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Inspection of Composite Radii

Inspection of Composite Radii
The use of CFRP (Carbon fiber reinforced polymers) in manufacturing is widespread and growing due to the demand for strong but lighter building materials. Aerospace and wind power are just a few of the industries increasing there use of composites in the manufacturing stage. As the use of composites has grown so has the complexity of various shapes and sizes current manufacturing technologies can produce out of composite materials. One of the primary inspection difficulties in CFRP material is the inspection of radiused shapes. Flat composites are primarily tested with ultrasound with 0 degree transducers for delaminations and porosity that are usually detected best perpendicular to the accessible surface of the composite build up.Phased Array Ultrasonics has recently advanced this inspection offering new rapid testing solutions for flat CFRP parts. Radii parts pose an inspection issue because of the curved shape and access to either the inner or outer diameter of that radius. This solution features special curved linear arrays of 16 to 64 elements and appropriate positioning hardware to align all of ultrasonic beams at 90 degrees to the curved inspection surface allowing for complete inspection from the ID or OD. The main advantage of utilizing this inspection solution is rapid inspection of the entire area in a single pass with proper detection angles.Adjustable positioning wedges combined with the sector scan view allow quick adjustment of the beams to ensure proper angle of incidence all along the radius.The front wall of the radius will appear flat when properly adjusted by the positioning knob. The proper probe holders can be selected by the basic corner geometry. The same probe can be used on a wide variety of geometries by changing the probe holder.The probes can also be positioned in immersion tanks using typical probe positioning methods.

Phased Array Solution

Instrument Features:
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Curved Linear Probe Features:
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Portable or fixed Immersion station testing OmniScan user friendly interface or TV computer control Multiple C-Scan and Gating options Full A-scan / S-scan / C-scan / B-scan recording Customizable amplitude and thickness color palette Post analysis with TV software or OmniPC with composite specific tools

Acoustically matched to water High resolution around the radius Corrosion resistant stainless steel casing Waterproof guarantee up to 1m Compatible with adjustable wedges for ID/OD inspection Compatible with Mini Wheel encoder (wedges)


Products used for this application

They are compatible with adjustable immersion wedges and are used for the inspection of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) corners and in addition to the inspection of composite for delamination. Advanced NDT Solutions Weld Inspection Solutions Corrosion Inspection Solutions Composite Inspection Solutions Tube Inspection Solutions Industrial Scanners Aerospace Inspection Solutions Thickness Gages Precision Thickness Gages Corrosion Thickness Gages Videoscopes. All rights reserved. It is compatible with all existing phased array modules. The main advantage of using the OmniScan PA for this application is the possibility of inspecting the entire corner in one simple scan. Borescopes Industrial Videoscopes Industrial Fiberscope Industrial Rigid Borescopes Light Sources Turning Tools Applications Application Notes Applications Support Microscope Solutions Laser Confocal Microscopes Opto-digital Microscopes Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display Inspection Microscopes Upright Metallurgical Microscopes Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes Modular Microscopes Polarizing Microscopes Measuring Microscopes Stereo Microscopes Objective Lenses Digital Cameras Image Analysis Software Support Service Centers PDF Library Video Gallery Software Downloads Training Academy Obsolete Products ISO Certifications MSDS Datasheets High Speed Video Cameras i-SPEED LT i-SPEED 2 i-SPEED TR i-SPEED 3 i-SPEED FS i-SPEED PL i-SPEED Comparison i-SPEED Video Examples Flaw Detectors Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors Phased Array Eddy Current Products Eddy Current Array Products BondMaster Probes and Transducers Pulser-Receivers Integrated Inspection Systems Bar Inspection Systems Tube Inspection Systems NDT Systems Instrumentation Optical Metrology Laser Confocal Microscopes Opto-digital Microscopes Measuring Microscopes Innov-X XRF and XRD Analyzers Alloy QA/QC Petrochemical & Power Precious Metals Scrap Recycling. with the added flexibility of running on a personal computer. This solution uses appropriate holders and curved linear arrays composed of 16 to 64 elements that fire in sequence to cover the entire corner in a single pass. and reporting. Curved Array Probes Curved array probes are made with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel case and are guaranteed waterproof up to 1 m underwater. The geometry of the probe allows for all of the ultrasonic beams to coincide at 90° with the surface of the part in a manner similar to flat-surface inspections.English (Change) Home About Us Site Map Global Site Inspection & Measurement Systems SEARCH Products Applications Knowledge News Events Support Contact Us Home > Applications > Application Notes CFRP Radii Inspection Solution Olympus offers a solution with its phased array instrument such as the OmniScan® PA to meet the most demanding requirements. a typical setup can inspect along a corner up to 200 mm/s. test cycles. The acoustic impedance of these probes matches water. The OmniScan MX2 phased array flaw detector with touch screen interface offers increased testing efficiencies and powerful software features. Terms Of Use | Privacy Statement . ensuring superior manual and advanced AUT application performance with fast setups. Glass. and features the same analysis tools provided in the OmniScan onboard software. Academic & R&D Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Government & Security Applications Solutions Key Copyright 2011 OLYMPUS CORPORATION. & Plastics Geochemistry & Mining Oil & Concentrate Analyses Environmental & IH Consumer Products Safety Archaeometry. With respect to the inspection speed. Metal. OmniPC Software NEW OmniScan MX2 NEW This new software is the most efficient and affordable option for OmniScan data analysis.

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