal form of socio-economical criminality, an officially
recognized egoism and ambitious lust and greed as a substitute for the lack of genuine pleasure.
The hierarchy is severely perverted; it has created monsters of powers that were encouraged to become so, leaders who are mentally
shallow and instable, like the ones we have today and as it always in the past.
Neither left nor right of capital will save us from a determined doom, but a conscious socio-anarchic revolution lead by the people
themselves with a little help from anarcho-revolutionary friends.
The anarcho-social revolution is a real solution to a real problem; only anarchy can dissolve capitalism and bring it to a halt. How to stop
capitalism from killing humanity quickly and gradually in the name of free marketeering and a ruling class democracy?
We can stop this destructive self-blinded march in the quest for more and more billions of dollars and universal domination.
How long capitalism is going to devour us and later excrete us for recycling our submission and obedience? When will the capitalist
system become obsolete? Can we fasten the process of its disintegration as was the case in the socialist system.
When will this criminal and brutal system disappear and free humanity from its nasty yoke? When will it self-destruct and how? Well, the
answer to all these urgent problems is our anarcho-revolutionary activity in the last fifty years.
Freedom fighters in theory and practice, as living example, in words and deeds, courageously digging the grave of international-state
capitalism. Now the grave is deep and ready and what remain it just to push it down there and on the surface plant some ganja weeds.
The freedom of all is the freedom of the one and the well being of each, so we can go on living without coercion and oppression. Let’s
accompany humanity in our journey of intellectual creativity and constructive alterations. Start with subverting your immediate
environment and the internet.

Porno-military internet, anarcho-capitalism and patriotic cyber chauvinism

The tools – The individual – The state – The society
1. The perverted historical development of “humanity.
2. The perverted historical development of hierarchy.
3. The onto-epistemological spectacle/surveillance.
4. The anarcho-symbiosis and nihilo-metamorphosis.
5. Theoretico-practical meta-synthesis.
6. Creation of anarcho-alternative paths of progression.
7. Meta-dialectical and post-materialist emancipation.
8. Anarcho-communist revolutionary advance.

Free individuals like anarchism are the fundamental precondition for a free and equal society. Nihilo-revolutionary thinking and acting
for the liquidation of anti-human forces and cyber annihilation of all ideologies and religions, thus ending quasi-theory and ignorant
The foundation of capitalism (1760-1840) is based on criminality and illegality, the new economy of punishment, the ghetto and prison
for the masses.
Anarcho-capitalism is a dead fish stinking from its head, pity-bourgeoisie greed without state interference. The western civilization the
creator of unnatural capitalism 200 years ago is half liberal and half fascist. All ideologies and religions were created for the sole purpose
of controlling the mind and gold. Politics and economy like science, ethics and morality were designed for the purpose of manipulating
and managing the feudo-industrial modern slave.
All systems are rotten and are very destructive to life and must be abolished to rescue the human race from its self-made extinction.
What we need is an anti-system, the meta-system, a system-less harmony and creation which means in pragmatic term, economical
happiness to all people on earth. Yours in the anarchic social revolution 2005CIA.

Most anarchists are not anarchist at all - Anti-economical determinism
Since anarchists from the time of Bakunin and Kropotkin up to now depended solely on the Marxist analysis of capitalist economy that
turned out to be very wrong and misleading. This erroneous analysis brought down the whole socialist camp and exposed the invalidity of
communist theory.
The dependence of anarchism on failed Marxist predictions and prognostication caused plenty of harm to anarchic theory and turned
anarchists into regimented scouts of social therapy. No wonder that modern anarchism looks like this today, North American anarchism is
not anarchism at all, but a replica of middle class activism.
Anti-economical anarchism is the only true anarchism since it alone can totally eliminate all sorts of authority, hierarchy and what ever
oppression anywhere.
Anarchism as represented by our friends in north Europe, is pathetic and makes you want to puke, to even think of organized anarchism
is an ultra contradiction in term. As a result of so many crucial mistakes contemporary anarchists behave as a bunch of left wing liberal
scouts, negotiating their party line and dogmatic ideology, just as our hated cousin the Bolshevik.
The magic ward of affinity group means let’s hide in little gropes and pretend we are operating on a global scale, or let’s dress in
differently colored costumes so we could play safely whilst confronting the 8 masters.
Primitivism is not anarchism nor salvation is going to come from the internet, the revolution awaits you someplace and somewhere else.
This is not a criticism of the anarchic movement as such, but a recommendation for the adaptation of a meta-Marxist post-capital anti-
dialectical approach based on anti-analysis and the demolishment of capitalist social relations.
What we need is an anti-economical post-Marxist meta-synthesis for the creation of the last revolution. Economy is theft and property is
All necessities of life is distributed free during and after the revolution, the collapse of capitalism will enrich the whole world population
and turn each and everyone into an overnight millionaires, we shell have by the year 2015 7000000000 millionaires, a very happy and
celebrative humanity.
Arm your pleasure and equip your passion with revolutionary knowledge so you will be always ready to make and participate in the
already long overdue social revolution.
If by waiting few more years we can further reduce the required violence to a minimum then be it. After destroying the state and
hierarchy wages and commerce disappear to the disappointment of many anarcho-capitalists.
Labor will turn into a revolt, we want to manage our lives ourselves and no one else and anyone who dares otherwise shell facet a violent
attack, since slavery and exploitation are unforgivable and epidemic.
The destruction of life is not a demagogic issue but a survival defense and a last stand of the slave who is on a head collision with his
Freedom must be taken by force; justice is equality when there is no exploiting fellow human any more. Values and business is an organize
deceit orchestrated by blood stained economical gangsters embraced by weak and corrupt politicos.
Capital economy is the king and the ruling classes, immersed in wealth and power whilst devastating our lives, our planet and obliterating
the future.
They impoverish the rest of humanity whilst keeping the middle class and allowing it consume, thus keeping it in check, business-bossy
and ossified.
Humanity wants revolt and it wants it now and we are here to provide it with exactly that. Lets not allow 200 years of anarchism be
thrown to the garbage of history because of some alienated tendencies. We exist and that is enough to create the biggest and final
revolution in our miserable human history, cause a revolution that has never been witnessed before i.e, the creation of freedom. Humanity
demands freedom and we demand material equality, a meta-critical mass rebellion engulfing the whole planet thus turning life into a
more bearable and pleasant existence for all.

The death of theory and the end of idealism

The blind is leading the blind
Philosophy as clinical psychiatry
The death of philosophy
Dull and frigid philosophers
The impotence of capitalist thinkers
Pedantic idealism
Philosophers to the garbage
And the revolution is here to stay
Philosophers like scientists are dogmatic and very limited, they always serve the master. Philosophy is the religion of capitalism and
science is metaphysical; the poverty of intellectual life. Afraid of freedom and concrete equality they bow to every idle and submit their
critical thinking to the service of the empire that be.
Confused by their own tautology and anxious about their ontological crises, they plunge into the formal and abstract.
Well, this time there is no escape dear philosopher and scientist, because your hay days are few.

Termination of the capitalist system

1. By dismantling the army and police we dissolve the state and authority and thus no one will be capable of attacking or exploiting another.
2. By the cancellation of inheritance law and terminating private ownership of natural resources and the means of production, i.e., by the
elimination of capitalist social relations and business our world turns into paradise and not hell.
3. The burning of money as an exchange value.
4. The ending of all laws and bourgeois morality thus terminating the hegemony of the ruling classes.
5. Capitalism is a physical and mental disease, a profitable disease for the few, its urgent cure is the uprooting the infected reactionary cyst
called system control for the dictatorship of the rich.
6. The only cure and solution is revolutionary transformation of society on the basis of gift economy and total material equality.
7. Anarchic anti-capitalist social leap into a world where human life has the highest consideration.

The Death of Theory and Idealism

• Why – when – how – who – etc.

A. The West has the right objective conditions yet lacks the rebellious nature of the people, at present at least.
B. The East and South have masses of rebellious people but lack the objective conditions.
C. Anarchism like Communism has been stuck theoretically and practically for the last 200 years.
D. Revolutionary transformation of consciousness and its advancement of human faculties.

• Answers – solutions – post-dialectics – etc.


1. Why do I start with West (English), the global situation of the internet is obvious. In English for the West first because intellectually it is
more advanced whilst the rest of the world has emotional superiority.
2. The mixture of a highly advanced emotion from the South and East with the very developed intellect of the West is the answer to 90% of
all contemporary human problems.
3. Self-criticism and self-complementation on correct occasions alone guarantees permanent development in all fields.
4. You cannot make a penny or a cent without further destroying some other human lives.
5. Rapid accumulation of knowledge and its revolutionary transformation into social practice and preparedness for the revolution.

As to the readers of all sides of the ideological specter, please, just wait a second and comprehend before you respond, adjust yourselves to
a totally new universal situation. Those of you who desire to rescue and save humanity from utter devastation should only lend a hand and
coordinate this colossal task.
Whereas to those readers who wish to maintain whatever authority and hierarchy from our ugly past should listen carefully to what I
have to say because otherwise they are going to find themselves expelled from society on a trip. Likewise those who won’t to maintain any
sort of governance or statehood or capitalism under any banner, please listen, it might be the last time we say please give up peacefully so
we would not have to use any force.
The majority of the people are in no position whatsoever to take back their right of self-determination; most people are deluded into
voting believing that they are taking part in an equal and democratic process. Capitalism is democratic as in Greek it means power to the
owners of Athens salves.
Democracy is for the master not for the servant, democracy of the rulers over the ruled. What good democracy if you have no money to
buy food?
Finally here we are in the year 2005AD at exactly the same year 0005AD and 2005BC the situation of the individual has not changed an
inch, what has changed are the gadgets of control. The social relations have not changed for the last 70000 years, why because the
enslavement of another fellow human being remains and is live and kicking.
As always there is an urgent need for a major conscious leap into a future designed by humanity for the sake of living free and in dignity.
No cults of leadership under whatever disguise, this time the revolution will not be as it was in the past, i.e., in the hands of Bolsheviks and
authoritarian communists, but in the hand of the whole people who want to participate in the creation of their own destiny.
The End of Power
Decentralized Distribution of Anarchic Knowledge and Everything else
1. The global anarcho-revolution.
2. The universal social revolution.
3. The exter-national and exter-class anarcho-social revolution.
4. A non-violent take over.
5. A minimal violent take over (some countries).

The anarchic revolution will occur in 190 countries simultaneously; millions of oppressed people will occupy and take over all the
institutions and establishments of the state and capitalist corporations in their respective countries.
After taking over and fully controlling all the centers of economical, political and military power, they will be converted for the service of
humanity and for the benefit of wo/man-kind.
By an immediate abolishment of the states and capitalism an anarchic society will be created on the ruins of the capitalist nation-state.
All the needs and wants of the people will be met and distributed everywhere and for everyone. Production and distribution will become
by then automatic a totally robotized.
People will decide what they want produced and how much, the people will decide the services they desire and require for living life with
dignity and without money and authority.
The whole society will be managed by computers and robots which are designed for us by us and for future generations.
This automatic meta-system will be over seen by the rotation of revolutionary volunteers from the friends of humanity in each country.
What we have:
Anarcho-revolutionaries for the drastic improvement of human condition everywhere.
Anarcho-revolutionaries for the transformation of society from capitalism to anarchism and the creation of a higher automatic and cyber-
robotized techno-industrial meta-structure.
The anarchic cell for the acceleration and rapid expansion of the global anarchic revolution.
The anarchic cell for the distribution of revolutionary knowledge and for the globalization of the social revolution.
The anarchic non-local cell for the coordination of the human uprising on a global scale.
The mobilization of the oppressed for the revolutionary transformation of society and for the destruction of the state and capitalism.
The turning of the poor and oppressed into a revolutionary force that is capable of creating a concrete alternative to the present state of
The more capitalists increase their profits the sooner the revolution will be and the faster capital grows the quicker will be its fall.
An increase in the number of the poor in any country is always proportional and corresponds to the level of revolutionary maturation.
The ratio and the level of unemployment and poverty is an exact indication for when the revolution will happen, and the present situation
is not that bad for revolutionaries of the anarchic type.
The exter-national anarchic movement for the creation of a new anarchic world and the restoration of nature.

The global resistance to capitalism

1) Resistance to foreign occupation.
2) Resistance to local occupation.
3) National resistance – religious resistance – class resistance.
4) It is not human nature that causes all this human misery but the system of capitalism and the people who mostly benefit from it.
5) The alternative is a contemporary anti-capitalist anarchic society that is based on a gift meta-economy.
6) The rulers of this world, in whatever form they come must be overthrown now.
7) We will immediately terminate all capitalist social relations through the abolition of money, rent and prices.
8) Working people will be liberated from their mean wages and from class discrimination.
9) The every day poverty of consumer life, the boredom and misery of work and the horror of war.
10) The misery of permanent alienation and routine, which only an anarchic revolution can resolve.

Dismantling all governing institutions and in their place we will have a decentralization and distribution of power.
Power to the people means without power at all, power to the people means the abolishment of work, wages and prisons.
Freedom means living without war-lords and states and their law – police – army security complex.
Equality means that life will be without rich or poor, without privilege for some and misery for most.
Revolution means the termination of centralized power and its dismantlement by distribution of material wealth in total equity.
Wealth belongs to all those who made in the first place which is us all and our ancestor.
Anarchy means the abolition of the state and capitalism immediately, thus creating abundance to all people of the planet. Liberty must be
for all, the liberty to live without privilege or oppression.
Peace will never exist on earth as long as classes exist and by abolishing classes we abolish capitalism and vice versa.
The state is the guardian of capitalists and capitalism is the guardian of the ruling rich. This has to be stopped by an anarcho-social
revolution so once and for all we will terminate this intolerable human condition forever.
Where there is capitalism there is terrorism, terrorism is just another form of aggressive capitalism.
War, terror and crime are some of the physical ingredients of capitalism.
Religion, politics and ideology are some of the mental ingredients of capitalism.
Anarchy has nothing to do with this; anarchy knows only freedom and happiness to all instead of what we are experiencing today.
Capitalism as State Terrorism
Capitalism is the root of all inequalities and injustices of the whole world. Nothing good can come out of this kind of anti-human system
which causes only poverty, war and mass mental sickness. Capitalism stimulates only the ugliest traits of human character thus
encouraging only greed and deceit.
Capitalism perpetuates only hate and suffering, business is a criminal activity of cheating and manipulating our instinct of survival
creating the hierarchy of mass misery.
Capitalism will be abolished by voluntary anarchism before it succeeds in completely enslaving us and fully ruining the planet.
Capitalism, like feudalism and slavery before it, causes plenty of suffering and brutalizes the populace bringing with it havoc to the
community and complete destruction of nature.
Everywhere people are unhappy, everywhere the majority is poor and oppressed and the few continue to profit and prosper at the expense
of the rest. This will not last for ever; the capitalist system will soon come to an end. The rich will have to learn to live with us on equal
terms, without this, resistance and class revolution will expand.
Religious terrorism is part of capitalist terrorism; it is good for state security and for the diminishing of human and civil rights.
The vast majority of the world population wants to live in dignity and in equality, but there can never be a true and real peace unless
there is a factual equality and concrete distribution of wealth. Capitalism forbids good living to the majority of the people, a sufficient
reason for revolting. Capitalism is a never ending war against all the people of the planet, uniformed mercenaries in a rampage against
life and nature in the name of the rich and the leader.
No more, the people are beginning to rise, they are beginning to insurrect and will one day soon participate in the universal anarcho-social
revolution. We are fed up with this kind of un-living; we are sick and tired of this sort of imposed alienated social existence, which is
miserable, dull and permanently vanquished.
The world and people have to completely and radically change or they will die and vanish. But life is stronger than slavery and capitalism
and anarchy awaits us all - Capitalism is a primitive cruel idea with a modern technological cover up.

Revolutionary transformation of capitalism into anarchism

Human nature is anti-capitalist; human nature is anarchic and wants to be free.
By overthrowing capitalism we overthrow the state and religion, this will terminate ideology and nationalism.
1) Capitalism causes mental and physical disease and suffering.
2) Capitalism is the basis of violence and poverty.
3) Make capitalism history and the state too.
4) The poverty of capitalist way of living, the boredom of an organization.
5) The ugliness of capitalist society and environment, make the religious comeback his-story as well.
6) Make god and nationalism history, make money his-story, an end to global ignorance.
7) Capitalism maintains all the ills of the world and exasperates them and is directly responsible for all the mass suffering it reproduces in
everyday life.
8) Capitalism is big and small prisons wherever you are, it destroys lives and nature everywhere and very fast and without mercy.
9) The business of domination, exploitation and mass oppression, is the business of calculating profit and expanding impoverishment.
10) Capitalism is an accumulated wealth by the few at the cost of eco-human destruction and colossal disaster.

If I was god and would have asked the devil to design the most horrific hell he could imagine, it would not be as horrific as capitalist
reality today and as it was always.
Micro-capitalism = personal misery and despair.
Macro-capitalism = social war and violent poverty.
The people of the world are the total victims of capitalist domination over a prolonged period of time.
1. Slavery = master = religion + private property.
2. Serfdom = feudal = religion + private property.
3. Worker = boss = politics + private property.
4. Capitalism = ideology = socialism = state/private property where property is theft.
5. Capitalist social relations are based solely on canning and deceit.

A – Primitive capitalism = barter and exchange.

B – Mid-era capitalism = gold and trade.
C – Modern capitalism = labor and revolt.
• Socialism = reformed capitalism
• Capitalism = reformed socialism

By the destruction of capitalism we destroy misery and pain; we end for ever all human suffering and all the ills and violence, by simply
turning all our creative efforts towards humanity and not to the accumulation of private profits.
Lest relief humanity and nature from this imperial parasite called capitalism, capitalism is theft and exploitation of humans and natural
resources for the benefit of the few alone. Capitalism causes mass hate and brutality resulting in suicide bombers too.
On blood and sweat capitalism stretches its grabbing arms further and deeper till it devours all and everything; it has done that for
centuries, first in the name of god/empire and now in the name of capital/democracy.
Enough is enough, you cannot fuck the people all of the time, there will come a time when these people will rebel and get rid of this
historic-quasi-evolutionary phenomenon.
The biggest democracy is the most violent one; it creates wealth for the few at the expense of the rest and robbing nature bare thus
destroying in unprecedented rate the geo-biological sphere.
Disobey all authority and demolish all hierarchy – destroy the pyramids of organization and power – eliminate the state and political
We don’t want capitalism, we abhor it, and it is inhuman and should be stopped and transformed. We don’t want Marxism either, what
we want is anarchy which connote lack of authority and lack of governance.
Anarchy means complete equality and permanent freedom and an end to private ownership of labor, land and the means of production.

The People of Freedom and Anarchy

There is no reason on earth why humanity should have suffered and still suffer because of a brutal money-making machine called
capitalism. There is no reason whatsoever for a system of subjective and objective devastation to continue to exist as though all is well for
the tormented and dispossessed poor (the majority).
There is no reason why should the people continue and bear this permanent humiliation and daily anguish because few individuals who
want to rule the world in the name of democracy for the rich and ugly. A capitalist system that caters only for the privileged well to do
who are guilty of crimes against humanity, an elite that rob us of the water we drink and the land we walk and the food we eat. They sell
us back our means of substance after producing it ourselves in the first place. They give us food vouchers in the name of wages and
salaries which we receive for being exploited and cheated.
Capitalism is a system that allows all dictatorial and power megalomaniac characters, which only capitalism encourages accomplishing
their fiscal holocaust, it allows every sick personality to become the leader and become the representative of the corrupt ruling class the
rich (initial capital accumulated from slave trade).
I cannot find one reason why capitalism should not be toppled as soon as possible and in place of this colossal human nightmare a more
humane anti-system (meta-system) will prevail.
The worker and the unemployed, the homeless and the prisoner, the intellectual and the artist are all participating in this revolution,
anarchists steer. Therefore I call from this article for an anarchic revolution to overthrow capitalism and destroy its protector the state. A
social revolution that will liberate us from the yoke of fiscal fascism and financial Nazism, the dictatorship of the ruling class in the name
of free market capitalism also known as material oppression of the rest of the people.
An anarcho-social revolution that will put an end to alienation and dismantle this miserable consumer spectacle and relief the
politicians and the rich from their fake power biased inclinations.
Their profit is proportional to our misery, the richer they become the more desperate we are, until the lid is blown and the masses go on
the march of their own liberation. But this time, me and you are present in this, it is our own lives that is at stake here, therefore reject all
systems, alter the objective conditions, dismantle your subjective determinism and break the chains of slavery which will be your only loss
but a whole cosmos to gain.
No one is free until the last one is free

The perquisites for an Anarchic Social Revolution

1) The level of industrial and technological level, the highest is the better.
2) The level of individual conscious of the population, the more conscious the better.
3) Anarcho-theory is the meta-theory, anarchists is the highest conscious.

A) Capitalism = Antagonistic conflict = Permanent negation and opposition.

B) Anarchism = Resolution of antagonism = Anti-conflict creation.
C) Capitalism = Dialectical metaphysics = Today.
D) Anarchism = Post-dialectical (meta-dialectical) equal materialism = Tomorrow.
E) Materialism is good but dialectics and metaphysics is bad.

Anarchism is one millennium more advanced than Capitalism

The market = capitalism = artificial existence designed for the maximum misery for the majority and big profits for the few
Why the western civilization is so obsessed with markets, because they have become nations of shop keepers as Marx already indicated
two centuries ago.
Why every Westerner from the left and right are so obsessed with the market = mark-it = put a price, a tag on the product, human
calculators wasting their lives behaving as though we are in scarcity whilst in reality we live in total alienated abundance.
Barter, exchange, trade, gold, commerce are all of the same shit, a primitive world still living in a planned scarcity and panic through
fierce, violent and selfish competitions (Classes - WARS).
Economy is valid only in time of genuine scarcity but in time of abundance economy becomes absolute and redundant, i.e., the final stage
of political economy and the fall of capitalism.
Why most of you so convinced that capitalism is a good rotten thing, why this attraction to markets, because you are afraid of post-
economical automated, decentralized distribution and production. Because it hard for you to see a post-survival existence which is based
on voluntary free association founded on cyber-techno-industrial anarchic civilization, the future to come. In a post-survival abundant
world political economy, the state and capitalism will disappear all at once and together from the face of history and from all social
Markets are only for primitive societies, once society goes beyond private accumulation of profits, markets become superfluous and
unwanted. Markets like capitalism is a primitive form of surplus exchange in quasi-developed world, where classes are slaves and
masters, the few very rich and 2/3 of the world population is ill and starving, what a democracy of violent expansion and profit by force.
In a post-scarcity post-economical society markets become absurd and obsolete and totally unnecessary.
Markets and capitalism are only good for nations of shop-keepers and kiosk owners, walking human calculators who have nothing better
to do in this short life but count infinitely their petty daily gains, what an exciting living? Making money is the most dull and empty
function you can ever do, no wonder that all the nastiest become quickly rich, so they could control others in the name of prosperity and
wealth. What a lie, what a deceit, just look at the people around you, how they spend their whole day doing nothing but the maintenance
of hierarchy and the continuation of the ruling power.
Capitalism is cheap and artificial existence wasting all your precious time doing unnecessary repetitive activity so you could just have
something to eat and a place to sleep, well no more.
Business life, the ugliest if habits and characters is very disgusting way of living and association, business men always in time of crises vote
for Nazism, always support any war and they are the main cause for global famine. In a highly developed anarcho-automated and cyber-
post-industrial society, trade, markets, money, prices, rents, contracts do not exist; there is no need for this primitive form of global
capitalist sub-management. Anarcho-universal self-management means the end of capitalism and the end of the primitive period called
western capitalism. Work and business will disappear for ever; people will freely associate with one another on the basis of cooperation
and mutual coordination, universal anarchic synchronization of demand and cyber-robotic production and services.
The state and capitalism with the dangerous rubbish it contains, headed today by the United States will soon be something of the past,
forgotten and despised.
In a free and conscious world, in a materially equal society there is no need for authority or rule, just voluntarily creative associations
with intense pleasure for most.
The process of capitalist self-annihilation will begin suddenly and end very fast, no transition periods and no leaders, just us for us. Do
you want to spend all your life in a market bargaining the whole day long, every day for the rest of your life, like in the shares market,
lusting for the highest bid, for the best exchange value, so you could maintain your parasitic well to do existence and the expense of those
who produce the commodity in the first place. What a bore, what a dangerous waste of human effort and imagination, all for profit sake
irregardless of the devastating and immediate consequence of this crime against humanity, a coercive transaction, called capitalist
democracy. Business life is a disgusting way of living, without love and friends, without creativity but the constant greed for more.
Capitalism will be abolished whether you like or not, this is law-governed process that no one can stop, we can only either accelerate the
process or slow it down, a law-governed objective development of society. It is our self-determination that will accelerate the fall of
capitalism and its replacement with anarcho-individualist communism. Thus wars will never happen again and no one will ever go
hungry, no man will exploit the other, for what ever reason or purpose, classes will abolished and governments disappear with its
infrastructure, the stupid state.
All markets will be terminated naturally, the free market is only a play in words, what it really means is a Nazi economy in action, the
dictatorship of the market by those who have plenty of control over us all, therefore we should expel them from society until they will
learn how to live in harmony with us , without discrimination or intimidation.
We will end the use of money as a form of exchange; everything will be free of charge and free of price and ownership, i.e., the end of
private ownership of the means production and material resources, the end of control, a real freedom and anarchy at last.
The End and Re-Start of Humanity & Nature
From the start of life, through the evolutionary process we arrive at the revolutionary meta-process. A navigation of the objective law-
governed revolutionary process and its movement towards the accomplishment of Anarcho – Individualist Communism - the final blow to
capitalism. The expanding of a mass universal anarchic consciousness and its direct application as a global social revolution is taking
place at the present everywhere.
The rich and their representatives live as anti-human criminals, parasites that suck on human vitality and the unshakable will to live free.
The richer they become the nastier is their policy, power corrupts in a big way and always. The rich rule the world and anarchists will
rule the rich, known as the “dictatorship of the poor”. They choose their politico-military governments according to their profit plans and
at the top of their organization they put either a dictator or a clown depending on the fiscal global situation.
Anarchy has humanity as its ultimate goal and freeing it from this modern slavery is its only purpose. Political economy is a conspiracy of
the oligarchy, the quasi-theory of neo-capitalism, neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism. A conspiracy of hegemony over time, place and
over all existing matter natural or produced is as brutal and torturous a system as all the ones that preceded it, from the first civilization
till now. A special system designed for the masters of the earth, a private appropriation of wealth maintained through inheritance and
spouse control for ever.
The rich are rich because of looting and enslavement of the majority, that is why 2/3 of the world population live on less than 2 dollars a
day, because there is someone somewhere out there making one billion a day, this is a crime against humanity, a crime against us all.
Those who benefit from managing their masters assets are opportunistic, well to do venerability and fear, the middle class, the miserable
petty bourgeois and their lust for an easy income, the leeches of the wealthy. The rich with military make the state; they choose the leaders
and head of security on top of the pyramid. Megalomaniacs supported by the money of the decadent rich, they will support any lunatic,
any dictator, any blood thirsty neo-conservative psychotic, to implement their investment to profit on a global scale.
In an anarchic world everything will be equally produced and shared, so that each living organism has an unalienable right for a
dignified existence and a physical foundation for his/her freedom and joy. Anything less than this is a declaration of violence and brute
force upon the human race in general and on me in particular, therefore only a total material equality and distribution can bring about
the end of capitalism and the start of anarchism. A lot of rubbish is written these days about the difference of communism and anarchism,
but we will not go into this now, beside this subject is limited by its nature because of the personal pro-capitalist academic subject/matter.
The religious values and ideologies of capitalism, like their ethics and idealist metaphysical philosophies, as socialism too are always
manipulated by the state/party, these are nothing but apologies and excuses for the continuation of mass capitalist brutality and a colossal
destruction of planet nature. Capitalism is terrorism and it relies only on horror and on a forever lasting nightmare for the majority of the
population on earth. For the profit of less than 0, 05% of the world population the rest of us, the rest of the world population – 99, 95% of
the people will have to suffer and live all their life on the bare minimum for a miserable short lived survival.
Well the time has come to terminate this barbaric economico-political system and in its place create an anarchic free society, without war,
exploitation or oppression. The anarchists are preparing everywhere to orientate the coming socio-anarchic revolution. We are
permanently in an anti-capitalist action towards the final knockout of capitalism and substituting it with a humane alternative to private
survival, with an anti-system called anarchy.

Anarchism Instead of Capitalism

Humanity did not choose capitalism; it is the capitalists and their managers that maintain and keeps capitalism going. Capitalism is cruel
as was its Bolshevik counterpart, now we have remained with raw capitalism lead by Bush and Blare. 85% of the world population
directly suffers from this discriminatory system. Capitalism excludes the poor even from bare survival, it uses the law and psychiatry to
dictate its rules and punish dissidents. This so called free market is just another word that implies that you will remain poor forever and
repressed and they will always just get richer. Even a kid knows that without a large capital you are doomed to a definite oblivion. So
burn all illusions about democracy and free enterprise, these are just terms for further justification for the enslavement of the majority of
humanity and guaranteeing it to last for a long time. Violent capitalism for profiting at any cost even at the cost of sacrificing tens of
thousands of poor youth that has been given only 2 miserable choices, either to get severely injured and die for the state for a wage or end
up in the gutter of the chronic poor and the punitive rehabilitation system.
The capitalist system is systematically destroying people, nature and causing irreversible damage to planet earth. Capitalism exists on
barrowed time given to it by the techno-industrial revolution of the ‘Western Civilization’ but not for much longer.
This capitalist system is lead and managed by the rich ruling class which has been decaying into decadence and degeneration for a
prolonged time and we definitely see very clearly the results all over history and at our present time. The longer capitalism remains to rule
and control us and continues to oppress and punish us, the more mass misery we will have and the more depressed, frustrated and bored
we will become. The shorter the future life span of capitalism will be, say less than a decade from now, the quicker humanity will be
liberated and freed from the octopus arms of the authority of the capitalist system, happiness for all will be achieved and emancipation
practiced all over the land. Freedom at last realized in real lives and regions and material equality for all and by all.
The rich rulers of the world with their hypocritical democracy and techno-military might impose their ugly will on all of us in the past,
present and future and with very tragic and catastrophic consequences. Capitalists are the ugliest individuals on earth, their ideas of life
and the world is Nazi-like and extremely reactionary like all the governments and the states. Their personal characters is a gangster like
dictatorial behavior through threats and military or secret violence, sheer brutality disguised beneath democratic tautology but extremely
anti-human and anti-nature. The banks they have constructed, the organization they have created and the companies they have built are
all designed for one purpose only and is based one principle too: institutional fascism with suits and ties, contracts steal deals. A fascist
mode of official operation, the master-mind of modern capitalism – neo-conservative neo-capitalism that treats most of its people and
civilians like shit, they treat their pets much better and their thoughts of nature and humanity is as resources for their disposal and for
their immediate and corrupt financial and political manipulation and for their cynical displeasures.
Our poverty and misery is their achievement and success, our instability and anguish is their leadership and power control over all of us
everywhere and any time they choose they can inflict what ever they want and when ever they want to kill or cause damage, imprison or
hospitalize and physically and psychically eliminate anyone they choose. The globalization of control over us and the mass rehabilitation
on all modes that is available to them, using modern technology to implement their Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian - Muslim laws,
rules, patriotism and ideology. They have weapons that can blow up the planet earth into particles and dust and eliminate the our
planetary existence in the solar and milky galactic systems and erase us from cosmos and space, and all this is just for the maintenance of
rule and profit. Hegemony at any cost and at any price, a free market etiology, words the express greed and a lust to rule others stemming
from a severe self-devaluation and chronic fear of equality with an inferiority mega-complex.
No more capitalism …. S.A
Jul. 5, 09

Hope – Optimism – Revolutionary Transformation – Ontological Meta²morphosis

From a cruel and ugly capitalism to the beauty and harmony of anarchy, from vicious capitalism and extreme hardship to the joys and
intense pleasures of anarchy.
Only a very minute percentage of the world population benefit materially and live comfortably from capitalism whilst the billions rest live
as paupers in shanty cities and in a life long total poverty.
The cause of all this mass universal human misery is the system called capitalism which means in other words and in practical terms,
the well to do of the very few and the total destruction of all the others and they tell us that this is the famous democracy of theirs i.e.,
their legal excuse for exploiting and controlling all the others.
Democracy = Capitalism = Classes = Feudalism = Slavery
Only an anarchic material synchronization and coordination and concrete cooperative association which is based not on organization and
discipline i.e. Party/state/money/security but on complete equity and the natural right for a life of dignity.
Communist – Individualist – Anarchism (CIA²)

All the history of humanity has started from a primitive mistake and an evolutionary error primarily from when agricultural settlements
began and gathering and hunting faded away. From slavery to neo-capitalism, from utopian socialism to Nazi ideology stem directly from
this historico-evolutionary homo-sapiens deviation thus launching the continuous violent contradictions of the present. History is a long
war, the war of wealth, power and control, a bloody and shameful history, where people kill one another by the millions and where the
majority has always been on the tragic and catastrophic end of things. Look at the state of humanity today; it is not much better than
hundreds years before, people suffer the same and even more. Capitalism is killing all of us, some quick some slow and it is killing our
environment and it is killing us from the inside too. Pursuing money all life long brings about this tragic human situation since life is not
for sale unless you were born a salve.
When each person is for him/herself on the battle of survival then we are always all against all and all against each others, in other words,
blind aggression and institutional and criminal violence for money and control.
Instead of living happy and naturally people find themselves depressed and often miserable, they cannot enjoy real freedom and creativity
because they have deprived of nature and a natural surrounding and living in the country does not make it nature yet.
The rat race of dog eat dog forever is over, we need anarchy immediately to stop this all devouring Leviathan, the big worm that digests
anything in its path. Humanity can live otherwise, well fed, healthy and highly creative yet you see the absolute majority of humanity
living in utmost poverty, suffering, and hunger and in disease.
Capitalism should be further accelerated towards its own natural termination, towards its definite end, an objective withering away of
Enough with this brutal system that does only serious harm to nature and humanity, let’s get rid of it and liberate what remains of our
lives and of nature. A cruel and destructive capitalist system that constantly devours its subjects and excretes them anally as a bio-human
product, as a superfluous junk unneeded for the modern techno-production.
Prosperity is theft.
In capitalism you are a prisoner and a slave if you happened to be poor. You are a slave and a prisoner of the objective condition, i.e.,
the fiscal condition. To be a free for a poor wo/man is impossibility without an anarcho-communist revolution.
Most people are very poor although they try hard not to show it, most are ashamed of their fate and outwardly they do everything to show
Work, wages, money, food, etc, are all functions that are beyond the worker and the unemployed. They are directly the victims of this
objective capitalist condition. You don’t chose if there is work or not and no one can guarantee or secure you or me the next rent or wage
or debt.
If the owners of capital build a new factory you might get a job, but if not, you don’t. So you immigrate closer to the owners of capita and
their profiteering enterprises, the capitalist metropolis.
We are salves of the capitalist masters lets revolt and set ourselves free – for anarchy, equity and freedom.
Labor is an imposed violence and psycho-physical forceful transgression and being without labor is also a coercive force imposed upon the
unlucky person. The system is owned privately by a few individuals who share it with the institution of power the army and the state. The
economic system which is known as neo-capitalism is ruled and controlled by a clique of elite families and their organizations, banks,
media, insurance, etc. capitalism is not a natural phenomenon or the result of human nature, it is not a natural selection nor a historical
necessity but is the objective condition of modern slavery. From slavery through feudalism to modern capitalism, nothing much has
changed, it is the same class that owns and manages the neo-slaves.
Organization is primarily designed for the efficient operation of managers, guards, salaried and waged workers and the self-employed
accept of course the unemployed. We are now 22 years after the Orwellian state of affair in 1984 – 1944 – 2004 etc, meta-historico-
simulation and the only available option is an anarchic social revolt.
If capitalism destroys you and I so let’s together destroy it –

Work is Theft
Global Riot

It is not about attacking the capitalists themselves but their system. We want to destroy the system not the person. After the revolution the
capitalists will have to learn anew and live in another way, without exploitation, oppression or discrimination thus a much better and freer
It is the system that is killing us, some slow some quick, it is a system that makes us pay for water and shelter, for land and soup, a system
in which if you don’t have money you die or become mentally ill and be hospitalized or become a criminal a get arrested.
Always paying for very move you make and if your parents are not born rich you are certainly doomed for misery and hardship. There
is enough for everybody yet most are starving, there is abundance in the midst of global scarcity, a surplus as never before in the face of
the utmost universal poverty.
The form of the capitalist system is unsuitable for a prolonged human existence, is unsuitable for human life but is very successful for
monarch, autocrats, all hierarchs and all authority. This why our human history looks so miserable, full of genocide and suffering, every
century is bloodier than one that preceded it.
It is time to choose another course of co-living, another way of living in the best way, the way of anarchic freedom, a historical
development, a higher consciousness, a time of anarcho-social revolution.

The future of the world anarchic revolution

The people of the world will rise up and destroy capitalism and build instead an anarchic society only when they will reach the necessary
historico-revolutionary conscious stage. Up until then capitalism will continue to bring about havoc upon the masses and the planet.
People are not yet conscious enough to be able to liberate themselves. It will take some more time before humanity could develop
consciously and intellectually enough so they could comprehend the totality of the objective condition and have the co-ability to transform
Our job is to further stimulate and accelerate this meta-process of human conscious development and advancement. The sooner the
people will acquire this objective conscious the faster the real freedom of each will be achieved.

No More Capitalism
Capitalism cannot last for much longer because it is against human nature and against its law-governed objective processes. Capitalism
like feudalism and slavery before it managed to exist and continue for a while only through sheer force and violence, through coercion and
mass exploitation of humanity and nature and obviously through a long and bloody war by sacrificing most of the population.
Capitalism is fast nearing its final stage, its historical burial at last and humanity for the first time will be free from the long and vicious
arms of the wealthy and their representative rulers. At last humanity will breathe the air of freedom and genuine liberty.
Capitalism is doomed because it is anti-life and anti- nature and anti-human, it has been hurting billons of people for a very long time, its
time to stop it and hopefully without much force. Everyday capitalism destroys many lives and cause near-infinite unnecessary pain and
suffering, it time to terminate this mayhem.
Capitalism like its cousin socialism is based on centralized control and military police dictatorship under the false name of democracy
and science. Capitalism like religion is anti-human that permanently causes mass ignorance and suffering and lots of mental and physical
pain for billions of people.
This is why capitalism must go and cannot last for much longer – from now on capitalism is on its march to oblivion, to its end, its final
stage of exploitation and like Nazism no one is going to drop a tear for its disappearance beside a few unlucky tyrants and their lackey’s.
Anarchy is the only natural and logical option because anarchy is beyond dialectics and contradictions, it is free of the ugly traits of some
humans who abuse humanity and nature for a relatively a long time and through a highly organized violence they managed to remain up
until now, but that’s it, its end is very near. Anarchy is human and geo-friendly, anarchy is personal and cosmic, it was created for
humanity and by humanity for a free and happy future for all and for a long time.
No more money and unnecessary work, no more obedience and fear, enough with poverty and the suffering of children on five continents,
no more existing for others to profit. Time for new life on this battered planet and enslaved inhabitants, it is time for a different history, an
anti-political economic meta-system that is based on equity and the celebration of life.
A new revolutionary development for the correction of a nasty material deviation that will end thousands of years of slavery and
hardship. So we are very lucky to live in the era that will witness the fall of capitalism and the termination of the state.
The time is ripe for the big leap, for the achievement of the highest conscious that ends the exploitation of nature and wo/men. We must
establish a universal happiness for all and a total material equality of each, it is the big anti-capitalist pro-anarchist leap into a very
creative future that will rescue nature and save humanity from this capitalist historical conspiracy.
Anarchy is full equilibrium between life and nature; anarchy terminates the private ownership of the social means of production for ever
and never will it repeat the brutality and the colossal misery of the present and the past.
Anarchy is for all and by all.

From a primitive Anarcho-Communism 30.000 years ago through a transformative historico-evolutionary deviation that started 5000 BC
up to now. The next stage is of course modern Anarcho-Communism, from say 2015 onwards.
Capitalism is an artificial cruel manifestation which is maintained by wealthy leaders who wish for ever to rule us and all generations,
well, we will not allow them this of course but the contrary we shell destroy the grounds upon which corrupt feet stand. Capitalism is used
by the ruling class to manipulate, exploit and abuse our instinct of survival thus enslaving us all unless we rebel of course.
Once this violent intimidation and aggression disappears, once this imposed coercion and oppression disappears, capital, the law,
hierarchy and the state will disappear with it too.
Infinite brain in an infinite universe

Infinite brain – like mine – can absorb, comprehend and analyze infinite amount of knowledge and information from when the whole
thing started (the big bang theory) to the end of the universe – the meta-galaxy. Infinite neural connections in the largest brain know yet
in relation to the weight of its body in the universe.
The problem is that most people don’t know how to use their infinite capacity. All the authorities in his-story did not want to develop
their citizen’s brains and we know exactly why? So the brain needs advancement to a higher conscious level which is within reach and can
climb much higher.
Don’t look for excuses and apologies for your corrupt thoughts and misleading ideas. Don’t make a dichotomy out of truth; the truth is
always obvious as the sun and millions of ants can dissolve a glass ball and much more than this.
So please trust your knowledge and go on with the prognostication. Fear nothing and everything is always known – all it takes is learning
and a developing brain from ignorance to a post-chaotic Anarchic Brain and Emotion.
My mind/brain operate on a more than eleven dimensions simultaneously and most of the time and a peeing ant on the moon with a brain
the size of a coconut can understand the infinity of the universe and also have the ability to slightly effect it and participate in the dance of
light/dark and anti-matter which are moving away from each other in an eternal void.
e=mc3 +/- 3ac

Tragedy of human existence – modern alienation

Billions of unhappy poor people are roaming the planet in search of free and dignified survival. By terminating capitalism we end the
history of brutality and mass suffering. The rich in every country are naturally very right wing and religiously reactionary and who are
responsible for the total looting of the planet and its inhabitants.
This system of organized greed, this method of global usury and deceit is what capitalism all about. Legal gangsters who got in power
from the sale of arms, drugs, and illusions in the name of fake democracy; capitalists always greed for more and then they want to rule us.
Well but not for much longer, this time we and I exist which was not before, therefore we will dismantle capitalism and disallow its further
continuity and near-irreversible damage.

How to bring down capitalism in your life time

Through a conscious anarchic revolution from the base of society and from the bottom of the pyramid, a revolution carried by those
who know the meaning of humanness and freedom from authority. We don’t need a money system for the creation of different classes, this
is what we have now and that should be eliminated as soon as we can, i.e., no classes and no material divisions but equal distribution.
Money is a medium for the creation of shitty lives and endless wars that suits the makers of profits – the military-fiscal psychopaths.
Capitalism wounds and injures everyone turning humanity into a miserable creature desperate for resolving his/her unbearable condition.
Business is a primitive form of exploitation, we don’t need this to happily exist and without material worries but not at the expense of
others or the abuse of natural resources. Capitalism here we come to turn you into anarchy.

The system we are stuck in

Everything, every year stays the same, just an improved version of the same. Take nationalism and religion for example, they are a
brainwash methods of mass control, or the state and law as instruments of physical and economical control.
It is very sad that humanity after all its horrific past has not yet learned how to be free and rise above and beyond the capitalist
antagonistic conditionings and emancipate ourselves soon. Humanity has changed little since 7000 years ago, what has changed are only
the techniques of domination and exploitation and the establishing of modern slavery.
I very much hope that it will not take humanity a long time to leap unto a higher conscious dimension and have enough courage to repel
all authority and refuse obedience completely and develop a revolutionary and creative personality capable of transforming the world, the
individual and society. We need a qualitative different future without money, classes and power, a future without hierarchy and capitalism
and instead create social relations that are based on total material and physical equality.
Capitalism is a barbaric and vicious system the destroys the lives of the majority of the people not to mention what it does to nature which
is utter devastation for the sake of quick bucks. What a miserable form of survival turning the whole of humanity into one big injured
animal doomed to anguish and slow death from poverty, violence and super-alienation.
This global misery and its accompanied neurotic desperation to consume, this techno-capitalist condition cannot really last for a very long
time because the level of toleration is dropping drastically and the level of rebelliousness is rising tremendously all over the planet. People
are beginning to realize that the only solution is a total anarchic social anti-capitalist revolution that will lead us to a different and better
form of social relations.
To rescue a dying humanity and a toxic planet we must revolt and control our destiny and orient it towards an ever lasting happiness and
free existence. The theory of anarchy stripped of ideology is the solution and it is the practical necessary step towards transforming
humanity and life to a better and more humane future.
Capitalism is a sick system that infects lots of people everywhere; capitalism is really a disease, psycho-physiological illness for sick
people. Capitalism is very dangerous because it can destroy your life instantly and you are powerless to do anything, it destroys your life
in every possible way imaginable, so be ware you are lead to oblivion without knowing it for the sake of immediate profits for the few.
Capitalism needs religion and the sate to survive, social ignorance and patriotic nationalism give it its power for a longer existence. It
stimulates ideology, racism and classes in every step of the way, to keep the rich getting richer and remains for ever in power whilst for the
rest it is a guaranteed one way ticket to poverty.
Politics the science of lies, it is essential for the survival of capitalism as science does to wars, plenty of prisons and massive social
disintegration and destitution which are also the unnatural result of decisions taken by those lusting for an infinite profit in a so called
democracy for the rich and a dictatorship for the rest.
A deadly system of private ownership of the social means of production, a discriminatory system of inherited ownership of the means of
life of everybody on this planet, i.e., it means that our existence is owned by few tyrants and oligarchs, called capitalism in its modern
slave version.
The state is capitalism’s organized violence, its authoritative punitive vengeance and forced rehabilitation of the poor, the state is the
organ that executes the will of the capitalists and their lackeys. The capitalist system turns you into an obedient servant to those who
control you by making you a submissive modern white collar slave living for their profits at the expense of wasting the whole of your own
life and your family and the rest of the community for the sake of the very greedy few.
They are your masters and you are their servants because they were born rich and you were born poor, but anarchy will put an end to this
miserable episode, by showing the way in which to replace this unnecessary capitalist cruel system by an anarcho-communist individualist
society living in a total freedom, material equity, true peace and real harmony with life and with nature.
Capitalism must go before it finishes us and earth first; capitalism must be ended before there will be nothing else to save anymore but
fortunately anarchy will prevail on the ruins of torturous capitalism.
Free Anarchic Existence

America is just the country that how all the written guarantees in the world for freedom are no
protection against tyranny and oppression of the worst kind. There the politician has come to be looked
upon as the very scum of society.
Peter Kropotkin

Have not prisons - which kill all will and force of character in man, which enclose within their walls
more vices than are met with on any other spot of the globe - always been universities of crime?
Peter Kropotkin

The law is an adroit mixture of customs that are beneficial to society, and could be followed even if no
law existed, and others that are of advantage to a ruling minority, but harmful to the masses of men,
and can be enforced on them only by terror.
Peter Kropotkin

I say, the time for words are over and if you still have any doubt that capitalism is very anti-human and anti-planet then step aside and let
us liberate ourselves without you.
Humanity will rise up eventually and free itself from ideology and authority and the question has never been if the revolution will happen
but when it will happen and where it will start at more than one place at once.
We must be on the fore front of the liberation process and this means to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of capitalism and get rid of
the state and religion and all ideology.
People will soon realize that there is only one solution, that there is only one way out of this massive universal personal and collective
misery and it is the anarcho-communist individualist social revolution activated by human emancipation.
Join us in the revolution and emancipation or buzz off, we don’t need a dictatorship to be free, we don’t need money and authority to be
happy, we don’t need war and poverty to be creative, what we need is exactly the contrary. The abolishment of the system and the creation
of total material equality called freedom.
Capitalism like communism is authoritative and hierarchic –
The state, god and class must be abolished –
Ideology and power must be destroyed and society radically transformed to a more humane level of existence called anarchy.

Make the Revolution Now

The more primitive the people are the more laws they invent, the more conscious the people are the less laws they need.
Primitive system = plenty of laws.
Post-primitive system = less laws.
Conscious meta-system = beyond laws.
The most conscious people on earth need no laws at all, whereas the most primitive people on earth need the most laws.
Technologically developed primitivism = space age primitivism = a primitive form of accumulating profit.
What I mean by primitive is the level of social relations, the level of existing semi-consciously, or is it the stage of conscious application
to live in a society without modern slavery and fascist capitalism and the death of ideology.
Adam Smith the founder of capitalism said about his nasty invention: “capitalism it is all a self-apathetic program premeditated for the
sole purpose of profit at the cost of apathetic abuse of the masses”.
Then the revolutionary program is anarchic and anti-organizational and anti-ideological.
Anarcho-communist and individualist planning is beyond the conventional and is anti-traditional in its operative functions, we are fed up
with the always new version of apologies for the same old justification of the inequality of wo/man. Morality is a justification for crimes
against humanity; therefore we are anti-moral, anti-religious and anti-capitalist.
So please respond to what you read here not according to what you have been dictated to believe but according to the new knowledge that
has been acquired at the present. Leave your old notions and dogmas behind you and leap into the knowable future where you will find us
waiting for you to emancipate and join us in the process of changing humanity to the better of course.
Throw away your misleading and wrong ideas that have hindered our long awaited liberation from institutional philosophy and military
science accompanied by the ethics of murderers. All ideologies is garbage to be thrown away, we don’t need ideology which simply means
Without hesitation we are creating a libratory and anarchic knowledge necessary for the termination of capitalism and its replacement by
anarchism, with the ism’s or without, I leave that to your taste.
Meta-analytic knowledge that lights the path to equity and freedom of all, for the first time in human history without misery, a practical
knowledge that will show us the way towards genuine material liberation and the termination of all forms of exploitation, called imperial
bloody capitalism.
They pollute and ruin the oceans, air and land; they destroy all animals and humans. They keep you in captivity they have finished the
wild. Everything is under their control and they control capitalism.
The question then is for how long this all destroying system will be allowed to go on destroying everything in its path and the answer is of
course not for much longer because this orgy of destruction must be stopped, the destruction of life for increasing profits must be stooped
too and so terminate capital as a social relation.
This system survives on the utter destruction of nature and the human race and the alternative to capitalism is anarchism as the only way
to restore nature and free the human race.
This is not an attack but neither is it defense this only highly recommended
I am not here to please or comfort you, I am not here to entertain you (boredom), and I am not here to waste time when time is money. I
am here for one reason alone, to use all platforms available for the stimulation of a spontaneous social revolution on a global scale arising
out of each one’s inner self-awareness and anarchic convictions. Soon there will remain nothing to save, the human misery is ripe
everywhere, the pains are horrendous; ignoring this human suffering makes you an accomplice to these capitalist crimes against
Without organization and no parties or elections, no hierarchy or ideological movements of leaderships, just Anarchy where all are equal
and free without law or authority. All we want is to live as humans, free, healthy and happy and this is impossibility under capitalism or
its cousin socialism, only anarchy can really and practically achieve this hope.
The exact vicious reverse conditions exists, capitalism is marching towards its own self-annihilation taking everyone with it and the whole
environment. Planet earth is chalking on its capitalist vomit, humanity is desperate and is getting much worse by the hour, we are on the
verge of the biggest revolution human history has ever known, a mega-revolution beyond anyone’s wildest imagination and it will take
place right here underneath your nose.
So debates are over, the explaining is over, any one who has not yet understood want understand anything never, unless of course we join
efforts. Writing is not a social event but a theory of action, the intellect on his own is impotent as emotions on its own are debilitating. You
are angry at me because I am telling you to revolt not to debate or chat about it, discussing will be good after the revolution not before it,
we need to act now and talk later if you want a socio-anarchic revolution in the here and now.
We must learn from Bakunin how to cause a spontaneous revolution anywhere where you care to be, i.e., at the right place and at the
right time, spatio-temporal synchronicity. We are post-dialectal, post-contradictions; we are post-Judo-Christian-Muslim Capitalism we
are for an anarchic global post-national revolution.
Free-association and self-determination, self-managed universal application, ungovernable and fully conscious is what anarchy is all
about, nothing else. As I said indifference is as being an accomplice, you cannot ignore the outcry of humanity and pretend that isn’t
there, you must react, you act as though there is no tomorrow.
To be an anarchist is not just writing clever criticism and analysis, it is much more and don’t forget that the internet is capitalism too and
capitalism is the dictatorship of capital. So we are living under capitalism whilst trying to create anarchism to replace it and this can be
achieved by activating the oppressed worldwide under one revolutionary banner, material equality and total freedom – The Anarchic

∑E³ = e = mc²±¹
Meta-theory ≥ Anti-ideology => Anti-theology.
Theoretico-individual = Social revolution.
Theoretico-practical = Anarcho-social revolution.
From homo-sapiens to homo-anarchus.
Non -violent struggle in military-police capitalist states.
Mass – Anarcho-revolutionary theory.
Music – Anarcho-artistic revolutionary theory.
Meta–theory – The theory of theory.
Nature – Under massive attack and destruction.
Computer – Techno-capitalism – maximal alienation – spectacular collapse of consumer society.
Metro – Theoretic-truth – Theoretic-sophy – post-science = Metax.

Post-capitalist anarchy.
Post-ideological theoretico-logical anarchy.
Post-spectacle anarchy.
A theory for the transformation of the world and its inhabitants to a humane and just universal poly-existence.
Anti-ideological theory – anti-theological theory.
The theory of anarchy and revolution.
The theory of anti-theory – the meta-theory.
Anti-capitalism and anti-state theory of anarchy.
Anti-centralism >> anti-hierarchical organization >> anti-party formation >> anti-leaders >> anti-tradition >> anarcho-morphic leap.
Anti-philosophy << anti-logic << anti-system ≥ meta-philosophy ≥ meta-logic ≥ meta-system.
Anti-science װ anti-religion װ anti-authority.
Capitalist-science װ capitalist idealism װ capitalist control.
Anti-nation # anti-class # anti-power # anti-patriotism # anti-flag # anti-control # anti-work # anti-law # anti-authority.

OBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING => Centuries of slavery + exploitation.

SUBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Socio-individual alienation & ramification.
CAPITALIST HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Termination of the system.

Anarcho-non-violent social revolution  Anarcho-individualist communist revolution  Post-civilization society.

How many anarchists there are in the world and are there enough anarchists today who are ready to get to the street and start an
anarcho-social revolution?
How many anarchists are really willing and capable of causing a global & social anarchic revolution?
It is not only quantity that counts but also quality that makes the difference.
The time is getting closer, the revolution is on our door step, lets not miss it as generations did before us, let’s be the first anarchists
who succeed in creating an anarchic global international revolution.
It is the final count down, it is life or gradual death, is it going to be real freedom and equality or permanent terminal alienation and
comfortable misery.
No friends, the time is ripe, the revolution is going on around you and it is now up to you either to join and participate or become
counter-revolutionary and reactionary.
Anarchy is the revolution underway, anarchists are the makers of the future and anarchism is the alternative to state and private

The anarchic global insurrection

The plan is a revolution for human liberation, a revolution in our life time. Why the revolution has not happened yet and the human
condition is not easy. The left of capital wants full integration and the right of capital wants a permanent war.
Capitalism has artificially extended its life span but not for much longer. The revolutionary movement is only virtually existent, i.e., non
existent in reality. The earth is on its final breath, poisoned and mutilated.
What has to be done by us all? What is the next step to be taken? How about a complete and genuine liberation!
A rebellion on a massive scale that will turn into a full blown globo-social revolution and which will bring down capitalism and liberate
humanity from its modern slavery. The next stage in the history of struggle will be the final stage in the collapse of the state and capitalist
system and the end to its deformed social relations. Capitalism and the state will be immediately replaced by a decentralized anti-
authoritarian anarchic social relation that is coordinated upon anti-capital economy.
Post-capitalist anti-state social-relations based on mutual equality and respect for nature and life in general and material equity in
Capitalism is theft, if left alone it self-destructs taking us all with it, i.e. the annihilation of nature and the human race or an anarcho-
social revolution to rescue humanity and guarantee the continuance existence of healthy nature. Do we want the total destruction of life
and the planet for the sake of the profit of the nasty few or you want the freedom from this. Do you want brain control and brain washing
of the masses or you want happiness for all? Do you want a hysteric rush of business-military authorities killing everything that doesn’t
submit or do you want the right for all to live in dignity and free will.
We are the anarchist of the world, the makers of the social revolution in theory and practice. Anarchic freedom will be achieved on the
day of the collapse of capitalism which hopefully it will be quite soon. Instead of capitalism we will have an advanced anarchic society
built on equity and auto-production and cyber-distribution. Labor will disappear as the entire capitalist infra & sub-structure to enable
the growth of a guanine human community. Classes will become a thing of the past and instead we will have a true material equity and a
universal human anarcho-conduct.
A new anarcho-humanity where every thing is free for all based on mutual respect and free-association, where everyone on the planet is
rich materially and intellectually, everyone free and happy as will be the whole human society of the world. We are not afraid of anything
or anyone so we can speak honestly and truly without hesitation and indoctrination, this means total and genuine anarchic socio-
individual liberation from the chains of the past and the empire. Empirical rebellion and a concrete insurrectionary application
accelerated towards an onto-epistemological revolution.
We don’t need their power and control, we don’t need their exploitation and discrimination, we don’t need their oppression, war, violence
and poverty but we do need happiness and comfort for all and this means a total and global anarcho-social revolution. We are against
religion and the nation state, we are also against capitalist science and technology, we are against all ideology and politics and every form
of organization, and we want free association alone that is based on equity and mutual cooperation.
We will save the planet from a guaranteed destruction and restore it to natural; we will save humanity from a guaranteed continuous
modern slavery and rescue it from capitalism and its empires. That’s it, the revolution has began, now it is up to you to participate, now it
is your turn – friend.

The revolution of my daily life

If you believe in capitalism, the state and religion and you believe that we cannot do without them, then you are still below the
intelligence requirement necessary for a conscious comprehension and for a free social association.
If you believe in ideology, politics and organization and think that we cannot exist without them and if you also believe in hierarchy,
leaders and authority then you are still stuck in a retarded historical conditioning.
If you believe that the nature of wo/man are selfish and that we cannot live without money and private/state accumulation of capital, then
you are just another mini zombie within a system which is totally controlling you and completely enslaving your body/mind without you
even knowing it. And if you fear anarchy and think that its chaos and if you hate equality because you don’t want others to feel good then
you are a nasty anti-human person who deserves what he gets in the form of the up coming extreme social revolution.

Wasting Humanity
To all those concerned, to all the oppressed of the world, to anyone who refuses to live such a tragic life. Labor, wages, the poor and rich,
power and obedience are all part of the nation-state-god-capital wholesale living parcel.
Take it or die, live according to “natural” state-capitalism or disappear, participate in the misery of everyday life or be punished. This new
historical position can be destroyed either through its won contradictory efforts or brought down by a little help from a far away anarcho-
revolutionary friend.
We are moving forward towards the liberation of the planet and the restoration of nature, towards the liberation of humanity from
capitalism and ignorance, liberating humanity from religion and authority and ending for ever the concept of power, hierarchy and
domination, the termination of control.
Liberating the inhabitants of earth from rising and falling empires, freeing humanity for the first time from its past towards a reality
where we all are individually and socially free.

Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion - Cause War And Permanent VIOLENCE
Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Means Mass Hardship And Plenty Of Human Suffering
Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Must Be Halted And Dismantled To Save Humanity
Capitalism = USA + UK + AUST + ISR + JPN + ETC, = Ideology + Religion + Law
Capitalism = Anarchic Revolution And The End Of The State And Private Property
The USA, the UK, Israel and others lead this war and military violence against anyone or anything that stands in their way, i.e., they
dream of a total hegemony over the planet and its inhabitants, they want complete control over matter and humanity. But we will not
allow them, and their dreams will remain dreams.
In reality state capitalism is modern violence in action over weak and downtrodden people all over the world, as though the universal
poverty they impose is not enough now they want to teach humanity a violent lesson, but the anarcho-revolution is at their doorsteps and
is accelerating, so watch out Bush & Co.
People resist and fight the attack in an underground resistance awaiting its public appearance at the revolution first day.
No more soldiers and police, no more wars and poverty, no more states and capitalism, anarchy will not allow the repeat of all that.
The resistance of the people is some times carried in the wrong form as a result of historical conditioning and the contribution of
capitalism {CIA-Mossad} to its temporary second-round appearance in poor countries and The USA.
Religion as all ideologies is to maintain society based on classes, on masters and servants, poverty and war is the constant result.
The military-police-nation-capitalist-state is an instrument for a direct destruction of the poor and weak peoples and their countries.
Capitalism which is today lead by the US empire and it allies is the true face of 21 st century capitalism and the horrific consequence of its
anti-human existence.
We need a new America, a new Britain and a new Israel without capitalism and states and where anarchy prevails. We need a new world
without money and ownership, without war and work, without leaders and government.
Bombs and killing, profits and security and terrorism is what capitalism is as it is expressed physically in different parts of the world. A
crime against humanity is its foundation upon which it launches its vicious egotistical devastation.
Humanity will soon reach the required conscious for getting rid of capitalism and its nation-states and implement instead individualist
communist anarchy. Capitalism like religion is a class war of all against all which only the leaders and the wealthy benefit from the
exploitations and mayhem they cause and is intentionally made.
Capitalism mixed with religions and states is the ultimate and last stance of vanishing capitalism, the final breath on the historico-
evolutionary death bed. As capitalism it is a permanent class and national wars so is anarchy is a permanent struggle of liberation from
capital, state and authority. Anarchy will eventually win and replace world capitalism with world anarchism and liberating humanity for
the first time in its bloody and miserable short history to live and exist in peace and equality for all the people of the world. So we can live
without empires and without religious civilizations that butchers itself and others every time it could.

Down to capitalism and the states

Stop the wars of America and Israel
Bring down the leaders and authority
Liberate humanity from money and law
End the killing and end to poverty
Start the revolution now

Fight than bow

Revolution in the Making
1) How to make a revolution wherever you are, if the time for it is ripe and whenever the necessary objective conditions exist.
2) Capitalism means mass misery and universal suffering.
3) The meta-theory – Communist-Individualist-anarchy and the socio-universal anarcho-revolution.
4) The citizens are weak, brainwashed, frightened of everything, i.e., in total alienation. They are lead by their masters like
slaves/herds ordering them towards their own voluntary enslavement.
5) The revolutionary personality – thought and action – social stimulator and process accelerator – revolutionary catalysis.
6) Post-economic anti-politics – against political economy and for revolutionary anarchy.
7) The capitalist state – classes – oppression, poverty and war.
8) Nationalism, religion and ideology are the base for the national-capitalist-state.
9) The unarmed anarcho-social revolution.
10) An anarcho-social revolution for a fast transformation of society from capitalism to anarchy.
11) The people are not ready yet, those at the internet behave as petty-bourgeois individuals/surfers and the leftists amongst them
need much more dedication than that. People are not yet consciously developed enough at this stage; it seems they need more time
to be able of liberating and emancipating themselves and myself. A revolution you cannot do alone, you need the majority to need
this radical transformation, but they still falsely believe that capitalism will satisfy their needs which obviously it is far from it.
12) Thus the conscious intervention of the anarchist, at every historical stage and in every country, the anarchic conscious is the
highest form of human conscious and one day all the people are going to become extreme anarchists. Only an anarchic conscious
and its implementation can bring about the liberation of the whole of humanity including each and every one of us everywhere.
Anarchy will end this modern slavery and turn it into a full blown anarchy and freedom.

Practical application of the anarcho-social revolutionary theory

Step 1 – Theoretico-practical revolutionary communication amongst all individuals, locally and exter-nationally – this means talking
to all the people from around the world and planning for the anarchic revolution in all its 12 dimensions.
Step 2 – If you are not with the oppressed then you are with the oppressor, if you are not against authority then you agree with it, and
having money and work makes you even more stupid. This world is fucked because of the capitalist systems and all its boring infra-
structures which cause only misery, violence and class/ethnic discrimination.
Step 3 – Revolutionary coordination for the direct dismantling of the state (self-managed self-determination) and revolutionary
synchronization for the abolishment of capitalism (material decentralization and total distribution) and instead of ideology, morality,
religion, ethics, etc, to create a communist individualist anarchist universe.
Step 4 – Creating the objective conditions necessary for the immediate expansion of conscious and the massive
contribution/distribution of revolutionary knowledge for the material transformation of humanity swiftly from capitalist scarcity to
anarchic abundance, from an economy of demand to an anti-economy of gift.
Step 5 – The rejection of middle class reactionary values and despise of bourgeois existence with its neo-conservative appearance leads
to a revolution for the freedom of equals without wages (modern slaves) and without being exploited.
Step 6 – All the people will unite under one banner, all people of the world want to live in dignity and in liberty, so lets all start our
revolution, lets bring down capitalism and all the states in the world and create in there places a world we all can live in as free and
happy people for ever after.

The wrong human brain

The human brain is thinking wrong – this is one of the stages in its development – the slow development of the human brain in its
historico-evolutionary prospective. What remains is the issue of class, private ownership of the social means of production, natural
resources and ownership of the land.
As a result of the objective law-governed development of the human brain, there will come a time when the brain develops into a sufficient
conscious level as to allow it a radical social transformation and emancipation. The social conscious required for the anarchic revolution is
soon to become apparent everywhere. It is the final stage in the capitalist development and it is the end of capitalist advancement. Profit is
First we had slavery then it became nationalism and now we have the final stage of bourgeois advanced capitalism, with its states and
technology, but even that will not help the system from its determined fall and collapse like a tiger made of cupboard.
Now it’s a time for constant transformation, from the primitive brain to a more modern one, so we could learn how to live with one
another without classes and hierarchies. We need a higher conscious so we could end the system and offer something else instead which is
more humane and more just and equal.
We need a new kind of brain and we need people who have a genuine knowledge so everyone could share and learn it too, for the sake of
being free of capitalism and its worldwide catastrophes.

1) Western Democracies = Capitalist democracies = Democratic Governments = Democratic States.

2) The Soviet Bloc = Finished = Bolshevik Capitalism = Democratic Centralism.
3) Religious States = Capitalist System = Islam > Jewish > Christian > Buddhist = Capitalist Socio-Economic System.
4) Dictatorship = Capitalist.
5) Democracy = Capitalist.

The common thread in all this is always the capitalist economy; therefore what is essential is the complete undermining of capitalism as a
socio-economic system. Our uncompromising commitment to anti-capitalism and for an anarchic socio-post-economic meta-system, will
universalize the revolution and bring nearer the downfall of the anti-human capitalist system, i.e. the creation of individualist-communist
anarcho-social economic system = Meta-anarchy.
All I am saying is that as long as capitalism exists there will always be classes, war and anguish, as long as the capitalist economic system
continues to exist, we are going to have a lot of suffering and unnecessary pain. So what is the conclusion? It is of course the
dismantlement of this socio-economic system immediately and without any delay, so we could save a lot of future sufferings and poverty.
Just because your city has not yet been bombed by the American or Israeli air force and flattened out that does not means that your city is
not next. There will come a time soon just before the final collapse of capitalism when the American and Israeli air forces will bomb
(atom) their own country and vanish.
The ills that capitalism encourages and causes is humanly intolerable, and anyone who can tolerate this system is either a direct
beneficiary from it or indifferent to the oppression of others, you cannot dance in both weddings at once, unless of course you are a wave
of energy that goes faster than the speed of light.
Notifying humanity which is stuck deep in agony and frustration as a result of a prolonged sub-existence under global capitalist
domination and conditioning. The masses are dependant, weak and severely exploited, incapable yet of freeing themselves from this
monster of capital, law and order. Humanity cannot yet liberate itself from the yoke of authority (the rich) and the state. Capitalism is a
fascist system of power and control by the rich of the poor and all the means for its hegemony are legitimate and practiced.
People everywhere are in the same sinking drunken boat symbolizing the utter fall of capitalist social relations and the creation of
anarchic social relations without any ownership of the social means of production and the natural resources.
The start of anarchy at the end of capital will be a new and a first start for humanity to exist in what remains in liberty and happiness.
Capitalism is reaching it final crises, its panicking and is hitting everywhere but no avail, it is a bit too little too late. The revolutionary
resistance is wining everywhere and nearly all of the time. This is a sign for the dawn of anarchy and living in equality.
Capitalism is in crises and so is humanity – the anarchists are doing their best but it seems to be not enough to bring about the revolution
– so what is to be done? Conscious individuals and groups, in different places and circumstances, simultaneously moving within
rebelliousness and in full emancipation. Emancipation is to know the truth and understanding it consciously whilst rebelliousness is the
total negation of slave-feud-prol-class history.
The future belongs to freedom, freedom from capitalism and its classes, freedom from authority and subjugation, i.e., an anarchic society
based on material equality and individual liberty. Develop higher the human conscious towards a better world and a better humanity. You
can not be free alone, you need the rest for this and the rest needs you as well – this is the social revolution that is taken place now
underneath capitalism and above it.
A different revolution to take us to a different space and time called anarchy. A place where conflicts are resolved before they happen and
where antagonism vanishes before it appears.
Physical equality leads to total liberty, i.e., real anarchy in a real world, anti-capitalist relations in a complete equality situation.
1) Communism arising from below as opposed to communism imposed by force by the state – anarcho-communism is against
authoritarian communism.
2) Anarchy is for anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-authority – anarchy is permanent freedom.
3) Individualism is for the personal guarantees of a permanent liberty, objective and subjective.
Anarchic anti-empire – Anarchic anti-neoconservatives – Anarchic anti-religion – The anarchic positive – Capitalism destroys life and
nature and is the sole cause of violence and discrimination. Capitalism kills all and everything, what about you, is it killing you too,
slowly but surely, in the name of progress and profit. Is it killing the people alive and is poisoning the surrounding in every conceivable
form and shape, at home and in work – enslaved for the system “forever”.
The Hate of Capitalism
Why so many people hate Capitalism, because it causes them so much misery, hardship and pain, every minute of every day so many
individuals suffer everywhere all over the planet and for a very long time. Discussing and interpreting the different historical manifestos
of different periods of class struggles is not enough and brings not the revolution any nearer. Posting constantly about the differences and
similarities in the anarchic movement or trying to disapprove anarcho-capitalism and all the negotiations about the various anarcho-
political organizations is fruitless and brings not the revolution any closer. This is all too late and too little; we are beyond words and
arguments, we are at the stage of permanent conscious metamorphosis, from the low to the higher, from the simple to the complex and
vice versa.
Whether things existed before or after Capitalism is not relevant at all to what we want to achieve, i.e., total anarchy without any residues
from the ugly past. Whether Marxism is correct or not is not important and just causes the good people to split into hostile camps.
What we want is a united theory of revolution, a revolution that goes beyond armed struggle and pseudo-peaceful reformation. The state
and capital must go and be dismantled immediately. That will be also the end to hierarchy and with it goes all its accompanied authority.
What will remain are a people living in abundance, harmony and festivity.
This system must go as soon as possible, it causes too much suffering and agony to billions of people on earth; it has to be eliminated and
destroyed before it utterly destroys us first. Capitalism and it states must be destroyed at the nearest time possible so we could rescue and
save humanity from further butchering and devastation, we will take humanity to the road of pleasure and liberation and finally reach a
society of equals and the free.
All the argumentation about the differences of communism, socialism, the withering away of the state, proletarian state, all this is
designed for one purpose alone: ideological recruitment. All this must be avoided and instead invest energy in directly communicating
with the people in every mean available, anarchists must relate to people experiences in the now and here and offer an immediate solution
before the revolution. Communicating with people everywhere and in every place, through what is written, seen, heard and spoken and
always connected to its anarcho-theoretical equivalence.
Being knowledgeable and clever or well educated is not enough, what we need really is more personal courage more social daring, to
fasten and accelerate the process of emancipation and material liberation. Anarchists must live by deeds and actions, fearless but careful,
real anarchists move and change thousands of individual’s everyday, because they are exemplarily in practicing what they say and write.
The theory of revolutionary change and liberation, the theory of anarcho-emancipation, the theory of being happy without oppressing or
killing the other, this is what is all about. A revolution without manuscripts and blueprints, without leaders of any sort, we us the people
leading ourselves to a better future according to our own will and desire and not according to some foreign investor. We are beyond onto-
epistemological confusion and corruption, the world is in paralyses and is in complete stasis. Lets push it forward, beyond the limits of
Marxism and science, beyond Bakunin and his friends, it is time to break and cut loose from all that was written up until now and start
afresh and anew stage for a further development and a critical advancement to a more humane and happier future. Otherwise many of
you will remain behind the momentum still dwelling deeper in the mud of capital circulation, in fear, in poverty and class-horror.
Come to anarchy without politics and ideology, come to anarchy without an ego and a trumpet, come as you are free and uncorrupt, as
everyone should be too, so you could contribute your part in the creative process of self and others liberation. To free ourselves from our
daily misery, anguish and alienation, why let the rich get richer and the rest get poorer, why allow them to dominate and exploit us, let’s
fight back and take what is ours. Break the limits, break the system from in and out, from below and from above, shorten their staying
time to zero. Set yourself free from the chains of property and modern enslavement and we will liberate ourselves together as it has never
been done before, with a pluralistic singularity. The rest will join us soon in a movement of individual and social liberation from money
and their owners. Will move on the path of anarchic equity and personal freedom – here the revolution starts. what have you to lose but
your chains laid down to you by the system, what have you to lose but your virtual inter-cage cellular pseudo-communication, hanging
desperately between your credit cards and your habits of consumption and all this of course is only in accordance to your earnings i.e.,
wage/income/salary/job for the mob and then what? Then back to your computer to spell out your frustration and boredom. Pasting the
quotation of the ones before, hoping for some analysis and assuming that we don’t know what it is all about, is naivety on your behalf, so
wake up.
The true anarchist always and courageously speaks the truth except to authority, because he doesn’t want to get killed, so in face of
authority he is underground. She/he lives according to anarchic theory and practice, by avoiding the law the anarchist prepares the
ground of insurrection and upheaval. We don’t have to sit in jail to make a revolution, we can make it to be beyond the reach of the
longest arm, and you can bring down the system without being arrested. Most people want to be free and happy but they don’t know how
achieve this; we will help them find the way to everyone’s freedom and happiness. We will show them where the right knowledge and
practice to be found, we will give them the revolutionary tools of liberations and the anarchic means of self-emancipation and self-
We don’t want to be rich we want to be anarchists in an anarchic society, we don’t want to succeed within the capitalist system we want to
destroy it all together for the rescue and benefit of us and of humanity. We don’t want to exploit or oppress anyone, all we want is to live
free of work, religion and authority, we want a life without money and classes, without the weak and the strong, life is not a jungle and if
so is capitalism then I am Tarzan.
We don’t need your pity bourgeois attitudes, we don’t need your shop-keeper mentality, what we need is a revolutionary person that fears
no one and nothing, all carriers are for the distorted and desperate lower middle-class, trying so hard to improve their dull condition,
known also as ambition or as the American dream of equal collapse. Anarchist chose the simplest and cheapest ways to live as not to
require a lot of money, from there they bring about havoc to the system and bring nearer the day of liberation and self-determination.
From their humble places they launch their onslaught on capitalism and its states, and by the demolishing of both of them we bring about
their full destruction and its disappearance for ever.

The Future is Ours Anarchic

You don’t have to go far to know that capitalism is tragic for most of humanity. It is just enough to look at your own personal life and
my own to realize that capitalism is life and planet destroyer.
Because of a prolonged oppression, poverty and enslavement, most people have never experienced in their lives any freedom or choice,
they never new the meaning of pleasure and creativity, they where always severely deprived of all the good things in life. They don’t know
what it means to be materially secure, or that one can live if circumstances allow, an interesting and satisfying lives. All this is beyond
them and beyond their reach, what they are left with is hunger and disease.
Most people don’t know the meaning of free choice and free will, they where never given the chance, always in poverty and depravity they
know only one thing, that they suffer and that the rich always wallow in corruption and in luxury. Humanity is in misery for many
centuries and now it is the time to change all this ‘permanence’ and turn it into a full blown anarchic revolution in the coming future.
We must return to humanity to its long lost dignity, there is enough for everyone and plenty, no excuses and apologies can change the facts
that billions of people survive and barely exist in a downtrodden subjective reality and unbearable misery. This explains clearly why is the
politico-economical world situation is like this – the most inhuman and brutal.
Who can dismantle capitalism and how? The answer is really simple; the anarchists will dismantle the capitalist structure and replace it
with an anarchist society brought about by an anti-national anarchic revolution. The sooner the capitalist system is dismantled is the
better for all even for the rich although they don’t know it. The sooner capitalism goes as a result of the anti-capitalist social revolution the
sooner humanity will start tasting the never ending spring of freedom and discover for the first time in human history the real meaning of
life, pleasure and creation.
A mass revolution, beyond borders and nations, beyond classes and countries, a social revolution that will definitely and once and for all
put an end to this capital geo-demographic mayhem. All poverty and all wars are the result of political economy of wealth and control, all
human misery and suffering also all the violence are the direct result of political economy and its representatives, all is because of
economical laws of the masters of capital.
Once we de-economize society and abolish capital and politics we shell enter into a higher a stage of canceling all money and the private
ownership of the means of social production. Capitalism negatively affects the inner self of every individual; the rate of degradation of
each is according to the actual material objective condition of the subject. Capitalism is the latest form of slavery and it must be abolished,
before we are abolished.
This imposed modern universal slavery will implode one day soon, because of the deteriorating pressure of the last threshold.
A major rebellion will take place against this condition of oppression and quickly turning into an anarchic social revolution sweeping with
it the unwanted remains of the previous era and creating for the first in human history a genuine anarchic society that guarantees the
well-being and the freedom of all everywhere and all of time.
Our selves are constructed and made on the major of oppression and poverty we endure, our behavior and personalities are founded on
the major of our enslavement to the system and its leaders and on the major of our resistance to it all.
The more rebellious we are the less we fear the brutality of capitalism and its executing arms. The more revolutionary we become the
less time will remain for the nation-state capitalism and the less time will remain for its hegemony. The more we fight theoretically and
practically against discrimination and exploitation, the sooner will our freedom be achieved and our livelihood guaranteed.

May the year 2007 be the beginning of the end of capitalism?

Another year of capitalism is coming to an end, one more year has passed full of wars, serious poverty, low paid work and addictive
boredom. But at the same time, the count down has begun for the final chapter in the existence of capitalism.
It is a system that brings out the worst traits in human character, it deforms mentally and physically the people and turns their leaders
into tyrants representing the rich who have put them there to rule in their name. Capitalism is a private system for the circulation of
capital that is based on inheritance of the social means of production.

The only rule of capitalism is the allowing of one person to exploit as many others as he/she can (size of capital), all human struggles today
are the direct result of the capitalist system which must go. National struggle is a capitalist struggle, class struggle is a capitalist struggle,
and environmental struggle is capitalist too. Capitalism will be stopped, and the question is not how but when? All technology, machinery,
land, natural resources, etc, is going to be owned by no one but it will function for the benefit of all. There goes inheritance and leadership.

Local people through a synchronized-coordination will operate for the benefit of the whole humanity whilst the whole of humanity will
operate, if needed, for the benefit of the locality. The internet is also just another capitalist mass manipulation, just as the cellular mobile
that could and should be subverted and used like everything else for the transformation of capitalism to a revolutionary anarchism. Most
people on earth don’t even have electricity yet; most people on earth still live on less than three dollars a day.

The revolution will be carried out by the oppressed and poor of the world that makes the total majority of humanity on the planet. The
state and the capitalist systems will collapse simultaneously as the anarchic revolution spreads to all regions of the world. Hierarchy and
authority will disappear as the revolutionary consciousness of the people will advance to a new historico-evolutionary stage. The money
system is the name for modern slavery; it invades your inner being and deforms it, turning you into a desperate, egotistical and greedy
person. Religion, philosophy, law and science are all an ideology of money to be used by the richest few against all of humanity. The
capitalist system uses everything and every idea for the elongation of it supremacy.

I know that capitalism is not going to last for long, it has reached its limit, beyond that anarchy is waiting. We have the means and the will
for the first time in human history to transform this brutal capitalism into a healthy and creative environment, so life could be free and
happy. The future is anarchic whilst the present unfortunately is still capitalist, but as I said, not for long. Our existence in the future will
be without money or labor, without states and classes, without politicians and governments, just anarchy in equality.

Never Say Never - The Music Must Go On

To stop human suffering we must stop capitalism. If we want to save of what remains of this planet we must dismantle the class society.
Most of the people on earth are suffering, like me and billions of others, for the first time in human history we can end this suffering.

The ruling class must go, the state must be replaced with anarchy, and the rich will have to learn to live with us on equal terms. The laws
must be abandoned and replaced with human consideration and creative alteration.

A new human being is created, a new brain is manifested. A positive human character is emerging, a new and different individual, a
revolutionary personality that does not tolerate any suffering and discrimination whatsoever. New and different social relations are
created, that are not based on money but on the love of freedom. At last a different attitude towards property and matter which is based
on complete equality and total freedom.

Without trade or barter, without capitalism and slavery, without authority and hierarchy – just real anarchic relation based on the
materialistic and anarchic understanding of the world and the laws of nature.

Anarchy is the only known alternative to capitalism and the forthcoming anarchic revolution will create a new society with a new anti-
capitalist interaction so we could live in a harmonious anarchic planet on the ruins of primitive civilizations of the past.

All the pain and suffering that humanity has experienced and all of the past and present struggles that humanity has undergone and is
undergoing; all this is will not be spent in vain. All the crimes of civilizations against humanity, in modern and in ancient times is not
going to be repeated, it is going to be stopped and a new post-civilization will begin its new march to a better and a more humane future.

Nothing goes in vain, every cause has its effect and reaction and a meta-action. The time has come for this global insurrection to
transform us from suffering to happiness. All the systems of the past including the present one, are all the same continuation of the same
thing but with a more advanced tools.

The people will rise, they have no choice, it is either happiness or suffering, they have nothing to loose but their modern slavery. The
majority just had enough of this everlasting torture, and we want it stopped now, and this is done through the destruction of the state,
capitalism and all ideologies including religion. We want a life without police and classes, without cheap labor and poverty and without
wars and violence and without the root of all evil – money.
The post-democratic anarchic revolution

Bloodless and unarmed revolutions lead by the majority. There is no dictatorship because there are no leaders. The revolution will be anti-
national, anti-religious and anti-capitalist. It will be a social revolution without violence and without physical force. The revolution will
succeed when the conscious level of the people reaches its height.

Billions of people will participate and take a direct and active part in a simultaneous revolution all over the world. Borders will be erased
and capital and the means of production decentralized and distributed to those who created it in the first place. A revolutionary leap into
a future, a future without gods or masters, just people living happily on one planet for a while.

You can never blame the poor

When conditions are hard and painful, the people become more extreme and more radical. When the conditions are easy and wealthy, the
minorities advocate democracy and moderation to hide their real motivation, the exploitation of people and the planet for profit.
The poor people everywhere are still wrongly navigated; their extreme and radical view of the world is manipulated for other purposes,
like national and religious struggles. The well to do preach to the oppressed the meaning of law, class and order, punishment and
impoverishment is the reward for those who never obey.
The consensus is a mediocrity of the alienated, the broken citizen in a capitalist collective of joined tragedies. Half of the people who still
earn wages and salaries have to keep on swallowing apologies for democracy and liberalism designed cleverly for the maintenance of their
disguised enslavement.

Are You Active In The Revolution?

Imagine a proletarian without work, imagine a proletarian with work, the former is homeless and starving and the latter lives on a
minimum wage. What a life to the majority of the people, what a life each of these individual have to undergo. Capitalism is turning all of
us into paupers, the lucky ones who work are in constant fear of losing it, the unlucky ones are in constant fear of brute survival.

They employ you when they need you and dump you in times of surplus. The pay you the lowest wages when they need you and you starve
if they don’t need you. This is the true face of capitalism; it is a very ugly system that destroys humanity and nature around the clock till
The only way out of this desperate situation is a social revolution to liberate us from the yoke of capitalism and its lackeys. We need an
anarchic revolution to free us from the capitalists, as long as they are in power we shell suffer. The revolution will topple them down and
eliminate those positions, i.e., the elimination of capitalism and the state.

Try and live in capitalism without money or work, you cannot, you die. And since capitalism is everywhere you have no choice but to serve
it if you can to survive and you will be very unlucky if you could not, i.e., you will have a short life of despair.

Therefore only an anarchic revolution can guarantee to all the billions of the poor people, a permanent abundance and a permanent
freedom. Only an anarcho-individualist communist revolution on a massive scale will guarantee all of us an interesting and labor free life,
where we determine how we want to live and not the bloody capitalists.

Capitalism kills love and kindness, capitalism kills everything that is beautiful in the world, capitalism kills life and nature and the
absurdity of it all, is that all this killing is just for the mere greed of more profit. Anarchy is the exact opposite of capitalism.

They own the water we drink, they own the food we eat, they own the rooms where we sleep, they own the entertainment we swallow, i.e.,
they own everything and everyone who owns not. Soon will be paying for the oxygen we breath and for the waking on a pavement, this
means that if you are not born into this class your life is doomed for an eternal torment here on earth and now. To pay them for
everything you are paying them to survive, you are forced to work all of your life if you are lucky. If you are born without money you are
going to suffer all of your life and eventually become either a legal or illegal criminal. In power or in prison, lick the rich people asses or
live a life of poverty, disease and despair, capitalism aggravates all these antagonistic conflicts, a nega-process that leads to a fatally
absurd terminal.

I am not a Jew therefore there is no Chanukah

I am not a Christian therefore there is no Christmas
I am not a Muslim therefore there is no Aladkha
I am not a Nationalist therefore there is no country
I am not a Capitalist therefore there is no business
I am not an Idealist therefore there is no dialectics
I am an Anarchist therefore I am free

The Revolution Is Here To Stay

A Post-Cultural Revolution
The Revolution Starts At Home

Globalization of Anarchism (Anti-Capital)

The economico-political and the nation-state system known as capitalism is the most vicious and cyclic tragedy that humanity has ever
encountered, the ugliest form of social relations known to wo/man – with consequences that are more severe than a natural mega-disaster.

The catastrophic effect of capitalism on humanity and on nature is devastating and mostly irreversible, its effect on each and every
individual is horrific and horrendous, and we cannot compare it to anything else because humanity has never known anything else. From
the beginning of civilization we have known nothing but the three varieties of slavery.

Capitalism impact you on all levels, it destroys and deforms your inner self by shuttering the structure of your character and instead
implanting the perfect worker - soldier – shopkeeper – consumer. Capitalism utterly distorts and deviate your psyche and emotions and
turning them into brutalized sensations of rage and permanent dissatisfaction, a severe form of alienation. Capitalism forbids you to think
and daring to do so you risk legal retribution, capitalism also ruins the foundation upon which you can think independently. In the name
of profit and business success they destroy the living; in the name of democracy they rape life and the planet.

The so called free market capitalism is a continuation of the mid-ages feudalism, but with an improved industrial implements and
electronic techniques. Capitalism is a very brutal system, capitalism is the modern version of slavery, and all this in the name of progress
and democracy but which in reality means poverty and hardship, therefore this system must be terminated.

The termination of the capitalist system with its nation–state as the only possible social relation will mean that for the first time in the
history of wo/mankind – humanity will at last achieve a real and true individual and social freedom, i.e., the end of modern enslavement.

The end of the class-system will mean the for the first time ever in human existence that people will live in harmony with themselves and
with nature, for the sake of the pleasure of human existence and the continuation of it’s survival and future existence.

Capitalism or life – there can be no happiness or peace on the face of this planet, no prosperity for the masses, as long as this modern
version of slavery continues. Capitalism kills the individual and society, it can kill you in a variety of ways, slow or quick, with or without
suffering etc.

This pathological race for more profit and exploitation at any cost, will lead capitalism to its final downfall. By robbing fast the planet and
enslaving the majority of its people is not going to last long, people will eventually rebel when they will discover that all their suffering was
spent in vain, for the sake of more power and wealth of the few.
Capitalism has polluted the whole planet and more, it has pauperized billions of people for what? So the rich can continue to wallow in
their luxuries whilst we are the slaves that maintain all this. By keeping the modern slave in a permanent crises they can control and
manipulate him to their advantage, this destroys the inner self of the individual and disintegrates society, leaving nothing behind but a
metropolis of moles and mentally disturbed consumers.

By crippling the individual intellectually and emotionally, the capitalist system wounds the subject turning him into one dimensional
zombie who is ready at any time to work for a minimum wage and/or sacrifice himself whenever he is called to serve the flag of the rich
and/or become a gullible consumer that works overtime and/or two jobs so he can also cue for his own self-consummation.

I hope that this mass mayhem will end one day, the sooner the less misery will have, the globalization of anarchy is the first step towards
this goal, the termination of all misery and suffering on the planet and the creation of society based on equity and mutual-aid.

Only Anarchy

“We must overthrow the rulers of the mind by the workers of the mind, an act of insurrection. The bourgeoisie ego shall be replaced by the
proletarian ego. The Revolution will be followed by a long period of the withering away of the proletarian ego. Then, and only then, will it be
Revolutionary Anarchy Time!”

Anarchy as the true reality

Reality as a direct experience - Reality as the objective experience of the subject - As it is also the real experience of the majority of the
people of earth including my own. We experience daily direct oppression and suffering and severe physical and mental exploitation too.
We live under draconian anti-poor laws that aim at maintaining the employed and unemployed under their total control, the question is
for how long they (the capitalists) will succeed. I say that capitalism is running out of excuses and apologies, capitalism is desperate as
ever, but this time I exist and you too.

The cause of all this mass misery is the law of private ownership of property (capitalism) – Misery obviously has existed before capitalism
and before slavery but the causes where then different and which don’t exist anymore, whereas capitalism does exist now and causes most
of the misery on this planet. For the last 300 years capitalism has degraded the world to unrecognizable and nearly irreversible condition.

The name of the disease is the private ownership of resources and production under the disguise of private property, ie. People are the
property therefore slaves to the wage. They own us to serve them indefinitely, they own the land we live upon and they own the water and
the air we breadth and we have to work for them and buy the products that we produce, this is called modern technical capitalist slavery –
the proletarian slave. The nation-state was created to allow capital its free operation of enslavement as the religious-state has done earlier.

The military industrial complex is good for killing and looting, the business corporation is good for keeping us waged or unwaged till
death and to the next generation. They claim that selling and buying products and labor is natural and that this can never change, i.e., a
wishful thinking of the rich to keep us terminally poor and always ready to work for a minimum wage or less.

To support capitalism you must be a nasty person, by supporting capitalism, like a willful salve you are increasing the pains and suffering
of others and your own. We are the majority; we are the human race controlled by a few rulers who are driving capitalism fast to its
ultimate end and the start of the anarchic society. By increasing my pain and the pain of others they are constantly declaring war on us
and we are fighting back and in full force to liberate ourselves and for the first time from the tentacles of capitalism.

Disregarding someone else’s oppression and suffering is exactly as taking part in the oppression and the exploitation itself. We will
eventually eliminate all the causes of suffering and pain first by erasing capitalism and dismantling its infrastructure and secondly by the
creation of an anarchic world. Capitalism will be substituted by an egalitarian and humane society without any form of oppression or
exploitation and this will mean also the end of inherited classes and the collapse of the nation-state.

Capitalism is a catastrophe on a global scale that must be stopped and as quickly as possible so we can save as much of what is left after
devouring all the people and matter and then excreting us in the form of zombies and poisonous environment - lets get rid of capitalism
and start our real long lost living and as it was supposed to be from the beginning but it was not, not up to this moment, but this time the
future will unfold differently from its cyclic past and for the first time in human history people will to live together or apart but without

To exist so they can get richer

The poor, the worker, the unemployed, the salaried and all those who were born without inheritance or business, are forced to waste their
whole lives in monotonous and stupid jobs that makes the owner much richer. The pay they get from government or private sources
(owners of the means of production) is immediately spend on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, rent, food and fuel so as to survive another day
and be ready and healthy enough to provide the service (work) again and again till old age if you last that long.

The majority coercively sell their labor all their lives and are always afraid of losing their jobs since unemployment is constantly on the
rise. Life under such circumstances becomes instantly very desperate and cruel, so imagine a life long conditioning to such a miserable
and torturous existence. Also can you imagine a worker without a job, how will he or she exist, how will they eat and sleep, without a wage
you are doomed to die.
I know that one day capitalism will end and a new society will replace it, as the conscious level of humanity rises so too the end of
capitalism becomes closer. The end of capitalism is directly proportional to the ratio of human consciousness.
We want a world without oppression and exploitation, a world which broke loose from the influence of the past and from the rulers of
capitalist economy. We will have a society without classes and states and without workers or bosses, just people living for the fun of it.

Humanity will have to free itself from this fate of ever lasting modern enslavement. If you don’t want your children to become the next
generation of neo-slaves, then you must start doing something about it now. The rich are also subjectively very desperate individuals but
with plenty of money to cover it up. By oppressing and exploiting the others, the rich and their representatives also pay a price; the
repercussion is the inevitable anarchic revolution. The poor must be released from their misery and agony and also free the rich from
their unnecessary and cruel power.

No person should be able to exploit and oppress the other; no system should allow and encourage persons to do so. The whole capitalist
system is based on the sole exploitation and enslavement of others. First they occupy the geography violently with all the assets of the
planet and then herd the total majority of the population to serve the rulers of economy so as to barely survive generation after
We can exist very well without the nation-state, religion and capitalism; these three parasitic structures are blood thirsty, violent and
psychotic. The capitalist organization is a fascist and a nazi in time of crises and war whilst portending to be liberal in time of relative low
class antagonism.

All the people of the planet can become rich without the mediation of money and hierarchy, all the people of the planet could be free
immediately if they will get rid of capitalist sub-development and its deformed social relations. Humanity can coexist without trade and
business and turn history on its head and change it for ever. Most of us spend our whole life either employed on a minimum wage or
unemployed barely living on what remains of social benefits. No matter where you are “living”, freedom and subsistence is needed by
every one and all, the need for health and creativity is the same everywhere but the objective conditions are different. No matter where is
the place or at what time, its is pleasure and liberty that we seek and desire, but under capitalism only the exclusive few have the material
ability to achieve this, but with it comes also the constant fear of revolution.

I know that one day in the coming future the capitalist-state system will implode and free humanity to choose how it wants to live, in an
anarchic society or in a class society, in boring jobs or interesting lives. Capitalism cannot go on like this forever, it is reaching its last
historical phase, the phase of collapse and the end of empire and the liberation of humanity. It will be the first time in human civilization
and evolution that humanity has reached the stage of not wanting a system of servants and masters and a social relation based on
discrimination and racism.
Anarchists make an anarchic society, without many anarchists there will never be anarchic society, the more anarchists there will be the
faster the capitalist system will go and since anarchism is deeply rooted in human nature we see the revolution on the horizon of the not so
distant future.

The Future Is Anarchy

Capitalism causes and maintains the conflicts of history and the only way to resolve these conflicts is by ending capitalism. Capitalism can
be ended through a non-violent social revolution that will replace the social relations. By deepening and expanding our thinking and
knowledge we will find all the alternatives necessary for the transformation of society and the world.

The human condition is stuck because it is good for capitalism; people suffer because it is profitable for capitalism which is solely based on
exploitation and deceit. As long as capitalism continues to exist, humanity will remain in misery and disease. As long as business operates
and functions there is no hope for humanity and no genuine freedom.

There is no left or right, there is no capitalism or socialism, what there is it is either anarchy or capitalism and I am thinking heartedly
recommend the former. Capitalism has no right of existence, not in the past and definitely not now. Humanity is capable of living much
better than by killing or enslaving one another for the sake of organizational power and capitalist globalization.

What will happen in the future and whether capitalism will last, depends mainly on the amount of conscious anarchists that will be
around in different regions. The level of social consciousness and the stage of the anarcho-subversive penetration and intervention will
determine the speed at which capitalism will fall.

All the wars and national violence, all the poverty and hardship in the world are directly caused by the functioning of capitalism and its
greed for more profit and domination. All the antagonism in history is orchestrated for the maintenance and preservation of hierarchical
structures and rulers and ruled.

But there will come a time when capitalism will collapse and on its ruins a new social system will rise and flourish, a new world will be
created, without classes, bosses and kings, without generals and tycoons, without states and labor. Anarchy will prevail everywhere and
humanity for the first time in its agonizing short existence will discover real freedom and a different level of existence. That will terminate
the condition of survival and it will be the start of a new form of anarchic life.

Where will the first anarcho-social revolution start at the 21st century?

Capitalism is the name for everything ugly and obscene, a name given for modern slavery and exploitation of the planet and humanity.
Capitalism is the system of economy that destroys life and earth, a class system that is based on violence, mass poverty and coercive
discrimination. This system must go and the sooner the better for our future, the capitalist system must be dismantled by a minimum
force if necessary before it dismantle us and all what’s around us.
The capitalist system will fall, with all its anti-human values and bourgeois social relations, when people will start rejecting these values
and the accompanied alienated social relations. Capitalism will be destroyed when the people start disobeying the rules of class
indoctrination and liberate the lower classes from the upper class. The state goes with its classes, once capitalism is terminated anarchy
and equality will prevail as to allow humanity for the first time in its evolution to live in dignity and total freedom without a fear of
counter-revolution by the reactionaries.

Our life does not have to be like this and society does not have to look like this, our lives and society as whole are only a reflection and a
reaction to what capitalism has caused and imposed coercively upon us and upon planet earth and the rest of humanity. So the time has
come to stop and terminate this historical mayhem through an anarchic social revolution that is based on an advanced conscious and on
the emancipated self.

It is hard for you to imagine how life would be on this planet without capitalism and all its accessories, because you have known nothing
else, they told you that capitalism is the only natural process, it is the only way to motivate the people to work for their masters. They say
it is the laws of the jungle that make capitalism natural, but it is natural to whom? Is it natural for a person to exploit another person and
for generations, so his master can live and get ever richer on his back? The answer is of course that there is nothing whatsoever natural
about capitalism. Capitalism is the creation of the masters so they can enslave the rest of us. It is designed to keep you down and
oppressed, so they can control you better, it is made by the master for his slave, by the employer for the employed.

Let’s break the chains and set ourselves free, let’s finish capitalism and start something else much better and utterly humane. There is
only one way out of capitalism - a highly advanced anarchic conscious.

Anarchy of Every Day Life

Capitalism = Neo-feudalism = Neo-slavery

The alienation of the capitalist social relation is deadly for the alienated who are controlled through terror, security and fear. They
control your minds and dreams, they control your information and communication, they control all of you and most of you are even
unaware of this. They kill you slowly but surely at your jobs, at home and on the streets. Through modern disease and accidents, through
punitive measures and sheer assassination, they do what they (the big capitalists) please to protect and expand their assets on our count
and domination.

Look how many people the USA has killed in the last 50 years; millions are killed by capitalism for globalization and the control over
world resources. How many American soldiers and Iraqis are sacrificed daily for profit and oil and when will the people realize this
facade and insurrect?

The state and its capitalist economy have designed the techniques necessary for your total control, manipulation and greenwash
brainwash. The social control of brains and bodies by the system for the empire is conducted by a perfectly programmed military-
entertainment complex for mass manipulation and domination.

Capitalism is sick and has created a sick world, a sick western civilization, which has to be cured and altered if it wants to continue and
exist and with others. What we need is a social struggle for the emancipation and liberation of the individual, self-determination means
the end of capital and an end to alienated life. Only an anti-authoritarian anarcho-social struggle and resistance, through subversion and
detours can we speed the process that will terminate capitalism and its empire.

We are forced to live and survive under capitalism, with our sold labor we just exist, ready forever to serve the capitalist for food and
shelter. It is impossible to exist without serving the capitalists, a very coercive condition, and a situation that requires only revolt. You
survive in capitalism but fight against it, which is an indication of its final evolutionary and historical phase. A phase that capitalism can
no longer uphold its own contradiction and antagonism is bringing its downfall.

The pos-capitalist phase is an anarchic phase, based on equality and liberty and without states or capital, a meta-economy of everything
for all. Unable to solve its inner contradictions capitalism is falling apart and causing a lot of collateral damage on its way to oblivion. I
don’t give capitalism more than 10 years of existence; the time has come for the long awaited radical change.



This is our planet, not theirs. Our planet is without authority and borders. There are two planets mixed into one. One is called capitalist
planet and the second is the anarchic planet. The capitalist planet is full of barriers and thousands upon thousands of soldiers and police,
known as the state of that planet. The capitalist planet is entangled with its own barbed wires. The mass murderers and mass exploiters
created their own luxuries prison to dwell in, they have to protect themselves from the mass rage they have created around them. The
financial and political leaders of the planet can exist only by being permanently surrounded with police, soldiers and body guards. Behind
high walls protected by guns and helicopters afraid to move afraid of the people.

The future is ours not theirs, we refuse all continuity, we want to create a new world, we don’t obey and rebel, ours time is for love and
creation theirs is a timetable for the destruction of humanity and its planet. We are truly free but you are a commodity fetishist, we have
the dance and music you have only military marches and loud speakers from helicopters. We give pleasure you give torture, the only
dance you know is the marching of your soldiers trampling all over the planet.

We have the knowledge you have disinformation, we have the communication you have indoctrination. We are the planet and you are (the
capitalist system) its exploiter and destroyer. We are the freedom you are the enslaver. It is important to know, especially in these
miserable and horrible times, especially when they have launched the fifth world war against us, the war of state capitalism against all
people. Whilst capital is celebrating its bloody but very profitable orgies, it violently represses and oppresses those who want to create a
different and a much better world, this is the routine practice of every state and every system. They want to subordinate us, the want us as
mindless obedient zombies, to make us like them.

They want us to be capitalists or workers, they want us to be nasty like them, the stinking part of inhumanity – the very thought is ugly
and sickening. Not only that we abhor capitalists and capitalism but also we want to finish it and start something different and new.
Through violence and brutality, through deceit and bribery they keep the majority under control and tragically enough the majority of
the people relate to this, consciously or subconsciously as normality as nature. How wrong they are and naïve and they are going to learn
this unfortunately in the hard way, in the form of catastrophes and social upheavals.

The real enemy is the capitalist system and its lackey’s, religion, the state, the nation, all the diseases of human historical evolution in one
basket, and capitalism is guaranteed to lose and vanish once and for all from the face of planet and free us from its bloody claws. We don’t
need new rulers; we want no rulers at all but An-arch-y. Revolutionary emancipation is the key to our struggle and liberation, our
weapon is that we are truly and clearly different than them. We don’t look or behave like them but always to the contrary and with levels
of conscious far beyond their reach.

Against their borders and prisons we have our exter-national and anti-authoritarian terrains; against their coercive labor we have
festivity and the celebration of life and creativity. Against their constitutional violence and exploitation we have our courage and
revolutionary imagination, against their hate and viciousness we have love and human compassion. Against their arrogance, we have the
knowledge and daring to bring them down, and this is the plan for tomorrow.

Against their imagined permanence we guarantee their permanent disappearance from the globe, through a revolutionary transformation
of society and the creation of the anarchic alternative. They are not going to exist in the future; this is their final phase, the end of their
his-story. All those who defended and advocated capitalism will become relics of the past, hated, despised and then forgotten. We the
anarchists are uncontrollable and insubordinate to all commands, in our world there is no authority and control, there is no bosses and
workers, just people living for the sake of free living. Let’s rebel and enjoy it.

The Tragedy of Human His-story

As a result of a serious deviation that took place about 7000 years ago in Babylon; humanity has since paid a very heavy price. That was
the start of one man exploiting the other, the occupied tribe to dig water tunnels for the now master occupier, i.e. the beginning of slavery
and the class system.

Humanity was not supposed to exist like this; this deviation has knocked humanity out of its course for a long time, but not any more.
From now on there are new rules for the game. If it was not for that turn of event, the development of humanity would have taken another
course, the anarcho-egalitarian course. An error at the dawn of home-sapiens history has enslaved the whole of humanity ever since, and
which dictated the sort of social-relation necessary for its continuance of domination over the rest, who did not belong to the occupying

Since this Babylonian error and deviation, the way was opened to all the bad and nasty guys to do what they please, i.e., exploit and
enslave the whole of humanity tell the present time. Capitalism was the direct result of that historical mistake and it flourished on it and
the backs of the populations.

The only way to correct this past error and save humanity is consciously to alter the social-relation through an anarchic social revolution,
and thus eliminate the master-servant relation and the employer–worker relation. This radical social transformation and conscious
metamorphosis will correct the past deviation and forbid future social deviations as a result of the high level of consciousness of the people

It’s time to give humanity some happiness and individual freedom after thousands of years of suffering and miserable existence. It is time
to give humanity a new chance to save itself from permanent poverty and modern enslaving. Only a social revolution will achieve this, so
we are working hard on it to bring its accomplishment soon.

You cannot blow up social relations but you can transform them through conscious and revolutionary activity, you cannot force people to
become free, but you can show them the way and be one example. Capitalism is not going to last forever and as a matter of fact, it is near
its end, the system cannot exist on a deviation for ever, the system sooner or later is going to disappear, we can only accelerate this process,
since freedom cannot wait any longer, we want freedom now and for all.

Where do we stand? - The contemporary condition of humanity – The present social situation

Why the revolution has not happened? Why has capitalism survived for so long? Why there are no many anarchists?

Eventually the anarchic revolution will happen.

The coming revolution will be an Anarcho-Communist-Individualist Social revolution, a mass revolution, a creation of a
revolutionary movement which will weaken the infra-structure of capitalism, the finally bring about the fall of god and capital;
this is nearer than we think.

Capitalism will be destroyed and anarchy in its place will be installed, the future will be under our self-determined guidance,
we will navigated it to wherever we choose, the planet will self-manage itself with a little help from friends.

We will take the future and make it ours, we will lead it towards anarchy, but we cannot force people to want to be free, as long
as they refuse their own freedom we can do little. Therefore the most important revolutionary task is to bring people to want to
be free and this will eventually happen. You cannot be like your enemy; you must always be an opposite, better and beyond
your enemy in every conceivable way. In anarchy there is no authority, no hierarchy, and no organization, with which you
could repeat the domination of religion and capitalism.

We will incite the people to revolt against the system, we have the patience to wait for when the people are ready, they will soon
demand a radical change in life, and they will soon desire anarchy. The transformation from capitalism to anarchy is only a
matter of time, there will come a time when anarchists will be on high demand by the people, to show and explain to them the
process of revolutionary transformation and anarchic social construction.

Anarchy is the only alternative to capitalism, so be ready, you have been warned, capitalism is on the verge of collapse and on it
own accord, all we have to do is just shove it down the sewer of history for its final disappearance from our lives. A new life will
be created, the planet will be restored, people will start to live freely and happy. We will all enjoy the fruits of revolutionary
creativity, we will all benefit from the liberation from labor.
For now the resistance will continue, it will continue up to the final battle, our victory is guaranteed, the world will be free
and equal, this is a historical necessity, a self-determined liberation.

We will continue our struggle until we will win, and free ourselves from gods, masters and leaders, if you are not with the
revolutionary proletariat then step aside and lets us do what has to be done and now.

The Days That Will Bring Capitalism Down

How to Change the World in Few Days

Capitalism destroys everything except profit. Capitalism destroys nature, beauty and true pleasure. Capitalism must go and go
fast, this system must end, and it must be finished, terminated and got rid of as soon as we can.
Where there is capitalism (now everywhere) there is no real life, but the despair of survival and the boring monotony of wage
earning, i.e., boring existence.

Where there is capitalism there is war, class war plus others, where there is capitalism there will never be freedom but one big
global prison village. Capitalism is the enemy of humanity and life, capitalism is the enemy of planets and stars. We must stop it
and get rid of it and the sooner the better for all.

Let’s together destroy capitalism and replace it with anarchy, let’s finish off capitalism before it finishes us and before it totally
destroys the planet and nature which without life could no longer exist.
Let’s dismantle this bloody and sweaty system as fast as we can, before it ruins what little still remains. Let’s destroy this
system and all others, which kill all that is good and everything which is worth living for and leaving behind it only devastation,
misery and hardship for most of us.

The drums of revolution are beating, and the march to liberation has begun, you are welcome to join the emancipation.
Capitalism is a system of mental illnesses all of which are also curable. Capitalism is a sick system for the profit of the sick rich
thus turning all of us sick too. Not for me thanks. Capital and the state system exist solely to enslave and control us as
everything else. There will not be a genuine happiness to no one as long as capitalism lasts.
Capitalists will be taught a lesson, not to mess with humanity any longer, anarchy will turn things upside down and sideways,
equipped with an anti-political economy, by equalization between the rich and poor and the math here is simple and quite strait

Authoritarian communism as all the left was defeated and dismantled, capitalism is to follow next. The USA a will go first as
the USSR did before it. After the fall of America the rest of the states will follow as the domino affect shows. Capitalism will
disappear from the face of the planet, and no traces of it will remains but what is necessary for reminding the generations to

Welcome to the post-capitalist era. Never again will humanity use money, property and labor to exist, never again will it create
social classes and never again there will be rich people or poor people or masters and servants. Never again a state will be built
since capital dies and will be buried with all the religions and social democracy.

No one will ever be able to control or punish us because we will be the masters of our own destiny and us alone. Only we will
decide what we want and how to do it, without a party or any sort of organization. Capitalism as authoritarian communism are
things of the past; abhorred and rejected they will totally vanish from human history, never repeated for ever.

Wages and money will be ceremonially burned to symbolize the end of profit and capital accumulation. Capitalists will not be
allowed to continue to operate, the fiscal banks distributed and hierarchically dismantled. The revolution will take its place and
pace, and a new form of living will be created on the ruins of the state, capital, religion and ideology.

The revolution will come to stay, anarchy will be created and a new social meta-structure manifested. You cannot by pass the
revolution but it can by pass you, so you either join the revolution or become the guard dog of the establishment and the right
wing reactionaries and neo-fascists.

Power will be dismantled in all its forms and shape and content, nothing will remain of it but its history. Without power
positions of power cannot be taken, all are equal and free from capital and its police. Free from our ugly history and a new page
of changing the world will be written, without business and laws and without authority and poverty, just anarchy for all and for

The rich and the leaders will have to learn on how to live with us and not the other way, to live on us; they will have to learn
how to live with the rest of humanity, unexploited and un-oppressed. The poor will have to learn on how to live freely and
creatively and without any form of authority.

All capitalist structures and infra-structures will immediately terminated and destroyed so we can build instead the anarchic
society and a restored natural world, any less than this is capitalism as we see it and experience it today. Work will become
obsolete; money will become a relic item in the museums for us to see and remember and to remind the generations to come
about the catastrophes capitalism that it has caused to nearly all of the people of the planet and nearly all of the time.

The end of the state and the capitalist system is near, that is why these hysterical measures are taken at present, an attempt to
postpone the unavoidable end. Post-capitalist post-production is our anarchic task, abundance for all and everywhere, an
anarchic society without discrimination and domination where every one lives freely and independently. The economy has
destroyed the planet and its people, the state rules violently and dictatorially in the name of democracy and the capitalist
market, the left is dead and gone, and now the right at last is dying, the quicker the better.

Only anarchists will remain intact, and they with the people will create the revolution that will save humanity from its past and
the treacherous present, showing the way to freedom and actual liberation. Anarchists need the masses as the masses need the
anarchists; alone they only prolong the dying corps of capitalism.

A revolution created by the people and anarchists, made without an ideology, party or organization, without parliament, state
and governments, just a revolution to change humanity and the globe. We want to live in a society without businessmen and
politicians and laws, just a revolutionary transformation of life and the world, to a better and more humane existence.
This is the century of anarchy and the fall of capitalism; let’s celebrate this monumental event with the anarchic slogan, that no
one is free until all are free.

Beyond Criticism – Meta-Criticism

One of the main reason why anarchy has not yet been achieved and why we don’t have a social revolution in sight, is the failure
of the anarchic movement. This failure is the result of a theoretical limitation, reactionary traditional influences and a wrong
understanding of human nature. The same mistakes are made by capitalism although it is still in power. Capitalism will survive
a bit longer, but anarchists must reject all forms of politics, organizations and parties, with these you only prolong the life span
of capitalism, religion, nationalism, classes and the state.
Anarchists must go beyond left and right and beyond philosophy and politics, anarchist that engages in these is nothing but an
enthusiastic liberal wearing the libertarian uniform.
Anarchist cannot federate or engage in tribunals or any other organizational formations, anarchy must stay as a movement
only, after the revolution it will become a social relation, a social existence. There is only one brand of anarchy, all the rest are
false and fake. As we all know there are tens of sorts of anarchy groups in the world, all of them are wrong and deceiving
except that one which is far beyond and above them.
All the brands of anarchy are distorting and manipulative, they carry with them many of the stupidities and mistakes of the
past, this explains why after more than 200 years of existence the people know little or nothing at all about anarchy. The bits
they know come from state propaganda and failing anarchic organizations.
The time has come to start something new, a new anarchy without the stains of the past, anarchy that has moved beyond
contemporary conditions and beyond the dogmatism of the past.
Unless you reject all forms and structures of the past and only when you create something that is higher and more advanced
then you are doomed to remain within the confines of capitalist history with its dictatorial conditioning.
The failure of all anarchic formations up until now is due primarily to the wrong influences of the communist tradition and the
liberal-democratic one, both of which starts from a false premise, and is designed only for the transformation and maintenance
of bureaucratic power.

80% of all anarchists are not anarchists at all, even if they call themselves as such and 80% of all anarchist groups are far from
being truly anarchic, these are pseudo-anarchists and semi-anarchic. You cannot call yourself an anarchist, if you as individual
still carry with you reactionary components from our ugly past and your character cannot contain negative elements from our
hallucinatory traditions. You mast break loose from all this if you wish to be a true and real anarchist that can bring about the
fall of capitalism and the rise of anarchy.

The intention of this article is strengthen the real anarchic forces in the world and weaken the false ones, as to bring the long
awaited revolution a bit nearer to actual realization in the here and now. Many anarchist trends are completely anti-anarchist,
they must be exposed and destroyed just as what has to be done to capitalism. If you want to use the word anarchy or anarchist
you must be able to live up to it and calling yourself an anarchist when you are really not, then what is going to be the outcome?

Anarchy is a universal example for anyone who wants to be free without enslaving the other, therefore you are the example and
if you fail no one will else will succeed, i.e. (no one can be free unless every one be free), i.e. back to square one, back to the
embrace of capitalism and its authority. Anarchy means rebelling against all institutions and organizations, rebelling against
religions and all the states and parties and the rebelling against ideology and functionaries, without this life becoming a
permanent slavery and without an anarchic revolution there is no hope for humanity ever to be free.

The intention of this article is to stimulate the true anarchist into a social activity, into turning society to an anarchic mass, who
are unhappy with their slavery and want a genuine real freedom. Therefore you can not be anarchist with a capitalist
mentality; you cannot be an anarchist if you belong to an organization or a federation or whatever you want to call it. All
these structures are capitalist and party control.

To be a genuine anarchist you first of all have to be courageous and honest rebel and a true example for all generations to come
if the planet will last for that long.

Words that are Translated to Deed

Poverty is violence of the first degree

Capitalism is mass poverty

Poverty is a mass violence caused and maintained by capitalism and the capitalists and anyone who justifies capitalism and
participates in it is an accomplice to this violence against humanity. Capitalism was born out feudalism and slavery, and it grew
and expanded on the exploitation of nature and labor. The capitalist system is only based on the exploitation of the people in all
forms imaginable. They have destroyed nature and the people and left nothing and nobody unaffected.

Capitalism is a very violent system, it is the creator number one of terrorism and by pretending to fight it universalize it. This
necessary capitalist violence against humanity is maintained for one purpose only, the enslavement of others for more profits
with a lowest cost. The meaning of permanent profit is a permanent violence directed at the majority lasting the whole life and
for generations to come unless of course it is not stopped.

To keep billions of people in a permanent extreme poverty is the biggest crime against the whole of humanity, the daily
suffering that lasts life long is a very brutal violence that is intentionally directed at us, all of us and everywhere. Capitalism is a
planned systematic violence, mental and physical violence, adopted by the state for protection, will continue to cause havoc in
our lives and in nature.

We must bring down capitalism as soon as we can, before it kills the little that remains, capitalism must be brought down
before there remains nothing to save, i.e., an irreversible damage.

The anarchic social revolution is the next step and is what has to be done, any other alternative will keep us were we are now,
enslaved and impoverished. All the other quasi-alternatives will lead us beck to a more sophisticated capitalism. Capitalism
must be dismantled and terminated immediately, as soon as we are capable of toppling it. The fall of capitalism will free billions
of people, will free humanity from millenniums of oppression, exploitations and slavery, the collapse of capitalism will bring
about dignity to all the people of the world and all the people will have everything they wanted and dreamt about, without laws
and control and without wars and poverty for ever. As an eradicated disease of the past, capitalism will vanish and on its ruin a
new plant will grow.

Immediately after the anarchic revolution, classes and capitalists will disappear and become something of the past. New social
relations will be created conflict free and free of past historical symptoms, a new humanity will be realized, where only real
harmony and real peace prevails everywhere.

Free yourself and your children and the generations to come, lets free us and humanity from this constant pain and misery, lets
have a world without rich and poor and without power, but the power of life and happiness. We don’t want another generation
of salves and a devastated globe, we want a free world without any form of authority or control, and our self-conscious activity
will take the place of these phenomenons coming from a slave society and trade.

By ending capitalism we end violence and poverty for ever, never again will we allow a minority to take control, that’s it, from
now on we only rule ourselves and no one else. By destroying the capitalist and state system we will allow the whole humanity
to live in comfort and pleasure thus erasing violence and disease from the future and for the first time in human history
humanity will be free and happy.

Only an anarchist revolution can make all this possible, only an anarchic revolution can destroy capitalism and its state for ever
and instead replace capitalism with a humane way of life and equity amongst all humans.
Anarchy and equality will allow all individuals on earth to live as a full human being, as a totally free human being, without
fear, suffering and hardship.

Long live equity and freedom, long live anarchy

Beyond class-struggle and revolutionary continuity

The internet is a just another tool for use by anarcho-revolutionaries. It is just an additional tool for anarcho-revolutionaries to
spread and expand their ideas. This is exactly how I personally relate to the internet and for that sole purpose, the expansion of
anarcho-revolutionary theory.
The internet has allowed us to introduce millions of people from all over the world, but particularly in the West, to the idea of
transformation of the world and the termination of capitalism. As a result of our intensive writings, thousands new anarchists
are joining the anarcho-revolutionary movement everywhere.

Our revolutionary activity had started long before the existence of the internet and it will last long after the internet has lost its
centrality. To all our readers I say, please continue reading us as creatively as you can, since learning is a mutual act. See you in
the next upcoming insurrection.

[url=][u][size=15]Spartacus Anarchus [/size][/u][/url]

Capitalist Slavery and Anarchy

The capitalist system is only a modern version of slavery and is worse. In the old slavery you still had places where you could
escape to but in the modern version there are no such places.
Capitalism must be abolished, unless you all want to remain slaves to the system. The danger of the modern version of capitalist
slavery is that it manages to turn the salves into quasi-happy and semi-content slaves, i.e. slaves who think they are not slaves.

Democracy is a system for the management of salves and servants. The state is the controlling apparatus of salves and religion
and politics is the ruling class ideology provided for the slaves to believe in and submit to its laws, i.e. the laws for maintaining
modern slavery, called capitalism.

Anarchy is against gods and masters; anarchy is against capitalism and the state. Only an anarchic social revolution can and
will free all the modern salves from their ruling masters. Only anarchy can create a society without hierarchy and classes,
without bosses and subordinates.

We live like slaves, we work like slaves and we behave like salves but we have convinced ourselves that we are not. What a
successful system that turns its salves, blue and white collar salves into comfortable overweight post-industrial obedient slaves.
Without a wage the salve is destroyed within a very short period of time, without slavery the salve dies of hunger and
From the moment you are born to the moment you die you are a slave as was always the case generations before you. Fear,
dependence and reprisals forced you to accept this fate. By thinking that you are not a slave, but a free willed individual with a
free choice you are again deceiving yourself and others.

There are three kinds of salves, the upper class salves, the middle class slaves and then working class slaves. What will
genuinely liberate us from modern slavery is our will to launch an anarcho-social revolution that will destroy the system and its
hierarchy and terminate its states, thus terminating 90% of all violence in the world. An anarchic revolution that will allow us
to live as free individual with all resources under our equal disposal, living in a society without the classes of the past and
without all the suffering that comes with it.

We are the private property of the owners of property, therefore by abolishing private property we free ourselves from their
ownership and liberate humanity from the chuckle of modern slavery and make sure that such condition will never occur
again. Once you have tasted the real taste of freedom you will never want anything else but more of the same thing, i.e. more

We want a society without classes, without employee and employer; we want a free anarchic society in which all are equal in
front of the material. We want to live in a society without private property and private ownership of the people and the land
and without wage-slavery of any sort. A society without leaders and lead but people wanting to live freely without the
exploitation of fellow humans, a world of equals in which each is the master of her/his own destiny.

Let us all get together in one mega–global revolution to bring this centralist capitalist system down, capitalism will disappear as
the soviet regime has, in an instant, in few days. Capitalism is reaching its end and the last phase is very rapid.

By a united oppressed people we will bring down the centers of power, all of them, and as we destroy them we will build
simultaneously a social meta-structure for the people and by the people, i.e. all the decisions are ours and only ours. We will
decide how we want to live, and we want to distribute everything totally equally to all.

We must conquer all fears and unite all under one banner, we should strike capitalism in one unified blow and bring it down
once and for all and let’s do it soon when unity is ripe. We are united salves against capital, united humanity against poverty
caused by neo-capitalism and neo-imperialism. We are united so we could free ourselves from the chains of post-technological
primitive capitalism. Our unity and mutual action will be the final blow that will shatter the capitalist system into falling
unwanted debris.

Capitalism will disappear for ever allowing us for the first time to live in harmony with nature and in peace with each other.
Today you cannot survive for one day unless you participate in the wage mechanism, the capitalists control and own everything
that exists, for getting some food and drink you have to work for them. Unless you wish to die you have to work and serve them
so you could buy from them some food and drink and get some money for rent.

You cannot survive physically today for a day unless you became a slave for some one for a wage, you cannot exist physically
for long if you don’t submit and agree to work for the owners of everything, so that they will give in return for the service a
pittance which is even insufficient for elementary subsistence. Coercion and submission is the name of game and its time to stop

They keep you sheep like on a minimum wage, so you for ever you remain in a desperate situation, always willing to work for
them so you could physically last another day. By keeping you poor they have the guarantee that you and your children will
always be ready and prepared to serve the upper class. Capitalism guarantees its own existence in the future by reducing us all
into a bunch of human robots and poppers.

How tragic is our human history, how sad to have all this present day mass misery everywhere, this is a crime against humanity
perpetuated now by the capitalists as monarchs and popes did before them.

By choosing anarchy I choose my own freedom and happiness.

An Anarchic Revolution in Our Life Time

The start of the anarchic revolution has been declared now. Please join the revolution and the movement that is making it.
This movement is called the Anarcho-Communist Individualist Movement. The movement has been created by me a long time
ago and for a along time it has been gaining a universal momentum. So please participate directly and take an active part in the
making of the future. The more people join the movement the less time remains for capitalism.

The movement is the revolution and the revolution is the movement. The more people join the revolution the bigger it becomes
and the faster it will spread to the whole world. There will come a time soon that the movement will become the majority of the
population, and that will bee when the social revolution succeed and finish with capitalism. The Anarcho-Communist
Individualist social revolution is orchestrated by the people in the movement for the whole of humanity. This revolution will
change and transform the world for ever. It is a trans-class revolution without leaders, without hierarchy or authority. It is just
us becoming the masters of our own destiny and not that of capital, god and the state.
This anarcho-communist individualist movement is expanding rapidly everywhere and without a centre. More and more people
are joining it everyday and from more countries. Every day we have thousands of new recruits from all over the world and
from every country. The time has come now for you to join us unless of course you already had. The revolution is made by us,
for us and for the next generation and beyond.

Now it is the time for you, friend, to join and also become the only master of your own destiny, unless you want that the state-
god-capital will rule and conduct your submissive destiny. Turn your life into a real freedom and joy us instead of remaining as
a miserable and exploited consumer.

The anarchic revolution is the only way for us to break the chains of capitalism and destroy this system that has been planned
and designed to destroy us first. We are the anarcho-social revolution in action, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time you
wish, we are for the revolution and the revolution is here for us.

The name of the movement is the Anarcho-Communist Individualist movement and the name of the revolution is the Anarcho-
Communist Individualist revolution, which is social in nature and anarchic in matter. The quicker and the sooner you join the
revolution, the quicker and the sooner our life will become much better and happier, therefore each of us has a responsibility on
his/her shoulder.

The revolution is for the free and is made by the poor and the oppressed who are the total majority of humanity –

Greetings and Welcome to Anarchy

The capitalist system is only a modern version of slavery and is worse.

I agree.

There is a monopoly on the means of survival, so that one is forced to become employed against one's will, in order to survive.

Fundraising for the revolution

To make and expand the revolution we are going to need some money, not much money but enough of it to turn the revolution
into reality. Therefore we are beginning fundraising immediately. We are going to collect enough money to stimulate the whole
movement into direct and indirect action.

We have everything beside the little money necessary for the transformation of capitalism into anarchism. Since the revolution
starts within capitalism with the aim of transforming it, this is why some money is essential for the initiation of the
revolutionary process.

To make a revolution we need some money, and this money is going to be collected from the public at large. We have the theory,
we have the people, and we have everything but the money necessary for activating the spark. With a small amount of money
we can make a big revolution, with a little bit of money we can change the world for ever. With small amount of money we can
create a world without money and without classes.

The money will be collected voluntarily as a direct contribution to the revolution, we don’t want donations from the poor, we
want from those who have some surplus and luckily they receive high income. So please anyone who can contribute some
money will be welcomed and his money will be used for the acceleration of the revolution.

If each one of us will give only few bucks twice a year, I assure that by the year 2010 we will have a global revolution on our
hands and we will be completely ready to carry the process to its natural and logical end, the anarchic society. The money
instantly will be used for sudden arising of consciousness among the people, and it will be also used for the immediate anarcho-
cultural and anarcho-artistic subversion of our planet. That will cause the anarchic revolution to occur simultaneously in the
five continents, a truly socio-universal anarchic revolution for the destruction of capitalism and the creation of anarchy.

When you have everything except money, money becomes very important for igniting the engine of revolution. I cannot with
my humble means do it alone; I need the help of friends who can fiscally contribute towards this revolutionary activation.

Each of us has only to donate a few dollars a year which will be sufficient to bring down capitalism and start building anarchy.
Capitalism up to this moment is relatively intact, but not for long. If I had for an example only a quarter of the money that
Noam Chomsy has, we wouldn’t be in this situation today were we have nearly everything but incapable of doing anything at
all and very helpless in the face of capitalism and it massive devastations.

I will soon give a bank account number for this universal fund for the activation of the revolution, the account will receive
contributions and donations from those who can afford it from all over the world. The money will be directly used for the
making and expanding of the anarcho-revolution in the here and now and everywhere.

So, let’s see what happens

A dollar a year, or more if you can, will maintain and expand the anarcho-revolutionary movement. Hundreds of thousands of
people will contribute a symbolic sum of money for the creation of freedom and happiness for themselves and for everyone else
on this planet.

The revolution is the purpose and the anarcho-communist society is the goal. With a little help from everyone, with a little help
from each one of us, the theory becomes practice and the practice become a theory, i.e., the beginning of the global anarchic
revolution. If we don’t try will ever know and if we don’t dare we will remain encaged in the apathy of capitalism and its
horrendous infrastructures.

An appeal for a little bit of money for the revolution

If we don’t wake up now and start helping we are going to stay stuck in our shit holes for many decades and more, so we have
to participate in this meta-project and operating it. The bank account will be registered officially as an association for social
improvement to avoid any state and government harassment.

A monthly report will be issued on the internet for all to see how their money is being used for the acceleration and expansion
of the revolution, this will even increase the support we receive thus elevating the revolution to another and higher dimension.

I have put every penny I made for the revolution and I still do, if it was not for that we wouldn’t be now in this ripe condition
and thanks to individuals like me we are closer to the revolution than ever before. Now it is time for you to join in helping
humanity a little bit financially, small contribution but a tremendous reward, your freedom and your future well being and
ours. Every month a detailed report will be published on the net to show to all the participants how their donation is bringing
the revolution closer to home. A detailed account will be given on how their money is spent on the making of an anarchic
revolution, first in their backyard and then in their own homes.

As soon as capitalism ends, in the middle of the revolution, the money system will end too. Money will be replaced by a free
production and services and equal distribution.

A.C.I.R – Anarcho-Communist Individualist Revolution

This is an appeal to all the good people on earth; please help in the making of the revolution. Donate if you can, as much as you
can, we don’t need much. We need just enough to make the revolution possible. If you are poor so obviously you cannot
financially contribute, therefore this is an appeal to those who can pay and generous enough to want to move things.

If we, who can, contribute just a little, the result will be tremendous and colossally effective. The money collected will be the
little push needed for a major transformation of life and society, a transformation from wage-slavery to all rich anarchy.

Your contribution will intensify our activities, your contribution will allow us reach more people immediately, and your
contribution will shorten the life of capitalism and the state.

Your contribution is part of your struggle to hasten the fall of capital, class and the state; your contribution will be the first step
in fully joining the revolution and taking part in the making of a new and a more humane world for all of us.

Spartacus Anarchus – C.I.A – Communist Individualist Anarchy


This is an open scenario – the year 2008 – the coming anarchic revolt – anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-class and the
deteriorating condition of humanity.
Capitalism is war of all against all, killing the world and everything on it for sheer profits and megalomania.

The situation of anarchists today and the many anarchic brands they belong to.

The end of the concept of organization starts now.

The fashionable noble prize winning game theory is short lived.

The anarchist theory is for all.

The ending of capital is on the horizon.

The internet user/surfer, his mentality and how his mind operates.

The majority are not anarchists.

Class analysis - class consciousness - class struggle – anarchic liberation.

There is more revolutionary anarchists today.

The future of humanity is anarchy.

Christian capitalism - Muslim capitalism - Jewish capitalism - Buddhist capitalism - Communist capitalism - Atheist

The fascist role of the USA and Israel in modern times in the new image of imperialist capitalism.

Anti–capitalist Anti-state Anarchism

Capitalism must go; it must be destroyed before it destroys us. Most people on earth suffer terribly daily from this capitalist
system. The industrial revolution and then the technological revolution made it possible for capitalism to totally dominate the
whole planet and its populace.

Contemporary capitalism has invaded every aspect of everyone’s life. To achieve freedom by the people, capitalism and the
state and religions must go and be terminated and replaced instantly with an anarchic society free of authority.

We don’t need few billionaires whilst billions of individuals are hungry and billions enslaved. We don’t need billionaires and
more millionaires when 98% of the world’s population lives below poverty level, the majority suffer in their daily hardship. The
next stage these billionaires turn into zillionaires and we will suffer even more becoming more exploited and further

The capitalist system is designed for one purpose only – to allow the few get everything and the rest to get nothing but hardship
and suffering and bear existence. Capitalism makes sure that the rich will always get richer and you remain the servant of their
prosperity i.e., the wealth that is made upon your shoulder. Whilst they get richer we get instead more oppression, more
poverty and mass intimidation.

Classes must fall and be dismantled and replaced by equality and real freedom for all. Therefore by destroying capitalism and
the state we destroy the enemy number one of life and of humanity. By ending capitalism we free humanity and liberate the
whole people of the world, so that they can continue living free of torture and pain, without wars and without ever being
exploited again.

Capitalism is reaching its own natural end, its dying on its anarcho-revolutionary death bed awaiting its final breath on the eve
of the anarcho-social revolution. For the first time in human history the objective conditions are ripe and ready for the
abolition of capitalism and its state. Capitalism will become a thing of the past, despised and forgotten.

We don’t need a money system in a class society run by capital and the state, because we see what it does to us and to the rest of
humanity, we experience daily the ferocious effects of a system that is based on money, value, and the private ownership of the
social means of production, i.e., robbing the people and then selling them back the loot. We can see what the western civilization
has done to nature and to humanity everywhere now it is also polluting the outer space.
How can anyone live in a world where there are few billionaires and billions of starving people? War and poverty is the
health of the state and capitalism. Capitalism is a permanent war launched for profit on the people everywhere. People
everywhere are daily sacrificed for capital’s lust and imperial greed. Millions upon millions die every year unnecessarily.

Volcanic Eruption
A social revolution is in the making, the conscious anarchist is there already navigating the objective development discretely
from below and orientating the anarcho-revolutionary process to its natural restart.
You cannot be free and happy in a terribly alienated society; you cannot be creative in an alienated world nor know how to live
in a monotonous capital’s consumption mechanism. You will not be able to experience the real meaning of existence and living
without negating the dialectics of capital and the state.

Be ready for the first anarchic revolution – Its coming your way – Take part in a world of liberation and mutual happiness.

The Way is Anarchy – the Solution is Equity

Spartacus Anarchus
Capitalist dictatorship

1 – As a result of capitalism I suffer.

2 – As a result of capitalism you suffer.
3 – As a result of capitalism they suffer.
4 – As a result of capitalism animals suffer.
5 – As a result of capitalism the whole planet suffers.

Capitalism is a system of systematic violence of all against all.

Capitalism is a mass exploitation system that is designed to benefit the ruling few.

Capitalism is based on war and racism, Capitalism will have to go.

If we don’t destroy capitalism first, Capitalism for sure will destroy itself.

It has lasted for that long because of brute force and aggression.

The Capitalist system must be replaced with an anti-systematic anarchy.

Capitalism must go and with it goes the state, religion, money, etc.

Many anarchic trends will also disappear.

What must remain to navigate humanity out of the capitalist impasse is an anarcho-communist individualist anarchy.

Only this kind of anarchy can replace Capitalism successfully.

Billion of people suffer daily from Capitalism but only the few can recognize this.

Most sufferers believe that fate is the muster of destiny.

As long as Capitalism lasts, we are going to continue in our suffering and hardship, the longer Capitalism remains we will
remain in constant pain and despair.

So, the fight is on, it is either we or Capitalism.

Capitalism is the worst economic – political system envisioned by man – it is the nightmare of humanity, it is the hell of history.

The Capitalist system with its various institutions and organizations is a very cruel and fatal system. It kills and impoverishes,
it exploits and rules, it discriminates and abuses.

Most of the people on the planet are the victims of this system; they are in a very bad shape, mentally, economically and
physically. To be born into Capitalism you are born to suffer the hardship the system is going to through upon you, unless of
course you are born to the few rich – ruling families. But the rest are domed to a life of misery and hard labor for the rest of
their lives.

An anarchic revolution will solve all that, it will liberate us from this labor camp called the state and law.

Capitalism is a dead end to humanity.

If Capitalism stays we are finished, but if it will vanish we will happily survive.

Revolutionary destruction of capitalism through anarchy

The Equal Distribution of All wealth

Revolutionary Destruction of Capitalism through Anarchy

Capitalism is democratic fascism based on politico-economical dictatorship. Nationalism, religion and racism are the name of
the game, very important for the continuous existence of this anti-human capitalist system.
An anarchic revolution on a global scale will bring an end to this vicious and brutal anti-social and anti-relation system, a very miserable system

The capitalist structure creates a class/slave society based on total discrimination and fierce oppression of a large portion of humanity. An anarchic
revolution will terminate this overdue capitalist system, a rotten system that has destroyed the whole planet and everything on it for the sake of
power, money and control.

Capitalism is an anti-natural and anti-social money-relation that brings only the worst of everyone and stimulates only the ugliest traits possible in
a human being. The guilty are the capitalists and they must be stopped and all their wealth confiscated and distributed amongst the masses for the
benefit of the whole of humanity forever.
Capitalist social-relation cannot be blown away but it can be destroyed and transformed into an anti-capitalist anarchic society through a
worldwide anti-class revolution.
To all those who are reading this stuff: To which class you belong to? In which mentality are you imprisoned? What do you have to do every day
in order to exist and just merely survive?

How can anyone be really happy and free under those circumstances? How can anyone be satisfied and creative under those conditions that we
find ourselves in and all of the time and everywhere?
Anarchists know what I mean, and soon, they will be able to transform the anarchic theory into action, into a mass revolutionary social movement.

State socialism has been devoured by state capitalism, now it’s time to devour state capitalism and end this miserable episode in the human process
and venture on to a post-historical anarcho-revolutioary creation. I am very certain, that soon, anarchists will spring into action all over the world
starting of course in the industrial countries. Anarchists will succeed with help of the people in transforming the capitalist system into an anarchic
society, via a social revolution aimed at the destruction of capitalism, the state, the class and thus terminating this horrendous social relation by
changing society and freeing everyone in it.

May the next decade be the last and final decade for the existence of capitalism, gone and forgotten you may ask yourselves why anarchy?
Because it is good for all, you may ask, why not capitalism? The answer will be, because it is bad for most us. You must decide where you stand
with humanity and the planet or against them, for love, equity and freedom or for hate, war and oppression. By you changing and developing and
through our own efforts capitalism will wither away.
Anarchy will bring back our lost humanity and rescue planet earth from utter destruction. Capitalism stimulates only the ugliest parts of human
existence; it only encourages the worst traits in human Character, turning us to what we are today all acting as bankrupt shopkeeper in despair
You need lots of courage and knowledge to revolt against the system and change the whole world people included, this has to be done in our life
span starting from yesterday.
So friends, let’s do it together, let’s turn theory into practice and action into theory and finish with capitalism once and for all.

Capitalism is a Labor Camp

Capitalism must be dismantled and all the people set free. Socialism, the party, Marxism, the state, etc, are all done with and finished.
What remains really is the hegemony of Capitalism and that must be destroyed also.
After the collapse of the Soviet-block, the Western-block will collapse. The whole existence of humanity is wasted and ruined by the
continuous operation of Capitalism. Only few benefit from the ruin of the lives of the rest of us.
I have the right not to be a servant and I have the right not to want a servant either. What we want is an equally free individual
without any shape and form of sub-ordination.
Without Capitalism we will all be rich, under Capitalism, the total majority of us will live a life of a servant, of a slave, of a worker.
This must be terminated and the servants set free. In an anarchic society all are rich, no poor, and no oppressed, just free and equal
individuals living in harmony with each other and in harmony with their surroundings.
Revolution Now

The Proletarian Who Changed The World

Mass communication is in the written word and the spoken word, artistic communication. We are reaching a breaking point, the zenith
of crises, the culmination of antagonistic conflict and the limits of contradictions. The people of the world are in a pause, waiting for
defrosting and the return of life. Anarchy is on the horizon, the revolution is on its way and we must be there and fully participate and
lead our destiny to where we want it be.
The human condition is very bad, nearly all the people are weak and submissive everywhere, this is why we anarchists must start the
social revolution which will eventually bring about the full participation of the people. Don’t let anyone or anything put you down,
don’t allow them (the system) to put you off the revolution.
That’s it – this is revolution time, this is the coming anarchy. Let’s start our liberation, the revolution has begun. Life is short and hard
as it is, lets’ not waste any more time; let’s begin our freedom now, wherever we are. Life without freedom is like life without love.
Break loose from this capitalist hell and self-determine yourselves towards a much better way of existence.
We are going to live our lives to the full, nothing is going to stop us, and we are going to remain as a thorn in the throat of capitalism
until its demise.
Our revolution is getting bigger and wider, its growing by the day and no force on earth is capable of halting its march towards its own
liberation. Not the army and the police, not the state and it security can stop this one; it is simply beyond their reach, far beyond them
There is only one revolution and it is called anarchy for all. Liberation begins at the bottom of the pyramid, with the most oppressed
and with the poorest sections of society. The death of capitalism is near, near enough for a revolution to start already, an anarcho-social
revolution on a global scale, to replace capitalism and its state once and for all with a total anarchy.

Spartacus Anarchus – Too Dark

An Urgent Message To All Revolutionary Anarchists

The revolution is coming, it is on its way, the people are beginning to wish and wait for it. This time it is going to happen, unlike before
this revolution will succeed. The next revolution is going to bring down capitalism and its states. It will be the end to all hierarchies and
authority, at last anarchy will prevail.
It is always those who have nothing at all that create something whilst those who have everything do nothing but exploit and profit. All
the people on earth are very miserable and very unhappy and the rich can never be happy in a very unhappy world. But the rich don’t
seek happiness which they know that can never get so instead they seek power and control and privilege. The poor of the world (85%)
seek mere physical survival, and things are not going well, survival is getting harder and harder to sustain.
The anarchic revolution moves only forward, one directional process, never stops and never retreats, it is progress in action, the
process of liberation of humanity for the first time. There is a limit to how long capitalism and the state can last, the final stage of the
system is near, capital and the state will disappear very soon and the final empire will fall.
The anarchic revolution is the natural continuation during and after the death of capital and the state. The anarchic society will replace
the capitalist society and instead of money, class and authority, we will have a real material freedom, abundance for all and mass
Capitalism is not going to last forever, it is going to collapse on its own accord, and it is an inevitable process of irresolvable
contradictions, capitalism is on its knees begging for more time. We are prepared and ready to bring the final blow and knockout
capitalism of the historical arena and build in its place a humane and just anarchic society and create a healthy planet and a healthy
humanity. Anarchy will guarantee the continuous survival and existence of a free and equal human race for a very long time.

1) The dialectical process is a dead end process, the mother of all contradictions resolved.
2) The submissiveness of the masses and the fear of knowledge.
3) The chronic weakness of the left.
4) The slow development of the anarchic movement.

The capitalist nation-state system must fall soon and disappear forever. During the collapse of the system an anarchic alternative
will be built. The capitalist nation-state will be replaced by anarchy and an anarchic society.
The people of the world will eventually rebel, they have no other choice. They are not ready yet but soon they well rise in their
might, the social revolution will happen when the people are ready for it and want it.
So we have to continue in our multi-leveled activity and clandestine operation until the people are emancipated and
participating in the making of the Anarcho-social revolution in the world. Without peoples emancipation there will not be a
revolution ever. People must start independently think before they can think of revolting.
The anarchists intervention in the social matrix and it subversion brings the revolutionary momentum nearer in the future.
Anarchist action never cease, the anarchist is always in action, subverting everything s/he touches in a semi-secret total
Gradually all the seven billion people of the world will turn anarchists and live in an anarchic “civilization”, the first anarchic
planet will appear and it will last for thousands of years. When the majority of the people become conscious that’s when the
revolution begins, emancipation is a must.
There is not one justification for the contiguous existence of capitalism and its nation-state. There time is over, now its time for
anarchy. There is no one reason why this system must be allowed to exist even a minute longer. It is a criminal system based on
subhuman foundation, the capitalist authority foundation, this must be destroyed.
The capitalist system is a brutal and a vicious system designed for the exploitation and oppression of the people and the planet.
It must go and very quickly before it causes more harm and irreversible damage. Most of the people of earth, more than 95% of
the world population suffer daily and directly from capitalism and its states. This anti-human modern salve system must be
stopped and dismantled and its masters fired, and in its place will build healthy equal and happy anarchic society. This will be
achieved through an “unarmed” social revolution.

We will live instead in an anarchic society without capital and the rich and without the police and the army and the politicians,
all these are negative relics of the past and must be put to where they belong to, the sewer of history.
All I know is that the revolution is coming our way lets reclaim it.
Spartacus Anarchus


Capitalism is collapsing everywhere; the state is in its final period. The revolution has begun. The capitalist social relations will be
replaced by an anarchic social-relation.
Capitalism will totally collapse at the beginning of the 21st century. The state will crumble with the collapse of the whole capitalist
economic system and it “values”, the state will disappear for ever from the face of the planet.
At last freedom will prevail, humanity’s dream come true after thousands of years of struggling and waiting.
After the collapse of the capitalist politico-economical system and the destruction of the state, a new episode in human existence
A new form of social –relations will replace the alienated slave and feudal relations, capitalism is a mental disease, and it infects
everyone, i.e., alienated capitalist relations. This will lead to the start of the anarchic era, the start of anarchic, individualist and
communist social relations based on total anarchy and total equality.
All the terms used are always historically temporary; we develop our truths as we grew up, and rebel against this bloody and brutally
exploitative system.
The anarchic social revolution will transform humanity from a nation-state capitalist way of life to an anarchic global existence. Then
revolution is on its way, it develops as capitalism collapses, it grows as the nation-state dies and fall. We are all anarchists except for
the anti-humans, this is the internet mass shock, this is an internet hand grenade, and this is Spartacus Anarchus – 2008 –


Why must always the best minds and human genius live in extreme poverty and persecution whilst the dummies and most corrupt
individuals get always all the power and all the privileges. The answer is because the system is anti-human and corrupt; this is the
nature of capitalism and what we have to destroy.
Capitalism is a sick system that devours the people, turning the whole of humanity into a sick humanity. All the capitalists are
extremely sick individuals and have sociopath personalities.
The people have always paid a heavy price, called slavery; people are lead everywhere like sheep to the slaughter (exploitation). The
people are turned into slaves to serve the rich rulers. The people are the slaves working for others profit, the moderrn slave. This slave
democracy is a tragic joke; capitalism is a form of slavery, a very primitive social relation that must be dismantled as soon as possible.
The money-state-nation system must end, unless we want to continue this global and historical mass torture. The rich just want to
rule us and keep the capitalist system running on borrowed time, we must rebel and insurrect against this. We want to be free now not
tomorrow, we want to be free whilst we are still alive not when we are dead.
We need an anarchic revolution in our life time and we have to destroy the state, capitalism and religion immediately. Most people
follow blindly their leaders and rulers, most people know nothing about the truths behind things like the nation-state and class, or the
truth about capitalism and patriotism, the people are still very ignorant of reality and life.
This is why we did not have a revolution yet, this why capitalism and the state still thrives on the misery of the masses. But in the
coming near future this condition can suddenly change, a leap from quantity to the qualitative. Humanity is going to wake up some day
soon and rise in their might against authority and hierarchy and bring the whole system down for ever never to be repeated. This
uprising is called the anarchic revolution orchestrated by the people and for the people. All decisions will be made only by us the
people and no one else and who refuse to continue and remain eternal slaves of the system and servants to its masters. We are going to
become totally free, for the first time in human history, it took a very long time to achieve, so much suffering and misery, so may
horrors and tragedies but the end to all this is near. At last the whole people can live in dignity and richness and genuine material peace.
We declare the start of the anarchic revolution as from now, lead and directed solely by us and no one else. We must be careful of
enemy penetration from all directions. The first step will be the termination of capitalism and the nation state, the second step we must
make sure that we don’t become a pathetic anarchic movement dominated by rubbish people calling themselves with all sorts of
anarchism. There is only one kind of anarchy; all the rest is a reactionary attempt to control our half clandestine anarchic movement.

1- The abolishing of money and leadership

2- The termination of the state and authority
3- The end of ownership of the planet by few individuals
4- Termination of inheritance and the ownership of land and property
5- The abolishment of class and hierarchy

The revolution is called the individualist communist anarchy and this will be replacing capitalism soon. We are against all kind of fake
individuals calling themselves anarchists of a sick sort, trying to cash on a very successful movement. Be ware of all nationalism and
chauvinism, capitalists and religious people, be ware of those searching for authority in one form or another in the name of anarchy. All
infiltrations into the anarchist movement will be exposed and kicked out by me personally and by my fellow comrades. We don’t
tolerate Nazis of any sort and in what ever disguise; they will be physically stopped and given a concrete massage. We should not allow
these various reactionary groups take over the anarchic movement, they are desperate to do this, some are sent by the state and its
security agency. Destroy the reactionary forces everywhere, anarchy will compel them to retreat to their caves and stay there till further
The nightmare is already with us, if that is not understood then that is the revolution, and that is the solution to the problem, the only
way out this nightmare is an egalitarian revolution.

Spartacus Anarchus


1) The lack of readiness on behalf of the population.

2) The weakness of the anarchic movement.
3) Too much false and fake anarchism.
4) My own personal economic limitation.
5) The lack of anarcho-theoretical maturation.
6) State dictatorship.
All the leaders of all nations are potential fascist dictators and the lead; those who follow leaders are little Nazis worshipping their
My desire is to destroy the state and the capitalist system once and for all. My passion is to destroy class division and in its place build
a classless society. My need is to be free and equal with others, so we could live creative and happy life unlike today.
Revolutionary people must unite against their main enemy, the capitalist-state system. We must dismantle the whole hierarchical
system and put instead a meta-system of anti-capitalist distribution.
People must overcome their oppression by fighting back and take power to destroy it. To overcome this mass alienation and chronic
apathy and helplessness we must rebel and revolt against all authority, ideologies and regimes. We must also kick out all the leaders
and bosses and fire all the clerical parasites of all sorts, and expel all the control maniacs of the system.
The day will come when we will bring the system down, that day is not far when we will dismantle the whole thing and throw it to
where it belongs, to the garbage of history.
Our time has come, our freedom and liberation from capitalism and its state is nearer than ever before, the anarchic revolution is on its
way, please get out and participate in your self-determination and self-governance. The question is not where will the revolution start,
or weather it will happen at all, but when. The answer to this is that it is starting from now, from today, everywhere. Will I live in an
anarchic world before I die, because if we fail we shell live under permanent obedience and control?
The future is either anarchic or fascist, pick your choice – will we be able to rescue humanity and planet nature before it is too late?
Can we save us from total destruction by capitalism and its power house the state? Only anarchy can achieve all this, only anarchy can
save us from our fait and save the planet from the system predators.
Join the anarchic revolution now
Spartacus anarchus 2008

Please donate if you can, so we expand this anarchic revolution to encompass all societies all over the world. For this we need a theory,
courage and the means to accomplish the social transformation.
Donations can be made to:

Spartak Khamis
PayPal - 4492


There is a double massage in this article, one that is directed to the negative and reactionary forces of capitalism and the nation-state
and the other which is directed to the positive elements of anarchy.
Capitalism was created by slavery and the nation-state was established to protect and enrich the ruling minority. Capitalism, the nation-
state, religion, morality are made by the ruling minority through history and manifested and expanded through occupation and the
enslaving of the whole population and abusing the planet.
The people must become people again which they have lost in the course of a very oppressive and enslaving history. They must want
freedom again, freedom from control and labor.
I would like to use this opportunity to thank those who did send me some donation, thanks very much, your money is going to be used
solely for the destruction of capitalism and the state and the creation of an anarchic society. I shell also use this opportunity to tell my
readership at the many forums I write, that I will relate and reply to each commentator i.e., the long awaited dialogue and because of
which I was often banned from forums.
So this is how it goes, and this is how an anarchic social revolution will come into existence, by us and for us the people of the world.
We are the billions who are sick of being poor and exploited; we are sick of suffering and dying for the rich and powerful. We are
fighting back now and we shell win. We are all waiting just for more people to join our revolution for freedom and anarchy. We have
suffered severely in the last 7000 years it is time now to change all this and reverse history and the future, making time work for us and
not against us. Now the time has come to practice our theory and manifest our ideas by turning it into a reality.
We don’t want capitalism and the state, we want to destroy them immediately, and we don’t want to live in poverty any more so they
can get richer and richer at our expense and life. We don’t want bosses and workers no more, we want dismantle the whole thing at the
outbreak of the anarchist revolution, which is coming our way in huge strides.
This the end of capitalism and an to the state, no more religious lies and hypocritical morality which is designed to stultify you and
increase your fear, what the system needs is an obedient citizen-servant submissive to every order. Nationalism is racism, a cover-up
for extending capitalism by divide and rule.

Spartacus anarchus

Analysis of the Anarchic situation in Europe and North America

2009 – 2010 (Anarchy Time)

1) Why don’t we have a revolution today?

2) Why did all the revolutions have failed in the past?
3) When will the next revolution happen if at all?
4) Will the final revolution come about as a result of the collapse of capitalism or will it come about because of anarchist
persistence and resistance?

The answer to these questions is really very simple. Our anarchist past was incomplete and the conditions then were wrong and
undeveloped. Our present is still incomplete yet the conditions are extremely right and ripe. Our future is optimistic; we will have the
complete thing and the correct conditions at last at the same time. The social revolution will erupt creating a long lasting anarchic
In the future we are going to have a happy and free anarchic society, an anarchic world. So let’s have a new happy revolution and let’s
make the final year of the decade of the 21st century (2009-2010), be the final year of capitalism, religious nationalism and the state.
Freedom is our only force, but you cannot force it upon the slaves, upon the others, it must come from within, we can only inspire the
salve to desire freedom and eventually agree to fight for it. The people must want freedom first before they will be able to rebel and
insurrect. People must want real equity for a social revolution to take place. Without this capitalism will last for ever.

Now it is the time to inspire the masses and bring about the anarchic revolution closer to “home”. We will cause the Anarchic
revolution to happen on a massive scale, putting the final nail in the coffin of capitalism and the state. We will accelerate the process of
rebellion and insurrection amongst the people and bring to an end this brutal and superfluous system.
Capitalism and the nation-state will be thrown into the sewers where it naturally belongs, clearing the planet for a incomparably
better and happier future for the whole of humanity. We can do it now, we can succeed in where all the pervious revolutions have
failed, not because we are better than the anarchists of the past but because only now the objective conditions for a global revolution is
fully ripe. So let’s declare the revolution open, open to all the free people of the world, in actuality we have already started.

If anarchy is alive it will grow and encompass the world and if it is dead we will disappear altogether, happy stupid Christmas and
happy new anarchic year.

Greetings to all the anarchists in Greece for their fantastic job >>> (may the year 2009 be an anarchic year + click to kill capitalism)
Greetings also to the Israeli anarchists fighting alongside the Palestinians … fuck all religions
Greeting to all the anarchists of the world fighting relentlessly against the system and its oppression
Spartacus Anarchus.

How to Stop the Israeli State From a more Palestinian Genocide

State Capitalist Violence
The End of Capitalism and the Dismantlement of the USA

The Nation-State Capitalism in all its national-religious and ethnic verities shows its true face. A good example of this is the Zionist-
capitalist organization that is called Israel. Every state is capitalist and every capitalist needs a state. Kill, kill, kill is the name of the
capitalist-military-state game. The Americans killed millions of Vietnamese as to prevent them from becoming communists, and the
Vietnamese killed thousands of American soldiers as to prevent them from becoming capitalists. The same is happening today with
Arabs and Muslims. America is killing lots of Afghanis and Iraqis as to prevent them from becoming terrorists and the jihads kills
American and British soldiers as to stop them from becoming imperialists. Israel is killing Palestinian refugees in mass as to stop them
from becoming suicide bombers and the Palestinians resistance is killing Israeli soldiers as to prevent from becoming neo-colonialist.
The USA and Israel are a very good example on how the modern religious-nation state operates and which in other word it means
What the USA has been and still doing all over the world is what Israel has exactly done and still doing in the Middle East and beyond.
Killing is profitable for capitalism because life is cheap as a commodity, the business of killing is the military industrial complex that
circulate trillions of dollars worth of capital, no wonder that each state has more than one army and always fully ready and equipped.
War and poverty is the true nature of the system, the war against all and everywhere, internally and externally by the army and police
and ordered by the rulers of the state.
If we destroy capitalism and its state system we will immediately end the phenomenon of war, poverty and all the versions of violence,
and it will be also an end too all exploitation and oppression worldwide.
How will we achieve the destruction of the capitalist system with its nation-states? The answer is the Meta-system alternative of the
Anarcho-Communist Individualist social revolution.
Now the system is killing Afghanis, Iraqis and Palestinians so what guarantee do you have that they want turn on you one day. Why
should not they start killing you some day not in the far future? They don’t want to fall alone; they want to take down with them as
many people as they succeed. First they kill the poorest people and then comes the turn of the lower classes, killing the poor people
and extracting profits from the remaining is the mode of state-capitalist behavior. Catastrophe capitalism is the final stage of capitalism
on the historical arena.
To stop killing we must stop capitalism, capitalism is based on killing and occupying and enslaving, by elimination the state and
capitalism we terminate the phenomenon of killing, exploitation and violence. The dismantling of the USA and Israel is the beginning
of the dismantlement of the entire capitalist system itself. The early collapse of these heavily militarized states will bring the domino
effect into action, i.e., the end of the nation-state and capitalism.
This is coming about from two differently distinct sources, the one is historically objective and the other is from anarchism. Capitalism
is its own grave digger whilst anarchists only catalyze the process. The social anarchic revolution that is happening now is going to
replace the state and capitalism everywhere. The termination of this long overdue brutal and anti-human system will be accomplished
by us the anarchists and our supporters; we are now the makers of the contemporary global and social revolution that is based on the
meta-theory of anarcho-communist individualism.
World revolutions lead by the oppressed against their oppressors, by the exploited against their exploiters, by the ruled against their
rulers, the slaves and servants against their masters. This brutish fucked up system must go, and go it must fast; this brute force and
coercion must stop for ever if we want to live as human beings on this planet. This mass intentional impoverishment of the people must
end now and stop any further unnecessary suffering and hardship. The lower classes will rise against the upper classes and destroy the
whole class system with its Judo-Christian morality and all authority and hierarchy. The state and economy must be halted and
destroyed before it destroys all of us and the planet. Instead we will create a pro-human meta-economy which is based solely on love
and mutual aid. A post-economical anti-state meta-process will navigate us out of capitalism into social anarchism. The start of the
anarchic stage of history, the stage of real equity and freedom has begun where and when capitalism ends. No more excuses and
apologies, no more justifications for this criminal capitalist system, capitalism is a crime against humanity and the state is the enemy of
life. Down with the Empire, down to all ideology and racism, no more classes and religions, we just had enough of all of this and
unlike before we today can do something about it. I would like to thank the Palestinians for reminding me on how to resist and survive
the impossible.
Nations are nothing but the rich and the poor people of a certain region, the trickery of the rich to use the poor as canon fodder for wars
and as a labor force for exploitation. So no more governments and no more governed, just anarchy will do.
Spartacus anarchus

All for Nothing and Nothing for All

1) Critique of humanity
2) Critique of political economy
3) Critique of the internet – Cyber alienation

People don’t want to rebel and revolt yet and the reason for this is all well known – super alienation. Most people of the planet are
still very alienated; they are still incapable of independent thinking. But, the consequence of this universal fear and mass submission
is sad and tragic.
The revolution will come from the bottom of the hierarchy, from the base of society, a revolution without leaders and vanguard
organizations, rising out of the lower classes to encompass the whole world, created by the poor and oppressed world over. This will
take place in the coming future, where the people will eventually revolt and destroy the system.
Today there is only confusion everywhere; it will soon reach the stage of panic and hysteria. The capitalist system is at last
collapsing and its nation state is starting to crumble. The rich are starting to panic, the middleclass is trembling, and even the
anarchists are freaking out. The capitalist system is collapsing; the state is losing control, the nations in disarray and the social
revolution is on its way.
The collapsing capitalist system is taking everyone with it down, more and more people everyday join the ranks of the poor and
the unemployed, people overnight find themselves suddenly in the poverty trap, and this time there is no feasible way out.
After all Karl Marx was right about the economical analysis and prognostication but unfortunately he was wrong on how to conduct
the revolution. At the height of the techno-industrial development, capitalism is collapsing, what a sight. What a wonderful time it is
going to be when capitalism disappears and anarchy appears.
Unlike Marx, Bakunin was very good at making revolutions all over Europe in the 18 th century; he failed because the industrial
level was not high enough. Today the techno-industrial level is as high as it can get, therefore the time is right objectively for the
anarchist revolution.
An anarcho-social revolution to finally bring down capitalism and its class system, and to destroy the state and its mechanisms,. We
will liberate humanity from it parasitic hierarchical infrastructure which has lasted for millenniums. We reject living as workers or
capitalists, we reject the state and its laws, and we reject class discrimination and inequality.
Most people suffer under capitalism, their lives are more like death than life, and they only live as modern slaves for capital
We will abolish the system entirely and create a new form of life on what remains of this planet. We will abolish work and the class
system, burn all the money and abolish the inheritance law. We will dismantle the state and fire all its functionaries, dismantle the
army and police and the security agencies. All military assets will be recycled for social free use and all bureaucrats and business
men will be released from their duty for ever.
We want a totally free world without any sort of authority and coercion, without social divisions and discrimination, without law
and order for the rich, without mass poverty and human indignation.
In short we want Anarchy accomplished in our life time.
Anarchy Now
Spartacus Anarchus

Capitalism is Parasitism
(Beyond Armed-Struggle)

It lives off me, it lives off you, it lives off the whole world population and sucks dry our planet. Capitalists are the parasites, living of
the host, and often the host is also killed. We reject living as poor and oppressed, why should I live all my life in poverty and hardship,
whilst the parasitic few wallow in luxury. Why should all the people of the planet always suffer and forced to live in such an inhuman
.condition, just so a minute minority grabs all and everything and everywhere
Let’s use this historical opportunity of the collapsing capitalism to create instead an anti-capitalist anarchic society. It is now for the
whole people of the world to rise against capitalism and the state. It is time to destroy this system that has been destroying us for such
.a longtime

The people of humanity have been enslaved and exploited since the beginning of time, let’s change it, let’s liberate humanity from the
parasites, let’s free ourselves from a life of poverty and a life of misery and get instead what we really deserve, a life of dignity,
abundance and the freedom from money. Armed struggle has proven not to be the way, parliamentarism is also been proven not to be
the way, not through politics we are going to save ourselves. To destroy the sate and capitalism we need something else altogether,
.something like an anarchic social revolution
The hierarchical system must go and with it must go also all the boss-made values and police-religious morality. People shell remain
in severe and chronic misery and suffering until they learn to rebel and create the revolution that will transform our lives, from a life of
.pain and illness to a life of freedom and creativity, away from capital and its politics

We were born to live our lives as we want to live it, not to live our whole lives serving others, so they can get everything they want on
.our labor, and we get nothing although we make everything we see around us
It is time to reclaim our lives and reclaim our planet. It is time to dismantle the state and abolish the money – no more few rich at the
expense of the rest of humanity. Everyday I suffer under capitalism it is going to be one less day for the existence of capitalism –
.Break the State and Abolish Capital – join us in the march of liberation for the whole of humanity

Spartacus Anarchus

Resistance has began – capitalism is finished

The state is collapsing – the anarchic revolution is starting
Political economy = capitalism = fascist economy and Nazi politics

Political - Economy is a fascist economy, it is a bailout for the rich and bullets for the poor, the bubble is bursting and nothing is
going to save them this time. It is the end of the capitalist-state era and the beginning of the anarchic era. We are seeing the
culmination of a 500-years era, we are witnessing the end of this tragic era, and we are seeing the fall of capitalism and its nation-
We are seeing the bankruptcy of every state-government in the world; we are seeing the spread of anarchy everywhere. There is
no escape plan for oligarchs this time; all the bailouts are not going to rescue them this time from the anarchist revolution and their
The capitalist system is finally collapsing, there is no recovery from this crisis, and it is the last and final crisis because in the future
society we will not have a capitalist-social-relation anymore or financiers to rob the masses.

The capitalist authoritarian system is going; the power base of the modern fascist state is unveiling rapidly. The money will be
burned and the banks and corporations will be dismantled, and in their places we are going to have instead community social de-
centers, and operating the premises for the people by the people and without politicians and bureaucrats.

The economy is bankrupt, ideology is bankrupt, the military are the last to crumble and disappear. This time, it is different; you
have better adjust your life, your intellect and your social activity accordingly. The revolution is the war between the rich and the
poor - 800 individuals against 6 - billions. The class war that will end all wars has been waged on the people of the world by the
capitalists. They enrich themselves at the expense of the vast majority of people; it is time for the vast majority to get rid off them.

Capitalism is based on attacking the poor, now the poor are attacking capitalism. The consequence of this capitalism is just more
poverty and more suffering. We want a different world, this time we are not going to let them save the rich again at our expense.
We don’t want the system – we want a world without bosses, without workers and without managers, a world where there are no
leaders and led, a world that meets our needs and not profit. In the next few years we are going to be heading to a major social
revolution, the anarchic revolution.
Depending on who wins, we would either have a vastly better world called anarchy, or we could have a worse one, called
capitalist fascism. The next year it is gone to be the year of capitalism demise and the rise of anarchy. The capitalists’ house is
burning, capital must be dethroned and all power to freedom.

Spartacus Anarchus


That will be the day when billions of people will cease to suffer including myself. Capitalism and state will not wither away
gradually as Marx would have liked it, but it will collapse abruptly and for ever. Every additional day that capitalism and the state
exist, billions will continue to suffer and what remains of nature robed and destroyed. The continuation of the rulers system means
endless suffering to the majority of the world population including my self.
It is time to stop this and as soon as we can. All this suffering is completely redundant and unnecessary, yet it is everywhere and all
of the time, because of one reason alone, the state capitalist system.
The coming social revolution, which we started seeing glimpses of what to come will bring about the total termination of the
market and its hierarchies. As a result, all religions and authoritarian establishments will collapse and disappear.
On their ruins an anarchist society will rise. A new world and a new life will be created for humanity, without the horrors of the
past, without authority and without rich and poor.
Police, army and indoctrination have kept humanity subjugated and enslaved thus far. Humanity and nature have been totally
consumed and abused, exploited and impoverished by the system. This is why there was no anarchic revolution before. The
difference today and beside the technological renaissance and the scientific-military control of the organic and non-organic, people
like us came into the historical arena and in an increasing numbers. Revolutionary anarchists always existed in the past, but today
there are more of us everywhere.
For the first time in human his-story that we personally exist in the here and now and cause our final impact upon all powers that
exist and so free humanity for ever from the yoke of oppression and discrimination. We are ready theoretically and practically for
the coming big one, we have been preparing for it a very long time, and now it is the time to reclaim our lives and reclaim the
planet. The system is on the verge of collapsing anyway, on it own accord, and all we have to do is shove it to its self-dug grave.
This is all already happening in front of our eyes, we must act to further accelerate the process of disintegration of capitalism and
the collapse of the state.
Enough for the suffering, enough of authority made violence, enough of intentional misery and poverty. Let’s all rise up together
and erase this bloody and brutal system from the face of the earth and create instead a humane society and humane world for all.
Let’s create a world where every one is truly free and rich, every one without exception, we all deserve happiness now.
Revolutions are made by people, the system is destroyed by people, and the anarchic society is built by conscious people. People of
humanity the time has come, we need to be free, so we can live our lives in a restored nature and a plenty to all.
We are anarchy and anarchy is us, are you coming …..

Capitalism damages your brain, emotions and our livelihood

The state destroys your life making you believe that it is your fault

An anarchic social revolution is the only known and possible way for mankind to free itself from this ever lasting doomed fate – the
bloody authority/capital system. So, there is only one thing left to do if we really want be free and liberate ourselves once and for all
from the claws of this viscous and anti-human system.
It will not be a bloody revolution, neither will it be pacifistic, it will be radically conscious and extremely natural. So, let’s get
together and start this long awaited anarchic revolution and start freeing ourselves from this unbearable way of living, and let’s live
in a better and more humane environment than this.
Seven billions people on the planet deserve much better than this, for most it is a bloody long lasting living nightmare, thanks to this
brutal and unnecessary system, which the time has come for it to disappear in the garbage of history. The rich can remain rich, but
they will not be the only ones this time, we all are going to be rich as well, just like them in riches but unlike them character.
Anarchy will create a rich humanity in all dimensions and for all without exceptions, there will remain not one poor person on the
planet, poverty will never be again, because there is plenty for all and infinitely much more; it is only a question of equal
distribution of the plenty.
There can be no excuse whatsoever for the continued existence of capitalism, the state and religion. The anarchic revolution will for
the first time in human history free us from authority, hierarchy and all the shit that comes with it imagine a life that is all good for
all without pain whatsoever. This is not a dream or utopia; this can be accomplished in real life tomorrow.
Let’s get rid of economy and politics and put them to where they should be, in the garbage of history, no more slavery and
oppression and no more fear, it will be the end of all kinds of violence, disease and hardship, i.e., a really free humanity at last. We
can do it now, so let’s begin, some have already started and we wait for you to join, you will find us there acting patiently for the
rest of humanity to participate in the reclamation and celebration of life and the total liberation of all.
Revolt with Us – Spartacus Anarchus

Do I have to tell you about the horrors and the tragedies and the havoc that capitalism and the state brings to peoples lives, do I have
to tell about the colossal misery and suffering that capitalism and its state cause daily as it did also all over the past. Unfortunately
most of the people are already born indoctrinated by the system, only the few can escape its clinches. People are born to obey, on
this they grow up, and obeying will become their whole life.
Until there will come a time when the people will rebel against obeying and against those whom they had to obey. Obedience can
be conscious or sub-conscious and there are three types of obedience, ¼ of obedience, ½ obedience and ¾ obedience. These
correspond to the techno-industrial level of the region.

Listen Humanity and Anarchists too

We come from a big tragic deviation that happened 7000 years ago, it all began with a big mistake, human deviation from the
natural, the tragic catastrophe of human history. The tragedy began at the dawn of human history, seven thousands years ago in a
place called Babylonia, from then on the unfolding of human his-story began, and we are at the stage of this semi-evolutionary
deviation. The first human civilization was already based on this unnatural deviation that has led eventually to what we have now,
here in our own lives. What a misery is human history, what tragic and catastrophic capitalist present, viva for us being against
ourselves, modern catastrophic life.
Only an anarchic revolution can save us from the final consequence of this human tragedy which is called existence for most.
Capitalism must go if we want to save ourselves and the whole of battered humanity, if we don’t destroy capitalism it is going to
destroy us as it has destroyed everything on its path. Since the start of human history, humanity is on a head on collision with itself,
by itself, against itself, i.e., up until now humanity has been fucked and still being fucked in every possible way imaginable and
unimaginable. The catastrophe of modern human evolution is tragic and dooms the majority to the most honorific forms of overt
and unseen torture and suffering in the prison planet.
7000 years of human made deviation, culminating in what we have at the present, a not a very pleasant scene. Starting with slavery
and ending with slavery, the only difference is in technical advances. Modern slavery in modern capitalism is as the original slavery
was of ancient Egypt. When the start is fucked the whole thing gets fucked, therefore we must sever connection and launch a meta-
historical process, known as the anarchic world and the anarchic humanity. From the start the whole thing went very wrong leading
eventually to our contemporary condition. Human civilization is nothing but one long big misery, a continuous tragic catastrophe,
today this thing is called catastrophe capitalism, then what called catastrophe Rome.
This permanent deterministic catastrophe has its limits, this limit is happening now, and we are lucky to be living exactly at the final
era of this unfolding human crisis, grab the opportunity and reclaim your life and appropriate your material freedom. Humanity has
always been mentally and physically shuttered because of the many thousands of years of developing unnatural deviation. But now
unlike before we can change all this once and for all once and for over, since who really needs a tragedy with a catastrophic
consequences. We can still get out of this anti-human condition and liberate ourselves and the rest of humanity from the continuance
existence of state, hierarchy and capital. We will build instead an anarchic society which is based on anti-capital, anti-hierarchy and
anti-state, all this can be achieved in the here and now, either we do it or die a slow anguished death, mental, emotional and
Humanity has been always in an impossible condition, no wonder that things turned out the way they are, look at the condition of
humanity today, and how it was then, look at your own situation, it is all one and the same thing, one process with a different end.
The last and final empire is falling, from then on it is only anarchy, at last, the long awaited human dream is coming true, to be
free and not a fucking slave, thank you.
Post-his-story = Meta-history = A new liberated humanity, humanity without a deviation from freedom, equity and nature, let those
who profit from crises have their own crises and see who goes first, i.e., a social revolution or a capitalist mega-catastrophe which
we are already experiencing everyday now. That is where an anarchic world society comes in, a world anarchic community, a
planetary anarchy.
We are the only ones who can save ourselves and humanity and what has remained of nature, so lets do it, some have started
already, we are accumulating momentum, we are spreading fast, we are zeroing on the target, the heart of the beast, Power. End the
crises by creating anarchy; stop the tragic human made catastrophe by eliminating its cause. Destroy capitalism before it destroys
you first; eliminate the crises before it starts, by subverting the whole bloody and sweaty thing. Capitalism and authority kill you
gradually and violently, emotionally, mentally and physically, so run for your.
This is the last wake up call for humanity, for the people, you either wake up from this nightmare or stay at it till you vanquish, the
will is yet not free, reclaim your will, take back your will from those who have stolen it from you in the place, and make sure that it
will not be taken fro you again, what ever be the consequence, time is running out, we are reaching the irreversible part, do you
want to be an irreversible invalid, in an invalid irreversible world/nature, I am sure not, so join us for your own liberation, we
cannot do it alone, it has to be done together, that’s anarchy.

Spartacus Anarchus

Capitalist Sickness and Anarchist Cure

From the beginning of human life, things started to go very wrong. From the beginning of the so called human “CIVILIZATION”
up to the present, things are going bad, it started on the wrong foot and it is going to end with lots of mass misery, as it’s always has
been. All that exists today is the direct result of yesteryears. Humanity starts from slavery, then moving into feudalism and then to
capitalism, what an ugly past and present. This is what they: (the defenders of the system) call the progressive development of
capitalist social sick-relations, a sick universal life.
You can not survive in this system without becoming completely sick, because capitalism is a very sick system that infects anything
it touches all the time. Capitalist society is severely sick society, sick in all dimension, nothing is sparred. Sick people are ruling the
planet thus making us sicker all the time, we become so sick that we kill or/and get killed all the time, either physically or
psychiatrically. It is time to stop their rule for ever; they must be removed immediately if we still want to save the little that remains
of the planet. Capitalists have created a sick world, a sick planet, sick animals and sick plants, and sick water and air, and sick jobs.
Total capitalist sickness is still very profiting and the result is tragically clear for the blind to see.
These sick objective conditions are reversible through an anarchic social liberation, a non-armed revolution to topple the capitalists
and take their money and their rule from their hands and their families and return it to those who created it in the first place. Let’s
save ourselves from this guaranteed comfortable death, lets rebel against these condemning conditions and free ourselves from their
poisonous claws.
The real question is not-if-capitalism will go away but-when-and-how-capitalism will disappear: we can make capitalism disappear
quickly and without violence but with lots of brain, i.e., tenfold capitalist brain capacity. People will be ready eventually and then
boom, an anarcoh-revolution; a major mass transformation will take place in days spreading all over the world. Capitalism then will
be behind us and a new life shell begin, the dream of humanity coming true, peace, freedom and equity to all.
I am not here to entertain you dear reader, I am here to stimulate your libratory thinking, so that the coming social revolution want
catch you with you pans down. The people like you dear readers are not ready yet, and we know why that is so, because they have
been made sick for a long time, so we become the cure. Anarchy is the cure, revolution is the remedy and anarchists will finish
with capitalism and its state and create in its place a beautiful human world society, without catastrophes and disasters.
So dear people it is all up to you now, you either make it or break it, and I suggest that you follow later alternative of course.
Overcome your sickness through rebelling and cure yourselves through revolting against those that made you sick in the first place.
Cure yourselves through self-liberation and self-emancipation, and join us in building a new world for all, without the dirty stains of
the past.
We must remove the rich and their leaders with peaceful means, without the resort to violence, a peaceful social revolution that will
not turn nasty, because the communist party is out of the equation this time. Capitalism will stay over us as long as we remain weak
and sick, your health is the death of capitalism, and your strength is its downfall. Humanity then can recover reltively quickly from
the mega-mess inherited from capitalism; the anarcho-social revolution is the cure to all the ills of humanity, natural or human
made. The people will cure themselves; people will save themselves from the dying capitalism by searching for the best alternative,
the anarchic alternative.
The poor of the world represent 95% of the world population, all serving the big capitalists to grow even bigger till bursting point.
People will not let capitalism bury them with it alive, they will fight back, and fight back they will soon. Resist and alternate and
bring about the final collapse of capitalism and its states and let anarchy prevail.

Spartacus Anarchus (we can attack violent institutions with non-violent means and win)