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Each week you will receive a spelling list.

We will take a pre-test on Monday mornings

and correct them together. Any words that you spell incorrectly will be your spelling
words for that week. Words that you spell correctly will not be tested on Friday. Instead,
you will choose your own words from a list given to you. Every student must have at
least twenty words on their list, so you will choose as many words as necessary to get to
twenty. (Some weeks, you may be required to have more or less than twenty).

Use your spelling words to complete your weekly spelling contract. Complete any
combination of activities with your spelling words. Write the value and number of each
activity on your paper.

In order to receive credit for your homework, you must

complete 45 points each week.


25 Points Mandatory Activity (Must be completed each week)

Create a semantic map for each word on your list. Your semantic maps will consist of
four parts: a definition, a sentence, related words, and antonyms and synonyms.

Definition: Don’t just copy from the dictionary. Read the definition and put it in your
own words. If there is more than one definition, use the one that sounds like you would
use it most often.
Sentence: This should be a good sentence that shows the word’s meaning. For example,
if the word is gallop, the sentence “The horse gallops around the track” shows the word’s
meaning. “I like the word gallop” does not show the meaning.
Antonyms and synonyms: Use a thesaurus to find these. An antonym is a word that is
like an opposite, while a synonym is a word with a similar meaning.
Related words: These are words with the same root or base word. If the word is gallop,
related words are galloping, galloped, galloper. You can come up with these on your
own, or check a good dictionary for more.

To make a semantic map, copy the chart below onto a sheet of paper in the spelling
section of your binder. (Don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be perfectly neat!) You will
usually be able to put maps for two or three different words on one sheet of paper. Use
both sides of the paper!
Write a definition in your own Word Write a sentence demonstrating
words the word’s meaning

Find several antonyms and List related words containing

synonyms the root.
5 Point Activities
1. Write the words and circle all the vowels.
2. Write the words and circle all the consonants.
3. Write the words in reverse ABC order, or Z to A.
4. Write your words end-to-end, using different colors for each word. (This should be one
long word, no spaces).
5. Write your spelling words in order from the one with the most letters to the one with
the least letters. In case of ties, put the tied words in ABC Order.
6. Print each word. Next to it, write the word in cursive.

10 Point Activities
7. Study the words for 10 minutes at home. You must bring in a note written by your
8. Write your spelling words using the hand you normally don’t write with
9. Classify each word as a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, or adjective.
10. Use the numbers on the phone pad 1-9 to write a “phone number” for each of your
spelling words (e.g.: abc=1, def=2, ghi=3, jkl=4, mno=5, pqr=6, stu=7, vw=8, xyz=9)
11.Write sentences using the letters in each spelling word.
Example: rain=Randy always ingests nuts.
12. Write each word and divide it into syllables. (Use a dictionary to help you)

20 Point Activities
13. Write each word and next to it the phonetic spelling. (Use a dictionary to help you)
14. Take a practice test at home. Write any missed word 3x each. Include a parent
signature on the test.
15. Draw and color a picture. “Hide” the words in the picture. Do not color over the
16. Write a story using all the words. Circle the words that you use.
17. Find the words in newspapers or magazines and make a collage.
18. Locate your spelling words in your textbooks or independent reading books. Write
the book title, page number, and sentence from the book.
19. Write your spelling words in English and Spanish. You may use an Internet web site
for the translations.
20. Make a word search and circle the spelling words. You may use a website like

**Staple all sheets together. YOU WILL LOSE 2 POINTS OFF YOUR HOMEWORK
GRADE FOR NOT FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS! Make sure your name is on your