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AUGUST 14.1971

World Grand Prix Champion

In every motorsports event ot signiticance on eve-" Hewland gearboxes and parts. From Indianapolis and Others have t r i e d t o challenge t h i s incredible record+..,.. is simple. In a sport which demands u l t i m a t e performance example o f a universal formula for victory. For 1971. the b a t e x u haw b w n improved wen further by vi land from th. m.lM t o the kg&, are produced from only .4 tor longer wea Each i s then individually shaved *wowing ~ 8 w l a l fkations. None o f this work is OTHER AREAS, VOLUME P R O W X n O N 1 5 HELPING HEKL~~.u THE LONG RUN.

Racings GrrrJ . vr.l



lnt of t h e world. winners depend almost exclusively on genuine to LeMans and Spa,the name Hewland is synonymous w i t h winning. is fill t h e archives o f racing's vanquished and defeated. The reason ' t i m e out, o n l y t h e Hewland gearbox, in all i t s forms, stands as an
B f w e r a l t ~ h n o l o g i ubrukthroughs l in the manufacturing procesr All Hewnut g u r steel and heat treated in Hewland's own modern heat treating facility. lnion is manufactured by the world famed Glearon system t o rigid speciquality of every piece produced. YET, I N A YEAR OF INFLATION I N i v "YLJTHE PRICE LINE.TODAY, THE BEST ACTUALLY COSTS LESS I N


$ -& .# :,

H . * Y ( . n a Mk. V l l l The standard 01 Its das. Available in two lorms-4hp..d Formula Ford and a 5 s ,vwrion l w -11 a p ( n . 6 formula cars and IpOrts , a Formula F o e Mk. V t l l the paarbox used by LIwaIY YIIOYI c~mpetltor In t m k class. c o m r as a completa readyto-install unit induQing throw-out mechanlrm and Hawland mnuf.ctu.d 9:31 rlng m d plnion. NO MACHINING NECESSARY-THIS IS NOT A KIT! A I 1675.00 FOB Chlao. 1 1 s ' priced s o you u n afford 1 IDlre. F V I. s w e d ~ k VIII . tho only compaltive g y r b o x for ~ o r m u i a c and O C I S w R r Raclng. Dslivw.6 as a complete unit. ready t o bolt on for only $820.00.. . NOT A KIT!!! I n d W p.nulne Hewland MnufaCturod ring L pinion. s l M mates, dlffarantlal, rear shltt. drive maftr, dutch stutts, throw-out w r i n g wlth hydrau~~ throw-out c II~M. m d m s t n cvlinaa SUDD~Y. NO ADDITIONAL PIECESOR MACHINING NECES-



King of the Continenbl

REMEMBER 'in order t o keep Hawland paarboxr opaatinq as d a l s n a , we slrongly rscomm.nd only GENUI N E HEWLAND r e - ~ n l parts. R . u n t e x w l o n c a wlth l n f u l o r replacement components. ourchased b . o u of lnltlal prlce connarations, h a w shown a marued increase l n paarbox f a l l u r n w l t h a corrapondlnq decreau I n opentlonal slflclsncy. We cannot be reswnribls lor t h w d l f f l c d t l a . To M sure. kemp your m r l a n a -box a 1 1 mwland.

Hawlrna 5up.r V r S 1 The only gaarbox for the s r l o u r Suwr V u c o m ~ a l t o r . Spsclaily d r l g n a by Hawland for t h k cMSS only In Conjuncllon wllh V011(1wa$+n of A m r l a . RIGHT HAND SHIFT MECHANISM-SPECIAL 10:31 Hawland raClO9 ring I plnlon--NOT STOCK VW AS I N K I T TYPE GEARBOXES. If you want t o win I n Suwr Vee. thlr newest ~wiand dwalapm.nt b lbrolutely necessary. lnsplte 01 the hlgh demand f w this unlt, we have gaarboxs I n slosk for imm.dlat.1. dsllvry at $849.00 FOB Chlcago. o f COYIY~. IIYW m a w a ~u L O I ~7.250 supor vee. the nawland S u m V r S p e c l a l wlll come asstandard eguioment. ~ o r a than 35 diftqsnt m r ~ t l o avallabla r for every newland gymox'. MY& V l l l gears at $31.50 psr rat. we have w a r ~ , H . w Ww r t I n rtocu for lmmadlate d d ~ v e r ya n y w h r e l n the country. . .from complete transaxle assemml.~ .to the smallst washer. WARNINOIII 00n.t be mia-a by the fa~ra sduor. tlring clalmr of others soncuninp "k11" convarrlonr of dock vw gaamoxes. Whlle the "come on" price looks sttractive at f l m qlanu. don? forget t o read the flno p r ~ n t .when you o r d r a Hawland gearbox, it corns resay toinstall and actually caU l k s l n finished form. In addltlon, mC4 Ins vliliZa stock r l W and DlnlOnS requlrlnp the bulldr t o purchara many addltlonal parts. Also. UIt bo1.r rmuire a number of machlnlng operations far c o n m r l o n and this d-7 come cheap! Oon't gel yourrslf Into the "Penny-Wlrs/Oollar-Foallm" Imp. . 0 . l the best and rave money too. Formula B and M p w t l R-ur Contrary t o tho r~ommenc2atlon of rvln d l v o u n t manufacturers, we do n d rscommnd the use of Hewland Mk. V. MU. VIII or nr der1vrnh.l In v o w cars. Hewland3 research and develop-t siaff, tM world's mort expalensod. on f a c t m o t tm blue sky dreams 01 product promoter. T M b a l g y r b o x for your o r Is the Hawland FT-zoo,a r u d by w w y winning Formula B and B , S R cornmlt~ lan-on. If you have any suestion5 o n thlr, please s4n us a all. We'll M happy t o sxplaln i n detall.

LGdOO Winner of every Can/Am event since the beginning of the series in 1966.

w.ltll.1o.NOrU1*11*r*11 tlw Cwlm radw t l L W




0. !z nd M if a
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FOR INDV. CANIAM AND CONTINENTAL SOOO cOMCLTITORS--we have a completa inranlory 01 00-300. LG-500 rear start l l n a y l and LG-600 g y r b o x . ~ and r w a ready for overnight


ae~iveryanywhere I n the country. comp~ote Howland w r t s service WII be ava!~ab~a at most CanlAm ona contln.nPI e-ts thN ruron. Every Hewland OG I LO war and part I n stock tor lmnudlata dsllrsry.

amilYg*rrT ",you Z,$g$,& "" hhadnyo lt.Rw0au.lfYeu.n b a b ~ . ~ u w w r * r * ~ ~ h e

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l h l W n n t ~ ~ f i l l * ~ M Y W



wmnrm b u ~ n wc .



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1%0 5 r t Eais u n . A a n t . ~ r urninornh . 92705 T u W ~ o r u .1714te35-1000 T m 1 . : 67-0315
cm~m~nlo mvsloe-t n 12546 Aurora A m w Norm I . , Wamlmton 98133 r l g n o m : (2061365-?222 Autod~mmla Cor~oratlon 2 Bnnard S t r a

CARL A. HAAS AUTOMOBILE IMPORTS, INC. 1732 nnt stmt, Highland park, liiinois WM
T.kphocw: (312) 433-1150 CaMo: AutoIda Tdor 72-4346


Fred 0l)rt RKlng I 7 InduLlrlai Road U p p r Sladle Rlrer. N.J. 07458 Telephone: 120118253150 e a k a Motor Co. H l n w 12 h c h t Alr~~rt Cmamblu. G a r g l a Tde~ho,~ (4M)B :

Hayes R l d m E s u i ~ m t

~.cinp S D O C I U I S cornmy 1300 w m l n @ o n ~oul.rara u u r d . -ma 20810 TdMon.; 13011792-791s Rakiord M o t m w r t 843 N m h m d l s o n R o O n d . Illlm*r 61107 ~ 1 ~ n o n . i 1815)%a78~8 R m T m mrt 0 1 1 1 ~ Box 23849 Fort u u d a d a k . F I . 33307

F. F -

Dl". 01 Vanguard AYIo. E n t r . 942 w e s ~ U M r W Strut WIM. o h l o 44256 T.lwhoru: (216)725-4350

West Colat Repremtative:

1WOEuEBny ~ u iA n ~ n t AN. a ~dihrnia 32706 (714l(U6 1000 T h 676315

239 Greenwood Awnue Midland Park. N.J. 07432

T e I e n h o ~ ;(2011~5-1322

Ram Shop


Dan Gunwy'l ChsckDO

2555 South Han1.y

OOUPShlwson Rasing 7 M 5* 8.wm s t r m Adrlan. M1shlp.n 49221

81enWood. Mlrrourl 6: Telephone: (3141644-2


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W I Needs


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Arutunoff TV Debut

Ths Road Ameaim T d m roddent which trapped Hiroshi Fushid. in the La~lrel Racing C for nearly two buts hu brayht mmo hsng tbisldaa on the plrt of SCCA T d m Chief Stewad BMb W i n . Not blicdng it would taka that= of time to e x t e t e a drim from a a r , we r M u t i n for d d f m t ~ ~ n . "Yes, I ' m mbmnad to my, it took o m hour, 42 minutes to get tbs drim out of the car." Martin confnmsd. .Ths h ~mbdoIIe0fthsbedIOua~prIk l e m mca in a TnnsAm m. The NASCAR-type rdl r w d Hirolbi's lifa bat it ria tripped Mm in ths cu." h h t b axphhcd. "And Beet r dtrutbn we've g o t to look into. T b SCCA require8 1 t u b b a d t q Port.-Pow unit at 9 of its ~cea At Road A m a i a the e m m c y equipment, fumkbed by W i Auto R.da( wbo b w wmcd aa8b truck1 at Milwlukea State F a i r Puk lad l e d 0th- a m race tracks for y e a , jud didn't insrunithsrryono~tobeadtbirtypeof "Tbdriver d bpve $cyrgottan autqif thew bad been a n d but we dtdat want to trike r ehaace of fltrthar &ur& him. Ths dodoronUsra~edHimdiwrrin~canditknmd~wrsao


bad&& t b e ~ ~ t h e u J d s n s b m k s n . T h h w u t h c o m e ,when it w u ~ t 4 a t w n ~ b & w e - n t h s o n r m p b d f n m e h l b e s J I U I ~



mI wen


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floolkud. a~~hs~bdbssetryiqto~thedrivaoutfawmetime 18 @ 1 d for I I. t ' n W -Cy Bev b d With& Plrpdy trkd t f n * ~ P o w e f the unit bad bent. Ths cockpit was w W y beet t h e ana't any place to got bpaue-nothiue to pat it W e didn't want t ourthetcrr~~fasro ihanilhthcorin f I ntah a maaded condition. '%xt, r l a e o d P a b P o w e r ~ h i rubannrsd t from Ro)rWooda'ARA l a d i n tam, A W E c r a a ' W Jsrry SeWatz, uaa of tin besf body


ebeGf&ti mid my snn

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h i s * . ~ s s a d d ~ m F ~ a n o l a J ~ l l l L M ~
Ownem. tbh week it that A point i o the W r t k h G h C.PAIII David Hob& k b o w f a anothar ride om that Tony R n I S & fit to drive lib ori W8E M a l u m . Hobbr, dated to driw T w CobPll's reme1 - u ~ m2, rsp01te.d ths G O ~ ~ I I w bc+n wired bllt "not w" rvs Lew Smaesr. turn mamma for O o d d RrdaC %Yo carrsatk n&tWm -with ioonan -- - ~ - lad-is a o n u the rhht M;Omt of

ncs in 1971. Tbat srifr~ statomsat & N I

rssn . I tbrJumpiolldlip-point

to would w m
I I u v e M r o ~ w ofs tIw

. ..., . -.

DANE L . EHRlCII Rodbedec, N.Y.

date md Hobk JS t b dmst. Spenca aid there wrmY r that m effort wouldn't be undertakun u n h rvaihbb. 'TWnaddnY be fair to D a d a u s . " S ~ m c s aid. r


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1wOddlbolltet aidslg # I ~ r o d e ~ r .

a ; --atbs3bs300r ~-*.thsa~pp.aactbn

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covsrqe rek s o m for some time, tbs G b n 200 .pts mvadthedil bsdmd% tyin~rrmdncsLiw.Camsnp~ent~an , ' . . -Zacldbnt vfwrl Mi&. altJwinh zoom lmsw md mom fresussLt uae of .. ; c x would h * sadded to the co&ue. Ewn . A DEAN dop .dian J I U I & , : n @ 5988. St.tbn A thothe a ~ r mLmd a Lothat MotrhanbEbs3's bip & t o the a t & . . z-.>>: - .. , r re& would b e e w his p W t , if the a m e m wsrs . Toiato. w. f forhmtetoatcL~.dlMI. Obvbrrdy them was r bd: of c o ~ a i u t i o nbetassn s c a m . o m and . ~ l l l o q ldf S & .ad Tony Moy. Flt stop, Dsany Hadme's, arere ovarboked on laort d n r And the umouacsn seemed to b conflrad .bout who wu nnalq whae. This, inthefutprs,mrybanrsdddthro~the~ofmumo-~s~~)ripr

+: m v a :<
' I-=

W e would 6ue dm liked to have w n I ore-nm descriWion of the circuit ' ' turn nllmbms, pesds at ndo& points on the tnck and -'o%ty at them pointa.~his was covered htm in t b ewnt but detnctd from the n m rotbn W. AbD. JO hportaot factor fa my t t l t r b s d n o o , r ~ p i d n m d o w n . . . a n d w e m i d ~ t ~ , r mugoradllhotofad84iwi. For the W c i r e slfort, mW date Amtluhoff uctlon of the Gbn Bntnprts. . I d thc Andy Mum CO. for tbsh 200.


'. ;;-;-,&&..2:


?rob.bly tbc'bi#a# p d .-"ccoatly' w L fhdiq 8 burner unit. ''WH** b e



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-Re r*ltL.*.*b*r*

putting off duBp. 'may good thing for now (the M e n u mmbuation e )and t k y u heavily tooled or rt. So thsy don


ing on &dial T/As wi

tread depth. All other cars wereon special racing rubber, but we won. First in class. Tenth overall. Then HFG Lifesaver Radials

- wasrid-


first a t ?BUadega,Ala. Then first

RFG Lifesaver Radials. 70ries wide to fit almost any ar. tue built :oui:h with fortr eltsof DynacoP'Rayon(;ord ver. a pair of ~ . a d i a body l

to meet the 1976 they know, and I extension of the deadline, slying they haven't found 1 way yet. Congreas will show them my

VW Takes Sales Lead In Mexico

P U E B L A , Mex., July 23 Yolkswagen, the most popular mported car in the U . S . and 8 egular outseller of d l nukes of can n Bred. has captured k.d in p w car *in Mexico. ?.Spolstaten for vobwysn & U c x t c s , which operates 8 L~Spae,aN nutlctmiua plant rare, dsllen .. npa W . . . pld

And the?:rc.uinners,.Just like t h e Ti,\. Hofh are nvaili~t.',. 'at :iot!r HF(; retailer.


If \-ire a toh-J~L,,, 1c-r, I, y,L . that's I I.;~cb~.

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PAGE 11, : ,.

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Olathe F-:-I

-- -


-- ... GlOllpu#otibf3Ntolthres , wins 1s Jury 'RbW ) 1 * it rll


By Me1 Bogus C h u c k C a a r e l ' s Brabham A m Editor d T I 5 / 2 I n o s e d o u t Harry OLATHE. Kan.. July 25 - Jack Reynold's BT29 by jurt thal Hinkle's Lola T 165 was the class of mar&. Drafting Reynolds down the big-bore field hue today in the fmnt stmight Chuck pulled oul preliminary national race action to and got a victory by about a foot the SCCA's 2.5 challenge series Harvey Stub's Winkelmam took t h e Super Vee win ovcr t h event. With more than 1 1.500 on band four-day-old Z e i t l a of B m a for 1 full day of amateur and Hoskins. Brian Fucrstenau got Cmup 44% professional racing, Hinkle scored an easy victory. lapping the A C third checkered flag in the race for prod, A SIR and A aedan field D production, C sports/racing and before a tire problem slowed the B sedan. Five laps into the m a a Lola and tke Knupp. AMX, was hard rain turmd the c o w into a able to unlap himaelf on the way to lake. Red Stanford road his TR4 to second o v d and fh in B a scamd in D production. With some of the 2.5 can entered the B productwn. John McComb. Mustang, gabbed sedan portion could have been one ints in A &dan and f~shed of the day's beet mar-witbout the ~ ~ ~ mBob a l Hindson, l . Porsebe rain. The win went to Carl 91416, took the Cp honors after Fredericks' BMW 2002. John 44's Bob Tullius had to pit N o r m ' s Alfa GTV was second the engine he had afta ch&g with c m " ! ' us1 prr~sure problems. Yesterday's leadoff was the bbwn earlier in the TranrAm. Jim King got a I.rt turn, Lst lap Formula Vee n a and Bob Lazier s t a r t e d things right with a break in the Formula Ford f h . flag-to-ilag vietory. hxisr's average Teny Curley's Winkelounn spun speed was 7 1.54mph as he breezed In the wet and handed Kii's to a comfortable victory o v a Fred R o y a l e n i n e p o i n t s . Mike Landrum's Winkelmam was third. Stout and Bill Noble. B o b Knox took the G FORMUIA VEE: 1 Bob UIIwr, produotion win in today's race for Zlnk; 2 Frm Stout. Zlnki 3 B I I . zin*. C-H production and D sedans, NOW. PR&. A SIR. A SEDAN, 1 b e a t i n g Dave C u n n i n ~ h a m ' r 8-CWnLt.. Lola T165; 2 lkw K n w . Spitfm. H productin went to Don Jack AMXi S John Mecomb. M u m . '~kamsron of ~ c t r o i t w., , d t a a C W S WINNERS eo K-I CP Wmon. POISM 914B; A WR .protest found D r . Chubs R g a n noB A mdm Mdornb. Jim K u h I&# ill@ h a d a Wnld.; Q*I PROD, 0 SEDANr 1 BaO Knox. moved Todd Wheeler to Alhi 2 Dm Cunnln9h.m. Wtfln; 3 N.11 n a r r l s o n . Svrlt*. CLASS cond and Hugh Mjor to third. Qv Knox; W Don A1 Cosentino towed 1000 d e s WtNNERSi CJmaron. Sprltwi 0 rcln Al Cantlnoi o comfortably win D wdan. The M AbrV1 1000. N PROD. D SIR. C SEDAN2 1 a n t i c i p l t a d hrWo. betweom w n Trultt. Msei 2 RW ~ r . t b o n . osentiw and Jimmy Boehm did J MOU a mtr ~ u h r ( a d . MOB. 2 ~ m as a B d m t d i d ~not ~ C m WINNERS, eD - TNnti Fp Wn

..- -


. H . . Dkk QTA Jr.i D SIR


b&ha b c a w MIDlV .bt i b .

FIA W h l FIE Wur; F/E Chlck erauwl. ~ b h m 8~isn11 FBV a t n ~Wln**mnn. . 0 PROD. C SIR, B S L M N I I-*Inn Funanu. MMlh QT6+; 2 R w -ford. T R U 3 D.W Omky, QTW. CLADd WINNERS: 00 F u m n r m ; Bv

production, C red-

from a R i i e win in C d m , didn't break the habit u he ml tit AKa CTA Jr. into the w i n d s cbfh for the time in 1wet. MARIN-. W i . ,July 27 D r p o r Y n d q w u a rod battle The A n d Co. brs introduced a with Bob Madid's PBS .ad Bob new IOpound stored pronure dry Katsev'a BobM swnpp- the L.d chemical fira extinguisher, the many times before Marshall Sentry 10. It was dewbped to replacm water grabbed t h c w i n witb Katwv smnd. and a r b o n dioxide.extinquishers in Flapto-klag victory wenred to be hazard locations where lighter the weight and ~ ~ tp a t e l r fm y of the b y ror B O ~.zisr ~ as h notched his m o d t.lrirU the killing powa h e required, such u ovnrll win in ths Formula SCCA automotive mbtor rep& shops. event. Lazier's new Much 718 Sentry 1 0 uses t h e Fony Formula B breezed home with the mdti-purpow extmqukhing agent. win over Steve Louden's Bnbham On flammable liquid and electrical BT29. fins, it is reportedly more effective KendaU Noah's Lola TI42 mads than two carbon dioxide units of her maiden voyage a ~ c c d uone l similar sizes and on wood, paper, by down nine points in rag, etc. fms. the Sentry 10 has the Formula A. Brian Haupt's Cooper same capacity a s t w o water Climax was aecond. extinquishcn.

""sting. Damnport, f m h

and D

- c"i c h c E M FORMULA FORDS: 1 - Jkn Kim Royalw RP3; 2 - Twrrv Cwmwy. Wlnkalmanni s - Mlke Unarurn.


- cric



f~rpaaaing, Uur *n.d I p k r highway doltwllhout k r iln k - v . 8 n d orlglnal gas d o m o o t k m l l l l - o r r ~ . a # l l , ur small-oar wltbat spaolaf took. Tho nmxt urn yw hit the acdomm, sun, but al p a ndgMcatch igYrt.Wa.llnO,



ulkn m u n o the



A Vertex Magneto f i r a Jag's NHRA recvrdholder to a BBIA run of 8.54 saa. and an AIFC mark of 8.01 rscr. Be a winnar. See your local rpwd shop or Vwnx doak



nlckn or w c tor 8 w k .



Engines in Stock
'71 Broan Hart FIB. 185hp, brand
new. .~valldbh, Avyvsl 10. complete

53.195 '71 Hart FIB. 185hp. 3 rarer lrom n e w , rompbtely rebu<L. excrlknt record 52.795 Hart FIB. 182hp. be* '70 Hart ..turn race wms. r*unlt. 52.3% FIB factory Lotus "HybrvJ". 16Sh~. 41 rleel wllh b g rdver. S1.195 Lorworlh FIB. steel r m k a d rods. 145hp S 995 Lotus Elan '69. win a m . complete wlth edrbs and c l u l d 5 495 '71 Lvus FIF b r a d "err. uprated Cdnr* cngnne complete 51.395 Lucar '71 FIF Cullllaesyme, brand nn*, 10 to 1 1Wplvr hp.cog bell. dry wmp, ewnplelc S 865 Cherrolct late '69. 228. 302 vruh. 295hp, 4 bolt mains, new. sr factory cralr. complete lescab. S 895

Fred Opert Racing

17 Induslriai Avenue Sales: (201) 825-1112 Paris: 825-1150 Canada: 1006 Fisher A-ns-e Oliawa 3. Ontario (613) 128-8266

Uppet Saddle River. N.J. 07458


l w M t~ car? ~ A t wRlt
WMt trr*,

WMI 1 " '


comp.tit~on c o u m ~ i % con.* on tm w M r o co* or aWlp.tlon.


m;t: can

Clorrified of the W e e k :
1 -

EP.PORSCHE Spadsta. Not M ,m l omptNn.


mglne kn immaculatdy d . n . Nmr.rtnrt driven. No rust, dents or mtdra. idal for perM rrtontion. Must as.$ 2 4 0 0 .Dnyi P. Didia, 5708 James Ave.. Dormers Grove. 111.80515; (312) 888-3777. E


DETROIT, MlCHlOAW w; 19131U4-3800




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Andrea de AdhrnW a d Ronnie Pete co-drove an Alfa 33/3'&iter sports prototype convincing victory against all the bi the Wdcins Glen &Hour WarM Championship race. I Alfa in the 1l-me series.

- u n d r an)r road conditions.


. . .. . E N . . . --, -


re. western Qkion ,



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( 0 O . r n b D I I&;< ~ Adamich/Peteraon A h 1 h p ~ntasofthod.Wrr~Dp behiad. &lped e l l d ~ t etbp ~llonl@dd On h 50 lckx took the kd c u md the Bd/Altwood FWaab when Bonohm nude h~ rid routhe stop f a p but it took ~ t h e t h k d - p h c o 18hpa ~, rJmohw om& ho jlp to a t & bebhdtbdsbrm. Anotbar rix hpl back, in fourth, . o d p r l & x f o t t h e b d . w u the Bcuris Fnnrorcb.Pp WNOBUBOPP Perrari 512 driwn by L o t h Tbon. rhik on Lp 54. Motschenbacher and Alain tkCuiest. Fifth, and rinwr of h U O h ~ ' 8hd left dt back l t tbs m-2.54ter dlsldDn of the ~ c w s l t t b s t a 8 o f t h o p i t grand t o u r i q clan, w u the h.i(M. He dmw back on, but C o r v e t t e d r i v e n by J o h n immadhtely pulbd off s@n at the rood d Bob lohmon, U dptanbb lins. "The stud which bldr tb rounds behied the Parui. t brokn P e t e r Cregg and Hurley s t o d q m n t o t h . Domhm p Haywood were am lnao h p md I niW r u t o bshhd in their Doncbs 91416 for n i d a f W k h t a u h u t o n a b o l r sixth overall and 6rd in the o f p ~ a r n t e b i q t h e P c l u l r e c r s w under-2SUter @utd to* chr. pclr up itl elaunnoe ncing *I. With Dowhuc out tbs f l c m y Ofthe26amwhichhdbsen w a d off ix b o w eulier, only 10 Fsmri bd a o w l p kd which w m lMsd as f i - , - w m Y to krt bpl. On tbe 56th &ell& lckx pitted CQRnmaWRAY' for #as and to turn the ar over to * l ths h d to After tha ncs, de Adlmicb Ild M l r b Ambetti g be M hd no re4 pmbkrm, but the de AdamM/P@mon AIII thrt duriq the ram tho m y which hd w&ed its way up fmm thrown up by cm be wan p u i q , a dxth podtion dut. c i P l l y tha bi Come&-, m d e it Tbs factory Farrri mfumd to ludt to d T dut and 1 sliml-frod AIldrstti E l f d rid the accident wbich e n d e d u p i t t i i n t b c u u t b n e elhhuted fl0m &hd -8 mechrnia raplad the W a r . u u a d by lpny from a n he was With the new starter fbPdy pdp.I ' puad 1 couple of a m installed, Anddti praad tha -M t o P m l d finish cbccksrad the ar but cnwbd wmY put chdiu Uu for fourth wlth bq tkn an b u r to .od u I the mcond one b u t t o n a n d again nothin; tlae w u 1 wdl of Wlta and 1 bppsd. go. ~ ~ o r d . 8 uw k n d urfini&w. ~ I a s W r n w t h e ~ l ~ I hA i ts h e w u ~ a r r y f m m t b Attwood W. The third Alfr t s r a dr. M v o l it."Elfordhit the L O h n 1 2 b o i q prsl ~ndrettirid. I don? ~ U O W NART C E R M N by Henri Pesclrdo ud -loE Ithbkitnul ~ b y s k i p ~ , w L i o h w u war runniq f d Another ar wUab lbsmod to Stommaten, ~ h M t h p l a m l t t h a t l w .E%bn%G3 unn, Paau=i, n a r the end of tla KSOIUI bou b r r s r d u u w d ~ w t b T b n m ~ 1 ) 1 1 ) 0 o f i t l l ~t .h e t u m ~ , r i d . " A P o f U s b n r w b d broke md t k ar w a t r a n n L b n b packed up. I don't North Aplariua hcim Tam r .nd l lot of ita wmpatkion, rho& p d e d off the md;.It hld ld 1 Pamri S12N Qrinn by Sun P o ~ y~ W ( L * ~ ( I , . I t e r t h c d o f t b e M b r m r w b n b w why." with the two P I I I l h out, tb and Ronnie Bucknum. It ran the two c u r whicb htd beer cecond, b M t6a Siffmt/van rwappq the kd, the P a n r k n m turned inlo r k t t b k i m r M a ud Wsa by Mark Donohus and l a d y tho de A e - 0 1Lo *hm , ~ B s U ~ ~ * I t e ~ -p'"=%*-Ofths wiIudyAlh h e 8-@)Ptai$r It&& Wk@ 4*Y 1 . 9 r Y T&&miolntsddrtdthe S6to59, W n ~ t L W . b d i n d ~ aecon hour. BpL betho w arr 8bd lo douta ktO AtthtlwihmhwbniW md l o l u m d r d r W d t b A l f 8 L.llway p6t.t. tlW orr avdr a dry t b m a rhea Us PIlat SIPY lli. fmm h p I20 to 137. a aboqt coddn't k routine pit stop. ron.mfliddidup thelmdfromtb po@onh d r h n by Hwbmt U * and tl*" vith the T m p b d m rsrt.rted a d w u nlfd for the RxscAe 9115 his Roger Pen e / I & White brlhythotuktb t b M b u r d w"L% drlrsn by 14bU the nco, wm bi.l too lFlCL e m $1000 lor t & futw d.Y. Pomri SI2Y folbwd by -two wrrcn*dhthttrratthe G r l l i s o r r b d r d l c t x h t b t i m D W i t h ~ t i n p t a d P a i 4 h p o f t b s n c s w i t 8 a ~ o f TbsEDncbs 917 dmdn by Ton). K Us dtawon. 1:08.297,I31.837gL factory t a m Fomri S12M. Adlmowia .nd Ylrb do C l b d bottomd (bs MP. d % BY tbs m tb ~ l f a D o r i c y t b s W t L a a b u n d was run* fourth durira the Rlm omdrb dd the iwident By the end of 40 Qnd* tlmmfor tbsr8m.neuladAtt.oodmond fourth Bour. but tbs .Itglutor r t u t e d ~ a r o n d u 9 1 1 ~ Donohm's blw Fomri mbmdh#, N h r o * p r b s d t o * y their lbrrcbe up horn m t h went b d lad amll stop wsre by Jim Ladto lpuu.odudMwller folbwd nine acoldt htQ l&x Usrutdmolftalme. T& BoplAttwood 0.y b l d w place. f i n r l l y palain; the mde for new kttatar. At tb 22) In the red Perrart w# t &

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look i t Wltki88 Cbn. Jlrkis O l h commented that br's 3rd t o as the old, "dated" aura "wow Mo tb 1970~" And Mmb Andrsttl thiah the tN& L



Mid-Ohio Valvoline CanAm

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, a w m fallen l i n c ~ Motschenba...,. wen Mid-Ohio's m n u d A spcUdrofIprdln1966.We think it's about thw for Lothrr to & It I n at W W . K n w k h elf T m Mol.mmnps Plar R w m l nd Denh H h b't e m like akhcrdyhomrbdw,but it an ba M e , rd W 8 pant McLnn DID wh U t r M l d W Cm I
StawerththoLBM bb,AddeOhlnthrCIOCg#lliS o l v k l w b r a h r intam ~ m ' 1ernTmr rawthe~~wlW~dthe#eLmch#+.h Adm* nd V ~ i ~Yamgd In F ~ S * MikMlnarinaPardwOnwhkhluUkemson m tnh, mdporblv the John Wyr P m d r r REAL hrvyl Gaunt out my o f them, w md, E m a d , T ~ ~ a H n d W Kuaomi b~~ch0toyourlfaftmbbkrrf4~lltheflm& . h0rrgornr a d poblt uwb luumomd d* jl.rm ,, MkWhb'~3000 ft. 1*6 - 3 .,


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DENNY'S QUICK LAP M a k i i the win complete, Hulme set the fastest time of the day on lap 69, when he repined the nu after being forced into the pits for a change of his left-rear wheel which Zri&ed three .of its spokes. Thrt &nnv can d l 1 1 hun UD the

T h e race was a veritable walk-away for Revson, but only after pole-winner Jackie Stewart d r o p p e d f r o m a seemingly comfortable lead when he had to pit his Carl Haas LBM Lola T26OChevy to replace a flat tin. the secondstraight CanAm race in which t h e "Mod Scot" has

of n e w c o m e r s ~ S w i t ~ 'lo s Siffert and N a m t h , Pa.'s, Mario Andretti-both of whom were d e b u t i n g new sports/racing machinery, the 917-10 STP Porsche and the 7 12 Fmari, respectively. Each had a troublefree run, with Siffert edsing Andretti by 20 seconds for an extra $1500 in his paycheck over Andretti's $4900, and both completed 80 Laps. It's been highly u n d for anyone but Tam McLuen t o wdk into a race

winner's pace, was Tony Adamowicz in Oncar Korsl~aki's Jfmbee Industries M8B McLaran. The Polish Radng Drivers of America viapresident had to run with no front brakes from the fgth lap, and Koveleski later cod& t o being the culprit that had forgotten to t w t e n the lid on the master brake cylinder r e w o i r . S i x m n d a behind came Sharon, Conn.'~, Sam P o s y who did a great (Contiauod on pqd 25)

T k qedlg Lp of (bo I h A m 8t Wattins Clcn ud Jrkie Stcwut's L o l aM I the field fmm its pole position. Peter Rnror, (7) Lu hi. M e b on the wtiPs with David Hobb.' M c h m (8) Denny HIIIID~ lad h e lor( ol h e 27Udd

mill Pox photo)

. Stewart's Lola Christens Revamped Watkins Glen At 134mpt

WATKlNS GLEN, N,Y,July 24 M8P McLPrcn. - As part of the prChuMde9 to Despite a n anxiour moment today's Glen 6 How EnQ~rance yeqtnday when the right-mr radius ram for tho World Manufacturer's rod pulled from it# mounting on Championmhip Group 5 and 6 cars, the LdiM car, Stewart came back to Jackie Stewart W e d the w e urn top money of $2600 out of crowd of fans on hand to W e n t h e $ 2 0 , 0 0 0 available f o r Ma1 Currie's revamped Watkina distribution among occupants of Glen Layout by edging his L&M t h e first five grid rows for Lola T260 into the number one tomonow's fourth round of the e n A m starting berth .12 acond Johnwn Wax ssrisk And despite Rennm's best effort ahead of Peter Revaon in the works w i t h a n e w a n d bigger R eynolds-developed linerless aluminum e d e , now nted at SlOcid, he was unable to bast the fastest Scot in the world. W m up third quickest and out of a anAm front row for the first t h e in sevsral ysan, was Denny Huhne, the Kiwi team's number one. Stewart sizzled around the 2.428-mile widened orcuit in a time of 1:05.11 to establish the new Group 7 qualifymg record at 134.244mph. Revson was timed at 1:05.23, while Hulme had to settle for 1:05.47. Official CaiIAm prtch EOBBS TURNS ON The official patch of the S p w t S With a new 494cid Chevrolet ~ s r ~ l u bof Amerii's Cans powerplant safely tucked under the dimAmerican U 1 8 I k w Cup rear deck of Tony Dean's ex-works !3eriac. The m h sought after of McLaren MSD, David Hobbs all tha SCCA p m t d m l Nearly part& Hulme on the second row fou inches square in attractive with a fme 1:06.56, 131.55mph. as red, white, blue, Meck .nd grey. be took advantage of an empty 52.00 emch w 3 for 55.00 track late yesterday afternoon and r d y got "turned on." SCCA SERVICES After Hobbs came the f i i of the P.O. 801 91 1 sportslncing "newcomem," Mario 01110n. Mont. 59725 I Andretti i n t h e first off* fadoryhcked Fenwi to appear m the J-Wax lLrics Powered by a 7-Liter V12 t h a t had been shoe-horned into a spare 512 chasds, Andretti m r d e d a vsry respectable 1:07.66, 129.168mph, to take the inside p 2 e on the third row. The w had soen but 20 laps of traak time prior to its departure for Anmica, when team menaaer Peter Shetty took a few turns around Modem to bed in the disc brakes. T h e r e were severe handling problems as expected and a rcar-maunted airfoil was tried m an attempt to im rove t h i . After a so% week of fiddling, however, the car was pronounced reammbly fit to start. An all-new CanAm cha6fis for Andretti la b u i l d i fast in Italy and hopefully willpin the aeries soon. Mark Donphue was the first of I 2 six-hour holdovers on the expected 3 S a u grid to post a time as he picked up a "trick" set of Goodyeas to turn in a time of 1:08.32, 127.908mph, in the Sunow Sl2M F e d . The car was imrrmculatcly prepared as is the ugual Peaske-Kirk White custom, and barring dinster in today's enduro, should tine up next to Andretti tomortow afternoon. L o t h a r Motschenbacher was seventh frstest in the WintersRosen McLarcn MBDChevy, followed by t h e first of the Gulf Porsches entered by J.W. Automotive, driven by Gus van Lcnnep. Their times were 1:08.41. 127.764mph and 1:08.58. 127.440mph, respectively. Following this hvowme was the second feature machine of the weekend, Jo Siffert,'~radically new Pomhe Spyder desymted 917/10 T h o u g h it fnst appeared in pit lane in Siffert's customary white paint job, the car today was painted in a certain shade of Dayglo pink that left little doubt where the money is coming from. Vinu Granatelli ad*d that STP Corp. will sponsor the car for the the impossibility of starting th remainder of the year. The new foreign invader is a mum race unlem and until the necesal of light laoy tubing suspending a changes were made to bring the u matched pair of fuel tanks, a 5-liter up to specs. Porsche engine and very little else. If and when this'was done, tb Ultra light, the car's wheelbase is stewards continued, the car woul the name as the run-of-the-mill 917 have to start dead last, since th but is nine inches shorter in overall time had been set by an illeg, length, while being slightly longer machine, which was not quite righ than the special 90813. The time trinls closed with the issr Jo Hoppen of Volkswagen of in considerable doubt. America said t h e engine is pmdudne a retiable 620hv. and thWATKIWGLEN C A Y A H G R ~ total package will be &ntain$ throughout the season by a pair of , , ., f a c t o r y mechanics, aided by engineering help from Stuttw* whcaerer ieeded. S t a r t i with Mii-Ohio on Auk 22, Art Bunker's racing team will take o m the entry chores for the Siffert STP Porsche Audi, as the car will be called, with Richie Ginther picking up where Bunker leaves off for the three rounds out West. ..~ e s v i t ea bout of rear-end vjbrathn, which was later t r a y l t o p p ~ p - m ~ g~ 7 t 3ffr -w a dragging front spoiler, an lnitlal l u ~ t n ~~mm.~ u s t a r t i n g t i m e o f 1:08.64, I m . , 127.332mph. at all half yrn%rx$yay

, , , , , rw$gz&gz) z,mM%a -.

, , rrnezG

Then there was the Fenari story. SEFAC decided it would like tn have a go with Jacky lckx in the 3 12 vmtotvme. After somehow getting by the eyes of the scrutinoers with both a cockpit and windshield that didn't mnform to CanAm rules, the car a c t u a l l y set a time during yesterday's qualifying round which would have stood up for the last qualifying payoff spot. 10th. T h e c h i e f engineer from M a r a n e l l o . however. Mavr* ForgUcri was advirad of the ilh?gality by the SCCA stewards, the disallowance of the time set, and




the run abund



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O W 8 ,Uq7 SLdow; t o i k Bondurant t:Tb ' S b r d o . ~ , ; n p . d


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d i d , 1 2 8 . 1 : 7 ~ ;bld able ia &md:6l Rewon except i$ m e , w k b th( ilipprry SqOt, - lpast.a1 phsnomen?l' avo? pdbd i h y Sax I car, .cuI w.,tW Hulnm. w u spy f O * . r e l 8 r : $ l ucead. behind, A m - ' w d fomtL ud S i f f d fir*, Y* Clil A d w u hviagJ& bhkadl(ullvitJ *icioua I P w h ~6veleWs:oid




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Cdl us: (6171 &I-8500

Ckter,*aaOwnedby G b m h t h e s e n t r o u n d when hi$ srpWeddtkfai&

the 72 entad in top fuei b Z & tom q ~for a ei h , first m d of 32 an. q + m C a l ~ d J o L : a ~uma eIWiWsd in the fkat muad. umLdwd Kobbut Kolb crms adrtoncamdbmmeunderUm kaQ rub wben Don Moody rn E a B b b t o ~ t P c r o u o d t w o,hoot st the wine, rather than - bshrisaatvoknarar~tirsr. 1;01b.'c d o f e a t l e f t only 1 llga to fad the uw way ww.* ,rrwbame mid. "AU I -**s* .pisrt tbs fmnt esgse Qdtcr a n my n t h y wBI c h q a thdL adsd tbs flrt time t h y drive a Qha. B e c a e r e o f t h e unusual a ? . " wbbm of t h of -%wax, combo eliminator dompetitmn, J B & dm# n * bidoy 4 t h the tohuntMh i v a t . f i l y o l b y ajuniorfueldr8gatu .isd Runmy v o i d the &baI &CI stRn mcosds and the



la a f d lltsed dnyter for t h forthe titls.


1 9 7 1 N H R A fumy u r race of the n w t . th mpli-fhd w i n s t Henry Hmisoa w m W h diminator. became the M ~ k e yThompson's driwr. Botl firsi to . t h e PDA were in 71 Mustang Mach 1-bodia maches. Alley won with a 6.74 etiminator titkr. The *t's big upset came in 2 0 8 . 3 3 m p h t o H a r r i s o n ' fumy car competition, after such 216.34mph. 6.86second run. ' favorites as Jrmy Ruth, Rich Standim room only attenciano Sbooairn .ad Dave Beck were of 15.037 tonight b r o w th two-night count to 18.62 1. eliminated in earlier rounds.


Prudhomme And Dodge - Win Titles

BYJon A* h u d l l o m m i ~ t h e t o p r p o tof only s i x points. Plymo a t t h e tlkird annual Midwest finished third and tbe G o ~ r p lhad three draWlt wins. Coldstei MO~& ~ U I I placed fourth. P r u d h o m m e captured the of 16 individual honors with three sn@ew&i@ fyd-bwmin& funny strlinht wins in his Bmcuda. His each. Matclung Prudho cirs i n tbY pro*ees, M it wm FWdhlmrn'~ alcwld m m u w &feat of Dick R o Q w Htls h, tbs hiah -x la . W you, Prud4ommc helped m d tw6, hi Weatad RtcbiFd dmmilutAy t4a &mi (h ' bd t b Plymouth turn to victory 'I?llrp in the Blue M a x idustan& individd Mdr. h* tcllmlettr wer but iltd)maot the cam today. wlth 6.76, 2 13.27 and la the The S o d & e term of Lsroy defeded Smw. ~okht& and the Ramcbsrgm, Sncw fivlrsd t h low e h p d Gar D y e r w i t h t h . e t i m e ~ t o p ~ o f U m m o s t iMotoirhT0u.g n two. ~ ~ a d L U l d Dodp 4 C h u m the m a with Aodhommc, b m L i q I n the third round. on1 G e n e Snow's Rambunctiou; both endsof fhdtrackmcmd Vits Prudhomu nmsgcd e riotor! 8nd Pat Hid; in the a diaq '6.7hceond. 226.58mph Dyer's Dod&e defeated Fre chi- o w l HDdlu Cgym woa the run. Mmwcr. Pmdbomme's hole Goeska, Minick's Dod&e Qumpe shot of 6.77. 217.39mph w8a CLre S a d a n and' Coldstein t a m w. Dodp ddatod Tom McErQI. Ford msnspd tho rCcoild-p!ac linirh in the o~nufactumr'rpow with only a riqk win in m y d o n 1 two w i n s in the mcond and three i the third round. Dodgs's win* w BYWN. In.. lulv 25 - Von poinb Lo Ford's second-place


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~ m a h n # o a * r a w w a d clm emuruoliona. waMIe#c*wl4#Yy.-MB~; W-slwmbJt-k
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d * l r ~ h ) w A u * h R M p h ~


NO. c a . , JUI 25 - Women's Iib got another a h h tho arm Ulir wesksnd whan Jud Lilly drow hLr '68 PIymoul Barracuda t o victory ilr U NstBosd Hot Rod Am.'* Worl Championship Ssrie8 pokts! mw Donnybrooke Speedway nc &liwrd, Mian. The petite brunett bouawifbhair d fmm ~ I Cdo.. defeated a strong field I nule cbrllelyaa to win ha mcor rupaewkrictayefUsaasc and virtwJly dincabd the W n cbampioo.bip h WHRA's W e Central disidon. Ray Uotss downed Don Cain win top honors, moviag Mot ahead of Cain in conference ntinj In top fuel competition. Howc Willhms took advantage of a ho shot and a 6.86-%and clocking defeat Bob Slewart. A1 won funny car honors over O m Camthem and pro dock went Bob Lmbeck, '71 Dodge, ov Mike Foas' Barracuda.


chrnpionrhii LV 24: 1 - Rlchard Patty. 2760; 2 2360; 4 - BWby Alll.on. 22%; 5 , 1907;7 - Blll Chrrnplon. 1814: 8 J.D. McDuffle. 17% 9 -Frank Warren. 1712; 10 -Bonny Parronr. 1709;1 1 suddy ~ a k e r 1518; . 12 - mnley Gray. 1500. NASCAR Grand National MMrmtacturer's T H R O U G H NASHVILLE. TENN.. JULY 24: I . Plymouth. I&: 2 - oap.. 146;3 - Ford, 119:4 - h r c u ~ y 110: . 5 - Cnevrolet. 22;6 - Ponllac. 2.

Early in the race, Allison passrd Petty, bringing Petty t o comment. "I was trying to set a prce and I guess he didn't think it was fast enough. "Right, he passed me. I didn't let him by." Asked if the million dollars had any particular significance. Petty smiled and a i d , "More for Uncle Sam, than me. But now that we're g e t t i n g c l o s e to that and everybody's making such a big deal o u t of it, the wins are meaning more.'' Hylton, who said he has finished second more times than he can r e m e m b e r , confessed, "Yeah, I knew if Richard had trouble I had a chance t o win, but it seems every time I get s e w n d behind him, he never has trouble." Hylton slid it was a rough race f o r him. "1 was hit by Earl Brwks. I was hit by Gerald Childress. I hit the wall and I spun out lwice in o i l . " Hylton lost mntrol o n the front stretch late in the race when he spun in oil and after hitting t h e inside wall. the left rear quarter panel o n his Ford began rubbing the tire. "1 wasn't going t o come in until it blew. I knew it would wst me second place," said Hylton. Discussing the side-by-side laps he ran with Parsons, Hylton stated. "I figured I had a lap lead on him, but I didn't see a n y sense in just

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Mills Opel Sets Rally Prize Fund

SEA'ITLE. Wash.. July 27 Hills O p e l R a c i n g Enterprises 'MORE) has established a line o f 3pel racing products and a rally xize fund for 1971 T h e c o m p a n y , which has ipecialized in Opel performance ~ r o d u c t ss i n c e 1 9 6 5 , has Lnnounced a support program of 175 for first in class; $50 for zcond; and $25 for third in SCCA ldtional rallies. MORE also plans t o campaign an )pel 1900 sedan in the West Coast lortion o f SCCA's 2.5 Challenge ieries. MORE'S catalogue, S I per :opy, is available at P.O. Box 5143, Seattle. 981 15.

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