This is the beginning of the journey.
A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it. John Steinbeck

There is no way you can control this one. It will take you where you need to go. In this series, there is knowledge no one wishes that we have. But it is time. We must have it because we need it. As for me, I am Bordon-ing here. And Sanchez-ing. And Solingen-ing. And Traveler-ing. And Earken-ing. You’ll understand what –ing means by the end of this essay. We begin with the largest question, the most profound of all mysteries, and rightfully so, for it is the one central human concern since the creation of human homo sapiens sapiens on Earth some 250,000 years ago. The event took place in south central Africa, if we are to take the Sumerian, Babylonian and Akkadian tablets seriously. This central concern was also the principal focus of all of the Mystery Schools in Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, the Indus valley civilization, and just about

every human group since before the Great Flood – and most certainly with all human groups after the momentous event in human history. This central concern was what we today know and refer to as GOD. In this installment, we are going to use the concepts used in two explicatory frameworks that are uncannily similar. Both appeared, developed, and evolved independent of one another. One is the cosmogony arising from life physics. The other is the cosmogony and practices coming out of Kabbalah. We’re going to do so to keep a foot on the ground, while rising to the heights allowed by the concepts used.


GOD – What is IT?
God, as the idea of God arises in both life physics and in Kabbalah, is not the God that represents ITself to us in the Life Physics Group – California. In the West, the common perception and conception of God comes through religions associated with Christianity in all of its theological variations. We have come to also realize that the perception of God in this Christian framework leads to a gross misconception and misunderstanding that dangerously undermines our spiritual evolution and individual development. God, as IT represents itself to us through extension neurosensing research is not what our common conceptions of God is. IT does not represent ITSELF as a being, a thing, a concept, a thought, a noun. God does not exist, as we define existence to be. God doesn’t occupy space in the way we think of occupying space, and it is not bound by time as we think of time. We in Life Physics call this God the SILENCE, and Jewish mysticism (from which Kabbalah arises) refers to IT as EIN SOF. Both SILENCE and EIN SOF are conventions used to simply refer to the Endlessness (Kabbalah) and Limitlessness (Life Physics cosmogony) – beyond thought, never to be conceptualized in any way. Thus, we insist that the SILENCE and EIN SOF never be given a “sacred” name such as Creator, Elohim, the One, Father/Mother, Infinite, Allah, El, Shaddai, Brahma, Adonoy, Almighty, or

Buddhamind. None of these names can ever encompass IT, and cannot ever have a gender. So what then are we talking about? When we use compassionate, source of love, lovingkind, full of grace in reference to what we commonly call God, we are actually projecting our image of what we think ITS divine nature ought to be. We are most definitely NOT talking about SILENCE or about EIN SOF – one and the same in two traditions (Life Physics cosmogony and mystic Kabbalah). The God described as jealous, uncaring, punitive, cruel, vindictive in the Bible cannot be referring to SILENCE or to EIN SOF. The qualities listed above cannot define IT, for IT is beyond thought itself. Both science and mystics show that there is a universal connectivity between all things in the universe. Spiritual people call it love, the ancients called it ether, we in life physics refer to it as energetic or simply energy. Christian mystics call it soul force. There is general agreement about the fundamental nature of the continuing and continuous unfolding of the universe itself. But there is a great and continuing debate about our relationship to the core of this SILENCE, this EIN SOF. The most salient aspect of this debate is what God is. Thus, we say, “beware of naming the nameless, for a name for God does not bestow upon IT an identity.” And when we give an identity by way of a name, we confuse name with identity. The most common mistake we can make is to give IT a name, God, because giving IT name is followed by attributes and descriptors. Humankind had started making such a mistake thousands of years ago, and it is still doing so. It has become ingrained in our psyche, such that God today insinuates an embodiment of something we think can be grasped. So by giving a name to the Unknowable, we think we earned the right to know IT. And so we try because IT has a name, and fail because IT is unknown and unknowable.


Giving God a name has been tripping up humankind for thousands of years. It is time to move onward and forward, deGodspelled, to borrow a term coined by Neil Freer. We don’t know God or about God – except for the attributes and descriptors each of us give IT. Strangely enough, we can know IT – directly and by invitation. More on this throughout this series. In Life Physics, we go to great pains to avoid naming IT to not fall into the trap of thinking we know IT. Let us use an illustration to make this point. The God that is written in the Bible is in error from the first line of Genesis in Hebrew to the interpretations since given to the mistranslated verse. The common interpretation says that it says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” But if you look at the actual Hebrew words, one can read it in another way. “With a beginning, (IT) created God (Elohim), the heavens and the earth.” In other words, out of Nothingness the potential to begin was created. This is a Beginningness. Once a beginning was possible, God (in the plural form) was created. This is a God that creation could relate and understand. And there is more than one. Otherwise, it would have been Eloi, not Elohim. More later on what Elohim is later. Can you grasp the significance and the implications of this interpretation? It is a deGodspelling of major proportions. The implications affect our whole relationship with God and with creation as an entirety. It emphatically says the following: all the names for God that we have in all cultures and all the rites and ways we relate to God are not just a few degrees distant from the source of all creation that precedes even Nothingness. What precedes even Nothingness?


These are not the names of a thing. They are the names of an ongoing process – in Creation and inside each of us, and most don’t know it. Yet. Not even standard science. What we’ll do in this section is to address the Nameless with characteristics given by language – an impossible task to hit the mark, but possible as an exercise in approximation. The notion of LIMITLESS or SILENCE arose in Life Physics quite early. By 1999, it was clear there was …. something… we could not name beyond the T-boundary. We could readily grasp the sharedistributable God. Even this was an awesome be-ingness. But what was beyond the T-boundary remained a mystery until midway through 2006. At that time, we learned we could take people to SILENCE who needed a complete spiritual makeover, or to be completely transparent with us. Also evil people whose ways would continue affecting us and the work we did and continue to do today. This evolved a relationship each of us who were allowed entry would begin with LIMITLESS. It was not a grasp of the infinity of LIMITLESS, for that is impossible. It was an experience of nothingness in which thought did not exist. Only blank SILENCE. Those taken there who meant us harm could not handle the experience and dramatically changed their ways.

The Kabbalah idea of EIN SOF arose much earlier than the 12th century. It was a mystery in the schools of Sumer and Egypt. In the twelfth century Isaac the Blind, a Kabbalist, taught that it preceded Nothingness out of which thought arose. In Kabbalah, Nothingness is an awareness platform that is the result of the annihilation of thought, which of course is paradoxical as an idea. Can one imagine a T-boundary completely fuzzy or a void without beginning or end? Human minds (anything you can imagine is not infinite, just as anything you can think is also not limitless) are finite – as are ALL biologically-born and ontoenergetic minds of COBEs and ontoenergetic entities in the known universe and in other ratios of space/time in the Unum. Thus, in the Unum, a mind/entity is measured by its range of awareness – awareness that only when devoid of thought can become possible in LIMITLESS or EIN SOF. A boundary, we know, sets limits. The T-boundary limits awareness and idiomateriality based on and susceptible to the action and effect of thought. EIN SOF is not restricted by infinity. How can that be possible? Anything that is imaginable has limits. We call this template in Life Physics and the Kabbalists refer to it as vessels or garments. Boundaries then act as containment limits and make the hyperstructure (Unum) a container. Thoughts are contained within the limits of the hyperstructure, so all thoughts including all imagination are vessels or templates. We can give infinity a name, and can even a symbol and we say, “this symbolizes infinity.” But no matter what we wish to believe that our imagination is limitless, our imagination stays confined by the limits placed upon it by the reality that our sensoria (our sense apparatus) paints. So if it can be imagined, it ain’t infinite! If infinity is beyond the imaginable, only that which created it can transcend it and not be restricted by it. This is EIN SOF. This is LIMITLESS. This is what cannot be named, because we are out of words to define a logical absurdity: transinfiniteness. What goes beyond the infinite is EIN SOF or LIMITLESS indeed! As it is beyond

thought, access to LIMITLESS is not possible intellectually. But there is a knowing that surpasses the intellect. This is what makes the imperceivable accessible. Jewish mysticism and our own ENS research tell us that we can know LIMITLESS or EIN SOF in ways that don’t use thought, with methods that transcend it. This is the start of process, a relationship with Limitlessness, Endlessness, the source of creation. This is a key to our create-ing as well - MPO and LEOM. Therefore, the word God as you and others use it represent aspects of LIMITLESS or EIN SOF. When we use the word God here, or we discuss God, we do so not about a thing in itself. We are aiming at the representation of the far deeper mystery.


Start of a Relationship: Knowing the Divine
In this essay, you’ll notice we use a lot of spiritually-laden words. We do so because they also have life physics equivalencies. Sometimes the meanings in both platforms – spirit and life physics – are similar and often identical. In many belief systems, the expression of a relationship with the Divine (religious/spiritual context) is through Eros. We may not be able to pierce the veil of LIMITLESS but can sure feel in our information fields (souls) the awareness that the Divine takes steps parallel to ours – a kind of mystical epiphany, to be sure. It cannot be rationally explained, but it can be felt. We know it and there is no separation. And then something profound happens: a mystery we also know by the feel of it and cannot be logically explained with the rationality of the intellect. This mystery is at the crux of all creation-ing done by each of us, including MPO (Manifest Production Observership, the manifestation of our own individual reality, or what Jane Roberts called Personal Reality) and LEOM (light encoding of object matrices – the manifestation of an object out of nothing, thin air, by using a sonobioelectrogravitic approach to filling out the electromagnetic [thought] template of an object [any object] out of the subquantum template of the space/time object desired). As you can see, Life Physics, however, does offer some explanations.


At the instant of the merging (connectivity complete), there is no disconnect and the merging results in a COBE entity with one degree of freedom. This is a natural result of complete connectivity. Connectivity means complete and unfettered share-distributability throughout all of creation. Divinity means wholeness and completeness. When a node (or life form) is, in awareness, thus connected, it is no longer separated from its source. It becomes one with source and it is source. Subject and object cease to be two things. It is now one. In human terms, we are then so intimately connected and at-one with It (source) such that we cannot be separated from It, because now we are It (source). Source in human terms becomes essence, a Life Physics technical term indicating that a biomind (or an information cloud indexed to a biological body) becomes a harmonic resonance to an energetic source orthogonal (having a set of mutually perpendicular axes meeting at right angles) to the surfaces of the biomind’s body. Now, let’s look at it from spirit’s vantage view. A beautiful Sufi story about a man constantly calling on God makes the point quite well. He would call and call on God and wait for His reply. One day, the devil appeared to him and asked, “How long will you wait for God’s response to all of your callings?” The result for this man was a broken spirit and a distancing from God by not calling on Him anymore. In a dream, the Divine appeared to him to ask him why he had stopped. The man replied that God never answered his calls. The dream image representing God then said, “Didn’t you realize that every calling of yours is itself my response?” The desire expressed as a call out to God is simultaneously answered as it is spoken. Ultimately, there is no difference between the caller and that to which he calls, anymore than there is a difference between giving and receiving. There is none. As a contemporary Kabbalist said, “Mystics throughout time and in all traditions have said the same thing. We do not have to search for God,

because the presence of the Divine permeates all things. If there is a search at all, it is God searching for itself, so to speak.” Life Physics is a partial description of this search and science of the facets and phases of this relationship with the wholeness (the Divine), which become the results of such a relationship. Share-distributability in Life Physics is only possible with two things that are alike or are the same and thus are harmonic resonance of each other. In Kabbalah, the essence is the Divine spark in each of us. This allows unfettered harmonic resonance between source and nodes, God and the essence in humans, such that there are no differences between them. The aspect of us that creates is therefore the essence that is the Divine spark in each of us.


God as Process, God as Verb
One of the most instructive viewpoints on God was generated by Rabbi Zalman Schlachter-Shalomi, a Kabbalist. It is the idea that God is a verb. Surprisingly, it is how we found the T-boundary to work. This clever Rabbi unwittingly gave us literal keyholes into verbs embedded into G-d the Verb. This G-d the Verb we use as process: Goding, G-d an actionable process, or actionabling. The embedded actionablings (or actionables as process) are verbs transformed from natural language into God-ing actionables. These are verbs such as communicating, giving, being, loving, sharing, kissing, hugging, witnessing, dancing; you develop your God-ing actionables as actionablings (or nouns into verbs). Here is the dynamics of a God-ing actionable – lets say, communicateing. (not, to communicate, which represents potential that the action will happen at some time other than now, while communicating happens in the present and always the present). The actionable is here, now, present; it fulfills it own potential by performing what it is as a verb and as the source that performs it. In other words, the source (subject) and the recipient (object) become the same – I and G-d are One. Why all the fuzz about natural languaging of expressed (real-world or index world) actions or behaviors? Because language is powerful, when properly used when becoming like G-d by the mystery that IS the Essence in each of us.


The metaphor I would use here to convey the idea is the use of “crooked” language and “straight arrow” language. What is it that is being conveyed by language? Vector intention. But a vectored-intention emitted by and through Essence, which is to say G-d the mystery in each of us. An Essence intention vectored as language is straight and does not have to weave and bob to get resonance initiated by one of us (humans). Praying, on the other hand, when followed formulas developed by various religions, is what the metaphor refers to as “crooked” languaging. In other words, the meaning channels are idiosyncratic to the culture in which the language used is the medium for the prayer. They bob and weave meaning channels to a God the noun, not God-ing the Verb. G-d the Verb understand actionablings as presentnow-here content-as-action channels. So natural languaging can be Essence-initiated and used, provided we also understand God as G-d (mystery) as God-ing in the world.

The safest platform from which to start discussion of a relationship between you and G-d is to think that the present relationship has been mostly one-way: G-d to you. The other vector, you to G-d, I would say has been hit-and-miss – unless you know everybit (information) and everything (content meaning) discussed so far, and much more of what is coming in this essay – and practice it in your life day in and day onward. All aspects of the known universe are in dynamic relationship with every other part. In relationships (including human relationships), we are led to believe by language and by our usage of language to populate the paradigm in which we live that our experience of them are in terms of their components (you, the other, the other’s friends and family members and friends of friends and enemies and other tertiaries who just don’t like him/her) – quite a network flow. So instead, we think in terms of the parts (each member in the network) being separate and apart. Not

so. Not ever. Life Physics-ally impossible. Just as we live in a web of life that ties us one to another quite together by harmonic resonances we have difficulty in recognizing their existence, feeling their information flow, even entertaining the possibility that we can experience the resonant harmonics not just on automatic but also on purpose and in full awareness. This is an important idea to remember, for the concept of God-ing is a way for each of us to have a relationship with the Divine, understanding that this is not a relationship with LIMITLESS/EIN SOF. God goes by many names in the world; God-ing is another such name – a name chosen by Rabbi Schlachter-Shalomi to be a verb instead of a noun. Be-ing on a quest with one’s information cloud as leading edge, anything is possible – a brilliant flash of insight, a steady unveiling of yet hitherto never dreamed of knowings, awesome wisdom, surprises, mystical experiences. Somehow, the intellect is parked back there, because deep knowings are difficult to put into words, or they need new languaging means of expression. Still, deep knowings remain inexplicable, indescribable, elegant and yet beyond anything one can imagine. Mystic scientists are particularly susceptible to mystical experiences that sustain us when we face confusion, doubt, bleakness of perception. It amplifies our range of perception, our awareness. Yet, we cannot prove anything about LIMITLESS or bring a Rabbi to EIN SOF. No matter. (Oh, there are technology-assisted ways of experiencing an extension of one’s awareness such that it is very much like remote viewing on a clear day in Los Angeles with no smog.) If we use the perspective of our own relationship with God as the site of proof, we become a self-fulfilling question answered. Paradoxically, the source of the question (the questioner) is the answer it (the questioner) seeks. What would you be without God? No existence possible. And the extreme of it all is that Life Physics codifies rules by which all of this is logically necessary for existence to be possible.

One aspect of this coding of God as verb process in Life Physics is that the Essence each of us are is also God-ing (God as verb). This is the source of authority by which the five fish was multiplied by light encodement of each of the five fish’s template into five thousand fresh, live replicas as “final exam” in the major mystery of life replication Jesu Cunobeline underwent at the Memphis mystery school in Egypt. (The replication told in the Bible is quite likely fiction, as there is also documentation that Bacon, then charged with the production of a version of the Bible that could pass all tests set by King James, could neither find historical evidence of Jesus Christ as a historical figure nor about any of his presumed and biblically reported ministry.) There is, however, some historical support for his having undergone studies in the mysteries in Memphis, a city in northern Egypt, at a then famous mystery school. Five fish into five thousand to feed people who could not get their share from the Nile or from the Red Sea. Awesome. Truly awesome. Not just what it is said he did. Awesome what happens when all barriers to separation are melted. The person who is in continuous relationship with its creator-ing G-d is the verb God-ing. When a question comes up in mind, who is asking it? And to whom is the question asked? You are now not a noun; you are a verb. There is no “you” asking the question, and there is no God out there to answer it. This is the crux of the process of A. R.-ing, Clay-ing, Ben-ing, Nolvido-ing, and God-ing in a mutual unfolding. Can you do this in a way that melts all barriers of separation? No subject and no object. Only an unfolding process. Ever opening, ever widening. Here-now; no past, no future. Just now. Each instant in time is a new opening, a new breath drawn, each thought, each move, only Now. This is the dance with God-ing. This is the create-ing with God-ing by Goding. You are the subject and object. You are God-ing and Mary-ing (Joe15

ing, Jose-ing, Luis-ing, Jenna-ing) because you are one and the same. God-ing is enjoying ITSELF as you. The resonance harmonic is complete. The start of wisdom is the awe of the Y-H-V-H, one of the keyhole nameless names of God, as a line from Psalms tells us. Y-H-V-H is Hashem, the Name. A name is not given to IT, so it IT is called the Name. Awesome to name, but we can experience the awe. The keyhole teaching of create-ing is in the mystery of EIN SOFT/LIMITLESS: it is that the center of our being, out of which awe comes, is about which we are awed. It is IT. In our continuous process of opening right how, right here, we come to grips with the realization that

God-ing is always with us!


Discerning the Unknowable
One of the most valuable resources we have in Life Physics is the Zohar, the Book of Splendor, a foundational work in the literature of Jewish mystical Kabbalah. The Zohar contains a discussion of the nature of God, the origin and structure of the universe, the nature of souls, redemption (the function of correction of error in a life form’s overfunction), the relationship of Ego to Darkness (the conformation of point-of-view vectored intention in disconnect) and "true self" to "The Light of God," (the essence or information cloud of a living human COBE and harmonic resonance with a diversified source) and the relationship between the "universal energy" and man (the sonobioelectrogravitic nature of life on Earth). “Before shape and form were created, IT (EIN SOF) was without form or appearance. Therefore, it is forbidden to perceive IT in any way, not even by the letters of ITS holy name or by any symbol. However, had ITS brightness and glory not been radiated over the whole of creation, how could IT have been discerned, even by the wise? Therefore, IT descended on a [mystical] chariot to be known by the letter Y-H-W-H, in order that IT could be inferred, and for this reason IT allows ITSELF to be called by various names, such as El, Elohim, Shaddai, Zevaoth, and Y-H-W-H [among others, such as God], each being a symbol of divine attributes. However, woe to anyone who presumes to compare EIN SOF with any attributes. For it is limitless, and there are no means to comprehend IT” (Louis Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews [7 volumes], Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1937; Zohar quoted from vol. 5, pp. 290-291).

The LIMITLESS can be discerned. “That which is within the thought IT [EIN SOF] is inconceivable. Much less can anyone know about EIN SOF, of which there is no trace. Yet from the midst of this impenetrable mystery, the first descent of EIN SOF (i.e., whatever give us insight regarding IT) glimmers like a faint, indiscernible light just like the point of a needle, a hidden recess of thought which is not knowable until a light extends from it where there is an imprint of letters” (Zohar). It begins as an indefinable point, sharp as a needle, radiating in ways that we can perceive, but only in context – process and interaction between you and IT. Don’t think for a second you are merely a spectator in the process of this interaction. Quite the contrary, you are on stage yourself. It is thus that we begin to get this glimmer of God-ing when we get to the moment of merging with the continuous process of unfolding creation. My experience of God-ing is beyond words. I can describe what happens, but not how it happens. Discerning the Unknowable is an experience that is internal, in one’s information cloud, and in the Meissner field of the body. Mainly, it is a consciousness experience – a state of consciousness that I don’t the words to describe. I know when I’m in it and what to do with it. When a brother or sister is in pain, in need, confused, alone, or otherwise not at peace, God-ing comes naturally. It comes naturally, because the act is one between the other, LIMITLESS and LIMITLESS in me (Essence). The entire process becomes a continuous, albeit for an instant of (real) time. The pain is gone; the illness is no longer there; confusion leaves my brother’s mind, need is met, and peace returns. But it is not me doing anything. It is ALL as continuum that become one for that instant. This is a co-partnering with God-ing and anyone else in continuum. Some people may still be able to hear a voice that booms out of the heavens. Rare as it may be, it is possible, although some others have

serious questions about its veracity. We are some of them. But we are open to the possibility. You don’t have to be a prophet to experience God-ing. The great thing about it is that it is everywhere we are, all around us and an aspect of everything we do. It comes up when we encounter the magical quality of life, in the incredible variety of experience. The experience is a personal, very intimate, opening to the unfolding of nature, to the intricacies of our minds, and to the profound awe we sense and experience at the sensing of the universe/Unum – its enormity and folds within folds. It is this awe that draws us into the very center of creation. And then we merge with it. When we merge with the experience of God-ing, the impossible happens. Some of the results we call LEOM – when the object is a double template of a thing in this world and in the subquantum – or MPO – when the reality we wish to live becomes easier to enter into because the paradigm we allow to guide us is in balance with God-in as process. We have human consciousness and we know that acts of lovingkindness over the long run will bring a higher level of consciousness to everyone in the world. This is how the world works. We have the choice to do them or not. Nothing is inconsequential. All grains of sand on the beach hold amazing secrets. Each event has mysterious messages. Truly, every encounter with another being is a point of contact on which the universe pivots. When we enter this frame of mind, we enter a reality in which every event becomes a vast opportunity to experience the interconnectedness of all creation. In this frame, we come to the realization that every piece is integral to the unfolding of creation itself, including us. Free will and process go hand in glove. When we are caught in the illusion of being apart and separate, trapped in that sense of our selves individuated to the extreme, we disconnect from the continuum with

ALL and LIMITLESS. We don’t experience the interactive process because we see self and other as distinct. If we can mediate this trap, we can enter into the sphere of NOW. NOW is the instant of process that takes to negotiate the algorithmic sequence as symbolic polysensorial experience without a word. And this changes everything! God becomes God-ing, creation becomes creation-ing, create becomes creating. Everything, quite literally, is in process and continually becoming, continuously unfolding. Knowing, in this process-reality, becomes a moment-to-moment phenomenon now – never mind that past and future are in our minds. It is THIS that makes each of us co-partners with God-ing in a grand cosmic-to-local process. This brings about what to a person unaware is a revolutionary thought and thinking platform: Each of us have complete freedom of choice to change the universe, for nothing we do, say, or think is inconsequential, as every action affects not only this reality but also other realities and therefore all of creation, which in itself is totally interconnected. This paradigm shifts things completely. It is strongly advisable to the newcomer to this paradigm to avoid assigning attributes to our partner in process – God-ing. However, we can know this partner through the direct experience of all that we run into, encounter with our senses, emotion we feel in our hearts, and thoughts that arise in our mind. Isn’t this the same as saying that God-ing is experiencing ITSELF as the Essence that we are?


Creation: A Thought in the Mind Of God-ingEssence
Pay close attention at where we start here. LIMITLESS lacks nothing and can receive nothing, as logically It is everything. Being everything, IT is the potential to be an infinite source of giving. Herein lies the answer to questions about light-encoding an object or MPO-ing a personal reality. Now, have a look at where this leads to: Since there is nothing for IT to give to, because IT is everything, it seems logical then that it would have to give to ITSELF.

…and IT created Elohim…
Therein lies the answer out of the conundrum! IT created copies of ITSELF and became ESSENCES – in other words, Elohim. When it has the will to give, it initiates a thought. Kaballah tells us that “Will, which is [primordial] thought, is the beginning of all things, and expression [of this thought] is the completion” (Zohar:200a). The whole of creation THEN is nothing more than a thought in the mind of EIN SOF, in the intelligence of LIMITLESS. The will to give instantly creates the will to receive. Thus, giving an receiving are the same. IT (LIMITLESS) gives to ITSELF (ESSENCE as LIMITLESS). Little wonder then that the instant before manifestation by ESSENCE, IT recognizes ITSELF as source in the Song of Creation. For those of you who have read the essay written by A. R. Bordon on downward causal chains, you may find it the

Kabbalistic explanation and Dr. Bordon’s description of a downward causal chain uncannily similar. And for those of you on LEOM treks, the Song of Creation is the YHWH! We are Essence. The Song of Creation sings in our cells, ladies and gentlemen. It is interesting that some of you, when exposed to the sounds in the tetragrammaton reacted with a pattern akin to cleansing, rearranging, or reconfiguring. You would do good to meditate to the sound of God, in reminder that the Essence in you is you in IT in harmonic resonance. How many of you will understand already that what we are now leading to is MPO? The will to give creates a will to receive! Instantly! That which is given is light – thought, awareness, realization, energetic. That which receives is a vessel, a template. Light and vessel or template are always in balance because light comes from an infinite source and fills a template to its capacity. Inexorably. Perfectly. If light were like water, and you put a thought under a Niagara Falls of light, imagine what would happen to the manifest production observership upon which you cast your mind’s eye. Well, LIMITLESS is this Niagara Falls. And you are still sitting there? Now, how interesting that Kabbalah says that the interaction between vessel and light is what makes the world go around. In the first phase of our extension neurosensing work, we found that something is constantly in an eternal dance between what we know as space/time and what we discovered is the subquantum. Perhaps it is this Texas 2-step that Kabbalah speaks of as the dance between Source and vessel, and that a vessel wills (expresses a vectored intention) to receive the light of an infinite bestower. David Cooper, a Rabbi and director of the Heart of Stillness Hermitage in Boulder, Colorado, says that human consciousness displays a uniqueness in that it expresses a quality that is in the image of God, as it expresses free will that, at its center, is nothing more than a human ability to bestow light. And then he goes on to say

something that resonates in life physics: our ability to be like God in being a giver is the pivot on which the Unum/universe is balanced. This is, in essence, the crux of the argument for a bicausal universe. Imagine a universe/Unum in which only receiving was possible. It would be completely and utterly predictable. But the universe is not, regardless of all of its seeming consistencies. The unfolding of the entirety of creation would be wholly predictable and predetermined. The wildcard, indeed, the essence of the Uncertainty Principle at a macro level, is the human consciousness that permeated and enlivened by a soul or information cloud that give us humans the real capacity to emulate, no, mimic the infinite Giver. Many life forms not native to Earth are spectators to a seeming human drama. But this is our own folly for not seeing what is their real interest in us. We have an extraordinary capacity to influence the direction and the vector of creation – influence of and about which we have yet to fully comprehend. When we do this with clear conscience of what we are doing, we not only raise the consciousness on our planet. We also raise the consciousness of all creation. There is an onus- a burden, responsibility, and duty - on us for all of the preceding. In spite of the seeming disturbing behaviors we render in the playing out of our dramas and wars, internally we are rendering a most fascinating raise in consciousness. LIMITLESS or EIN SOF is perfect by definition. But the Unum beyond the T-boundary is in the process of constant and continuous perfecting, including the universe in which biological life exists, the universe we inhabit. God, to us, is and represents perfection. The universe we know represents the potential for perfecting, remembering that it is entirely bicausal. Will it ever reach perfection that negates the need for further perfecting? Likely not, because when and if it does, it will cease to exist as we know it.

Yet, perfection cannot be perfect without the potential for perfecting. To those who maintain that the universe is perfect because God made it, we’ll say, indeed, not because God made it, but because God-ing continues its perfecting. With us humans, the same view holds – only we don’t see it yet. Some of us are still trapped in the wishful world of being perfect. Duality is an imperfect state, and we will never achieve ultimate perfection. We will never find the perfect husband or wife, the perfect transcendental experience, the perfect teacher or guru. The paradigm of our continuous perfecting is thus of great, great importance to our evolution. This is recognized and understood by life forms not native to our planet. Once we appreciate and accept that our purpose in this world that is this planet is not to achieve some experience beyond our material world or some supernatural knowledge, but to deal with an imperfect world as a partner in creation, we gain the essence of why we are here. As we surrender to the reality that we will continually be repairing our souls and the information clouds of those near and dear to us, we acquire a higher state of consciousness that is centered on the fullness of each moment. We learn to live in the present, in the NOW.


The Creation –ing Economy of Scale in the Creation –ing of the Unum/universe by God-ingEssence
Quite a mouthful, this title. And yet, it is a far more accurate statement than the plain English version: “The economy of scale in the creation of the Unum/universe by God.” Nouns don’t express process. And expressing it thus, the economy of scale in creation-ing is quite difficult to grasp at first. In fact, it is impossible to grasp it. We had a helluva time getting it, when first approaching and grasping what and how the Unum worked. But now, there is language to convey things, albeit by approximation, which of course will do for now. The key is in the understanding of the economies of scale in Creationing as process. Whether an object of considerable size or merely a speck, a reality suitable to a biological entity’s sensorial apparatus or simply the templaic matrices of a potential object in spacetime, what is the focus of one’s vector intention is not at issue. The creation-ing economy of scale of the creation-ing process applied to the focus of one’s vector intention is. As Essence, you also have an ego-personality identity – the identity was given to you at birth by your parents, reflecting your ancestral lineage. The ego-personality is one each of us create and continue to evolve as we grow up. In a future installment, we’ll deal with the ego-personality

and how to integrate it into your whole being so it won’t work against your process – which it can! Now, the economy of scales we refer to here is in regards to the scales of the medium in which you will be verb-ing your process: consciousness and the scales of awarenesses you’ll need to experience in a skillmastery process you will need in holomoving (moving in both space/time and other integral aspects of the Unum) toward creating your reality (MPO) and what you desire (LEOM). These topics are going to be aspect add-ons to this part. The add-ons will be methods attaining levels of magnified or increased awareness. We’ll call these Way of Expanding Awareness. The add-ons will be: Part 1.0: Part 1.1: Part 1.2: Part 1.3: Part 1.4: Part 1.5: Part 1.6: Part 1.7: Part 1.8: Part 1.9: Part1.10: Part1.11: The Way of Expanding Awareness The Way of Learning The Way of Generosity The Way of Lovingkindness The Way of Moderation The Way of Purity The Way of Joy The Way of Selflessness The Way of Awe The Way of Equanimity The Way of Extraordinary Mind-states The Way of Eternal Life (God Consciousness)

Here , we’ll start with the first add-on and finish the presentation of this part.


PART 1.0

The Way Of Expanding Awareness
Awareness! What is it? No amount of words will define it, so you have to experience it. Stop reading for five minutes and do absolutely nothing but notice yourself inhale and exhale. That’s all. DO NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING! Not about what you ate this morning, or where you went last night, or anything else. Just your inhaling and exhaling in complete (internal) silence. How long did you maintain this awareness without thinking? What is thinking? Thinking is you shifting your attention to anything that arises that is not an experience of the here and now. If you shift attention to a sound – any sound – that you hear, your mind immediately will try to define what it is – that is a thought. Same if you ponder about something at the ball game, or plan for something you are considering to do this weekend, that too is a thought. Were you able to simply notice your breaths for three minutes without having a single thought? If the answer is no, the question arises: Who is the ruler of your mind? This is a question that requires a positive answer (Yes, I am able to not think for three minutes.) for you to holomove toward mastery of processes you say you want for yourself. This will become clearer and more evident to you as you move through this and the other add-ons. With a negative answer to the question, the fact becomes clearer then that, at this moment, we are not the rulers of our own minds. This can be depressing to some and disturbing to others. Thought seem to come and go on their own accord, and we are seemingly unable to do anything about it. Our minds take us far and fast into our own universes, such that it plays out our dramas throughout the day, getting us to lose all sense of

time and place, including loss of awareness of what it going on around us. We just don’t realize the number of daily tours and digressions our minds take because we have become desensitized to them, in the belief that this is a normal condition of the mind. This is quite an unfortunate conclusion one can reach, because it is a profoundly mistaken belief. If you were to become a part of any of the many spiritual traditions in the world, the first practice a neophyte is designed to help the newcomer realize the degree to which the mind is out of control. There are methods such as mantras, mudras, sitting meditation, controlled breathing, silence prayer, and such moving practices like t’ai chi chuan that immediately reveal the chaotic mind to the meditator on the first session. How do you “stop” a busy mind? To ask this question means you have a common misunderstanding about meditation and what it is supposed to do. Novices and inexperienced people think practice is what makes our busy minds stop. This is made worse by teachers of meditation and schools that promise their method will lead to bliss and complete thought self-control. This is pure and undiluted baloney! Total nonsense!

The process of acquiring skills to deal appropriately with our thoughts and any input we encounter is basal and elementary in contemplative training work. This is the practice of building awareness – enlarging, increasing, expanding, and stabilizing awareness. With Life Physics, this is directly connected to how one lives one’s life. To acquire skills to deal appropriately with building one’s reality or designing and light-encoding something desired, we develop a heightened degree of awareness in our lives.

Awakening to Awareness
Our normal awareness is a rut. We are so automatized that it is not even funny. We’ll bet you are barely aware of getting up when thirsty to go

get some water to drink. One need masks the awareness of the initiating act: getting up. So we set up a kind of training program for all of our study participants back in the early 2000s. To engage your whole entity (information cloud-mind-body) in designing, constructing and living in your reality, as well as designing, encoding, and accepting what you want, the training regimen you’ll find in this subpart is the bare minimum to achieve in order to move toward your desire. The version here is a modified schedule, nonetheless quite effective in getting your awareness out of its rut. A rut, as you know, is an established and often automatic or monotonous series of actions followed when engaging in some activity. The shrinking of one’s awareness is in direct relationship to the level of automaticity of our behavior, resulting in a routinized life. By entering into a regimen to change our habitual awareness range at least once a week, we start becoming aware at first of little things we had not previously noticed. This skill of noticing is the key for broadening awareness in the way of expanding awareness. The more notice is gained of even trivial details, the more we gain in awareness. So awareness then is a training of one’s attention – broad external, broad internal, narrow external, and narrow internal. Enlightenment, on the other hand, is an applied bringing of our attention to what we experience. Here, we are after both. -------------

…spending one day or two days or three days a week doing everything opposite from your normal routine. Instead of getting up at 7:30 AM, get up at 6:00, and do something out of the ordinary during the extra time – if you don’t walk in the morning, go out for a walk; if you are a jogger in the morning, go out to your favorite coffeeshop and have a banana smoothie, do something non-routine during this period. If you comb your

hair with your dominant hand, use the nondominant one to do it. If you put your briefs or panties on first, start with the t-shirt or the bra. See how many little and bigger acts can you change or reverse throughout your day without endangering your life, your safety, the safety of others or your job. ----------Back in 2001, we asked study participants to keep track in the course of one day in their lives of when they were aware and when they stopped being aware and estimate the length of time being aware. What they reported back was almost incredible, even with the intervention introduced of asking them to become aware of how long they were aware. Deducting sleep time and a wake up period of one hour after getting up, the most one study group member reported being aware was a grand total of 39 minutes during the day. The least (another member) reported a grand total of 14 minutes plus seconds. This was at the beginning of the study. Doing something like it in your life would also be quite a wake-up call – no pun intended. We would encourage you to do it. Find out. It’s a good baseline to have, against which you can measure your progress.

* * * * By doing the simple practice we outlined above (in italics), and those that follow down below, you can improve your awareness quotient by as much as one and a half hour on a high awareness day. Even an hour and a half is a fraction of the day. A small percentage, to be sure. But the rewards are nothing short of enormous! Life becomes more lively, vivid, colorful, interesting, provocative and much more intentional. Furthermore, being diligent and purposeful in becoming sensitive on a moment-to-moment leads to expanded

consciousness. And this leads to an achievement of a new plateau in one’s process of enlightening. Enlightenment, as we said earlier, is letting light (awareness) into your life. In here, our goal is going to be to set up a regime leading to awareness of the Divine to everything we encounter. Why? Simple. This increases sparks to the Divine, which is to say, the T-boundary gets a feed-forward such that it gets the accumulative of your conglomerative experiences (thoughts, feelings, emotions, moment-by-moment visuals, intentions, prayers, everything you produce as biomind output both externally and immanently). The Divine, in Kabbalah, seeks divine sparks from us; in Life Physics, this means the T-boundary seeks information from us. Two ways of saying exactly the same thing. So here, we will use a Kabbalah frame of expressing and understanding the learning to bring presence of mind to our consciousness as expanded awareness.


Mind Focus: Presence of Mind and Body One
Sit quietly, notice the experience of your body, the feeling of your chest rising and falling, the beat of your heart, your knees, arms, legs, feet, shoulders, buttocks, hands, sphincter muscle. Whenever you notice yourself thinking about other things, stop what you are doing, take two or three deep breaths and come back to the experience of your body. When you know you are centered, continue with the regime.

Let yourself appreciate being here (where you are) now; tell yourself: I am aware. I am free to make choices in life. I am a whole person. I am thankful for being alive. Now, take notice of your awareness, your sense of wholeness, and how your feelings of gratitude express themselves.


Let yourself focus on your mind now – what it does for you, how it works, its potential. Whisper this to yourself: I am grateful to have the ability to see things, to understand, to notice light from dark, truth from not truth. My mind works and I am grateful for having insight.


Mind Focus: On the Body One
Stand up where you are now and walk across the room. Focus on and notice as many movements as you can in process of walking. How it feels to lift and move your body. Pay mind to your ankles, your knees, then your hips, your thighs, now the feel on your skin of the clothing you are now wearing. Notice how your arms, back, shoulders, neck and head move while walking. Go as slowly as you wish. Give thanks for the ability to move and to feel the movements. Give thanks for each part of the body that does its job while you move.

Now, return to your seat and sit down again. Keep your eyes open, looking straight ahead without moving your eyes or your head. How much can you be aware of seeing without moving?(Notice that you try to identify and put names to the things that you see..) Just notice shapes, colors, shadows and movement without naming. Notice any sounds that are occurring now. (Don’t dwell on any one sound. Instead, be aware of each new sound in every moment.) On finishing, give thanks for the ability to notice so many things such that life can be so full.



Mind Focus: Changing Perspective One
Now, turn to the moment. Notice everything that happens in each moment, to the best of your present ability. Gauge: Discover that when your mind is active you are not able to remain aware. Change that; apply what you already know: whenever you realize your mind is thinking, pull yourself out of your physical awareness, gently come back to the experience of the body. Gauging: Over a period of time of practice you’ll be able to observe your thoughts without becoming overwhelmed by the process or by them. Again, give thanks for the wonderful gift of awareness and the richness of life in each moment.

If you don’t already have one, get an inexpensive watch that has a timer. Once in hand, set the timer for approximately, but not exactly, ONE hour. Go about your day. Throughout the day, whenever the timer beeps, STOP. Cease doing what you are doing as soon as possible and take ten to twenty second to do a body scan. Be aware of what is happening in your own body and around you. You can do this while also engaged in another activity. Simply notice where you are, how you are feeling, what is happening in different parts of your body, what sounds are occurring in the house or apartment, and your general visual experience. Take stock without thinking in words. Each time you do this, give thanks for the fullness of the moment, your awareness, and the abundance of life around you.

Every few days, change the time by a ten or fifteen minutes, so that this meditation never turns into routine.

Soon, you will become aware of things spontaneously, without the timer, and your perspective will begin to change. In a matter of a four or five weeks, you’ll notice the difference and will be much more present in your body. Being present, having a presence of mind, adds an entirely new dimension to life. You’ll find out. This is a start on enlightenment: bringing the light of your awareness to your life as a state of consciousness. -----------And now, the final piece in this subpart…

This is a Kabbalah practice that was quite useful in initiating newbies into internal deployment of intention. Kavvanah practice can be translated as intention practice. This is intention in the sense of prayer or focusing on something that raises sparks in creation. This should tell you that you are now engaging light, as in the subquantal protomatter that is made of angular momentum that would eventually become a photon of light. You are engaging the Unum at its base: the Texas 2-step process mentioned earlier. Kavvanah come from the rood word kavvan which means to aim, to direct or to attune. As you may already have gotten the idea from life physics, or from Jewish mysticism, every thought, every word, every action (internal or external) literally reverberates throughout the entire creation. Why? Because it is information, and information is completely and utterly share-distributable everywhere. Thus, every thought, every word, every action has the potential of raising wholeness sparks. Wholeness, because the raising is not just local, but completely and utterly nonlinear and nonlocal.

We are now taking you into the awareness that kavvanah suggests a continuous awareness of the implications of everything we do. And we mean everything! Kavvanah, in the context of MPO and LEOM, is of crucial importance to you and your desire to create a reality you like. So we invite you to become a mekavvanim, or one who is always intentional. Another way of saying would be to refer to a mekavvanim as one who is constantly attuning. The last two foci will give you a platform to begin your process of attuning, or mekavvaning.


Mind Focus: Presence of mind/body in flow of experience One
Please sit quietly with your eyes open, being very still, and allowing yourself to think about a simple physical movement, like scratching you nose. But don’t move. Simply take note of what you want to do, but DON’T DO IT.

Notice the tension you experience between wanting and resisting. Now, you’ll do something but don’t do it yet. Your mental task is to observe exactly what must happen in order for your desire to overcome your resistance not to move. Sooner or later, you’ll allow yourself to do the task you resisted before: to scratch your nose. While you wait, what thoughts go through your mind? What does it take for you to get your body moving? What must happen inside for you to move to scratch your nose?

The moment has arrived! At the precise moment you begin to move your hand, are you able to observe your own will, your own intention vectored on what you want to do, that draws you to a particular movement?


Mind Focus: Presence of mind on Source of Everything One
Imagine that every aspect of existence is connected to a power source. If any particular connection were to be cut, that piece of existence would instantly cease. Nothing can exist without being connected to its source. So, now imagine the presence of the source of life – that which empowers all movement. Do the First Set (One through Three) above over again. When you do the First Set again, do within awareness of Source. The way to connect is through each of your cells. Tell your cells to open to Source through the centriole in each cell signaling to open to subquantum and thus to Source. Don’t think in words! Do it by pure intention. Do it by symbolic polysensorial intending.

The Source of all Creation is constantly present, and you connect to it through your cells. This Source vitalizes every movement, attends every action, and powers every intention, word and thought of yours. Now, you are going to know this in your cells and your bones: Get up, if you are sitting down, or if standing walk to the door and leave your abode. Walk to the nearest park or place where there is so much life that it would connect to you by its vibrancy. Be aware without words of every step you take, the ambience, and the movements of your body as you walk to this place. Look around. Feel the presence of the Divine in every being, aspect of the whole in this place, and in every thought and movement you make. Experience this as the presence of the Divine where you are. When you are filled with knowingness, return home by the path you came.


On this third and last platform, set the timer on your watch to go off every two hours. Each time it sounds, connect by (standing) meditation on the Source of creation that ever present and constantly here/now for as long as you able to do so. Gauge: how automatic is this becoming for you? This is one of those things you wish to automatize. A major aspect of the enlightening process is to bring the presence of the Divine (the Whole of Creation-ing) into as many moments of your life as possible. Thus, when you are creation-ing an important aspect of your reality, this process –as automatic as you wish to make it – will automatically become Source to what you focus on.

The word conspiracy (con + spire) actually means to breathe together. The poetic essay below is an inspiring reminder that we are being deliciously enveloped by a growing spiritual conspiracy. Increasing numbers around the globe are breathing together. As old structures crumble around us, we are conspiring to breathe new life and a new way of living into our world. We know that no matter how crazy things may look on the surface, the Unum/universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings. Enjoy the rich flow of conscious conspiracy as you breathe in the soul-touching words below.

On the surface of our world right now There is war, violence, and craziness And things may seem dark. But calmly and quietly At the same time Something is happening underground. An inner revolution is taking place

And certain individuals Are being called to a higher light. It is a silent revolution From the inside out From the ground up. This is a global co-operation That has sleeper cells in every nation. It is a planetary Spiritual Conspiracy. You won’t likely see us on T.V. You won’t read about us in the newspaper. You won’t hear from us on the radio. We don’t seek glory. We don’t wear any uniform. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles. We are in every country and culture of the world In cities big and small, mountains and valleys In farms and villages, tribes and remote islands. Most of us work anonymously Seeking not recognition of name But profound transformation of life. Working quietly behind the scenes You could pass by one of us on the street And not even notice. We go undercover Not concerned for who takes the final credit But simply that the work gets done. Many of us may seem to have normal jobs. But behind the external storefront Is where the deeper work takes a place. With the individual and collective power Of our minds and hearts We spread passion, knowledge, and joy to all. Some call us the Conscious Army As together We co-create a new world.

Our orders come from the Spiritual Intelligence Agency Instructing us to drop soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking. Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Smiles ~ Kind words Movies ~ Meditation and prayer ~ Dance ~ Websites Social activism ~ Blogs ~ Random acts of kindness… We each express ourselves In our own unique ways With our own unique gifts and talents. “Be the change you want to see in the world” That is the motto that fills our hearts. We know this is the path to profound transformation. We know that quietly and humbly Individually and collectively We have the power of all the oceans combined. At first glance our work is not even visible. It is slow and meticulous Like the formation of mountains. And yet with our combined efforts Entire tectonic plates Are being shaped and moved for centuries to come. Love is the religion we come to share And you don’t need to be highly educated Or have exceptional knowledge to understand it. Love arises from the intelligence of the heart Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse Of all living beings. Be the change you want to see in the world. Nobody else can do it for you. Yet don’t forget, we are all here supporting you. We are now recruiting. Perhaps you will join us Or already have. For in this spiritual conspiracy All are welcome, and all are loved.

The door is always open.
~ Author Appropriately Unknown

We cannot say any better what the “author appropriately unknown” has written about the platform that makes the spiritual-ing conspiracy about which it is so ably written above. So the thought platform stand for all of what this Part 1 intends for you from all of us. If this is recruitment, so be. What we also hope is that this is enablement to you to be you Pauling, Joe-ing, Karen-ing, Nolvido-ing. Just add your name to the list and add the –ing ending to the nam-ing you are, for you are not a noun. You are a verb. A final word about the YHWH as sound. Those of you who have undergone LEOM-ing as process know the sounds. All else we can say is simply this: listen to the tetragrammaton version of YHWH you find to your liking, no matter who prepared it, but listen. Make it your daily mental/emotional bread (trying really hard not to sound religious here!) because it is the quickest, most efficient and most wonderful way of becoming in synch with the Divine presence. Thank you for reading. No email replies to us is necessary. Direct your comments to the forum THE MAKING OF A MYSTIC SCIENTIST – on the LPG-C Forum Community General Discussion – Open Category, and post your comments under subforum PART ONE. Only members can post replies and comments, but are not allowed to start topics. This may change according to the pleasure of members participating in the Series.