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Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics ELI - NP

ELI-NP Team, November 14, 2012

Extreme Light Infrastructure

2006 ELI on ESFRI Roadmap

ELI-PP 2007-2010 (FP7)

ELI-Beamlines (Czech Republic) ELI-Attoseconds (Hungary) ELI-Nuclear Physics (Romania)

ELI-DC (Delivery Consortium): April 2010

Bucharest-Magurele Physics Campus National Physics Institutes


ring rail/road

NUCLEAR Tandem acc. Cyclotron Irradiator Adv. Detectors Life & Env. Radioisotopes Reactor (decomm.) Waste Proc.

Lasers Plasma Optoelectronics Material Physics Theoretical Physics Particle Physics

To turn its strength to the best account, the institute concentrates resources on two directions: (a) steadily develop a sound in-house capability to get and stay in the forefront of nuclear science and technology; and (ii) substantively participate in the European collaborations centered on Large Scale Facilities such as GSI-Darmstadt (Germany), GANIL-Caen (France), CERN (Geneva), JINR (Dubna). This is a strategy meant to harmonize limited domestic resources with the tall orders of the contemporary, top-level nuclear physics research, and the imperative need for Continental cooperation and integration.

ELI-NP Start-up Activities

February-April 2010

Scientific case White Book (100 scientists, 30 institutions) ( approved by ELI-NP International Scientific Advisory Board

August 2010: Feasibility Study: 293 Meuro w/o VAT: Buildings: Lasers: 60 M Gamma Beam: Beam Transport Exp. equipments: 30 M August 2011 March 2012: Technical Design 60 M 20 M 60 M

ELI-NP Main buildings

Lasers Gamma experiments Laboratories

Technical Design Reports (TDR) for Experiments

Letters of Intend Workshop "Experimental Programme at ELI-NP, Bucharest October 3-5, 2012. Working groups to write the TDRs and Cost Book

ELI-NP Next Steps

August 2012: Tender Procedures January 2013- November 2014: Civil Construction June 2015 : Lasers and Gamma Beam Phase 1 June 2017 : Lasers and Gamma beam Phase 2 2012-2014: TDR for experiments 2014-2017: experimental set-ups June 2017: beginning of operation

Impact of ELI-NP

ELI-NP will produce an impact on each and every point where Romania suffers from a lack of competitiveness

World-class research infrastructure Collaboration with the local for-profit sector (contractual research) Knowledge and technology transfer as a primary objective Publications in high ranked ISI-indexed journals Significant expectations in terms of International Patents +200 positions of researchers


ELI-NP Academic Forum

Long-term partnerships with academic institutions Implement initiatives enabling the ELI-NP project to secure the fulfilment of its needs in terms of PhD students, junior researchers, engineers, and technicians (creation of training programs, specific MSc and PhD programs, etc.). Partnerships will also facilitate the dissemination of the results of the ELI-NP Project to the local academic community. A forum where academic institutions are encouraged to define, with the beneficiary and its two Partners, the initiatives of various kinds that could support the ELI-NP Project in the achievement of its objectives in terms of scientific excellence. initiatives that would be created within the framework of the Academic Consortium shall lead to the signature of bilateral agreements between the beneficiary and the institution(s) involved in each particular initiative.

1st Meeting: April 24th, 2012. Magurele.

ELI-NP Industrial Forum

Body promoting relationships with local and foreign companies. Objective of the ELI-NP team: focus on the development with the business and industrial sector (promotion of contractual research, technology transfer and commercialisation of results, etc.). Activities will focus on the local context, but some major companies from other countries will also be interested Associating local companies with foreign companies is consequently an important objective of the ELI-NP Industrial Forum. Members are encouraged to set up initiatives consistent with the objectives of the ELI-NP project in terms of socio-economic impact (local development, creation of jobs, etc.). Further initiatives, such as consulting services provided by ELI-NP experts to companies, can naturally be negotiated within the framework of the ELI-NP Industrial Forum.

1st Meeting: April 25th, 2012. Magurele.


Romania was missing a world-class research facility Positive direct effects on the local economic environment Education high-level training in science and engineering Increasing employment opportunities in research, decreasing brain drain Stimulating effects on high-tech industries Opportunities for frontier research for companies Indirect positive effects on the local economy increase of spending / economic activity