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NEW Vocabulary Review Choose one activity for each set of chapters (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and

1315). Each activity is due every Tues., but turn in Mon for 1 extra credit point. Almost all tests are on Wed. ALL activities MUST be typed. YOUR CHOICE FOR CHAPTERS 1-3: 1. Write a poem using 20 of the vocab words from these units. Underline or highlight the vocab words and number them. Your poem must rhyme in some way and be only 20 or fewer lines long. 2. Write directions to a place (real or imaginary). Use 20 words. Number and highlight the words. 3. Make a crossword puzzle (NOT a word hunt) using 30 of the words in these units. Remember an answer key, and come up with clever clues. You may use a crossword puzzle program on your computer if you wish. YOUR CHOICE FOR CHAPTERS 4-6: 4. Make up an original test using 30 of words from these units. Do not copy from Sadlier/, or any similar test generating program. Do matching, fill in, multiple choice, etc. Dont forget an answer key. 5. Write a creative story using 20 of these words. Please underline them and number them within the context of the story. 6. Write a letter of thanks to Mrs. Ruiz (gr 8 only), or Mrs. Ross, Buckley, Ayala, Twomey, Bolanos, Nordlie, Amarillas, Heimbolt, Barnabe for all she does. Use 20 words , number and highlight. YOUR CHOICE FOR CHAPTERS 7-9: 7. Create an outline. Group 20 of the words into several topics. You will need to make up the topics (I, II, III), and the sub topics (A, B, C) will be your vocab words (alone or in phrases). Your topics may not be Nouns, Verbs, etc. or chapter 1, chapter 2, etc. Instead show some creativity (EX: Words that Make Me Tired, Words That Deal with Rescuing Whales, Words I Wouldnt Want on My Gravestone...) 8. Choose 20 of the vocab words from these units and write them in a list. Next to each word, write the name of a person or situation that I would understand to help me picture the meaning of the word. You are giving me an example, NOT a definition!

9. Write directions how to do something (make a p.b. and j, write an essay, babysit your cousins....) Use 20 words, number and highlight. YOUR CHOICE FOR CHAPTERS 10-12: 10. Draw pictures using 20 of these words. Dont forget to color and number the words! 11. Write a thank you note to Mr. Harris or Ms. Otilia. Use 20 words, underline and number. Art is important too. 12.Paraphrase a poem using 20 of the words from these units. Include the original as well as your paraphrase. Underline or highlight and number. YOUR CHOICE FOR CHAPTERS 13-15: 13. Make up a travel brochure for your favorite place. Number and highlight 20 words. Include at least one illustration. This could be worth at least an extra credit point. 14. Make up a magazine ad for a new product and use 20 of the words in the ad. Youll need a picture of the product. Highlight and number the words. This could be worth an extra point for a great job! OK. Now you have your assignments. Since you now know when each assignment is due, and what the assignments are, and you can figure out about how long it will take to do each assignment, you can get started and maybe even get ahead of the game! Go for it! ACTIVITY DATES EASTER BREAK..Mar 29 Apr 7 Apr 9 (T) activity for chap 4-6 due....................Apr 10, (W) test 4-6 Apr 16 (T) activity for chap 7-9 due....................Apr 18 (Th) test 7-9 Apr 23 (T), activity for chap 10-12 due..............Apr 25, (Th) test 10-12 Apr 30 (T), activity for chap 13-15 due..............May 1 (W), test 13-15 May 8.test 1-15 MAY 13 (M).........VOCAB SPELLING BEE begins...Chap 1-15 TEST DATES Mar 26 (T) activity for chapt 1-3 due ................ Mar 27, (W) test 1-3