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Sunday, 11 Nov 2012 (MTwk6) 4PM SU Meeting Agenda A: OUSU Husts B: Officers reports C: Motions 1.

MOTION TO SUPPORT THE LIVING WAGE This SU notes: 1. The minimum wage of 6.19 is not enough for residents of Oxford to live on the Living Wage is a more accurate reflection of the minimum amount required 2. The Living Wage figure is annually reviewed by the Centre for Research in Social Policy and has recently been increased to 7.45 for those living outside of London 3. OUSU has a central Living Wage Campaign (The Oxford Living Wage Campaign) 4. Wadham currently does not pay many of its staff a living wage This SU believes: 1. We should take interest in those who work for the University and the College and should be prepared to support them in advocating change 2. All staff within the University and Colleges should be paid a Living Wage, especially given that the Oxford City Council and many other institutions in Oxford pay it 3. There is a strong moral case in favour of the Living Wage and the insubstantial economic and practical arguments against do not justify current wages This SU resolves: 1. To support the Oxford Living Wage Campaign 2. To mandate the SU President and other members of the Living Wage Campaign at Oxford to go to central meetings 3. To mandate the SU President to lobby College to become Living Wage accredited 4. If necessary, to increase the SU levy on students Battels statements in order to cover some of the costs Proposed by: Jahni Emmanuel Seconded by: Alexander Cibulskis

2. IT BOX MOTION This SU notes 1. The It Box in college is one of the most used SU amenities 2. The area around the IT Box is not very comfortable and not conducive to effective play 3. There are many games which are yet to be completed 4. That thanks to the increased cost of living in Oxford, there is not so much money around to play IT box as before This SU believes 1. That the area around the IT Box should be made more conducive to IT Box play 2. That it would be beneficial to all Wadham students to have the experience of completing all the games This SU Resolves 1. To mandate the Food and Amenities Officers to buy some (2-4) comfy bar stools for IT box players 2. To give 100 to John Owen to run an It Box fund in order to maximise playing time

Proposed: John Owen Seconded by: David Primmer

3. NUS DEMONSTRATION MOTION: This SU Notes: 1. This academic year students are asked to pay up to 9000 to attend university. Some students like many freshers at the college, will leave the British university system with over 50,000 of debt. 2. The HE White Paper has been postponed but most of the changes to the sector will be implemented locally. Many university institutions around the country are likely to close. Course and department closures are already underway across the British university system. 3. Delegates at NUS Conference voted to call a national demonstration, including delegates from Oxford.

4. OUSU council (24th October) has officially backed the demonstration and agreed to fund 2-3 coaches 5. Other JCRs like Keble, Queens and others have already agreed to provide funds 6. Wadham has a history in Oxford for being at the forefront of defending higher education This SU Believes: 1. That the national demonstration can highlight the attacks on education and young people, in Oxford and around the country. 2. The national demonstration can highlight the privatisation and marketisation agenda the coalition government is imposing on higher education. 3. We need both student unions and a student movement to fight against these attacks to publicly funded higher education 4. Students should stand beside all those affected by the cuts and austerity This SU resolves: 1. For SU to publicly declare its support for, and publicise (through JCR emails, facebook and posters), the national demonstration on 21st November 2. For SU to make a donation of 250 towards the coach fund, administered by OUSU, to help Oxford students go down to the demonstration 3. To publicise a college banner making session for the demonstration 4. To mandate SU to publicise the public meeting (through email, facebook, and posters around college) being organised in conjunction with OUSU on the Friday the 16th, to highlight why we are marching Proposed by: Matt Myers Seconded by: Emily Cousens 4. OUSU Motion This SU notes 1. That Wadham SU meetings are held on the Sunday at the start of every even week 2. That OUSU Council is on the Wednesday of every odd week. 3. Hence, that the agenda for OUSU Council meetings is sent out after the SU meeting that precedes the next OUSU Council 4. That Wadham has a Third vote at OUSU Council that is currently rarely used. This SU believes 1. All Wadham students should have the opportunity to have input on matters discussed at OUSU Council and indicate their views to the voting representatives of Wadham in OUSU Council

2. That the structure of SU meetings should allow students to have an input into OUSU decisions, including mandating voting representatives and the selection of an SU Officer for the Third vote 3. That students are unable to have an adequate input into OUSU Council when it is impossible to know and discuss the agenda of OUSU Council meetings during SU meetings This SU Resolves 1. To move the SU meeting to the Sunday at the start of every odd week of term, effective from next term. 2. To have a section of each SU agenda titled OUSU during which the OUSU Rep raises the agenda of the coming OUSU Council with students and students can discuss its contents. 3. To mandate the SU Vice President to examine the possibility of mandating officers for the third vote, and mandating officers to vote a particular way in OUSU Council, and the constitutional implications. 4. To mandate the SU Vice President to report back to the next SU meeting (Sunday 8 th week) with the first reading of a constitutional motion on how an OUSU section of the SU meeting of this nature would work.

Proposed by: Alexander Cibulskis Seconded by: Sarah Pine C: Matters for discussion Does Wadham want to join the campaign to get charitable status from Sky? (Jahni Emmanuel)

Most JCRs in Oxford pay for Sky, but there is a discrepancy in the rates we pay. Some JCRs qualify for charitable status and even though Wadham College has charitable status, Sky reserves the right to judge which organisations they think qualify so we cant just demand the subsidised rate. We are looking into the possibility of College paying for the subscription in their name (with the money still coming from the SU) in order to get the charity rate. However this may not be possible. St. Hughs is currently leading the campaign in Oxford to get charitable status for all of the JCRs. They are hoping to get all of the colleges to cancel their subscriptions unless Sky gives us all charitable rate. At the moment, there are three colleges supporting this action and at least ten others raising this issue with their JCRs. So, do we want to join this campaign and try cancelling the subscription in the hope that Sky will give us all charity rate?

Buying Gary Cook and Jim Doyle leaving presents (John Owen)